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Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes looks a bit tired, entering a dance studio in Hollywood on Friday (March 27).

The 30-year-old actress has been visiting the studio throughout the week, stirring rumors that she’ll take another stab at Broadway. Can’t wait to see what she has up her acting sleeve!

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing Katie in another Broadway play — YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes going to the dance studio…

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katie holmes dance 02
katie holmes dance 03
katie holmes dance 04
katie holmes dance 05
katie holmes dance 06
katie holmes dance 07
katie holmes dance 08
katie holmes dance 09
katie holmes dance 10
katie holmes dance 11
katie holmes dance 12
katie holmes dance 13
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119 Responses to “Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing”

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  1. 26
    millicent Says:

    Wow Katie a $43,000 dollar makeover. So how is that working for you?
    According to the photos, NOT SO GOOD. LOL
    I bet $43,000 Katie is pregnant. That would explain the glow! LOL! LOL

  2. 27
    k Says:

    This girl really needs to take a nap.

  3. 28
    fed up with katie Says:

    When was the last time that Katie washed her hair. And seeing how
    cheap her outfit is… who says that she is at a dance studio.. for all
    we know she could of just rolled out of bed and went straight to the

    IS THE DOWDY LOOKING KATIE.. What did she do with the extentions
    and the rest of the make over… It looks like an old photo of when she
    was dating Tom … There first couple event…

  4. 29
    Cry jennifer Says:

    With those LOG LEGS Katie could snap Tiny Tom like a walnut. WOW!!
    How do you keep those LOG LEGS so massive. Do tell Katie?!?!

    P.S. I don’t think the “dance” lessons are working! Ha Ha Ha!!!
    Most dancers are lean and limber.

  5. 30
    Sonia Wu Says:

    Homely is assuming her birth daughter’s hair strategy.
    Look at her, she also tried to hide herself behind her unkempt hair.
    And the way she walks, like she’s suicidal, ready to hit the wall any time soon.

    Guess it’s not too fun to star in the Century Freak Show.

    As for another rumor that she’s pregger 3.5 months with twins, come on!
    Didn’t she just tell the mag, that she’s not pregger last month???
    Was she compulsively lying again?

  6. 31
    claireece Says:

    This is the new $43000 look Katie is unveiling. You know PALE, un-kept, stringy dirty hair. Katie sure does want the media’s attention!! Way to go Katie! NOT!!!

  7. 32
    booker Says:

    Katie just ALWAYS looks like crap. But the worst is she doesn’t seem to care. Check out Katie’s SMUG SLY SMILE!! Katie is a gold-digger!!

  8. 33
    carie Says:

    No amount of dance classes will ever improve those gigantic legs!

  9. 34
    shelynne Says:

    DANCE MONKEY (I mean Katie) DANCE!!!!

  10. 35
    SNOOKER Says:

    I wonder what role Tom is BUYING for Katie that she has to take dance and sing lessons? Katie is defiantly HIGH MAINTENANCE.

  11. 36
    hollywood Says:


  12. 37
    Sonia Wu Says:


    You don’t remember? She said she wasn’t pregnant last month!!!
    And how in the world would she be pregger now? In vitro?
    Why TommyGurl’s little bugs too lazy to swim? And I heard the first trimester actually is most unstable, then why would she “diligently” taking DANCING classes? Or, maybe she’s only going there to take naps.

    All is good for the freak show and always, whenever Homely looks like carp or showing off her bad postures, her fan, for I don’t whether there’s more than one, will jump out with the pregnancy and giver that gal a break crap…

  13. 38
    Rachel Says:

    Oh God, what happened to this woman,she looks totally crap ,her hair messed up,the blouse looks like the same one that mental illness patients used to wear,Can’t carry her own bag,i used to think that tom has a good Taste in Women but this time he totally messed up

  14. 39

    YUK! Tom should have held onto Nicole.

  15. 40
    mie Says:

    You can be pregnant and wear 4 inch heels no problem. Unfortunately this just shows off Katie’s horribly massive legs even more!

  16. 41
    ariana Says:

    Can you imagine the photo opps Tomkat will have with the TWINS. Suri will be going ballistic!!!!!! Tomkat must be so excited for the attention they will get by the paps. ME!! ME!! ME!! ME!!

  17. 42
    jennifer j Says:

    Tom is laying low with some BRAND NEW plastic surgery, so Katie gets the paps all to herself for awhile. I think her $43,000 worth of plastic surgery was a waste of time and money. She is still FUGLEY.

  18. 43
    Mousse Says:

    This looks very wrong.
    She looks very wrong.

  19. 44
    haily jo Says:

    So glad Nicole is out of this train-wreck Tom calls a life. Katie deserves to live this way. She chose to be one of them. Nicole may have been completely burned by rotten Tom but at least Nicole can hold her head high, be herself and be happy.

  20. 45
    kate Says:

    Everything about Katie is wrong since she hooked up and sold her soul to Tom and the cult.

  21. 46
    Katie Says:

    Well, at least Katie is better looking than Jennifer Aniston and she is young not someone at 40 try to look 30 .

  22. 47
    hehehehe Says:

    massive legs are better than massive chins so I still prefer katie.

  23. 48
    Nanea Says:

    Too bad dance class doesn’t do anything for her bad posture, because that can’t be bought. All that dancing hasn’t been effective anyway, she still moves like a country bumpkin.

    But then, neither can all the $cieno’s money buy her a good rep or real class!

    He can buy her stuff like a Broadway role though or the MiuMiu “ad” and everything else Tommy Girl does for her, like having all paparazzi on stand-by when he wants to show his “happy family”. Too bad for him that the vultures also show up when he doesn’t need them, like when Katie looks a bit out of it.

    I’d feel so bad if I were her, because by now many people see through the Crazy Cruise’s strategies and antics.

    Anyone remember how Mimi Rogers said he shoots blanks? Wonder who they used for the baster, and for the ones still to come.

  24. 49
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    ugly ass sweater….looks like some old ass 1 2
    she just looks like a mess here

  25. 50
    Raphael Says:

    Why are you angry, #13? Did she steal that money from a charity? Planned on giving it to charity but changed her mind?

    How is she shallow and selfish, #19? Do you even know what those words mean?

    How does she broadcast that, #25? It’s her money and she has a right to spend on whatever she pleases. You’re all so elitist. Hypocritical too since I doubt you rag on other celebrities that spend money on expensive items rather than charities.

    Get a life, #30! Why do you keep hanging out her of you hate her so much?

    Leave those two women alone, #46.

    Mimi Rogers never said that Cruise was sterile, #48.

    Prove that Cruise is behind such ridiculous machinations or shut up.

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