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Madonna Marches to Malawi

Madonna Marches to Malawi

Madonna visits Chkhota Village in Malawi where she has bought land to build part of her Raising Malawi school for girls on Sunday (March 29).

The 50-year-old entertainer is reportedly in Malawi to adopt her second child, Mercy James.

Madge is pictured below with Eric Borgstein, the Chief Advisor of Pediatric Care for her Raising Malawi Charity. She also takes a look at a map of the land which she purchased.

25+ pictures inside of Madonna marching to Malawi…

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  • blahblah

    I love it when people adopt, but
    they shouldn’t give her any babies

  • Tool

    Can’t stand her…this is about keeping up with Angelina…Humanitarian…Madonna?? Not.

  • Moi

    Oh, she looks tired o_O?…

  • mela

    she is so freaky looking! what is up with her CHEEKS BONES!!

    is that herpes on her lip? or possible injection site for her lip fillers?

    madonna is icky icky icky

  • Moi

    Oh, she looks tired o_O?…
    I’m not a Madonna fan, so I can’t really tell, but her eyes looks different than they use to.
    Well, she’s just a human like everyone else, so off course I won’t blame her for anything.
    BUT, I think it’s weird of her to adopt a second child o_O? I mean, she’s SO busy, and the children are pobably being raised by nannies, most of the time?..
    Why don’t she just help ALL the people down there, that’s a even greater thing to do..

  • Katie

    Madonna, to me, is considered old school!
    No one wants to hear about her anymore! I’d rather hear from Angelina!!!

  • mela

    yea katie, I agree. madonna is so passe! her old bag of tricks surprises no one and i really don’t think she’s made any memorable music for ppl my age (20′s)

  • Shisha

    She looks ……..old. LOL. Her age I guess =)…….. I don’t like her that much but I still prefer her over some other homewrecker ho who loves being considered humanitarian…you know who I’m talking about,right? Yeah, IT. I can’t stand it.

  • Charley Kane

    She was barely passable when she was young, now she’s an old lady she is truly hideous. Poor Guy Richie- having sex with that for years on end must have left him traumatized.

  • Shisha

    I completely agree with #7 mela about the “don’t think she’s made any memorable music for ppl my age (20′s)” part, SO TRUUUUUUE :D

  • a total fan

    I am all for people adopting babies. Why wait so long? Her baby will be 10 and she will be 60!! How do you keep up with a young active child? Will she be able to play catch or ride bikes for hours. Will she fit in with the thirty something soccor mom’s?

  • a total fan

    Shisha @ 03/29/2009 at 7:32 pm She looks ……..old. LOL. Her age I guess =)…….. I don’t like her that much but I still prefer her over some other homewrecker ho who loves being considered humanitarian…you know who I’m talking about,right? Yeah, IT. I can’t stand it.

    You really shouldn’t talk about Julia Roberts like that.

  • lol

    looks like she took the pins that hold her face UP out. she looks weirder than usual

  • KD1206
  • lourdes

    I see by other pics of lourdes that finally she waxed that unibrow of her.



  • didi

    Considering she’s just got off a long flight from the other side of the world and is not wearing any make-up, Madonna looks mighty fine to me. I wonder how all you haters would looks in the same situation.

  • book

    Get over yourselves people in your “20′s”, who are going to like in your 30′s Miley Cirus.

  • Suri

    Whats with the comparisons to Angelina, its shows how brain dead you peeps are, your actually convinced Angelina invented adoptions. Ever heard of Mia Farrow. Comparing Madonna with Angelina Jolies is quite odd, they have completely different carreers and histories. Its seems some in the younger generation have no types of references whats so ever, they think like began in 1995. And buy the way Madonna was talking about adoping back in the early 90′s. Their is nothing new or spontanius about this.

  • jox

    i am 20

    i love her music

  • jessie

    She’s Hawt!

  • Molly

    I think she looks good, if I knew nothing about her I would say she was in her early 40′s.

  • stella

    I hate Angelina, and I love Madonna… but at age 50 she is being kind of selfish to adopt that 3 year old girl…. that means when that girl is only 23, madonna will be 70!!!!!!!

  • Not impressed by JA

    stella @ 03/29/2009 at 9:30 pm I hate Angelina, and I love Madonna… but at age 50 she is being kind of selfish to adopt that 3 year old girl…. that means when that girl is only 23, madonna will be 70!!!!!!!
    So ?
    The girl would at least have a decent life, living the life of a child who doesn’t have to look for food everyday and a mother of 70 than being an orphan in a poverty stricken country where she would have to struggle daily just to have something to eat on her plate and stay out of Malaria, child prostitution, chronic diahrrea leading to premature high rate of death, aids, like the majority of dead people in Africa, half of them dying before they even reach 30 !

  • rally

    but dont forget stella, at 23 shell be an American Citizen, educated, rich, and free to live the rest of her life, and I bet Madonn will still be very active and working.

  • g!na

    I’m happy for Mercy to be adopted this is the same little girl that madonna wanted to adopt when she had david ! I’m glad to see Madonna stood by her word for Mercy because can you imagine if she adopted a different kid when she promised mercy she would take her home? good madonna i’m glad you stuck with Mercy!

  • dabu

    You have obviously never been to a third world country or else you would thank Madonna for adopting another child from Malawi. You obviously have never been hungry and subsisted on a half cup or less of food a day. So hungry that you would sell one of your children into prostitution to save the rest. So hungry that you would turn to prostitution to survive. You obviously have never seen open sewers running through a city like Nairobi complete with the stench and the germs and the diseases.

    Mercy will have a chance at a better life. I don’t care for Madonna, but everything I’ve heard and read says she is a great mom. I think Mercy will be very lucky to have her as a mom and Madonna will be even luckier to have this little girl as a daughter.

    And it is my understanding that Madonna is teaching David (and Mercy) about their home land and their culture so that if they wish they can help make things better for the future of some of the other children when they are older.

  • Nativenyker

    I’m not surprized she has press – she never does anything without media coverage.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Shawna

    Um, you need to rewrite that – it says she is there to adopt her SECOND child. She already has THREE children. So she is either there to adopt her FOURTH child or she is there to adopt for the SECOND time.

  • willie

    Whatever Madonna’s intentions, there is no question that this child will have a better life in America. For one thing, she will survive to be an adult. She will be educated and maybe someday, like her brother David, they will go back to Malawi to help their own people. I commend Madonna for giving David and this little girl a chance, a chance they will not have if they stayed in their own country. I wish more people would follow her lead and give more children a chance for a better and meaningful life.

  • Paulie

    I love how the haters claim she’s just adopting for the PR, yet here she is in Malawi looking less than glamorous. If it was about media attention and getting her picture in the papers, you’d think she’d have worn makeup.

  • Lívia

    Can’t stand her!

  • dontcare..

    don’t really care one way or the other;
    atleast she has the money to give the poor
    girl a chance. Although I heard about her tax
    return&all of the money she raised was put
    thru kabbalah why she couldn’t give it directly
    to a charity org already established there is beyond me.

  • Bunny

    Run Mercy Run! Don’t go near the scary old lady!

  • chris

    Madonna has set up an orphan center, set up an all girls school and a center where children and their families can get help all in Malawi. She has also started a charity called Raising Malawi. She has donated millions of dollars into the country. Now she wants to continue her help by adopting some children from there. Allow her to do so. After all if it wasn’t for Madonna, the whole world wouldn’t know of Malawi nor the desperate help it needs, but now after Madonna, everyone’s heard of the country and help is finally getting to a country in desperats need of halp. WELL DONE MADONNA

  • gerard Vandenberg

    she is looking older by the second.
    GRANDMA can’t take it any longer?

  • Ace tomato

    I think it is cool to see Madonna without makeup or weirdness and looking her age. What’s wrong with looking 50 if you are 50 anyway?

    Frankly, I would rather she give up the leotards and attempts to maintain some sex symbol status and try aging a little more gracefully. We all have to do it – I expected a lot more style and a lot less denial out of Madonna.


  • myobservation

    oh man, her face is not looking good, all the plastic surgery and she still looks so busted. never noticed until these close ups that she also had some work done to her nose again. it’s more filled in and not as narrowed as her first nose job..

    her adopting another child when she barely stays home to raise the ones she has is simply pathetic.

  • Vishaal

    Everyone’s talking about how she LOOKS? She’s getting things done. That’s the most important. She’s using her money and fame for something good. And this is a HUGE and EXPENSIVE good. Who cares if she looks old, I mean, what kind of society is this? Women are complaining that we live in an ageist society, but look who fuels it! I’m 24 and I love her music. It actually has a little meaning. What are you listening to? “All eyes on me on the center of the ring just like a circus”? Yah, that’s REAL music, my butt!

  • Louise

    Too much surgery madge, too much! Don’t go from icon status to joke status!

  • atrium

    ROLE MODEL !!!

  • Sara

    I thinks thats great! Its better to have a rich mother then to live in Malawi!
    Let the child have a chance in life!

  • Sara

    Btw.. her lips look fuller

  • lucas from Italia

    sorry for my english, I think the problem of adoption those 2 kids, is more material. She does her best to leave her money to the kids after she will be gone in 20-30 years. It simple, she is into leaving her fortune to kids she has or adopted instead to give any foundations. And remember that she’s still doing a lot for kids out there, building that school in Malawi and spending tones of money for it!

  • claudio alves trajano

    keep me posted

  • Maria

    What’s wrong with her? Is Malawi the only country in the world where children need parents? Why is it so necessary to break the law?
    I feel kinda sorry for Rocco, he should stay with his dad, not with this creepy woman.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dumb ugly bitch
    she doesnt deserve the kid!
    old hag! lol that tooth gap is hilarious

  • concerned mom

    Stealing another child whose grandmother can’t afford to keep her but was promised to get her back when she turned 6. Instead of adopting these children who will be raised by nannies, why doesn’t she put her money out there to help the plight of all the children at that orphanage and community????

  • MMA

    Why would she go out in public looking so disgusting? Oh yeah, I forgot she can’t help it.