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Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston keeps warm in a stylish new coat on the set of The Baster in New York City on Monday (March 30).

The romantic comedy centers around a 40-year-old woman who resorts to using a turkey baster to get pregnant.

USA Today recently rated star’s Web IQs, giving couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore four out of four computer mice for being the most technologically sound. Exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ranked at the bottom for not knowing how to use a computer (Pitt) and/or being freaked out by the Internet (Aniston).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston‘s Baster Monday…

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jennifer aniston baster 01
jennifer aniston baster 02
jennifer aniston baster 03
jennifer aniston baster 04
jennifer aniston baster 05
jennifer aniston baster 06
jennifer aniston baster 07
jennifer aniston baster 08
jennifer aniston baster 09
jennifer aniston baster 10
jennifer aniston baster 11

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  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    ugliest women in hollywood?!? c’mon. you’re reaching. maggie gyllenhaal’s a lot uglier. jen garner’s not to far. reece’s “pieces” witherspoon can be man-man’s twin sister, if anything they should share the title. she’s god-awful but not the worst. hahahaha

  • to fug

    fug .she look like this with the help of…..and imagine her with non of that..

  • Joy

    I can’t talk about anything else besides her looks, because I don’t know her as a person and I think we can review her movies in other less-shallow websites. I think she looks great and her eyes are very soulful. That’s it.

  • a total fan
  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’d rather not, thank you very much. hahahahaha..
    “flame on”?!? who the hell are you? the ‘human torch’? ..hahaha.. `i bet your cōōchie’s on fire. eww.. you look like ‘the thing’, dont you?


    how can u say she’s ugly … post yr pic ol shameless one and let’s see you … or dont u have the balls!!! chicken a$$ faker haters!!!

  • what the…

    It looks like these were Aniston Approved pap shots with a side o airbrushing. Remember what she did at the Oscars after party? She demanded to see the paparazzi’s pictures before he released them out on the world wide web.

  • fug is a mug!!!


  • fugoff fug!!!


  • what the…

    Lurker @ 03/30/2009 at 2:05 pm

    It is beyond ridiculous when people say she looks good for her age, well why wouldn’t she look good? Anyone would look good at 40 if they spend the amount of time and money Jen spends on her body. I will have you know, theere are real women out there who look better that Jen at 40. I have a 40 years woman at my job who looks better than Jen without all the yoga, pilate and plastic surgery. So people need to stop comparing her to every 40 year old woman out there. Again, with the amount of time spent in the gym and on plastic surgery, it is only logical that she should look good for her age.


    exactly. How good would your hair look if you paid 50, 000 for it?

  • michelle

    Jen looks lovely as always. I love her jacket so much. I want to buy one like that but I guess it’s crazy expensive.

  • LuvDiPITTS

    Joy @ 03/30/2009 at 3:09 pm
    I can’t talk about anything else besides her looks, because I don’t know her as a person . . .

    Joy youre such a dishonest BTICH. But a perfect ANUSton sycophant.
    Anyhoo, since youre just starting out as an ANUSton ‘fan’ here’s something to get you started on knowing exactly what kind of person your idol is.
    This pic was posted by ‘a total fan’ upthread:
    So there you have it. Thats how jenANUSton started out; just another BIG FAT GREEK. Then she said, in order to get ahead in HW, you have to be fcukable. And so the transformation began: blonde hair / blue eyes / slim sleek tanned bod / slim, sleek nose – which she is still shaving cos its not yet like Angie’s – LOL.
    So, Joy, you can go on PRETENDING that you dont know how much of a FRAUD ANUSton is. But everyday, more and more people are calling her out because time is catching up with her lies – remember those kids she’s been threatening to have since she got married in 2000? And remember her saying in her 2005 VF interview that she would DEFINITELY have a child in five years? What year is this again? Can you do the math for us, dear ‘Joy’? LOL

  • ellie’

    Jen is just so popular. Love her style as usual. Doesn’t even need make up she even looks younger so natural. Love when she smiles she just lights up everyone around her. Jen is in no way uppity like others that’s why I like her so much..
    Jen is still here to stay you Angie fans need to move on and stop being so obsessed about Jen.

  • bagabou

    Why doesn’t anyone mention her acting??? Because she can’t, her parts could be played by a broomstick with blond hair!!

    And I don’t care how great she looks for age!!! So what??? OF COURSE she does, she only has herself to take care of all day long, she spend a ginormous amount of face fillers, hair ($50K????), ect. and 4 hrs. a day exercise will do wonders for anybody.

    But how about her acting???? Madonna looks good for her age too, but she’s a crap actress as well so it’s the same thing!! A good body does not make a good actress.

  • ellie’

    Hey Jill Jen will have her Baby one day adopted or her own, but you’ll still have something nasty to say. You have absolutely no life you and your as sine friends.— move on get l a i d already. Your all boring?
    We know Angie has 6 beautiful children with Brad so sweet..

  • cathychatty

    She’s so ordinary, like she could be my neighbor or a woman who works at a mall, heck the girl where I buy my coffee each morning is better looking, there is nothing spectacular about her. People who go on and on using words like “gorgeous, stunning, beautiful”, ect. need to buy a dictionnary or eyeglasses (or they themselves are below average and this is the looks they strive for in their dreams). She is
    average at best (and she likely knows it, why she spends so much on her looks and why she doesn’t mind the “X” label to stay relevant).

  • ciao bella

    All hair straightener, highlights, good body and nice clothes in the world can’t detract from the fact Rachel still can’t act.

  • iris

    ella muy bonita es world tambien rica

  • bet


    the same way you branglina fans the only thing you can say is ugly chin and bring your crap idols in here.

  • bet

    gorgeous and nice stlye.

  • hi

    i think you negative people are strange. if i had her cash, i’d have botox, gorgeous clothes and great hair too. i’d buy a new boyfriend every night.
    sometimes 2. :)

  • Alenah

    I love that coat on Jennifer. Actually, i look forward to her photos mainly for ideas on dressing, styles, etc. Somehow she always has that put-together, stylista look about her….guess it’s class

  • LuvDiPITTS

    OMFG! The btich is being described as ‘the perfect mom’ in Marley & Me.
    Because she held this baby boy and he didnt cry. LOL
    Jen better get this DVD asap and cherish it cos thats the closest she gonna get to having her own little blond baby. (btw: SHE’s the one who thinks blond-hair-blue-eyes is the gold standard of beauty. Thats why she transformed herself into what she looks like now, as opposed to her original self:

  • Sadie

    I’m not a huge fan of hers but I think she looks great. I don’t see anything wrong with the way she’s dressed, it suits her figure and doesn’t look too young for her. Actually I think she looks better as she gets older (she needs to watch out and not over do the botox though).

  • Patty

    Jen looks great! For a woman her age to look so gorgeous. She’s a person who seems to live her life on her terms-doing whatever makes her happy. I’m proud of any woman who can live life for herself and not change who she is for anyone.

  • America’s Weedheart

    Sadie @ 03/30/2009 at 4:32 pm…. Actually I think she looks better
    as she gets older


    You’ll get no argument from anyone on that score. The pre-plastic surgery, naturally-frizzy-haired, naturally chubby Aniston was one unfortunate looking woman. See for yourself:

    (Money works miracles)

  • lakers fan in boston

    finally jen!!!
    ur looking fine once again!
    love the outfit,that grey coat is cute and those legs of hers r looking sexy
    she also looks cute in the other pics
    thanks jen, u were really boring me, love u!

  • anonymous

    always love jennifer’s style, she could wear a garbage bag for a dress and still look fantastic!

  • We are beautiful

    to all you women out there fan or not a fan. you can be and if not more beautiful than this woman if you have the money, all the time to workout, personal trainer, chef, hairstylist,….etc as jennifer does. so don’t put yourself down just because this woman could pay her way to look good. i am sure some of you woman are more beautiful than this woman and didn’t have to pay for it.

  • pokeman

    America’s Weedheart @ 03/30/2009 at 4:46 pm

    i hate to say it but judging from that picture i have to agree she looks better as she gets older but the face’s is still soooo ugly and wrinkly. if she knows what’s good for her she better stay away from the sun because her face is getting more and more wrinkly.


    She is such a loser! Enough of her!!!


    Dont mind Jillie the Mielie peeps she’s just a scary cat with no meeou!!! Go back to your scratchpole and dig yr claws somewhere else

  • eric

    Oh Jenn, such an amazing sweety, cool example of a lady, WOW. I have got to admit she melts me into a puddle. Id crawl across coals…. OMgosh Its a sin to be so pretty AND sweet.

  • America’s Weedheart

    eric @ 03/30/2009 at 5:14 pm Oh Jenn, such an amazing sweety, cool example of a lady, WOW. I have got to admit she melts me into a puddle. Id crawl across coals…. OMgosh Its a sin to be so pretty AND sweet.


    “Sweet ” isn’t exactly the word for her:


    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s strained relationship with her mother Nancy hit a new low when her mom was stricken with life-threatening double pneumonia — and cold-hearted Jennifer refused to help!

    It was apparent there was bad blood between the two after Jennifer failed to invite her own mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt last July. But even close friends were shocked that she let Nancy seek medical attention at a dingy public clinic that treats the homeless and destitute.

    “Jennifer can afford to pay for the best treatment at the best hospital, but she didn’t lift a finger to help,” says a friend of the older Aniston.

    “Nancy had to go to a clinic for indigents because she had nowhere else to turn.”

    Heartless Jennifer’s shocking disregard for her mom’s health came just days before a scandalous interview in which she described her mother as “a disease.”

    But the star’s callous behavior has friends worried that Jennifer is sick, too — mentally. They’re afraid she’s cracking up, say sources.

    “How else could a daughter turn her back so completely on her mother?” ask worried pals.

    Nancy, 64, was near death’s door with pneumonia, a friend tells Star. “She was stricken with double pneumonia. She was pale as a ghost, and the pain and the congestion in her chest was awful.”

    Jennifer’s mother had so much trouble breathing that she was forced to seek medical treatment March 28 at the North Hollywood Health Center, a shabby building with peeling white paint, where people are asked to pay whatever they can afford for their care.

  • gabriella

    Jennifer is cute, fresh, lovely, rich, smart and on top of her game. There is no need to bring Gomez and Morticia Addams to this thread.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Jenny-pizz-on-me Aniston is so smart that she had to beg the one who only date dumb girls to date her a second time around after a street conference when he throw her under the bus !

  • America’s Weedheart

    Jennifer Aniston Hates Pitt Pics
    By Editors
    February 27 2006

    Jennifer Aniston can’t bear seeing photos of ex-husband Brad Pitt looking happy with new love Angelina Jolie.

    The former ‘Friends’ beauty avoids looking at snaps of the hunky actor playing happy families with his new girlfriend and her adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

    She revealed: “I don’t pay them any attention. It’s poisonous.”

    But the stunning star insists she and Brad – who will become a dad for the first time when Angelina has their baby later this year – are still “good friends” and maintains their split was amicable.

    She said: “The divorce was very peaceful. People imagine a war or a story from a soap opera, but it’s not like that.”

    Jennifer also says she’s determined not to let the break up ruin her life, after watching divorce destroy her mother almost 30 years ago.


    But the ‘Derailed’ actress admits she has thought about quitting Los Angeles for Chicago, to escape the intense interest in her private life.

    She told Spain’s ABC magazine: “I like Chicago. The people leave me in peace.”


    Is this woman capable of opening her mouth without lying? So her mother never let HER divorce go, and Man has vowed to be different? This from the woman who still listens to Pitt’s voicemails from eons ago and who still calls him her “husband” while he has six kids with another woman. I don’t know why she won’t simply have herself committed. She’s pathological.

  • ?

    If she is truly awsome,cute,amazing,pretty, why is she always and forever have that hair covering that face? and the hoodie, and always the scarf, why?

  • rionemesis

    GORGEOUS, thanks for mi Jennifer dose xD, love her hair and boots!!

  • LuvDiPITTS

    America’s Weedheart @ 03/30/2009 at 6:03 pm

    OMFG! Did that pathological, whiny FRAUDiston actually say that seeing pix of Brad and his then family of Angie, Madd and Z was “poisonous”? But in the same breath she said that she and Brad are “ggod friends” and that the split was amicable???
    So if they split amicably and she considers she and Brad to be “friends” why does she say that seeing HIS FAMILY is ‘poisonous’???
    You see, this DIRTY BTICH has blamed and hated Angelina from day one! And she is the one who has instigated the hate-Angelina brigade of her sycophants that has been going on since 2005.
    Does Tom Brady’s babymama think Giselle, his new wife, is poisonous? Did Nicole Kidman say Katie Holmes is poisonous? Have we heard ANY OTHER divorcee refer to their ex-spouse’s new love and new family as POISONOUS??!!
    That stinkin dirty classless wh*re ANUSton is one poisonous, treacherous, lying pathological FRAUD and thats why she is destined to remain a bitter, ugly woman who is slowly but surely being revealed for exactly what kind of btich she is.

  • hate the fraud

    The fake and her curtain in another wasted movie ..hahahaha she should get busy and get inseminated before it is too late..Her bio time is almost up.If she has any friend,they should advise her that…

  • Orchid

    125 Patty @ 03/30/2009 at 4:34 pm

    Jen looks great! For a woman her age to look so gorgeous. She’s a person who seems to live her life on her terms-doing whatever makes her happy. I’m proud of any woman who can live life for herself and not change who she is for anyone.
    Not that it’s wrong, but she HAS changed herself a whole lot. See the link in post #126.

  • well well well


    new pictures of Jennifer aniston from this morning before makeup crew got a hold of her.

  • jane

    some of Jolie fans are loseers
    and have no life.
    Where the hell do you get the time to search for all the negative articles of J aniston.
    U know if she was such a bad actress why is she still employed.
    How Stupid are u?
    WHy do u have to hate her just cause you like Jolie.
    I belive that both actresses are special in their own way. Can u not leave it at that, instead of writing crap.

  • miller

    well well well

    she looks normal,
    What do u get up beautiful in the morning?LOSEr

  • well well well

    well, I thought you guys were raving about her beauty and now she just looks normal?

    jane, please don’t label me an Angelina fan. UGH! I am a brad pitt fan and I think Jennifer and Angelina ruined his reputation. I was on the site and saw it and decided to bring it here. I was not searching for her loser ass. thanks god brad rid himself of her and it;s only a metter of time before he rids the other one too .

    brad pitt is just too good for them. Jennifer was never popular without him.

  • mimilala

    She looks great in those pics!!! Love the coat.

  • Not impressed by JA

    jane @ 03/30/2009 at 6:50 pm some of Jolie fans are loseers
    and have no life.
    U know if she was such a bad actress why is she still employed.


    For the same reason George Bush was reelected…because there is a vast majority of people out there, especially in the US who crave for mediocrity.
    Hell, this is the country who has elected Octomum as a celebrity worth to write about nearly overnight. This is also the country that made Paris Hilton a celebrity and was praying for her sanity, interupting news when she was sentenced to jail.
    Aniston is mediocre and caters to the lowest common denominator. She is not even worth 10 % of a Miss world nor Einstein. She is just a fugly, empty headed and immature whinny middle age woman who got lucky being famous and who is artificially stretching her period of fame by shamelessly exploiting the last bits of a love triangle.

  • gem15

    She looks good and nothing like she did 10 years ago. has a lot of money so can afford the best surgeries and treatments. These formulaic romcoms make money and I’m not sure if she’s offered other types of roles and turns them down or not, but how many can you do in one lifetime? there are 4 this year alone? She has enough money to produce an action/comedy vehicle for herself, at least it would be a little change.

  • Cyndy

    You Jen haters are the mosted obsessed freaks I have ever encountered. You are still looking/finding/printing articles from 3/4/5+ years ago. I have been a fan of hers since 1995 when I started watching Friends, and I don’t search the web for every freaking article she was ever mentioned in. You definitely need help!

    My only other comment is her relationship with her mother in none of your business. She is not the only Hollywood personality who has issues with a parent. Even your idol hasn’t let her own father meet any of her kids yet. Tori Spelling doen’t talk to her mother. You don’t know the dynamics going on between these people and their parents, so don’t be so quick to judge someone on what they should and should not do.

    Remember, opinions are like assholes, every has one, and no asshole is perfect; not even yours.