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Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston: It's Another Baster Day!

Jennifer Aniston keeps warm in a stylish new coat on the set of The Baster in New York City on Monday (March 30).

The romantic comedy centers around a 40-year-old woman who resorts to using a turkey baster to get pregnant.

USA Today recently rated star’s Web IQs, giving couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore four out of four computer mice for being the most technologically sound. Exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ranked at the bottom for not knowing how to use a computer (Pitt) and/or being freaked out by the Internet (Aniston).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston‘s Baster Monday…

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jennifer aniston baster 01
jennifer aniston baster 02
jennifer aniston baster 03
jennifer aniston baster 04
jennifer aniston baster 05
jennifer aniston baster 06
jennifer aniston baster 07
jennifer aniston baster 08
jennifer aniston baster 09
jennifer aniston baster 10
jennifer aniston baster 11

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  • Manis

    <3 God bless the jolie-pitts always and forever :)

  • Mime

    Great to see another Aussie on here, Manis! :)

  • cRILA

    I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston, but I’ve got to say, she looks fantastick. Everyone who is on here talking about her wrinkling skin on her neck and face…needs to realize that they’re going to be there too one day…the big 40. The only difference, those people won’t have the $$$ to fight back the hands of time. After 40…you only get older and older. I guarantee, all those who are saying she’s looking old, won’t look 1/2 as good as she does at her age. 40 comes quickly, so be a bit more gracious.

  • Thomas Gutzke

    OK, so I can see the comedy in using a baster instead of a vibrator to get pregnant. However, I fail to see how this would be romantic. Just call me old fashion I guess. You know, without a family feud and brother’s threatening to kill the unsuspecting romantically involved gentleman, which I think seems impossible given the methods of impregnation, I just don’t see how this ?future? movie could be romantic.
    Thomas ~ Texas

  • caseyl

    IMO ,#8, Jen looks fresh & clean .. can’t imagine she would want to look like AJ — harsh, emaciated, dirty ….

  • 123

    she looks good :)

  • Teressa

    WorthReposting @ 03/30/2009 at 11:02 pm Classless @ 03/30/2009 at 7:24 pm

    Cyndy @ 03/30/2009 at 7:05 pm
    My only other comment is her relationship with her mother in none of your business. She is not the only Hollywood personality who has issues with a parent…..


    Nope, but she is the only one cheap and heartless enough to let her own mother go to a public health clinic while she sat on her millions and refused to help. She’s in a class by herself. Deal with it.


    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s strained relationship with her mother Nancy hit a new low when her mom was stricken with life-threatening double pneumonia — and cold-hearted Jennifer refused to help!

    It was apparent there was bad blood between the two after Jennifer failed to invite her own mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt last July. But even close friends were shocked that she let Nancy seek medical attention at a dingy public clinic that treats the homeless and destitute.

    “Jennifer can afford to pay for the best treatment at the best hospital, but she didn’t lift a finger to help,” says a friend of the older Aniston.

    “Nancy had to go to a clinic for indigents because she had nowhere else to turn.”

    Heartless Jennifer’s shocking disregard for her mom’s health came just days before a scandalous interview in which she described her mother as “a disease.”

    But the star’s callous behavior has friends worried that Jennifer is sick, too — mentally. They’re afraid she’s cracking up, say sources.

    “How else could a daughter turn her back so completely on her mother?” ask worried pals.

    Nancy, 64, was near death’s door with pneumonia, a friend tells Star. “She was stricken with double pneumonia. She was pale as a ghost, and the pain and the congestion in her chest was awful.”

    Jennifer’s mother had so much trouble breathing that she was forced to seek medical treatment March 28 at the North Hollywood Health Center, a shabby building with peeling white paint, where people are asked to pay whatever they can afford for their care.


    This is from STAR MAGAZINE…..and for your information never proven. Can you prove this other than posting it as a truth. Put up or shut up!

  • Teressa

    Jill @ 03/30/2009 at 2:42 pm Do you Aniston fans have anything to say about this woman other than “she looks amazing”? I notice you never talk about her acting chops (she has none), her personality (whiny and boring), or her talent(non-existent). All you can talk about is her looks. You probably realize that’s the only thing she has going for her. And when her looks fade, as they surely will in another year or two, what will she have then? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    Are you actually telling Jen Fans on what to write about here? If we want to talk about her looks, her movies, her love life, then we will. Who the h*e*l*l are you? Just an obsessed Brange fan who can’t for the life of you move on……

  • Samantha

    Teressa, the ONLY ones who can’t move on are the ones who STARTED this. The filthy immoral Aniston fans. Blame them for continually besmirching good people like Angelina, in a DESPERATE (but failing) attempt to make Jen look good – by comparison. Tell the sick Loonifers to leave Angelina alone. Then and ONLY THEN, will we leave your piece of filth as an idol alone.

  • MMA

    She looks better and better everyday!!

  • sandra mills


    Jennifer is right for brad and Brad for Jennifer….when will they wake up and smell the their stomachs growling for each other…….you know you stll loooooove each othr…..playing games like spoilt kids……get back together……!!!!

  • sandra mills

    Jennifer yu look dam hot…let them take a hike and ….seeif they could even come close to yu when yuar now 40…….go girl!!!let Brad droool !!!!!!!!!!

  • james

    Jen haters basically don’t really hate Jen– They choose someone wildly successful to publicly dislike because they themselves have no self-esteem… but I digress…

    I think she looks pretty damn good lately. And she takes these “romcom” roles because she sells them like hotcakes. Someone said she is a one-sided actress but I’d say she’s a *typecast* actress. Watch The Good Girl. Definitely sort of dark and she was great in that and was nominated for several awards.

    The reason all these supposed “movie experts” on here don’t mention stuff like that is because it was an independent film which grossed $14 mil in the U.S. whereas Marley & Me grosssed *143 million* in the U.S. Hello? Duh? Is anyone home, McFly? Everyone wants to make a good movie but studios want to make good money!

    If you actually crunch the numbers (which I have just done for you), somewhere around 20 million people went to the theater to see Marley & Me and the U.S. population is a little over 300 million so more than 6.5% of the ENTIRE United States population went to see that movie!!! Anyhow– back the point at hand—

    She looks pretty good. But she should stop smoking and drinking because those are two things that will make you old REAL quick. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is what keeps a person young. I hope she doesn’t do a lot of the fake stuff with cosmetics– Natural beauty is better.