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Rihanna Covers Up Gun Tattoos

Rihanna Covers Up Gun Tattoos

Rihanna covers up her new gun tattoos in a white lace top as she parties at West Hollywood’s Bar Delux on Thursday (March 26).

You can watch video footage here. Earlier in the day, Rihanna was seen waiting for an elevator at the Cooper Building in downtown Los Angeles.

Asked why thinks Rihanna got the gun tattoo, given the assault charges Chris Brown, tattoo artist BangBang told Life & Style, “If I had to say why she got it, it’s because she kicks ass and everybody supports her! She can do whatever she wants. She’s one of the nicest and sweetest people I know. She has a lot of really good friends supporting her. We didn’t talk about why she specifically got it. She’s a rock. She’s just thinking about having a great time now.”

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna covering up her new gun tattoos…

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rihanna gun tattoos cover 01
rihanna gun tattoos cover 02
rihanna gun tattoos cover 03
rihanna gun tattoos cover 04
rihanna gun tattoos cover 05
rihanna gun tattoos cover 06
rihanna gun tattoos cover 07
rihanna gun tattoos cover 08
rihanna gun tattoos cover 09
rihanna gun tattoos cover 10
rihanna gun tattoos cover 11
rihanna gun tattoos cover 12
rihanna gun tattoos cover 13
rihanna gun tattoos cover 14
rihanna gun tattoos cover 15

Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez, World Faces, Pacificcoastnewsonline; Photos: GSI Media, SplashNewsOnline
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  • baw


  • sotos

    what’s up with her hair?

  • VNY

    I like her eye make-up and nails! The hair is just dreadful, though.

  • bangbangyourself

    this beech can’t stand for herself. such a disappointment to those who admire her.

  • CB should be in jail

    man she rocks all her clothes. she looks gorgeous and her skin is flawless and glowing.

  • cat320

    Rihanna needs a new stylist. She looks like she got her stuff off the rack at Kohl’s.

  • indy

    Does she do anything these days besides go to clubs?

  • bintk
  • enoughalready

    All the makeup that is applied to her face will make it look flawless and we all know she dont have flawless skin, we have seen her without makeup.

    She is trying to reestablish her self and stupid thinks this is the way to go. What she should have done was visit some abused women shelters (Oh, I forgot, she’s not an abused woman). The only thing this is going to do is make her a Britney…

    We thought she was a puppet on a string before, the label is really pulling them ropes now and I think is good she has to suffer on the mental tip cause this is all her fault.

    Poor Chris!!!

  • Bams

    it looks like she has a skunk on her head.

  • yuck

    yuck@ the Michael Jackson 2.0 hair!

  • Katy

    cute but nor feeling the hair.

  • queen

    i want her ALEXANDER WANG JACKET!!!!! same as lindsay :)

  • http://aol susan

    …”she can do what she wants and everyone supports her…”
    Really? I don’t , and neither do millions of other women who saw her running back to Brown! She goes about her busy social life as if nothing happened to her. While I am not saying she owes us any explanation, everyone knows what happened to her and she SHOULD be speaking out against abuse. She should be blasting Brown! And, she should be damn ashamed of herself for going back to him in the beginning. I do not believe for one second that they are seperated. This is just a clear image defense ploy that she, or her agent, knows she HAS to play. IMO, until she comes and speaks out about abuse and leaves that Brown in the dust, she will never recover her image.

  • Melly

    I think she’s going bald.

  • Orange

    Lame. She’s trying way too hard to be a badass.

  • repeat

    She’s become a train wreck. You would think with such a big forehead there would be a few brain cells floating around in there.

  • CB should be in jail

    to # 14. i think you don’t realise that she can’t speak out about the incident until the legal issues are resolved otherwise that will affect the case. Neither of them are gonna speak out b4 it is taken care of in court first.

  • Free People

    Her eyes look very sad……she should be in counseling instead of constantly partying.

  • Regina

    Her style sucks..too 80′s rocker .

  • lala

    I used to love her music, but she’s a wack job.

  • whoa

    She looks creepy :-(

  • cara

    Yuck, what’s up with her hair, it looks so greasy and looks like she is losing her hair. She so needs a style makeover, she thinks she’s edgy, but everything she wears ends up looking like a costume, just too much of everything, she’s never heard the the term less is more.

    And no, not “everyone supports her” anymore, going back to Chris immediately, not speaking out about her abuse to help others and clubbing every night is not something people support, she’s lost a lot of respect. Weird how she clubs more now than before her attack. She needs to stay home, get herself some major counselling after taking back a beater (she must have major low self esteem issues) and walk away from the spotlight for a bit.

  • sorella

    She does not “kick ass”, more like she gets her ass kicked. She is a very weak, insecure woman, not someone to admire at all.

  • just say no

    I hate guns, this doesn’t make her look cool.

  • bandit

    Looks like she plays and acts all sad eye in pics now , “boo hoo, I’m going through so much, I’m so sad people”, yet every report says she’s all smiles and dancing and laughing in the clubs with her friends (and what is with all the clubbing now). She loves the pity-me attention. Not buying her sad look. She’s a fake, she’s not powerful, she’s weak and not to be admired anymore.

  • pashy

    What happened to Rihanna? She looks bad, and I mean bad-ugly.

  • nysha

    Those gun tattoos are ugly. Imagine her when she is sixty.

  • PSA


  • tomtom

    Crazy broad. Stop with all the nightclubs. Get some help.

  • Mousse

    Very wrong choice those gun tattoos..
    She’s again an example of how adult-playing youngsters fall in their own trap of being not mature enough yet to cope with life as it is..

  • hollycopter

    The pics look like two different people for me.

    That Rihanna-Party-Something looks like wraped in a drape .. so messed up .. dead eyes. I think Rihanna should get lost.

    But that Robyn-Real-Life-Look is kinda interresting. I’d say restart with that and a fresh nu lifestyle and sound. I know I’m not her agent but its simple logic.

    And the tattoo .. rather simple .. but its the meaning that counts .. so said its a protection charm .. no problem at all .. and yeah .. I’m working on some “Two Hands”-Look of “Black Lagoon”-Japanimation signed on her shoulders.

  • Kristin M

    Wow, a gun tattoo. I mean, I think guns are cool. I would never use or get a real one though (unless I’m on one of those indoor target range places). They’re too dangerous. But I would never get a gun tattoo. That’s a little rough.

    Apparantly she’s been very close to Chris Brown these past few weeks (or at least until a couple of weeks ago), too close for someone who was beaten up that bad. With this tattoo, is she trying to tell us something? Is she trying to tell Chris Brown something? Remember the saying, “Keep your friends close, BUT KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER”. Maybe she’s telling him, and everyone in the world, you touch me, remember my gun tattoo and what it can do!


    I hate that slut. she such an attention whore.GET SUM HELP RIHANNA! partying every night is just stupid

  • fri

    ahhh, some of you love to HATE…u did the same thing to britney…btw love if your lookin for amy…but truth is…none of you have any idea what it’s like to walk in their shoes or any other person fully

    a bunch of hypocrites and spectators

    i wish the best for both chris and rihanna

  • soleil

    Maybe some dislike her, but this girl is not interesting enough for people to truly take the time to hate her.

    The hypocrite is the one who took the guy back who beat her after pretending to be a strong, sexy woman. As people are catching on, It was always just a marketing image.

  • Cara

    She needs to be in psychotherapy instead of shallow partying every night and spending money to make herself feel good. We’ll see what happens on the 9th of April, but you can bet they are getting together out of the sight of the public and deserve to be boycotted and never supported through either their music or product sales, again. Let them both learn to live off the riches they have accumulated thus far.

  • gmoney

    Wow she probably paid like $200 for those ripped up jeans. She dresses like some girl on a budget in New York. Where are the pics of the tats? I like that she doesn’t starve herself to death.

  • kendra

    What’s up with all the psycho anti-Rihanna comments? Seriously. Back off. Before you decide you hate her for being attacked (which is a bizarre approach anyway)do some research on abuse cases and then think about how silly you sound. Pathetic comments, honestly. Knowledge (not assumption) is power. Read.

  • bklyn

    That’s disturbia-ed. She’s always been attention-seeking but the clubbing every night is not going to get her the therapy she so obviously needs.

  • paulina

    ok 99.9% of her OTHER tattoos are covered as well .

  • chelsey

    Yeah seriously what is up with her hair?!?!?!?! It looks like someone died on her head! After this whole Chris Bown fiasco, she has been looking dreadful. Idk whats up.

  • the_boyfriend

    Gross, the hair..the tattoos..the going’s all wrong.

  • ♥Lions tigers & Bears♥

    She REALLLY needs a new hair stylist.
    Seriously i’m not suprised if someone mistakes her for an old big headed man.

  • justmee.

    Um, it’s kinda not her fault and then again it is.. i mean she went back to Chris because his “people” offered to pay her a million bucks to go back with her to make it seem like he didn’t do anything, and she did. I mean with the way things are going with her she might not be in buisness for very long.. and she is NOT ugly she had a “bad hair day” she is beautiful and for the gun tattoo’s it’s her body and they must have meant something.. i mean you don’t do something like that for no reason.. they said on the radio this morning, that they were a symbol of protection for her.. but in my opoion it’s her body and she can do whatever she pleases with it and if that means damaging her liver with alcohol every night then go for it.. but don’t sit there and call her ugly and tell her she deserves to be beaten.. i mean it’s not like she asked Chris to beat the shit outta her.. i mean come on didn’t you all see the pictures? no body wants that. I’m just saying give her time to “explain” her actions i mean what people are saying will proably get to her eventually and she will want to explain rather have her “fans” turn on her.. i mean she is a great person she just “fell down” she needs suport to bounce back and since that is what you people are saying that she did all this bad shit and you want her to change then don’t call her names and shit ask her why and ask something postive instead of telling her to change then fucking sit there and call her names…do something about it..

    but that’s just my opoion.. don’t listen if yahh don’t wanna..

    just mee.

  • patsy

    i love you Rihanna. :D

    chris can go die in a bush!

  • Isabelle

    its good to see her out & about havin fun than stayin home n moping

  • tyred

    Rihanna isn’t pretty. She looks like a Klingon.
    Did she really take that loser back for money? That’s crazy!

  • Dina p

    she got the tat because she want to go m.i.a on chris ass stop lrying cuz we all know it. this is what the song paper planes mean to her .all i want to do is bang bang and cling and kill chris brown
    and that the ture .who would you will do this. tell me who,who ever read this .
    Jay-z or rthanna or wrost … both
    Dina P
    p.s. lol

  • shopaholic1

    I think people are finally realizing that Rihanna’s NOT the victim in this case. She’s fake, and walking around all glum like the world is on her shoulders, but deep down, she’s a phony b*tch and LOVES the attention from the paparazzi. Can’t stand her Michael-Jackson-looking-ass!