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Shawn Johnson Smiles after Stalker Scare

Shawn Johnson Smiles after Stalker Scare

Shawn Johnson leaves a practice session with her Dancing with the Stars partner, Mark Ballas in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 26).

Surrounded by private security and the Los Angeles Police, Shawn stayed strong and smiled despite the recent arrest of a stalker. According to the Associated Press, the crazed fan “drove from Florida in a car found with loaded guns, duct tape and love letters to meet the 17-year-old Olympic gymnast.” The man, Robert O’Ryan, was caught when he tried to jump a security fence where the ABC show, Dancing with the Stars, is filmed.

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Credit: Coqueran; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • jessica

    Good for her. :) she reminds me of Hayden Penetierre. anyone else agree?

  • brenda

    Great for her. I agree she reminds be of both Hayden Penetierre and former Dancing with the Stars and Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan.

  • michelle

    Love Shawn. She always appears happily and great. Great model for kids actually. And she’s so adorable.

  • m

    wow that’s scary… glad she’s ok!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………why then?

  • Nativenyker

    Damn that girl is THICK! Jesus… For a partner to have to maneuver her around – god forbid doing a lift, must have exhausted.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Betina

    she’s is SOOOOOOOOO short, and looks fat, hehe :)

  • jdub

    she’s tiny tho!!! and you make it sound like she’s fat or somethin…she’s a gymnast, it’s all muscle.

  • Sadfornatashasfamily

    Nativenyker… for you to be so mean and disgusting to say that, it just proves that you are either A) Anorexic/Bulimic, or B) 1,000 pounds cough potato.

    Shawn is absolutely gorgeous, and yeah she isn’t going to be stick skinny because she has a lot of muscle and is a certified dwarf. She is beautiful on the inside and out.

    I think it is awesome that she can still be smiling after sich a scary event.


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    still being gay, huh blogger

  • Sgt Friday

    Fat? In your dreams! The girl’s 100% solid muscle! She seems like a nice kid. She always has a cheerful smile on her face.

  • Kiki

    Glad she’s safe…. I hope Melissa Rycroft wins though DWTS appears to be rigged.

  • Marley

    I have like the same body type as her and I don’t think I’m fat! Some of you people can be really mean and disrespectful

  • MARY

    #7 why do you have to judge ppl because of their weight..and you wonder why the media always picks on stars for being too skinny or too fat nothing is ever good enough for you regular folks…not everyone is going to be a bitch ass skinny model

  • xenu

    I’m not saying that my cute little sweet Chipmunk McNugget is fat, but PLEASE, saying she’s 100% muscles is simply delusional…double chin muscles??? LOL…

  • CG

    She is short,muscle,and shapley. She is gymnist and that is how they are shaped.
    that being said, I am sure the girl has DWTS security 24/7, her own security she is paying for and the police dept, but isn’t that nut who was chasing her in jail now…for thetimebeing?

  • fasdfads

    she is so cute and a really talented gymnist, but she definitely has gained some weight. whether it be muscle or fat.. but she definitely is bigger.

  • Bunny

    She is so cute! And always happy!


    What? Now that she’s been stalked she suddenly interesting to the press? Oh freakin brother. Leave it be. Jeezus!

  • kay

    Ok yeah she has gained a little bit, so what, I’m sure after last years olympics she deserves to have a bit of a break. Plus, being a shorty (I’m one too lol), even the most tiny amount of weight gain shows up. Still a cutie!

  • kay

    Ok yeah she has gained a little bit, so what, I’m sure after last years olympics she deserves to have a bit of a break. Plus, being a shorty (I’m one too lol), even the most tiny amount of weight gain shows up. Still a cutie!

  • anonymoose

    Is it just me or is Shawn losing her very SCULPTED arms???
    I swear to god this girl should start getting back in to her tip top gymnastics shape again, i mean if she wants to compete in the worlds this year…
    But kudos to you Shawn for always being joyful

  • jj

    ugly, she has no neck

  • MMA

    She looks like a stocky little munchkin.

  • Nacho

    I think Ya’ll need to leave the girl alone she hasnt done anything wrong to any one and for her to smile after all that madness with that guy is great. So what if she put on some weight She still looks good and is a great person. Let the young women live her life and do what she does best and quit hating on her.





  • Boston344

    Man, I can tell none of you guys have ever lived in the competitive gymnastics world as I did for 15 years! At this level you train 20-30 hrs per week and it’s mainly conditioning/drilling routines. When you train that hard for that long, your height and weight is stunted until you gain back the normal amount of body fat (usually when you decrease training, like shawn did after the olympics). I know when I stopped, I did put on weight, but also matured into an adult body.

    You have to give her credit for being so so talented because damn, it’s hard to be so good at that level!

  • THX

    She’s extremely pretty, despite her height. :P
    How are you people saying she’s fat? I’d take her over some twig of a whore any day…

  • Jacog Goldstein

    I’d say her muscle mass has either stayed the same, or decreased since the Olympics. She doesn’t seem to have a shortage of fat cells though, however. I hope she doesn’t have a FUPA.

    @Sgt Friday: