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Reese Witherspoon is a Gorgeous Giant

Reese Witherspoon is a Gorgeous Giant

Reese Witherspoon heads out for a drive and then some does shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (March 28).

The 33-year-old Louisiana-born actress is in the new DreamWorks film, Monsters vs. Aliens. She plays a 49-foot tall woman named “Ginormica”. Reese commented on the film, saying, “Obviously having two young children, it’s nice to be able to go to the movie theater and have a film there that’s okay for kids, but it also has some adult humor it in that kids won’t necessarily catch. It’s great to do those movies, because I have to watch a lot of them!”

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon, the gorgeous giant…

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reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 01
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 02
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 03
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 04
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 05
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 06
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 07
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 08
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 09
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 10
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 11
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 12
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 13
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 14
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 15
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 16
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 17
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 18
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 19
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 20
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 21
reese witherspoon gorgeous giant 22

Photos: FlynetOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • Lejla

    I love this, && her, but i hate her movie!

  • flic

    gorgeous em no
    giant em no
    blah yes
    tetchy yes
    tired yes

  • ewww

    Reese Witherspoon is fugly B I T C H

  • Anna

    Stupid cow is a fashion victim

  • phony reese

    you dumb box of rocks,
    cheap publicity hos like you have no right to be angry with paparazzi.

  • justme

    Where are her kids? How come she doesn’t bring them on Saturday doing errands, weird. Seems like she isn’t with them that often, don’t think she’s into motherhood as much as she talks about it.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Reese gorgeous? Ha ha. Jared you just proved that you are not a gossip columnist, but you only report PR approved BS stories. She is one of the most phony, bitchy and vendictive actresses in HW. Notice that the pretend exercise lunch pics are from Flynet, the official pap agency for the Reese and Jake showmance.

  • teri

    Reese is alot prettier than Jen and smarter.

  • blah

    Jen is the most vendictive b!tch in HW, get your facts straight.


    wow #s 1- 7 , why are you guys so jealous and not to mention mean ?

    jared keep up with the good work :)

  • yuck

    Reese in the car pictures – Reese Witherspoon looks like a deranged chipmunk
    She’s disgusting.

  • teri

    I don’t know what Reese has ever done to get such negative remarks. I’m sure this is Abby Cornish behind all this nonsense, not only did she coldly wreck Reeses marriage she also hurt the children. I can’t stand an evil c**t that hurts children as she did. THIS IS A HOMEWRECKER. I’m thrilled that Reese was the better person and moved on to a more deserving man.

  • blah

    Reese is so much prettier than Abby cornhole.

  • Jake Fan

    Jeeze Jared, rehashed pics from a few days ago and pics where you fail to mention that she yelled and screamed and took a camera away from a pap and wouldn’t give it back. Can you be any more obvious that her PR is paying you to push her as a nice person when in reality she’s a phoney b!tch?? The only nice thing about these pics is Jake’s not in them, thank god. That showmance is past its expiration date.

  • reese is


  • reese stinks

    “I’m thrilled that Reese was the better person and moved on to a more deserving man.”
    ha, ha, ha
    Reese Witherspoon ruined her own marriage.
    Serves her right to be reduced to fauxmance for publicity.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • wHortensia

    Fun to see all the Reese haters at work. Oh my but do they HATE. Anyhoo she does seem to be angry at somebody here. I don’t doubt that she has a temper and shows it. After all she is worth zillions, so…she is in a position to give hell to lesser beings. LOL

  • uglysexy

    Ginormica?…only her gynecologist knows for sure ;p
    but 69 foot tall means a big ‘un ….
    big enough for a dumbo drop

  • emme

    some of you calling her ugly and publicity stunt, i’m mean what have she done to recieve a bad comment. she doesn’t do drugs, drinks a lot, shave her head, party every night to even get herself arrested. Reese didn’t ruin her marriage it was him who cheated on her.

  • Nativenyker

    She is always cute! But where is that hotness of a man she is nuzzling up against these days?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • fake and phony reese

    Ryan cheated on Reese because she was terrible to him.
    Reese Witherspoon tries very hard to maintain her FAKE PUBLIC IMAGE, but people talk and we know she’s a real b*tch and fake nice person with a good PR team.

  • Yoric

    It’s amazing, so amazing :)

  • blah

    #22 you don’t know shite little girl. Sleeping around on Reeses husband who had two small children was good? No Abby it’s not okay to tear a family apart the way you did. Now your stuck with the worthless pig, right were you belong. Reese is the better woman, your simply a dirty tr**p with no career. Doesn’t look like Ryan is to happy these days either. hahahahah

  • I just noticed

    I have to say that I don’t like or dislike Reese. But I found it funny that she and Vince V did not do much if any PR for their movie. I saw where she said some not too nice things about him. IMO that is why Vince would not go on shows with her. He pretty much let her do all the work. I did not see the movie 4 Christmases. Not my cup of tea. I don’t know if she is a B**** or not. I see lots of speculation about her being pregnant. I don’t think she would until she and Jake got married. I just don’t find her interesting. But she may be a nice person. I just don’t really care enough to find out.

  • sorella

    She’s more likeable and less annoying than Jennifer Aniston IMO.

  • supernova

    she looks much pregnant to me….let me say she is pregnant…

  • supernova

    let me say she is pregnant…good for her she is a young woman and in love…

  • 3 $

    “Reese and Jake” are fake, it’s just a showmance.
    Jake Gyllenhaal does NOT F*CK Reese Witherspoon.

  • leje

    LOL at the crazy Reese fans trying to deflect the negativity on to Abbie Cornish.

    Even US Magazine said Ryan and Abbie spent time together prior to the split and are now in a relationship. They didn’t say he had an affair with her because that was not the cause of the relationship ending. Ryan had had enough. The marriage didn’t work for either one of them.

    Don’t try to drag Ryan and Abbie down just because Reese has crazy haters. Both Ryan and Reese are happier now and they are both good parents.

  • their not two brite

    The Reese haters are clearly Jake fans not Abbie or any of her fans. Just ignore the Reese troll who is both uneducated and a bit crazy. She can’t fathom how someone could not worship Reese.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think that she actually looks good for once unfortunately
    i love the pics with the shorts, since she has some nice legs
    she also looks cute in the other ones but sometimes her chin disturbs me
    dont worry reese ill get u next time….

  • wHortensia

    Most of the posters here don’t know anything about Witherspoon’s real personality. They think reading fan mags will tell them. That’s how stupid they are. And most are full of silly self contradiction. They come here to see her and then diss her, out of envy clearly. If they didn’t envy her they would ignore her. The comments tell you a lot about the commentators however, mainly how stupid they are.

  • ewwwwwwwwwwww

    Reese looks good shouting at paparazzi?!
    Nice legs?!?
    Dumb midget called Reese Witherspoon is fugly and disturbed

  • MAX


  • Shelly

    Hey “Max”, im sure that’s short for maxine, LOL!!! I suspect that you are middle-aged, weigh 300 pds and live in a trailer and smells like dead fish.

  • Killroy

    Why does it have adult humor Kids can’t catch?

  • Patty

    #’s 30 & 33…at last some adults with actual functional brains. If all you know about RW, is from the tabloids and gossip sites, you don’t know much and you don’t read critically. I’ve seen a mistake printed on one site and repeated as gospel on all the rest. I’ve also seen the same “interview” with Reese be reprinted months later almost verbatim as new information. Reese is not my cup of tea, but she sure can act. I have a theory that some of her so called “personal” life is acting too. But whatever. And as for her “horrible” ex husband, Reese herself says they get along fine and are in constant communication about the children. Seems you “fan girls” are more upset than she is. (And for God’s sake leave Abbie out of it. Reese has never said that Ryan cheated. YOU guys say that and I don’t think you were there.)

  • presh

    I have to laugh at the people who pulled Jennifer Aniston’s name out of thin air and inserted her into their comments. What the….???

  • becky

    Um, I’m sorry but these photos of Reese make me think she is a very uptight bitch. She does not look very personable here. Her hat and sunglasses make be laugh that she is trying to cover herself up to hide. What a joke!!!

  • Sruti

    Wasn’t Reese born in Tennessee, not Louisiana?


    F*CK OFF REESE !!!

  • teri

    So you know firsthand that she doesn’t have sex with Jake? How is that? You know firsthand that she’s just a b!tch? Maybe she’s just more mature than most. Vince clowns around, nothing wrong with that. Trying to do scenes for a movie though and goofing around would get annoying.

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal was the lover of Reese witherspoon during her mariage with Ryan Phillippe.
    In a Golden Globe she used the dress of Kirsten Dunst, the same hairstyle and the same shoes besides her ” happy horner man Ryan Phillippe.
    Reese Witherspoon took lot of good places in films because she practice prostitution in Hollywoood studios with anothers man too.
    Reese Withertherspoon is one of modern prostitutes actresses whose polluted Hollywood industry at present!

  • whoopie cushing

    Not sure how anyone can claim that RW is that good an actress. She’s forever trying to convince a gullible public that she is a virtuous,warm and homely girl, a good mother and publicity-shy. Poppycock! Her frequently-staged public appearances, sadly with Jake as a willing dupe and fall-guy (come out,come out wherever you are, Jakey boy!), are utterly transparent.

    When interviewed on film she is so saccharin,artificial and so obviously feigning Southern wholesomeness and sickly virtues it makes me wanna chuck!

    Please Jake,get out from this fame-slut’s Machiavellian thumb while you still can. This charade may have been sold to you by your PR bods as mutually beneficial but it’s making you look just as plastic,fame-hungry and duplicitous as your official consort! Extricate yourself as soon as you can, dear boy!

  • se

    Stop to send hackers and virus to my computer!

  • hy

    Gawd, she’s boring!

  • The Oldy woman

    I don’t know why JJ delete my post but anyway!!
    It’s me or she doens’t want to talk about Jake! Even pronouncing his name!!
    I think on ellen, she’s doing to much to appear cool, funny and young

  • The Oldy woman

    This is the 2ND video when she’s acting like Mariah Carey = SILLY ATTITUDE


  • The Oldy woman