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Violet Affleck: Giggling's Great!

Violet Affleck: Giggling's Great!

Violet Affleck gets the giggles as she her mom, Jennifer Garner and dad, Ben Affleck drop her off at school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (March 26).

Dad Ben Affleck will take part in the upcoming Cannes Charity Poker event, along with Rounders BFF, Matt Damon. The event will benefit “Not On Our Watch” and “One Voice For Freedom” will helps children in Darfur and anti-slavery efforts, respectively. The winner of the event will receive quite an interesting prize – a beach house in Durban, South Africa!

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck and her crazy giggling…

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violet affleck giggling great 01
violet affleck giggling great 02
violet affleck giggling great 03
violet affleck giggling great 04
violet affleck giggling great 05
violet affleck giggling great 06
violet affleck giggling great 07
violet affleck giggling great 08
violet affleck giggling great 09
violet affleck giggling great 10

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  • Rita

    SIGH… LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful girl!

  • angel

    we see them everyday yet no one is complaing about them,just saying
    they are one of the most overexposed kids along with honor,kingston, zuma,suri
    we have daily pics

  • Katie

    She’s so cute! I love Jen! She’s a great actress and her kid is always laughing so she’s obviously a good mommy!

  • Katie

    She’s so cute! I love Jen! She’s a great actress and her kid is always laughing so she’s obviously a good mommy!

  • chels

    they look like a happy family congrats

  • Porsche

    Happiest kid in Hollywood!

  • Hollywood Roayalty

    AWWWW! the beautiful Affleck family.

  • Janey

    Ben and Jen must be having a blast raising this child. She is so funny, so cute!

  • eliza

    Adorable, happy little girl.

  • cheetah

    I hope this kid stays as happy as she is her entire life! Men it must be great to see your kid so happy. They obviously did a terrific job. Kids that are not happy don’t smile as much as she does. Im looking forward to see her grow in to a woman.

  • Blah girls!

    OMG this kid is so ador.

  • Annie

    How refreshing!!! A mother interacting and smiling with her daughter. Hey Katie Holmes, TAKE NOTE!! It seems to make kids happy when their parents are happy!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ok now, maybe better than with *SS-K*SSER ben but stil disgusting, folks!!

  • ben/jen fan

    #2 “….most over exposed kid….” You are correct, almost daily pictures of Violet at school. BECAUSE the paps stake out the preschool. Why I have no idea.

    I am sure Ben and Jen would prefer if there weren’t daily pictures of Violet being dropped off or picked up from school.

    My child went out the door this morning with a red face, from crying because they weren’t happy with the new outfit they wanted to wear (brand name $50 outfit mind you, that they picked out), nevertheless, I am sure my child, nor I would have wanted that moment captured on film or posted on the internet. Just saying that we all have great days and we have not so great days. Most of which I wouldn’t want paps sticking a camera in my face nor that of my child.

  • ben/jen fan

    #13, what the hell are you talking about?

  • a realist

    Violet has stolen our hearts. :)

  • gejwin

    Violet’s always smiling and laughing. Obvious she comes from a very happy and loving home. CUTEST.KID.EVER

  • Mousse

    Great pictures!
    Violet is a cute little gem.

  • Munk

    These two could be a circus act, Jennifer Garner and her giggling champanzee Violet.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    JARED, STOP POSTING ABOUT CELEBRITY BABYS WE WANT YOU TO POST ABOUT A REAL CELEBRITYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello_world

    now that she’s given birth, she’s pimping her child again to stay in the limelight

  • doggossips

    great actress ????? her ???? # 4 do you know what is it, acting ? I guess not !!!! give me 1 film’s title where she is good , ok ? and please not this rubbish Alias where she is only insipid sexy !!!

  • ben/jen fan

    #21 “pimping her child”

    Every time………….in every blog…………she is supposedly “pimping her child”.

    And I ask the same question each time…..How is taking your child to school or picking her up “pimping your child?” I guess she could get a nanny to pick her up each day, but still the paps take pics of Violet. Again, I take my child to school and pick them up, not pimping my kid out just picking them up or dropping them off.

  • Lyndon

    Why does she insist on carrying Violet, she’s almost 4. Violet is clearly trying to get out of her mother’s arms and walk like all normal 3 year olds. Jennifer Garner is not interesting to the paparazzi unless she is seen with VIolet in her arms, it’s the only way for her to get her picture taken just like Jessica Alba too.

  • the dq

    Interesting to note that you NEVER see Katie Holmes interacting with her child like this……………..NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!

  • Lyndon

    Pictures of celebrities being seen to do “normal” things like shopping or taking their kids to school are loved by magazines like People, OK and UsWeekly, they buy these pictures because people like you want to look at pictures like this so you can say, squeeee she is just like me…except she’s really not. For celebs it’s all about being seen doing normal things, not be seen on the cover of People like Brangelina because that’s not normal and Jennifer Garner knows this only too well.

  • fed up


  • Adoring Fan

    I love this family. They are so freaking cute. Violet is the happiest kid ever. She seems like so much fun to have around. I hope little Seraphina is just as adorable.

  • naomi

    #21 shut up, she’s taking her child to school! how can you call that “pimping”??
    The one’s that follow her are the creepy stalkers who went to the daycare just to take pictures of a little child.

  • Raphael

    …Holmes does the same ALL THE TIME, #12…

    Right, #23. These arguments make no sense.

    That’s silly, #24.

    Or maybe Garner and all these other celebrities ARE just normally taking their kids to and from school, #26.

  • gARY

    Jen looks fantastic at this weight. I love this sporty good look on her, it fits her like a glove. I hope she doesn’t take the Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes anorexic approach.

  • p!nk

    pic #4 Is Violet wearing a pull up? if so, i thought she was in underwear!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she actually doesnt look that bad in the photos with the jeans
    a lil better than her usual, and her face looks pretty as well
    the other pics r horrible tho

  • RHONDa

    so where is the new baby?

  • get real

    The “profit” Jen Garner gets with all these “mommy and me” pics is an improved image (you know, over the bed-hopping one she earned when she divorced Scott Foley for Michael Vartan, then cheated on Michael Vartan to get with Ben Affleck, then got herself knocked up to get Ben to actually marry her).

    That’s the “pimping.”

    It’s not always about $$$- Affleck has plenty of that. This is about reputation to improve her career. Not that it’ll work. Jen Garner can’t carry a movie and is now smart enough not to even try.

    Notice Jen makes no effort to even hide her face when Ben isn’t around.

  • arantxa

    Aw ! i love Violet :)

  • meh

    i noticed on youtube dinner for five with jennifer garner and ben affleck during daredevil time, jen gets defensive when kevin smith says something about ben, then that dude from swingers mouths the start of ‘there having’ and stops i think the next line might of been affair, link at top

  • just me

    I am sick to death of this over exposed family!! Jen is a mess and Violet may giggle a lot but poor thing is NOT cute at all. Maybe because she looks like her fugly mother! Wonder why Ben is hardly ever with them, hmmmm?

  • Bently

    Interesting to note that you NEVER see Katie Holmes interacting with her child like this……………..NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!
    Suri needs to spend a month living with Jennifer Garner she’ll train her to become a paparazzi loving camera princess like Violet.

  • Adoring Fan

    Same stupid people making the same stupid comments. Lies, lies and more lies. If you don’t like this cute family get the h.e.l.l off this thread and go where your favorites are featured. Violet is the cutest happiest kid in LaLa land and that’s a fact. Deal with it dummies.

    Jen is pretty and Ben was there at the school as well. JJ chose not to post his pix. Beautiful family and not a pretend one like some in Lala land.

  • Meg

    My gosh! This poor kid has been going to “school” (daycare) since day one! Why have kids if you never want to spend time with them?

  • cas

    so cute!!!! they are so happy

  • GLEN


  • shamrock

    #37 Thank you for the link to that video of Jen and Ben at the round table. They look so flirty and adorable together there. Would love to see them in the future displaying this to each other. They are truly PERFECT for each other and love the little wee ones they created with love.

    Go, JEN AND BEN, GO!!!

  • **

    shamrock, in that video JG was married to another man. Married. And Ben was engaged to Jlo. Is it still “adorable” to you?

  • **

    “Jennifer Garner makes husband Ben Affleck pay a fine for leaving the toilet seat up.

    The ‘Alias’ actress, who has been married to Ben since 2005, has reportedly grown tired of her spouse’s thoughtless behaviour and has started imposing monetary punishments on him.

    A source said: “Jennifer is making Ben pay. She is fining Ben $5 every time he leaves the toilet seat up. Jennifer got so irritated and grossed out by his habit. So she made him agree to pay money every time he leaves the seat up!”

    A couple of years ago there was an article saying that JG made Ben pay when he said a F-word. What will be the next thing she makes him pay for?

  • shamrock

    Well, if that is true, then a BIG, NO!!! The fact of the matter is,
    they have chemistry, no denying that. If you are an actor and married, you might want to take roles that do not involve too much hanky panky on screen. This is clearly stepping into DANGEROUS territory.

  • Adoring Fan

    Hey #45 & 46 Try reading some of the comments made by Ben and Jen. Like Ben said don’t believe every thing you read in a tabloid they fabricate things to sell magazine to dummies like you. Get a grip and use the brain God gave you. BTW that link to that old Youtube is old and besides it does not prove anything. All that guys were in Daredevil and nothing improper was going on between Jen and Ben at that time. Thats when they became good friends. Nothing more.

    For someone who hates this couple there seems to be so many of them posting comments. They must hold some kind of fascination for you gossip hungry imbeciles. ROFLMAO

  • Adoring Fan

    And as a matter of fact, I don’t care what brought them together, what is important is that they ARE together and hopefully for a long time. They are perfect for each and have two beautiful daughters that they adore and are trying to raise them in a healthly lifestyle in spite of the work that they both do and enjoy. The only downside is the annoying paparazzi won’t give them their space even when they are not working and hanging out at hot spots around town. That is messed up. Poor sweet little Violet , can’t even go to school in peace, but at least her parents protect her as much as possible and keep her happy. She is so adorable. I wish I had a little girl just like her.

  • **

    FYI , Adoring Fan
    I was a big fan of Alias and Jennifer Garner. She´s my role model. My second post was meant a joke. I just find it ridiculous what tabloids post about celebrities. That “toilet seat”-issue between Ben and Jen was already in the press years ago when they dated.
    BTW do you believe tabloids when they quote “sources” that say “JG is the perfect mother!”, “BA is the perfect father!”, “JG and BA´s marriage is perfect!” ? Don’t believe every thing you read in a tabloid they fabricate things to sell magazine to dummies like you. ; )