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Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes is Diligently Dancing

Katie Holmes looks a bit tired, entering a dance studio in Hollywood on Friday (March 27).

The 30-year-old actress has been visiting the studio throughout the week, stirring rumors that she’ll take another stab at Broadway. Can’t wait to see what she has up her acting sleeve!

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing Katie in another Broadway play — YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes going to the dance studio…

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katie holmes dance 01
katie holmes dance 02
katie holmes dance 03
katie holmes dance 04
katie holmes dance 05
katie holmes dance 06
katie holmes dance 07
katie holmes dance 08
katie holmes dance 09
katie holmes dance 10
katie holmes dance 11
katie holmes dance 12
katie holmes dance 13
katie holmes dance 14
katie holmes dance 15

Photos: Flynetonline, GSI Media
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  • lou

    Katie has the weirdest body shape. Looks really skinny on top. But her legs are so huge and out of proportion. No amount of dancing will change that.

  • lou

    I can’t believe Katie is PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!
    Katie is going to bring more children into her crazy life w/ Tom and the wack-jobs at the scienctolgist-cult. Shame on you.

  • thamara

    omg you’re sick!!! get help.

  • gay maybe?

    #68, I don’t think Katie is too good to carry her bags, I think she’s too weak..

  • Raphael

    How do you know that, #85?

    You idiots have been saying there’s something wrong with her for years now, #86. Get real.

    Let the person who’s spending THEIR money decide on what’s wasteful and silly, #87.

    Neither of those two women are looking for attention, #91.

    Mimi Rogers said that thing about him being monk-like but not that he was sterile, #92. And they got a divorce because Cruise cheated on Rogers with Nicole Kidman.

    She isn’t actually, #94.

    What she needs are strangers on the internet to stop commenting on her health, #96.

  • Sonia Wu

    #104 gay maybe?

    Well, but if you look at those pictures, you’ll see Homely was getting off the Hearse on her way in to the studio. So, my question is, if shes too weak to carry her own bag, then how can she practice dancing, diligently?

    And it’s also funny, if she’s that weak and tired, which is so abvious form those pix, why wouldn’t she just stay home to have a good rest and then some? Instead, she must force herself out even looking like a piece of dirt, maybe she is.

    Anyway, the whole thing is very amusing. One gets to surmise whether the gay midget TommyGurl didn’t want her to stay in? Or Homely would rather get out to the studio to take a nap?

    Amusing! Very very amusing!

  • Sonia Wu

    Imagine being housed in a huge castle of so many many rooms where you cannot call home…
    Oh, silly me! It’s called prison!
    or correction facility.
    or joint…

  • Sal

    Nice spin Raphael. I thought they didnt care about what people thought, that is what you said. Now you say what she needs are strangers on the internet to stop commenting on her health?

  • Marina

    WOW, Cheating is SOoooooo much better ass wipe!

  • tigger12

    Is this poor woman bipolar?! Let’s face it, when she wants to knock it out of the park, she can. What was ironic about the Tokyo premiere was that no one mentioned Himself, his acting or his movie while every tabloid in the country went on and on about HER HAIR. You have to wonder how pleased Mr. Megastar was about that behind closed doors. She looks more and more like she’s paying for the attention. Her highs and lows are becoming terribly extreme. Also, the long hair revealed a sensuality about KH that has been missing for some time. Posh Spice is sexual but KH is sensual and should play up to that aspect more. Oh well . . .


    If this is what happens to young women who pal up with Tom Cruise-I say ” ladies avoid at all costs!”

  • Raphael

    What spin or contradiction, #108? It was just a clever retort.

  • Tia

    Hey she ( and Tom ) have the money and after all it is THEIR money so who cares what she spends it on. If she wants to drop 43K on herself and Tom is fine with it then who the fu*K are we to say anything. It’s not like she was spending YOUR money…get over it .

    If your sooo worried about all the kids who ould have been feed with that money , then get a second full time job and send every cent to them , if not shut about it.

  • Raphael

    Go #113!

  • art8fashion

    Oh my Goodness!

    What in the world is wrong with her? She looks terrible. Why is she allowing herself to look so unkempt in public? I wonder if she is depressed.

    This doesn’t even qualify as an off day or just dressing down. She has been photographed looking horrible for a while now.

    I sincerely hope she is healthy mentally and physically. If she isn’t I hope her family will step in soon. We all have been joking about how she has been affected by her marriage to Tom, I hope things aren’t as bad as they look.

    It is unbelievable that she would allow herself to go out in public looking like she hasn’t bathed or combed her hair.

    Nicole NEVER allowed herself to look this run down during her tough times with Tom. I have even more respect for the strength of Nicole Kidman after seeing the rapid decline of Katie.

    These pictures are …..I can’t believe his “people” or her “people” are not doing more to clean up her look. Fine if she doesn’t want to dress up to the nines but at least look like you are presentable to leave your house.

    I wish Katie the best. Money truly does not solve all problems.


  • Nadia

    She looks so sad and tired, its true no matter how much a person covers how unhappy they are, it truly shows in their eyes…

  • MMA

    I don’t really care what she does with her career. Being with Tom brings on the hate.

  • elle

    why are people so unbelievably critical? she is just going to a dance class! why should she have on a perfect outfit? she’s skinny and gorgeous and has great taste in fashion.

    EVERYONE posting negative comments needs to get a life of their own. she is beautiful. i’m glad she’s not all glammed up and fake looking all the time.

  • http://YAHOO aMY LOU

    I would say it would not be humane for me to discuss someone until I had walked a mile in her shoes. He had a track record that I’m sure
    Kate didn’t understand. She was young and impressed by Tom’s loving demenor. After the wedding and/or the children, Tom got
    back to being him self. Don’t you know men are on their best behavior
    when they want a certain woman. Then, when they marry, their true self shows up. I understand the walk and the look. I don’t have a body
    to brag about but it wouldn’t matter because I’ve been on anti depressants so long that I’m numb. Those of you are being mean because y ou are jealous because she got Tom and his money, I’d
    say you might find out that he isn’t who you thought he was. After awhile you don’t give a hoot and just do what you can to get by.