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Gerard Butler is a Nude Law-Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler is a Nude Law-Abiding Citizen

Clean-shaven Gerard Butler attends the Jameson Empire Magazine Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane on Sunday (March 29) in London, England.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud has been filming his latest flick, Law Abiding Citizen, in Philidelphia with costar Jamie Foxx. Gerry filmed a nude scene on a closed set last week. He also brought a masseuse on set for the tired and sore crew members. What a nice guy!

10+ pictures inside nude law-abiding citizen Gerard Butler

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gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 01
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 02
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 03
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 04
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 05
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 06
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 07
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 08
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 09
gerard butler nude law abiding citizen 10

Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage; Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty, Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • lonewolf

    Lookin’ bit tired…

  • debra77

    I used to find him really sexy. But there is something off about his face. He looks older some how. Maybe a bit puffy. I don’t know. Maybe he should get with Jen Aniston. They may be perfect for each other. except he really likes his women more his age or younger.

  • pafan

    Will he be right back in NYC this week for the Dressed to the Kilt thing? Take a break, GB. Anyway, can’t wait for TUT, Game and Lawabiding Citizen and finally, Burns.

  • Kimberly D.

    He looks sooo old.
    Invest in some Just For Men and get a facial, Ger.
    You’ll be smexy again.

  • “hater”

    I”m not familar with much of his work, but he is one ugly S.O.B.! I always hear people extoling his virtues, which may be true as an actor, but he has a face that could stop traffic, and I mean that in a bad way. So overrated! I better get going, I can hear the rumble of his supporters already.

  • Gossip Girl

    He does look older. But there’s something noble about his looks. He looks like my dad a bit.

  • StinkyLouise

    Where’s the scruff?

  • michele

    Thanks for the up-date and photos of Gerard, he’s looking very smooth and sexy. Loving the clean-shaven look, he looks younger to me. I guess he is sporting the clean-shaven look for his new role in Law Abiding Citizen.

  • “hater”

    I personally think he looks better when he has a bunch of facial hair. Most men look better clean-shaven, he is the exception. The more facial hair he has, the less visible his face is, thus he becomes more passable looking. Cover that ugly mug up Gerald!

  • Anon

    Y’know, about five years ago I saw him in Phantom of the Opera and thought he was SO sexy, but a rotten singer. OK. Fine. But then I started to pay attention to him and I think first, he needs to work with a speech coach or something because there’s a lot of Scottish actors who aren’t so awful with their accent. Look at Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy. Even the Irish like Colin Farrell or Jonathan Rhys Myers or Liam Neeson or Aidan Quinn. They are all understandable. But Gerry spits when he talks and he mushes up his words. I think he has a speech impediment. Also, if he is “39″ then so’s my granny! LOL!!! He looks a lot more like 49 or even 59. I was to have sex with him I’d have to make him not talk and wear a bag over his head. But he has a nice body. Except, he never has had a steady girlfriend for all this time. Maybe one or two. I don’t think he much likes girls.

  • Gossip Girl

    Feeling bad for saying it because he seems a nice guy, but half of the time I don’t understand a word he says. So I’ll have to agree on that one with poster # 10.

  • freddyb

    He has a girlfriend, her name is Kristi. I wonder if she was there with him?

  • StinkyLouise

    He has a whole “herd” in Philly. I wonder if they were there.
    Thanks Jared.

  • Shar

    Anon @ 03/29/2009 at 6:06 pm

    Aidan Quinn is Scottish??!! Well, fcuk me, I never would have quessed that to be the case, and he’s one of my favorite actors. I’ve seen so many of his movies and he never spoke with an accent. Just something else for me to like about the guy.

  • grace

    Gorgeous Gerard.

  • freddyb

    Kristi was there with him most of the time he was filming his latest movie in Philadelphia. Dont know about the “herd”.

  • huh

    I’m pretty sure Aidan Quinn is American.

    Gerry looks like he hasn’t slept for a week. The “herd” has probably exhausted him, LOL.

    Or maybe it’s just the clean shaven look. Doesn’t suit him at all.

  • huh

    @freddyb: How do you know she was in Philly most of the time with him?

  • Joanna

    Is there something wrong with Gerard’s mouth? I have watched him in interviews and there is definitely something very odd about his mouth and the way he moves his lips. It seems to get worse as he gets older too. And yes, he looks MUCH older than 39 and he hasn’t aged well.

  • hotsauce

    Dude looks like crap. Paunchy and bloated. Blechhh

  • hotsauce

    I agree that he looks better with the scruff – it is hides his paunchy mug and it suits him better.

  • youtoo

    Is Kristi that girl he was photographed with? The one that had a really long face and looked like a horse??

  • justmeforyou

    Eeeh? Are we looking at the same guy? Seriously, he looks very healthy, cleaned-up and there… in the nick of time.

    He’s enjoying the well-deserved momentum from his career and Micheal Sheen is (slated) to be a part of a film of his? Could be networking visit? I mean RnR wins!!! They use his image for The Movie. I suspect this nearly guarantees Guy’s sequel. I think Ger can pull off 38 for many years to come. Russell Crowe rocks. HOPE he got to meet with him? Hurray for Russ!

    Very happy with this appearance and why. He’s in very good company. This is b.i.g. I’m so happy for him. He’s an exceptional human.

  • lala

    Kristi is the girl from the Arcade. I think she’s a FWB at best.

  • Babey

    Ugh! Someone’s stuck a fugly stick up his ar$e and perforated it. He used to be so hot,

  • Hair!

    I hope his scene is not with Jamie Foxx!! lol

    FWIW-Aidan Quinn, Born in Chicago on March 8, 1959, to Irish immigrants, Quinn and his four siblings were raised in both the U.S. and their parents’ native country. The family spent so much time in Ireland that Quinn had part of his high school education there, and he moved to Dublin in his late teens. While in Dublin, he tried to break into the local theatre scene; when that proved to be less than fruitful, Quinn returned to Chicago. There, he worked as a roofer and joined local acting companies. He acted in a number of productions and made his New York debut in an off-Broadway production of Sam Shepard’s -Fool for Love.

  • Babey

    freddyb what have you done?

    I can hear the 300lb fangirls charging. I’m getting outta here!

  • StinkyLouise

    They’ll have to get past the “herd” first!

  • bailey

    gorgeous no matter what. he ages like fine wine.

  • Here we go again

    freddy is lying

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    I would drink his dirty bath water.

    Yes I’m that much of a skank.

  • LOBE4

    Someone give him an energy drink. I do think he is a hottie, but I agree with #10. I have a difficult time understanding him.

  • Joan

    If anybody has question about his mouth, just watch his kissing scenes and also this video on youtube. He has perfect control of his mouth.

  • Kimberly D.

    wow, you guys are definitely sipping on the haterade today…

  • Kimberly D.

    wow, you guys are definitely sipping on the haterade today…

  • AD



    Tune in next week to find on ‘When Fangurls Attack’ – 8pm on the Discovery Channel!!!

  • Third Dan

    LMFAO @ #36

  • Samber

    Umm….Joan, did you see him at the Golden Globes? Gerard Butler does NOT have perfect control of his mouth! It’s very, very weird looking.

  • KD1206

    Is he having a scene with Jennifer Aniston? I read it here:—gerard-

  • Anita

    Jared, thank for the pics. Butler looks great and awesomely sexy, as usual. Now THAT is a MANLY MAN!!!

  • Kim

    Everybody has a day where they don’t look good…this is his day…and for that person who says he has a horrible singer….Andrew Lloyd Wright chose him to be the Phantom….chose Gerry because of his voice and the rawness that he brought out in the Phantom…I too like him scruffy but he’s hot either way….and I love his accent too…

  • Aimee

    Hmm, scruff or not, he’s beautiful. Dont care what anyone says on that one. He’s stunning.

    And accent, I can understand it most of the time, and, that too, either way, is beautiful =D

  • Chantal

    #39 Wow, now that’s a hot couple!!!
    But if it was so long ago, I’m sure they’re just friends who daydream about each other every once in a while.
    I’d so cross my fingers for those two to get together, however, there’s someone else (hotter) who’s elbowing guys to get into Jennifer’s toned arms. Any bets? Don’t bet, this is Gerard’s thread.
    Everyone has bad days, I think Gerard is hot most of the time.

  • Kitty

    My mom and sister are in love with him-I don’t get it. He has a hamster face, he probably smells like one too!

  • Lucas

    All filthy Jocks have weird mouths.

    It’s from sucking coçk all day and fuçkîng guys bareback in the shower before blowing their loads on eachothers ……shît sorry. wrong board.

  • StinkyLouise

    Awww….He missed Shanna Moakler’s birthday.

  • Joan

    He is an actor not a beauty contestant.

  • mc

    All Gerry’s fans adore his mouth just because of that , his lips go a little to the left sometimes and we looove it.
    The same with his accent, it’s adorable!!!
    Gerry, love him or leave him…

  • Rosfan

    Gerry is a great guy, a handsome man, an actor extremely dedicated and he deserve all good things in these world. I’m very sad with this unpleasant comments up about him.

  • Shannon M.

    Gerry is still hot!!!!! I don’t care what anybody says!!!!