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Kelly Brook Has Caribbean Curves

Kelly Brook Has Caribbean Curves

English actress Kelly Brook shows off her curves while splashing around in the Caribbean waters of Barbados on Sunday (March 29).

The 29-year-old actress previously dated Jason Statham (The Italian Job) and Billy Zane (Titantic). She is currently going out with rugby player Danny Cipriani, although rumors are circulating that their relationship is on the rocks.

Kelly was supposed to join the show, Britain’s Got Talent, but things didn’t work out as Simon Cowell didn’t want to add a fourth judge!

10+ pictures inside of Kelly Brook and her Caribbean curves…

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kelly brook caribbean curves 09
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  • Donna Marie Cox

    Ok to the person who called Kelly a fat cow. I apologise. I honestly thought you were being serious. Some people do have strange ideas about womens bodies xx

    and the whoever wrote that really hurtful comment – go and GET A LIFE YOU SADDO!!!! lol

  • 78ajndfjsdhn

    I guess you told me Donna Marie Cox. Might I suggest you look in the mirror before YOU call anyone else socially inept. Oh well, I guess I’ll go cry myself to sleep. Boooohoooo. But not before I take to my twitter & claim “I wanna die” because someone called me a name. Bahahahahahahahahaha! What an idiot.

  • Donna Marie Cox

    Whi did I call socially inept? You are a pathetic bully who enjoys making people feel like shit. I really do not know what your problem is. yes I wnated to die yesterday. So I really hope you enjoy that fact. You think im fat and ugly? TOUGH! Get over it. I see youve made no reference to the fact that I also told you to KISS MY FAT ASS!!! If Im so ugly etc stop looking at my pics. Its aint hard.

  • Donna Marie Cox

    Having had a think, If anything you have made me more determined to lose weight. Next time I wanna eat chocolate i will think of what you said and not bother so thank you. I am also going to try and toughen up and not be so sensitive andtry to react to things better. You obv hate me for some reason but I cant do anything about that so your just gonna have to deal with that.

    To jughed
    Look at the trouble you’ve caused lol

  • Oh lord

    ok, i wasn’t going to say anything but this is ridiculous.

    ms ‘cox’…… this is place best used for comments about kelly brook NOT you, your weight or your obvious self-esteem issues. no one cares about how determined you are or are not to lose weight. no one cares that you let some anon person upset you. people care even less about the retort(s) you may have had for them. in fact no one gives a rat’s caboose about you, at all. since you’re on here i would hope that you’re an adult. if you can’t deal with what people say, in the real world or on here, then you may want to curl up in a ball & never look at the light of day again. people are going to say hurtful things at times, it part of living & being human, so deal with it. now go put on your big girl panties, get on with your life & stop this inane drivel of yours.

  • Donna Marie Cox

    Yes I agree. There shouldnt be comments about MY weight etc but it wasnt me who bought that up was it? I have only said what I did in reply to those comments.

  • Mikey likey

    I agree 100% w/#55. LET IT GO ALREADY #56. Ur posts n ur whining are getting old.

  • Donna Marie Cox


  • Donna Marie Cox

    Well if I hadnt been called names I wouldnt be whining would I? Its pretty simple. Leave me alone and Ill not answer back.

  • Oh lord

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    don’t even bother to respond to what i have to say because i couldn’t care less. i’m done wasting my time on someone like you. you’re pathetic, truly pathetic, even more so than the person who called you a name!

  • Donna Marie Cox

    Well anyway.. Id kill for a body like that. Slim but curvy in all the right places.

  • 78ajndfjsdhn

    I don’t know if you’ll see this Donna Marie Cox but I wanted to say I was truly sorry for calling you a fat cow & making fun of your remark about wanting to die. I shouldn’t have said them all, it was uncalled for, but I honestly didn’t think it would hurt you as badly as it did. So my deepest & sincerest apologies.

  • Donna Marie Cox

    Apology accepted. I shouldnt have shown how upset I was but its done with now.

  • brie2009

    Whoa! I don’t know who this Kelly is but she really has a great body!

  • MMA

    I’ve never heard of her but she is very beautiful!

  • Paul

    I wanna have sex with Kelly!!!

  • dreamShowGuy

    Billy Zane made a movie with her in the Bahamas
    Hey, check out this Billy Zane movie dreamShow.
    Give your comments/casting choices

  • dreamShowGuy

    Billy Zane made a movie in the Bahamas with her. Ot’s called “Three” or “Survival Island.”
    Hey, check out this Billy Zane movie dreamShow.
    Give your comments/casting choices