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Jennifer Lopez Goes Thomas Wylde Wild

Jennifer Lopez Goes Thomas Wylde Wild

Jennifer Lopez steps out in a fashionable head-to-toe Thomas Wylde get-up as she arrives back home in Los Angeles via LAX airport on Monday (March 30).

The 39-year-old triple threat wore a Thomas Wylde pair of “Jackal” crystal embellished boots in granite, “Mali” fox fur trim leather jacket in granite and the “Mendoza” barbed wire print chiffon dress in bone.

Jen, who was accompanied by manager Benny Medina, just returned from Japan. There, she dropped in to visit a Samantha Thavasa boutique to promote the store’s handbags. A quick video of Jennifer answering fan questions can be watched here.

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  • palvasha

    she is all over the place, i gues she is promoting her new albub.sad

  • palvasha

    by albub i mean album looooool

  • palvasha

    omg she has afghan trybal necklace omgggggggggg so hot i want it. i know u gona say its by so and so but it afghan style

  • palvasha

    no its not sorry looooool i inlarged the screen and saw lol

  • katie n

    She looks great. Boots are just gorgeous. I wouldn’t wear the jacket with the fur (hope its faux). But strangely with that flowing dress and boots it goes.

  • jenna

    fur is just wrong =(

  • a total fan

    Hope its faux fur.

  • ???

    dyed blond hair pasty white makeup still trying to look white even though the white guy dumped you.

  • anon

    is she ever with her kids?


    I hope that is fur and Peta nails her! Can’t stand her!!!!

  • ciao bella

    Bad extensions, looks part mullet. Her movie and music gigs must be non-existent, to go all the way to Japan for a coupel of days to promote purses?! Think she wants so bad to be big again, word is she wants major movie roles, to be A-List, but IMO her biggest fame and glory days are behind her, she was never a good singer and her acting was crap, so she better stick to peddling purses, she’s not interesting or talented enough to stay relevant forever.

    Oh and she needs to spend time doing ordinary family stuff with those 2 babies she cried so much about wanting, motherhood doesn’t seem to be her talent either.

  • peta sucks

    I would really love to see a picture of her daughter Emme.

  • joy

    Hate when you can tell where the real hair ends and the fake extensions start, so awful looking. Her hair looks unnatural and yes, like a mullet LOL. Jennifer is trying so hard to stay in the popular, she goes to sell purses all the way in Japan?? Her limited talent means limited options and pushing 40, ancient in showbiz, her Hollywood minutes are just about up.

  • requenaforever

    soooo beautiful and fresh….sure she wants to be soon in home with the twins!lovely

  • presh

    She always wears real fur. Animal rights activists have tried to educate her on the suffering that animals go through when they are skinned alive to make this stuff, but she doesn’t care. Just one of the many reasons why I can’t stand her.

  • mary

    I love the combination! she always look so beautiful and fresh………

  • alana

    i love her

  • John D

    FUR HAG, I hate this no-talent bitch!

  • just me

    I LOVE her!!!! Go Jennifer – maybe she can give Bens’ “Jen” some fashion tips. She never goes out looking like a slob like Jennifer G!! I bet Ben really misses those Bennifer days!

  • Queenoftrashin

    “Get up”, yes that certainly describes what she is wearing.

  • dawne

    Just Me”

    I’ll bet Ben doesn’t miss a damn thing about this lady…..she’s like an Aniston type; insecure and always ‘too’ much exposure in all respects. Jen Garner is a ‘real’ woman, doesn’t need the bling and fake this and fake that……it’s really too bad because when I first saw Lopez in Selena I thought she had a great acting career ahead of her. But she got caught up in the plastic of HW and ended up doing silly rom coms and the like and started more businesses than Donald Trump.

    Keep it real, and focus she did not.

  • dawne

    @#21 dawne, who are you kidding?

    since jennifer married with marc anthony, she hasn’t said a damn word about her relationship with ben assfleck, while ben still talks about her every two months. it’s so sad because they both have their own families now.

    just last week, ben made a comment on jennifer lopez. he’s pathetic, he should focus on his own wife and children.

  • carrie

    yuck…you can tell where the extensions start.

    is she a Fergie wanna be?


  • Marieme

    #5 C’mon! That’s not faux. This dumb b**ch is and has always been a cold-hearted fur hag! Seriously can’t stand her.

  • brey

    she looks stunning lately. I miss max and emme

  • dabu

    Lord she is 40 years old and trying to dress like a trendy teen.

  • seus

    #21, you are so wrong, “Jlo being insecure”, she is the least insecure person in hollywood. Who are you to say who is a real woman or not wtf. #40, teenagers don’t dress like that you must not know anything about fashion. Plus Jlo sets the trends.

  • que linda

    She looks georgeous. Almost everything she wears looks great on her. I hope she continues making movies and music and she’s gotta dance..I want to see some salsa moves.

  • speedmonkey

    fur hag. can someone please throw paint on her…something, anything.

  • itwasntme

    Love JL. <3
    She looks so pretty !

  • hottie_4_U

    GORGEOUS! She is beyond sexy

  • seus

    This is the worst I’ve seen this cow look. She really should drop out of the buiness altogether considering she has no talent. Still trying to sell something. She should get a job at Macy’s or somewhere.

    Better yet, stay home with those hideous twins. Poor Marc Anthony, he should have stayed with his first wife.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Now I’m sure: SHE “FORGOT” HER PAST, folks!!

  • ace

    she looks absolutely gorgeous.
    be mute or be cute people.

  • Ricky

    Can’t believe she still wears fur! That’s fox fur she’s wearing and would have taken countless poor animals to make that monstrosity of a jacket! She has been told many times by PETA that she should stop wearing but continues to do so. No respect for her at all – FUR HAG is right!

  • http://aol susan

    Gorgeous boots; nasty, nasty hair.

  • jlover

    she looks beautiful!
    yesterday ben affleck talked about jlo one more time in a interview. I canĀ“t understand it. How many times has jlo talked about ben??Zero. How many times is ben talking and blaming jlo since six years ago??countless times. please ben, get over it, this relationship died almost six years ago. Leave jennifer alone.

  • lc

    when is this woman going to stop with the fur???

  • dani

    its really sad, that nobody can educate her on how wrong it is to wear fur!! only beautiful animals wear fur…. and ugly people. hope she’ll see one of petas videos how animals were skinned alive and then thrown away like crap. jennifer wake up! wear your own skin!

  • What a bitch!

    There she goes with that fur. What a skanky bitch.

  • What a bitch!

    if you hate her fur wearing ways. plaster this site everywhere you can.

  • hk

    JLo is such a joke! She’s such a ghetto bitch, just with money. I hope someone skins her twins alive to teach her a lesson. Those poor animals! Nasty homewrecker, good for nothing, talentless, ghetto biatch!!

  • MMA

    Why would she ever wear this?

  • nice

    Lol, at haters saying J.Lo’s “15 minutes of fame” are up, when the woman has been famous for 20 years. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world even though she’s been pretty quiet for the last couple of years. People STILL care about her enough to take pics of her, paps hassle her like always, and she’s constantly on blogs and celeb sites. Get over it haters, La Lopez will always be IT.