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Megan Fox is a Beer Babe

Megan Fox is a Beer Babe

Megan Fox walks out with fresh new curls as she leaves Five Fifteen Salon on Monday afternoon (March 30) in Glendale, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress wore her support for beer, donning a blue tee from Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. She was later seen popping into the Gucci store.

Yesterday, Megan and Transformers costar Shia LaBeouf presented at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards. The pair handed the winning blimp for “Favorite Animated Voice From a Movie” to Kung Fu Panda‘s Jack Black, who voiced Po the Panda.

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megan fox pabst beer 04
megan fox pabst beer 05
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Credit: Max Butterworth/James Breeden; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • carrie

    too much make up on that face

  • shania


  • tiffany

    she sooo prettyy <3 love the curls.

  • jilly

    she’s pretty???? someone needs a eye check up pronto!

    she has a s l u t t y look…even wears tons of make up and false eyelashes during the day time. lol

  • LiLY

    the makeup is a no she looks trashy

  • tiffany

    sweetheart maybe you need a “eye check” yu wish yu could look like herr loll

  • melanie

    ugh…..I for sure would not want to look at that girl. she has the low class tramp look.

    I think only the trailer trash types of people wished they looked like her…….and it is probably someone named tiffany. Just look at that name- tiffany. its the key to what the person is really like,…..wishes she had tons of money to look like a tramp. lol

  • Queenoftrashin

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! THAT’S what her hair looks like AFTER the salon? I hope to hell she didn’t pay for that shit!

  • tiffany

    lol hater much? i highly doubt someone who lives in the suburbs New Jersey can be qualified as trailer trashh. you make me laugh =D

  • just stating the obvious

    brad pittt loves beer too (wink wink)

  • dundies

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! THAT’S what her hair looks like AFTER the salon? I hope to hell she didn’t pay for that ****!


    you made me LOL^^^^and im gonna have to agree with everyone except “Tiffany” and im a girl, so feel free to call me jealous

  • SONNYriente

    ron jeremey (his large belly says it all), biker gangs, and drunks at skeazy clubs love beer too. wink wink. just saying.

  • cas

    i love the curls!

  • wendy

    oh look, another pic of megan….stop the insanity….

  • carrie


    it’s just a figure of speech.

    trailer trash as in low class looking tramp and a bimbo too!


  • lakers fan in boston

    surprisingly i kinda like all that makeup, but thats because this is megan i think any other chick and i would have been bitching
    other than that she looks really cute, i love her hair, makes her more sexier!
    love u megan!

  • pam

    ugh…some of you have bad taste- the trampy cheap look womn.

  • jessica

    Megan is AWESOME! She always looks great! :D Love her hair.

  • chalice

    is it true she got a nose job

  • aska

    yup, she got a nose job, just like angelina jolie!

  • jdub

    she looks good here and she looks happy for once

  • Kay

    A nose job isn’t the only thing that Megan has gotten. Its widely known that she has had several surgeries from having a nose job, to a boob job, and injecting her lips lke crazy to make them fuller and bigger….. to just name a few.

  • uglysexy

    Will they ever let Shia Laboeuf attempt being a real actor after all the bad movies he’s been in already? Espesh the ones with this girl

  • palvasha


  • Katie

    She isn’t trashy at all. Lets see some pictures of you guys and we’ll see what you all look like, no where near he I bet. It’s totally jealousy. She’s beautiful, she obviously got her hair and make-up done for a particular reason. If you look at other pics of her in the day, she doesn’t wear make-up like that. Why are most girls so catty and afraid to say when another woman is beautiful???

  • katy

    megan fox is a beautiful girl! she looks even better without the lip injections and such. people are so judgmental…

  • dee

    love you megan!!! this girl is always lookin fine as hell!!!

  • Yar

    Most of the time I think she looks trashy but I like these pictures of her. She looks very pretty.

  • Raphael

    Yeah, #25

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • peido podre

    katie price aka jordan look anyone?

  • Jughed

    love the blue she’s wearing. it really highlights her beautiful blue eyes ;)

  • Serena

    PPL are so insecure on here, theres no need to bash this girl to make yourself feel better yeesh ;)

  • Judyjettson

    Whatever total SASSBOT!! she always looks perfect

  • christy

    for me, i prefer women who don’t wear tooo much makeup. because anyone can look at least decent if they know how to wear makeup.

    but i still can’t deny…this woman reeeks of hotness.

  • hums

    thanks for the posts on Megan Fox.. i think she needs a haircut

  • Verónica

    Jealousy.. go AWAY!

    She’s really beautiful. With or without makeup!

  • leah

    i think she looks really bad here and her head looks too big for her body.

    look at this pic though omg she was sooooooo pretty before the plastic surgery. easily one of the prettiest girls! if i looked like that, i would never do anything to my face!

  • agi

    although she is very very pretty she has to change stylist….
    why does she has tattos and so much make up and all this attitude is a no….!!!!
    she has to be more simple…

  • meee


    You guys are just jealous!!! So gorgeous Megan!

  • Mandy

    She is very pretty, but it’s true she has too much make-up on her face for a day time…And why there are pictures of her in jj every single day?

    Enough of her!! Don’t post pics of her every day, post at least once for a week. At least!

  • moo

    She should stop trying to look like angelina Jolie… it’s creepy. and she does give off a trashy vibe, like, all the time. Sorry, y’all.

  • HA!

    Wow, someone’s publicist is on overtime!?!

  • HA!

    Katie, I hate to break this to you, but you can be beautiful and trashy at the same time. And she is. It’s not because I’m jealous of her. It’s okay – she WANTS to be trashy.

  • e

    yea she didn’t need all that plastic surgery..i liked her nose better before

    but the curls are much nicer than that stick straight sh*t she’s had for so long

  • Dani

    My God! you guys are ridiculous. All this mean comments is just because theres a rumor around that she is with Robert Pattinson? cuz if it is, you guys are a pathetic. The guy doesn’t even know that YOU exists. he doesn’t even care about you. Pathetic. you know jealous is not a good thing. She is gourgeus, and thinking a little more now, they would made a beautiful couple, if it was true.
    And you should prey to God and ask him for at least a tiny, little fraction of her beauty. Pathetic.

  • sofia

    i agree with #46
    she´s a beautiful girl and she is not trying to be like angelina
    stop with does hate comments

  • mr.d

    I hope she isn’t seriously contemplating dating Robert Pattinson. She is much too pretty for him! Megan is out of his league, for he is butt ugly! I agree, sometimes she does wear too much makeup, but she can pull it off better than most. I don’t like some of the outfits she dons and the tatoos are a no-no, but she has unassaliable beauty. I think naturally, she is very pulchritudinous. No sense guilding the lily!
    On another note, it seems women get off on ganging up on a obviously pretty gal such as Fox.. Megan is not perfect, in spite of what the media would lead you to believe. Yet other women can’t help themselves when it comes to pointing out her every flaw, real or imagined. I guess if you derive self-esteem from that,, more power to you! I defy any of you to post pictures of yourselves and we can have a heyday at your expense.

  • brie2009

    megan is soo pretty!

  • meme