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Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston keeps warm in a stylish new coat on the set of The Baster in New York City on Monday (March 30).

The romantic comedy centers around a 40-year-old woman who resorts to using a turkey baster to get pregnant.

USA Today recently rated star’s Web IQs, giving couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore four out of four computer mice for being the most technologically sound. Exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ranked at the bottom for not knowing how to use a computer (Pitt) and/or being freaked out by the Internet (Aniston).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston‘s Baster Monday…

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Her eyes are getting bluer. I have a friend who I always thought had stunning blue eyes until she took her contacts out and they were a non-descript hazel/brown. Heard Aniston does this too . If you give Aniston back her natural nose, her real eyecolor and her natural dark, frizzy har, we would see the woman she really is, (yikes!!) and not the “california golden girl” she so strives to be.

Love Jennifer Anniston….she’ll meet the (right) companion when she’s least expecting to do so! Hopefully, the creeps are now out of her life for good!

At least she doesn’t look like she is straving to death. I think she
looks great. I happen to like her acting and I loved Marley and
Me. Apparently so did a lot of other people.

LuvDiPITTS @ 03/30/2009 at 1:15 pm

Mar 26 / ’06
Jennifer Aniston: Boohoo, my shrink died

Jennifer Aniston highlighted her self-centeredness by bemoaning the loss of her therapist – and how it affected her fragile mental health.

Aniston said that her docter died a month before her official break with Pitt and that she wondered if it was “some kind of cosmic joke.” No, Aniston, you’re the joke. The man dies and all you can think about is yourself.

I enjoy Jen’s movies and I’m sure this will be just as good as the others so I am one fan who will definitely pay to go see any movie she is in. Jen is rockin the coat and boots, she looks fantasic as usual! :-)

anonymous @ 03/30/2009 at 1:16 pm

Can’t help but wonder if Jennifer will be wearing this exact same hairstyle when she’s 50. She is reluctant to let things go and doesn’t easily embrace change, so all bets point to yes.

She looks amazing. Wow. This is the best I’ve seen her look in a while.

Here we go again, she’s got a new movie to sell, and lo and behold, who does she bring up??? Pitt. BUT, Pitt’s with Angie. What’s it been 5 years now? 5 years and 6,SIX children. 5 years of Brange being in love, total love…

Here we go again, she’s got a new movie to sell, and lo and behold, who does she bring up??? Pitt. BUT, Pitt’s with Angie. What’s it been 5 years now? 5 years and 6,SIX children. 5 years of Brange being in love, total love…

Please…post some pictures of yourselves, haters. She is STILL more gorgeous than any of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMANYOUWOMAN @ 03/30/2009 at 1:20 pm

Man, she always looks the exact same. No wonder guys get bored with her, she’s a total yawn.

Prue Halliwell @ 03/30/2009 at 1:21 pm

So this movie can be interchanged with her other romcoms — I mean, I can’t even tell the difference between her characters in RHI, FWM, Derailed, TBU, M&M, because she has the same hairstyle. In fact, I was channel surfing and in passing saw The Object of My Affection yesterday and the only difference is she’s ten years older — but same hair, same mannerisms, same old everything. How can you call this beetch an actress? She is a HACKTRESS!!! And if you fanistons can haters can park your but*ts in Brad/Angie’s thread, so I can do so here, just because I can. So there (this is for bet and ellie and the fanistons who will say what are you doing here this is a Jen thread etc etc etc). Preemptive strike, so to speak.

Plus, check out this older pic…she has ALWAYS had blue eyes, you absolue morons!

Really…why can’t she find a man for herself? One would think after all this time…? Oh well, she just hasn’t crossed paths with John Stamos yet. But (just a hint, Jen, you know girl-to-girl), knock off talking about Pitt, they might stay longer. Besides, Brad is happily ensconced in a beautiful family life now with Angie, and their children!!! Get your own man!!

It’s kind of funny how her BFF Courteney Cox is playing a 40-something with a 17 year old son in a new series and yet Jennifer, who is only 4 years younger, still wants the parts that a 25 or even 30 old should play. Bet you Courteney, Laura Dern and the other 40 year olds in their crowd feel sorry for her and chuckle at her delusion.

She’s boxed herself into a corner by still only doing romcoms, always playing the part of the girl unlucky in love, does she even realise she can’t do it forever. Even actresses years younger than her (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore) are positioning themselves for the end of romcoms, even Julia Robert said recently you can’t play those roles believably anymore after 40. But Jennifer thinks that a good body and silky hair allows her to continue to do so. Yeah, yeah, good body, but a 40 year old is still a 40 year old and time marches. She is putting the nail in her own career coffin by not seeing that she is past the romcom due date.

She looks great. I happen to like her movies. At she doesn’t
look 10 years older than she is and she does have a great
body. No one is worried about whether she is sick and she
doesn’t look like skin and bones. Are you jealous? She is
good at comedy so why shouldn’t she do it?

She really needs to work on her CHIN!!! I think next stop is plastic surgery on her chin. I swear I can see a slight five o’clock shadow forming on her chin.

She is nothing special – sure she has a good body but anyone can get a body like hers. Anyone can wear clothes like her.

Unfortunately, she was born with an unfortunate face and there really isn’t much that she can do about it. She kept her hairstyle that way coz she doesn’t suit any other hairstyle or color. She knows this hairstyle shows her off best. She can’t do short hair or a different color of hair because she is too ugly to pull it off. She is nothing without that hairstyle or color. It totally covers up her manly jaw and huge square chin.

jillyro in case you haven’t read it, she is playing a part of a 40 yr.
in this movie. That’s her age so what’s your problem? She looks
lovely so what’s the problem. I didn’t know that you don’t still have
man problems when you are over 40. I do. We are all going to
get older but at 40 we still have a lot of life left to live.

It’s clear that she had something done to her face because she looks totally different than she did when she was promoting Marley & Me.

She looks amazing! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

You mean, according to Jen, unfortunately she was born with ‘brown’ eyes.

marie, this is what she looked like 5 years ago at


huh looks like she had some work done, no? Don’t bring up how YOUNG you think she is if you don’t want people pointing out the fact that she is not natural. She’s obviously a friend of Botox and other stuff.

absolutley amazing!!!

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