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Dustin Milligan: Dropped From 90210

Dustin Milligan: Dropped From 90210

Canadian actor Dustin Milligan won’t be returning as a regular on the next season of 90210.

“Everyone loves Dustin,” an insider tells EW. “There was just a feeling that the character had run its course.”

90210 boss Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair recently admitted the first season had faults. She shared, “If Gossip Girl is about youth in New York, I want to [make 90210 more] about youth in L.A. and Beverly Hills… The show tried to be a lot of things to a lot of people in its first season. I think the center lies with the generation of kids that are in high school now. I’m not interested in casting people for stunt value (90210 alums Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling).”

Of note: Matt Lanter, aka bad boy Liam, was recently promoted to a series regular.

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94 Responses to “Dustin Milligan: Dropped From 90210”

  1. 1
    baily Says:

    I’m just curious, do a lot of people watch this show? I’ ve never seen it, it looks awful to me…

  2. 2
    Bhcolin Says:

    oh hell no — she better not take kelly taylor off. I love the relationship between Silver and Kelly. And I think people have watched cause they do want to see the old characters. I want more Brenda, and I’m excited for Donna to hit the zip. So if they remove those characters it removes the excitement for me – it becomes just another Gossip Girl and not a show that can pull from it’s rich history of the original.

  3. 3
    kim Says:

    are you kidding? that’s bad news right there.

  4. 4
    diva Says:

    what kind Fuckery is this! I liked his character oh well that’s what u get for tryin to make something “new again”

  5. 5
    bam Says:

    WHAT!? is this a joke.

  6. 6
    Joy Says:

    Good luck, Dustin!!

  7. 7

    Sounds like Tori and Dean will be scrambling to do another reality show if she gets cut from the new 90120… maybe they should call it Tori and Dean I Love Money 3

  8. 8
    amina Says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….they cant kick ethan off….wtf…..why….(besides liam) he was the only good looking guy on the show…….whos gonna b annies bf…oh no this means they dont work things out :(

  9. 9
    phoenix Says:

    Where are you getting your sources from? And is this confirmed? I’m not a HUGE fan of Ethan the character but the show won’t be the same without him! :( I wonder how they’re going to get rid of him…..

  10. 10
    Cat Says:


  11. 11
    Joleena Says:

    WHAT! I love Dustin, they better not cut his character!

  12. 12
    saudia Says:

    omg I hated the character of Ethan, sooo annoying.. maybe this new guy Liam will be better and more appealing .. that’s too bad for Dustin though

  13. 13
    Link Says:

  14. 14
    stephen Says:

    lame! he was one of the best eye candies on the show. I prolly won’t watch it anymore since it competes with idol.

  15. 15
    Oz Says:

    Well this is good news. Now I don’t have to DVR this crap anymore, instead of DVRing and then fast forwarding until I saw an old school cast member.

  16. 16
    sdfdn Says:


  17. 17
    90210_fan90 Says:

    Honestly I think this a huge mistake. How could Dustin’s character “run it’s course?” He is one of the major characters! And who is Annie going to be in a relationship with now? Yes..I am happy to see Adam Gregory as a series regular now, but come on 90210 bosses..WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    Please keep us updated J.J.

  18. 18
    dundies Says:

    how can you drop a character, when there was no character development?

  19. 19
    Kim120 Says:

    Great news, he was the lead and still brought nothing to the show.

  20. 20
    Daniella Says:

    well that kinda sucks…?
    he’s my favorite character on the show, he’s barely developed a relationship with Annie, and they’re just dropping him?
    i hate matt lanter.

  21. 21
    Daniella Says:

    well that kinda sucks…?
    he’s my favorite character on the show, he’s barely developed a relationship with Annie, and they’re just dropping him?
    i hate matt lanter.

  22. 22
    Daniella Says:

    well that kinda sucks…?
    he’s my favorite character on the show, he’s barely developed a relationship with Annie, and they’re just dropping him?
    i hate matt lanter.

  23. 23
    chels Says:

    what? wasnt he the main character along Shenae Grimes, jessica and annelyne, adam and others?

  24. 24
    Jess Says:

    Are they serious? They can’t do this to me! 90210 to me is the relationship between Annie and Ethan. I’m so gonna stop watching, just like I did when Brenda was droped from Beverly Hills 90210. BH was Brenda/Dylan and 90210 IS Annie/Ethan.

    Another show destroyed. Just like OTH, The OC, and probably Gossip Girl. They just can’t get it right!

  25. 25
    Kasey Says:

    Good he was boring as hell on the show.

  26. 26
    Faith Says:

    I watched the show a couple of times when I was bored. Not the greatest acting, plotlines…just something to pass the time by.

    It’s too bad they’re letting this guy go. I think that main female character whose name I do not remember would have made the best couple with him.

  27. 27
    Danielle Says:

    90210 without Kelly, Brenda, or any of the original cast members. Just another example of how shows don’t care about their roots. If they don’t include them then Im done with the show.

  28. 28
    Kasey Says:

    Good decision, the whole Annie/Ethan thing was so lame which lead people to liking Sliver/Dixon way more.

  29. 29
    Cat Says:

    this is the end of the series if he does it is he was the best I do not look to me more

  30. 30
    Cat Says:

    then I better watch gossip girl because nobody goes

  31. 31
    Cat Says:

    producers ruin the series

  32. 32
    Cat Says:

    the producers ruin the series

  33. 33
    Jamie Says:

    His characther has “run its course”?LMFAO!!

    More like, the ***** was cut off the show!!

  34. 34
    TTT Says:


    P.S. You was boring as fvck

  35. 35
    Carolline Says:


  36. 36
    ferdis Says:

    Couldnt be Shenae Grimes? She is so so so sooooo boring. She acts like she is in a phonoaudiology appointment. Her face is so funny, full of unecessary expressions. So strange. When she gets old and uses botox in her face i have no idea how she will continue to work.

  37. 37
    phoenix Says:

    hahahahaha. 100% agree with # 36 – you read my mind.

  38. 38
    k Says:

    of all the characters they cut ETHAN? Hey 90210, how about try cutting ANNIE(aka Shenae Grimes) FIRST!

  39. 39
    Cat Says:

    I miss Ethan & annie already together, I love the two: (((

  40. 40
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    `wow.. that’s fcuked up. his character wasn’t cool or anything.. but he wasn’t lame either. oh well.

  41. 41
    ANNE Says:

    WHAT THE HELL! i am still tuning into this **** show only because of him, now im definatley not going to watch it! what are they thinking? and that Liam guy is soo ugly and annoying,if anything get rid of the mean girl who cant act for ****

  42. 42
    NCmin Says:

    Great move

  43. 43
    Sarah Says:

    Best move ever. In 1 episode already the Liam character has done what the Ethan character hasn’t in a whole half season. I’m still tuning and now we a strong 3 w/ room for one more.

  44. 44
    mary Says:

    him and shenae were a couple for like 2 episodes!!
    they seemed.. perfectt WORK THAT FOR HIM.

  45. 45
    andreanne Says:

    it sucks big time

  46. 46
    mare Says:

    People watch for Shannon Doherty, Jennie Garth..Not going to make it now…Need old writer and AARON spelling (who is dead!)

  47. 47
    Sarah Says:

    Oh please people watch for more than those two. And it’s the 18-35 age market that’s holding the show, plus it’s one of the top on DVR, don’t even begin w/ that nonsense.

  48. 48
    Shaylee Says:

    I love this guy in The Butterfly Effect 2 along hottie Eric Lively. Yummy!

  49. 49
    mike Says:

    HEis the main reason i watch the show
    idiots, im losing interest in Gossip, 90210 is much better i think – dont kill a bad thing CW!!

  50. 50
    mike Says:

    HEis the main reason i watch the show
    idiots, im losing interest in Gossip, 90210 is much better i think – dont kill a bad thing CW!!

  51. 51
    tatum Says:

    I hated Ethan and Annie but liked Ethan!

  52. 52
    Cat Says:

    blödes cw machen die serie kaputt ,ohne ethan ?schrecklich
    fo annie and me

  53. 53
    ETHAN+Annie Says:

    stupid cw serie make the break, without ethane? terrible
    fo annie and me

  54. 54
    ETHAN+Annie Says:

    I LOVE ETHAN & ANNIE :(((((((((((((

  55. 55
    ETHAN+Annie Says:


  56. 56
    ETHAN+Annie Says:

    I HATE THE CW SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    chelsea Says:

    good. his characters was so boring.

  58. 58
    Sarah Says:

    Silver & Dixon are the best couple on this show. As for Annie she’s better away from Ethan and Naomi doesn’t come off as a dumba.. away from him so it makes sense the character in season 1 ran it’s course. You already had him as a love interest for 2 of the main w/ 2 more remaining, it was getting annoying and they couldn’t sell him as a playboy and make it believeable. Gutsy decision and it’ll turn out to be a great move.

  59. 59
    crystal Says:

    Is this actually confirmed, or just made up???

    I think dustin milligan is great actor on 90210, really wont be happy if he goes..If they get rid of kelly,brenda and donna, i will not watch it anymore…

  60. 60
    vanessa Says:

    the ratings will go down.. no doubt

  61. 61
    zanessa fan Says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62

    I must really weep I love Dustin Milligan as ethane with annie together when they are no longer together, I look no longer

  63. 63

    DUSTIN IS THE BEST MANN ACTOR IN THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THE CUTEST

  64. 64
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    be honest: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT IN THE FIRST PLACE, folks!!

  65. 65
    dustins_sweety_ Says:

    awwwwwwwww i love him
    i hope its a ******* joke i love this boy hes sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

  66. 66

    awwwwwwwww i love him
    i hope its a ******* joke i love this boy hes sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

  67. 67
    emma Says:

    Far out NOOOO! Please don’t say this is true. What now, is he gonna run away with Rhonda? Ethan is the only character I watch this show for, apart from Dixon. He was only just starting to develop and show his real self. How can this be over for him? Not to mention he is the best looking guy on the show apart from Adam Gregory – but he aint there either!
    What the hell……like Liam is so much better??

  68. 68

    @emma ur right Dustin & Adam looking only good in this show :D

  69. 69
    jane Says:

    zzzzzzz…….this show is dead, CAN’T STAND Shenae Grimes she’s annoooooooying!!!! she should be dropped, exagerates everything, she’s not a good actress…she should try acting lessons…drives me crazy!!! the rest of the cast is ok

  70. 70
    Charlene Says:

    this is so stupid, its a dud this show, shouldnt have brought it back, now the hotties gone!

  71. 71
    Sarah Says:

    The overreaction to this news is srsly at an all time high, gee who could replace Dustin, umm..Kellan,Adam that Ozzie guy, IMO they already got it w/ Liam. OK I got my kicks in tonight, to the fans that choose to leave we’ll leave the door wedged open so you can sneak in s.2 Good Night. :D

  72. 72
    emma Says:


  73. 73
    marco Says:

    Ethan was supposed to be a jock, but he comes off as a geek instead.

  74. 74
    K Says:

    nonononononononono, I LOVE DUSTIN!
    Out of all the characters he shouldn’t be the one getting kicked out, I mean Annie’s not even as entertaining as he is!

  75. 75
    nancy Says:

    Stunt casting? Is the new the new honcho crazy or just an idiot? How can you call it “90210″ and not have the originals back? Brenda and the rest are 90210 not the newbies. The best part is seeing Brenda since fans were left hanging when she left. If the new boss doesn’t get it that the past is better than the present then she ought to change the name and get a new show because without Shannen and Jennie this 90210 really stinks.

  76. 76
    aNNABELLE Says:

    they need to drop Annie, she is so annoying!
    I like Ethan, much more then Annie, I don’t see how this can be good for the show.

    and as far as old characters are concerned. The new spinoff is just not good enough without them. I too love Kelly and silvers relationship, I’m excited about Donna coming and would love to see more of them.
    I could do with or without Brenda, I never liked her anyways.

    There does seem to be something missing from the show I think.
    Not liking one of the main characters probably doesn’t help gain much love for the show though

  77. 77
    katie Says:

    i dont think i’ll tune it…or at least not as much…i love dustin he was the reason i got into the show…but rumor has it there a death in the finalie…i figured it would be bad boy Liam but now….hmmmm…but still :( hope it not true

  78. 78
    lisa Says:

    Good. His character (and him) is so boring. His got this stupid expression most of the time in the series.

  79. 79
    megan Says:

    wtf i really like dustins character! i cant stand matt lanter’s character liam, they are trying to make him the next badboy like dylan and its not working cuz that liam dude has nothing on dylan

  80. 80
    danie Says:

    What? How can a character run it’s course? They could have done a million things with Ethan. First, break him & Annie up…cause they have no chemistry. Than let him develop as a character. Maybe let us know more about his family (the handicapped brother that was just dropped w/o another word, maybe?). He didn’t have his own interest… he was just the boy *****.

    They should get rid of Annie…cause she’s the most annoying character on the show. Oh, and hire new writers…cause yours sucks!! I hope the show tanks now…

  81. 81
    dave Says:

    wtf? hes one of the main characters!!!
    ooh wow
    …sooo he must be the charcter that transfers schools mid semester?!!!!!

  82. 82
    brie2009 Says:


    Oh well I wish Dustin luck.

  83. 83
    Tina Says:

    That is a real bummer. Ethan is the most relatable of the boy characters. His character and annie’s are so cute together, and people would always be cheering for them. He is such a good actor, it is going to be very hard for me to keep watching. Dropping main characters is a very risky move…I bet many people are going to be really pissed. He has more face time than any other guy…what is this stupid lady thinking!

  84. 84
    MMA Says:

    This kinda sucks. I’m pissed that they’re bringing back Tori Spelling, like honestly does she really need to be on it?

  85. 85
    johan Says:

    if 2 characters are wrong on the show are the main ones, the wilson sibligs, they are really annoying and actors don’t really act.

  86. 86
    missjessyrockz Says:

    i liked his character! i can’t believe their doing this!! blahh.

  87. 87
    I love Liam Says:

    wtf? they should drop that film maker guy w/ the black hair not ethan! excited that liam is going to be a season reuglar!

  88. 88

    ong ethans tooo hot too leave and plus the person dat sed oth is destroyed well it obvz isnt it upto the 7 seson let see how long gossip girl nd the rest last

    but still luv 90210….xkool show

  89. 89
    gh Says:

    His character is as interesting as watching paint dry. However, he is a talented actor who had very limited material to work with. I think the powers that be should have given him a chance with better material. If anything the writers should have been let go for not providing him with more character development and range. I am rooting for him b/c he is a Canadian actor and hope to see his career move on to bigger and better things.
    That being said I think there have been major mistakes in this season. Aside from making Ethan boring, it sucked that Adam Gregory and Kellen Lutz were not major characters. They used them in the promos, which peaked my interest and then gave us nothing. Secondly there wasn’t nearly enough of the old cast members which would have tied the show to the old more clearly. Thirdly, IMO Annie was worse Ethan. I can’t stand her whiny superior attitude and Grimes’ terrible acting (my support for Canadian actors only goes so far). Lastly they totally screwed up David and Donna’s relationship. I hope they resolve it and bring them back together next season.
    Let’s hope Naomi and Liam spice things up next year.

    Dustin, you are a real talent and a super cutie. You have and will continue to do Canada proud and I wish you the best. You did the best you could with what you were given and definitely didn’t deserve this. GOOD LUCK!

  90. 90
    torro Says:

    THEY SHOULDNT PAIR ANNIE WITH LIAM! I dont like how the actress who plays ANNIE acts! It’s distracting!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91
    sel Says:

    what a boring show…LA highschool kids again…the actors especially the lead girl shenae grimes looks like she was from a hannah montana/wizards of waverly place….boring boring boring…gossip girl and is way better

  92. 92
    leina Says:

    No, no, no! I want Dustin Milligan in 90210!!! He is my favorite actor in this show!

  93. 93
    DB Says:

    I guest Dustin Milligan is going to be the Shannen Doherty of this generation. And no, I´m not saying Dustin is a bad-ass as Shannen, because he really looks like a cool guy.
    There must be a hidden reason for his departure, because “run its course” is way to stupid excuse. Tell that to the characters of “Sidney Andrews” and “Michael Mancini” on Melrose place. If “Ethan Ward” is “run”, then “Sidney” and “Michael” are “over re-run”.

    On my single point of view, they shouldn´t make a sequel of Beverly Hills. IF you compare season 1 of BH with season 1 of 90210, BH is far away better. The only way to justify a remake, is doing it better than the original.

    90210 has many plot holes to fill: 16 year old girls living with their siblings, almost zero supervision and parents thousand miles away in Europe? Come on!!! Even in LA that kind of things aren´t that common. BH was more realistic in that sense.
    And what about Kelly and his son with Dylan? And Donna ? Just to name a few plot holes.

    I hope season 2 would be better!

  94. 94
    LOL Says:

    noooooo! why do you have to kick dustin out form the series?? he’s one of the reasons why i watch 90210.

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