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Jennifer Garner Has Hole-y Underwear

Jennifer Garner Has Hole-y Underwear

Former Alias actress Jennifer Garner picks up daughter Violet, 3, from school on Monday (March 30) Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress bent over to pick something up, lifting up her sweater and revealing something a little embarrassing — hole-y underwear!!! Poor, Jen. Now she’s just like all the rest of us! :)

Looks like husband Ben Affleck knows what to get Jen for her 37th birthday next month — a fresh pair of panties!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s hole-y underwear…

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jennifer garner hole y underwear 01
jennifer garner hole y underwear 02
jennifer garner hole y underwear 03
jennifer garner hole y underwear 04
jennifer garner hole y underwear 05
jennifer garner hole y underwear 06
jennifer garner hole y underwear 07
jennifer garner hole y underwear 08
jennifer garner hole y underwear 09
jennifer garner hole y underwear 10
jennifer garner hole y underwear 11
jennifer garner hole y underwear 12
jennifer garner hole y underwear 13
jennifer garner hole y underwear 14
jennifer garner hole y underwear 15
jennifer garner hole y underwear 16
jennifer garner hole y underwear 17
jennifer garner hole y underwear 18

Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47, Ghost/Fame Pictures
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  • katie

    First! At last… a celebrity that is just like every other human being… great to see! But she does need to get rid of those… that’s a pretty big hoel… LOL

  • Liza with a z

    The second Hollywood royal couple! What a great mom and role model she is. Jennifer is beautiful and Ben is lucky to have her.

  • Cals

    who cares.. i love her and her daughter is adorable

  • Yeah

    Hole-y sh*t!

  • anthony

    How nice it must be to have something like this pointed out… She’s a real person wow …

  • danz

    Was it really necessary to point that out?

  • http://JustJared Yeah right

    I think she will get rid of them after she finds out about this article.

  • emilia

    I read this blog all the time but it’s ridiculously unnecessary posts like this that annoy me and wonder why I even read this garbage.

  • Carolina e mariana

    Wow. It’s not the best thing to see, but it’s a good thing. Means that she’s like everyone else. Well, I don’t have underwear with holes, but that’s because I threw them away a few days ago. It’s completely normal. Sh’s a normal woman.

  • elaine

    Oh Dear God,

    That poor woman must be mortified. Please remove that picture.
    I thought this site was above this.

  • Courtney

    Violet is three, Jared, not two

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    These celebrities don’t have the time to buy underwear or can’t go and buy it cuz they’ll get flocked by the paps. Glad I can go to the store to buy underwear whenever I need to.

  • Ali

    please leave her alone when she is taking/pick up her daughter to school. this is unreasonable. and so what if you happened to catch her with a flaw in her underwear? what madness. she looks like a normal, wonderful mother and wife – please leave her alone when she is with her daughter(s).

  • me

    wow jared!! youre a jerk you do NOT need to point that out. Yeah i thought this site was above that??

  • presh

    It’s pretty tacky to do an entire article and post over 15 pics of poor Jen to point out that her undies have a tear.

  • jared…

    that’s crappy jared. leave her alone. she didn’t choose her undies for our amusement.

  • Lillianne

    Maybe it’s “in” to have holey underwear that match your holey jeans. I’m going to say it is just because I like her and taking care of two little ones is more important than having lovely unders.

  • marisa

    that’s mean. jared please respect her privacy, we all have bloopers in real life. thanks.

  • h.

    Tasteless, Jared.

  • fox

    was it really necessary to point out the imperfection of her bloody knickers? great job jared!

  • Mel

    BRAVO!!! to the comments that are hailing her as an ordinary woman! so glad for the adult , realistic posts!

  • g-girl

    I loooove my holy underwear!!!! They are comfortable people!

  • Aniston – America’s Weedheart

    Oh Stop it! It’s not Jared’s fault that the woman left her house with torn underwear. She seeks the limelight when it suits her PR needs, so she must also live with it when it reveals something embarrassing. No one forced her into so public a profession. I happen to think the picture is hilarious.

  • mary

    OMG she need to buy a new bag of panties! soon…………..LOL

  • wrong

    That’s a new LOW even for you Jared. You should be ashamed of yourself, I don’t even like this bitch but even I can see how mean and wrong this is.

  • shamrock


    It’s a cross between hilarious and ??? (huh) She obviously has some clue that if she bends over just so, the papz may see her panties. So there ya go! Jen decided to go with the pink, holey panties for the day.

    The interest level is there and people are talking about her, Violet, and her upcoming film will be here soon.

    Wish the familia all the best!

  • MYob

    What I wonder, is, not why Jared would post this, or why we would read it….BUT…

    Why wouldn’t Jen throw them out?

    Also, Violet is 3.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    gorgeous Jen!

  • Rayt

    Jared why would you point that out? How mean, she gets hounded by the paps and here you are making it worse. Shame on yooou.

  • been there

    We have all been there!? Not with a hole in our underwear……..but a thing hanging from our nose, wax in our ear (Zac Efron), our bra strap slips, sneeze at just the wrong time. And many more………….

    Here is a question though, do we really need paps with camera lens that can take pictures of snot up someones nose, wax in their ear, or a rip in the panties?

    Besides, she could have been running late, got them snagged on the way out the door. Either run to preschool like that and change later, or Violet is late.

  • flat

    ugly and flat as*

  • Chelsea

    Who cares? This was a very rude and pointless post.

  • blah

    thats not even funny. Shes a new mom and her underwear is her personal business

  • dIETER


  • common sense

    Did it ever occur to you that she ripped it while she was out and about? There was no need to point it out to us!

  • joyce

    i wish i had her 7 for all mankind jeans ):

  • Joy

    What a stupid post. Delete it, Jared! It’s tasteless!!

  • alexkziel

    Jared you are too much sometimes…

  • Raichill

    Here we have a celebrity who is a mother of young children. When my kids were running late and I had a young baby to tend to, I just put on the nearest clothes I could find and ran out the door. I have had holes in my undies, inside out clothes, different shoes. I even wore my pj’s to drop my kids off at school sometimes. Who cares?

  • oh man

    for a second i thought i accidentally found myself on perez’ site instead of yours…you should be ashamed.

  • kathy

    she rocks! i love my holey underwear..


    Jennifer is my celebrity hero … she’s so normal and down to earth. She always collects her daughter or Ben does it, its not left to nannies. Thats admirable these days.

  • fresh

    LOL What a mean post. I would be mortified if i was Jen

  • LiLY

    poor jen
    it doesn’t change anything to me and she’s a great mother

  • just me

    She is a disgusting slob! Always looks dirty,too. I’m sick to death of her and her child.

  • jilly

    #23—aniston america’s weedheart…

    your reasons are full of crapola!

    idiot post

  • Jessie.

    Ewwww! Thats so wrong.
    Its not like she couldn’t afford a new pair.

  • e

    Leave her alone!

  • sara

    is this really necessary? who cares?

  • spfxgirl

    I love this in a way that this shows Jen as a real human being.
    Jen your a real woman.. love you and all your family.