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Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes looks a bit tired, entering a dance studio in Hollywood on Friday (March 27).

The 30-year-old actress has been visiting the studio throughout the week, stirring rumors that she’ll take another stab at Broadway. Can’t wait to see what she has up her acting sleeve!

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing Katie in another Broadway play — YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes going to the dance studio…

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katie holmes dance 01
katie holmes dance 02
katie holmes dance 03
katie holmes dance 04
katie holmes dance 05
katie holmes dance 06
katie holmes dance 07
katie holmes dance 08
katie holmes dance 09
katie holmes dance 10
katie holmes dance 11
katie holmes dance 12
katie holmes dance 13
katie holmes dance 14
katie holmes dance 15

Photos: Flynetonline, GSI Media
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  • mia

    Oh NO, Rapheal is back to defend Katie Holmley’s honor! LOL
    I hope the Tomkats are paying you mucho bucks, because you must spend ALl your time on JJ.LOL

  • caroline

    WOW, # 50 – Rapheal:
    Getin your panties in a bunch now didn’t ya. The truth hurts!

  • gay maybe?

    For Katie to be that skinny when she is such a big girl, she must be STARVING herself! That’s why she looks so bad, she’s STARVING! Sad.. she really is pretty when she’s healthy. She’s on the Hollywood, I have to be anorexic diet.

  • sameria

    I also read MiMi saying Tom was shooting blanks. She wanted babies. Tom couldn’t

  • Raphael

    I don’t spend all my time here, #50.

    She never said that, #54.

  • Sonia Wu

    Relax, Raphy…
    Homely doesn’t deserve my hatred.
    I am very into this FREAK SHOW, just like others into their daily soap.
    Can’t you see how entertaining this TommyGurl production is?

    Oh… silly me,
    I didn’t realize that you are a part of the FREAK SHOW of the CENTURY!!!


  • jiggy

    Obviously, Homely has come to accept that she will never be another Nicole Kidman. I think at this point, she’s just trying to milk Tom for all she can since she won’t be able to find a job when he dumps her arse.

    Yes, the Oscar visions of dumb Katie have vanished. Now, she’s just hoping that Tiny Tom didn’t have a fortune invested in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scam.

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if Katie ended up getting nothing after all the gold digging she has done in the last 4 years?

    I think it would be hilarious if she ended up with ZERO!!


    Their contract probably has about one year left. You can already sense the desperation in her face. I think dumbo Homely thought she would have been given about 20 Oscars by now just because she is married to the midget. I just love it when people with evil intentions end up getting screwed.

  • jamie

    She really looks ill.
    What is wrong??

  • Foxy


    You my friend are quite entertaining. As soon as I see your name as I scroll down, I break a smile. Your comments may not be funny or inspirational but they sure show a determined person. You’re a little fighter aren’t you lol. You just gotta get to every person.

  • Stoner

    She looks higher than me right now. She looking like she on the heavy stuff … heroin.

  • tammy sue

    Looks like she’s wearing a straight-jacket. She’s probably half-crazy, at least!

    Katie went looking for gold and found the devil instead!!

  • pr person

    She sure is a walking warning advertisement about what happens to a person when they sell their soul to the Crazy! Just take a look at the pics before she auditioned for the role, or even some at the VERY beginning… It has all gone down hill from there!

  • lacey J

    Right on Sonia Wu – RIGHT ON!!!! You my friend have nailed it!!!!

  • o

    shes drunk or on heavy drugs. what is the deal with leaning against the black wall? poor girl.

  • Jelly bean

    I really don’t think Katie looks that skinny. Just down right HOMELY.

  • sall gall

    KATIE IS PREGNANT. Doesn’t she have that beautiful glow going!
    Her giant legs are going to be HUGE, especially carrying twins. Katie will be enormous and NOT in a good way. More like a FREAK!!!!! LOL

  • ganievia

    Is Katie SO SPECIAL that she can’t even carry her own bags. How pathetic is that. What a wheezer Katie is.

  • Kate K

    Tiny Tom must be so proud of his HOMELEY!! Ha Ha Ha

  • tammie

    This is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil or the cult . Yeah, sign me up right now so I too can look like Katie, NOT!!
    I guess Tom’s money does change people, right Katie.

  • KAmeron

    OK, I’m reading that Katie is 3 months pregnant with invitro TWINS!!
    Is this possible? Because she does look like sh_t right now. Explains alot. Especially since Tom shoots blanks! HAHAHA ! About Suri………?

  • oknow

    As usual, the woman has no style whatsoever. Obviously doesn’t care either. Although with her money she could look stylish in something, she obviously doesn’t know what it is. And she looks dirty like she doesn’t wash her hair or take her make up off. YUCK.

  • Bently

    She looks miserable, all the money in world can’t buy happiness.

  • presh

    This girl looks horrid every single time I see her. She looks like the walking dead. She’s pale, tired, and there is no life in her eyes. She use to be so full of life. THIS is what the cult of Scientology does to a person! I can’t even stand to see her, it’s depressing. I do enjoy seeing Suri, just not zombie Katie.

  • lavagirl

    Maybe she is suffering from depression? poor girl.

  • angeleno

    haha. i know exactly what studio that is. i used to work there, and totally recognize my ex-boss holding the door open for her. no comment there.

  • Meg

    Oh for cripes sake, you are just an actress, pick your head up and smile and go about your business!

  • Annie

    Oh my god, what is wrong with her?? She looks like she’s had a labotomy…..She can hardly walk for petes sake! Where are her parents, friends, family. She obviously needs help!!!

  • Sal

    Is Tom making her diet again?? Dance? She doesnt look strong enough to walk!! For god’s sake, take some frickin Prozac and dump that nut!

  • uh oh…

    She looks like she’s out on a day trip from the looney bin.

  • cari

    Is she covering up her eye for some reason??

    She does not look good/healthy for her age.

    Tommygirl is sucking the life out of her.

  • Sal

    Tom didnt think that Katie needed that frontal lobe anyway……

  • Shelly

    How sad. She was such a vibrant girl and loved life. What the hell has she let them do to her?

  • Raphael

    You should get a life, #56.

    You’re insane, #57.

    Uh…thanks, #60…?

  • ice

    Wow, $43,000 for one night. She sure is indulgent. And the money was not even something she earned herself!

  • Sal

    Raphael you stupid jerk, even YOU can see something is wrong with this girl! Tell your boss to help her!

  • aimee

    LOL….when I first saw the photos….it reminded me of Suri! hiding behind her hair. I guess pugnosed mommy is copying the brat’s “hairstyle”.

    $43K to do all of that? crazy!

    I don’t give a bums a s s if Katie ” spends whatever she pleases” like dear ole raphael says. LOL……it is still wasteful and silly and I could go on and on….but not worth my time…..unlike raphael person who will go into a fit . LOL

  • raphael needs help

    Raphael & Katie forever…….

    love love love


  • ollie

    Katie looks pigeontoed!

    you would thn that would get corrected along with the pug like nose and skankles as part of the $ 43,000 spent????????????


  • emorey

    Whatever is going on with Katie it’s her own fault. Katie totally bought into this whole evil scam of scienctology. Katie is in this for the MONEY and Tiny Tom’s Hollywood ties. Nothing more. So do not cry for Miss Katie Homely. She is crying crocodile tears all the way to Tom’s bank!!!

  • huxley

    I don’t buy Katie’s “poor is me” look for a second. Katie is just as bad as Jennifer Aniston is her all mighty quest for attention!!!!

  • tina

    Mimi Rogers did indeed say that she and Tom tried and tried for children and it didn’t happen. She also said Tom went thru a stage when he thought he was a monk and they stopped having sex AT ALL. She decided she didn’t want to live that way and they got a divorce.

  • Mousse

    I’d like to know what her bodyguards see and hear that is not for the public eye or ear LOL

  • tammy sue

    Tina (#92) you are right!

  • sniffles

    Wow, she looks so messed up. Looks like she stole her hairstyle from Suri.

  • Jinx

    She needs a doctor.

  • Jinx

    AND a intervention.

  • Sonia Wu

    #93 Mousse
    So does everybody!!! OK, OK, just me, speak for myself only.
    I would really want to know how it feels to carry Homely’s humongous, heavy but empty ugly bags.
    Or being yelled by the Bratty Pawn, I don’t want to him to touch my stroooooler….as if!

    Too bad, Gay Midget TommyGurl and his troops of lawyers must have them sign iron clad confidentiality papers to prevent the leaks.

  • jace

    Not a Tiny -Tom fan. He seems fake in all interviews. I used to think Katie was miss-guided in her whirlwind romance w/ Tiny-Tom. But Katie has proven she is in it for the Big Bucks. Whatever she can get out of Tom money wise. Hope Katie is not pregnant. But it will be more money in her pocket.

  • milee

    As miserable as Katie looks, I bet she is smirking and laughing all the way to the bank. Tom’s bank. Katie can do and buy whatever she wants. No matter how crappy she looks, she still gets Tom’s money. What a hag. No respect for this gold-digger at all.