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David Cook: Come Back To Me Tomorrow!

David Cook: Come Back To Me Tomorrow!

Last season’s American Idol winner David Cook is teaming up with AT&T to debut a sneak peek of his highly-anticipated new music video, “Come Back To Me,” during a commercial break of American Idol TOMORROW (April 1) @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Afterwards:

– AT&T wireless customers can get a link to watch on their mobile phones via AT&T Cellular Video (CV) by texting “COOK” to “8008.”
– AT&T U-Verse customers can access it through their Video On Demand (VOD) menu
– All fans can watch it online at

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    I dont like him ever since he told his fans to only buy his cd’s & tickets for his shows , and other than that leave him alone.
    What a big head jerk! he is NOT THAT famous!
    he has no idea what fame is…….


  • Jane


  • DUFF

    Enjoy it while you can Davie!
    you got about 121/2 minutes left.

  • Chris

    I agree with #1

  • Marla

    highly-anticipated new music video, “Come Back To Me,” ??????
    Never heard of any of this.
    dont care.

  • alicia

    He didn’t exactly tell fans to leave him alone. Some of them weren’t being very respectful and he was just pointing that out. It is never okay to call the hotel and stalk their tour bus. There are plenty of times when fans get out of hand and need to be told when they are crossing the line. I respect David because he isn’t this jerk everyone makes him out to be, but he is a nice guy and actually cares about his fans. I just hate when people make something big out of a blog he posted. David has every right to tell fans when they are getting out of hand.

  • Lorraine

    I agree with Alicia. I think David Cook’s great!

  • Alexis

    LOL At people here pretending they were his fans. If you were you’d know that’s not true.

    That videos looks hot and I dig the song

  • Wow

    David Cook? meh.

  • faye

    I agree with Sunnie, in 6 months (or less) David Cook will be lucky if his “fans” care what state he is in, never mind what hotel he is staying at. Fame can be so fleeting, he will be doing “hey look at me stunts” before he knows what hit him.


    Sunnie, obviously English is your 2nd language since you totally misinterpreted his blog or probably didn’t even read it. He meets his fans after every show and things had gotten out of hand at some shows and his Atlantic City hotel and that’s why he wrote the blog…….Anyway, love David’s voice and can’t wait for the video premiere. He’s very sexy!!

  • Greg

    I love that song. I didn’t know he was going to have a new single.
    Girl is hot!

  • Danni

    LMAO at pretend “fans” rushing to comment on this saying word for word what his haters (read: Archuleta fans) have been saying. You guys are pathetic.

    David loves his fans dearly and I as his fan (a real one) cannot wait to see this video and his performance on Idol tomorrow. Enjoy the ride, haters, it’s gonna be a long one.

  • Jessica

    Love DC and love this song. I heard it on the radio for the first time today! Love it.

  • jes

    STUPID… got tickets for nothing.. he was supposed to come to my school Southern Connecticut state university & we get an email saying that he is not coming due to Family problems.. HAHA YEA RIGHT! he seems to be fine.. F*HIm!

  • Ala

    Looking forward to this video. Very intrigued by what I’ve seen so far. The above comments implying Dave doesn’t appreciate his fans appear to be the usual chatter without information that you’ll find all over the blogosphere. In truth, it you spend any time observing, you’ll find that Dave does not take any of this fame stuff for granted, and makes it a priority to connect to the fans, to every degree possible. That backlash to his very calm, rational blog is hilarious to me. Much jumping on the jumping on. Must be fun for some folks. Meanwhile, calling out fans who’ve gone too far, into the stalking realm, most without really considering that possibility, seems completely reasonable to me. He obviously doesn’t want to end the warm and friendly dynamic that exists with the majority of his fans and is simply asking that small group to catch themselves before they ruin it for so many of us. I’m glad he took this step. Otherwise, the options were quickly heading to cutting off all fan contact and/or police involvement – none of which are very savory choices.

  • Jennifer

    This song is just not good. He is doing so poorly after supposedly having such a big win. I really don’t like this song either.. Come on Cook you could’ve done better!

  • Rehano

    Ok. He seems cool. I wouldn’t kick him outta bed.

  • Jay


    Do you have firsthand knowledge that he is fine? Are you even aware of the fact that his brother has brain cancer and is said to be doing very badly? Maybe you did know about it and are just too selfish to give a shit.

  • Gino

    His gonna be another Ruben or taylor hicks.

  • C

    He needs to get out of music and into adult film. Woah!
    he is hot! (as long as his mouth is shut) lol

  • vIC

    It would be nice to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. When he announced the cancellations, he said it was only the second time in 10 years he had cancelled a show and he wouldn’t if he had had a choice.

  • MKO

    he is a wash up

  • alicia

    People are so ignorant! David canceled shows due to family matters and I hope everyone is praying for his brother.

  • bean

    My god I could smell the bitterness and jealousy miles away . What I don’t understand is why bother checking out this topic in the first place if you’re not interested in him and what is even funnier is that these haters are always the very first one to comment. Why is that? How pathetic.

    #16 RIGHT ON!

    Go David Cook!

  • JAY


    OoooOooooh So NOW he wants his fans?? now that hes’s got something to hock.
    Yeah right! this little diva needs to take the good with the bad!
    Bands like say the Jonas brothers or like Michael Jackson (I donno)
    have 100 times more fans (trying to get a piece)
    And you dont see them crying and b!tching!!
    Little miss thang needs to buck up if he wants to last……

  • suri

    He can take his American Idol At&t video and shove it where the sun dont shine.
    This kid needs to learn “DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU”
    What does he expect? seriously?
    He was the winner on a reality game show! obviously his fans are not right!
    get over yourself girl.

  • cook is so meh

    For the life of me I never understood why David Cook was ever considered the least bit attractive……he’s just so homely!

    not to mention completely over-rated talent wise……very generic, bland, boring and blah!!!!

  • Logan

    David Cook is amazing, hot and a great musician. I’m sorry that people don’t realize that sometimes a person just needs a little space and privacy. How would you feel if you could never, ever go anywhere or do anything without being practically assaulted. What would it be like to have people stalking you, calling you up all night, tracking your bus, especially when you are having really painful family situations. You haters don’t know what he is going through right now, you don’t know the whole personal story because I can’t believe you would be so mean if you did understand. He said he thinks most people have good hearts at the end of the day. Are you going to prove him wrong?
    Also, I think he is incredibly talented as a musician. I love his voice and his acting.

  • WWP

    Sunnie — David NEVER said that or anything even remotely like that. And if you actually knew anything about it, you would have known that already so apparently, tou’re just the victim of being sucker enough to believe what you read on an internet blog.

    What he did do was tell a couple well-known stalkers to back off. I don’t think anyone who believe that other human beings should be treated with common respect would find anything wrong with that.

    His career is doing just fine, a tour of Iraq for the troops, a platinum album, active in fund raising for cancer research, and he’s in the middle of a concert tour throughout the US that has sold old each venue.

    AND — at every concert he makes the effort to meet and talk to fans everywhere he can and for as long as his schedule allows before he has to move on to the next stop. (don’t believe me — go to youtube and type in David cook greets fans or David cook signs autographs and the like — you will see hundreds of videos all along the tour stops). There are literally thousands of pictures on various photo hosting sites

    In short, there is tons of evidence to support that David in grateful for his fans attention and support and does what he can to return the favor, and very, very little to support the contrary view.

    And yes, I know there are those who just live to post negative comments on any topic whatsoever, whether they actually know anything or not. The willfully ignorant rarely advance far in live as they have no interest in expanding their minds.

    But we’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re not one of them. Instead, we’re going to go with the idea tha you’ve been seriously misinformed rather than you’re the kind of sucker who believes eats up whatever the media chooses to feed you.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • pbj

    Wow WWP, I was about to post a long response but I just finished reading your post and it said exactly what I wanted to say, only 100 times better so thank you! You called out the people just posting for the sake of posting something negative when they haven’t read David’s blog and have no idea what happened at some of the shows. Like you and others said, there are a handful of well-known stalkers who apparently attached a gps device to David’s tour bus and then followed the bus to rest areas following them to the bathroom, their hotels, and restaurants, and following the bus from show to show and called their hotel rooms. I’m sure his management was like telling David they’d have to beef up security and limit his time with his fans, which he doesn’t want to do… that’s why he decided on small college venues so he’d be accessible and close to his fans and be able to meet them before and after shows, AND why he on a whim, thought he could send a blog directed at these unruly few hopiing he could get them to stop, so it wouldn’t affect all of his fans. I mean what little time David and the band have between shows is their down time and then they have the same chicks popping their heads in the men’s bathroom off some interstate rest stop… I love David and am a huge fan but that’s where you have to draw the line! Oops, I wrote a long post anyway!

  • pbj

    Oh, and for those of you saying some pretty harsh stuff about David having to cancel two of his shows, his brother, Adam, has been battling brain cancer for 10 years and has taken a turn for the worse. David’s publicist confirmed that David went to see his brother last week. Here’s a video where David tells the audience at the College of William & Mary in Virginia that he hates having to cancel the next two shows and wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t necessary and that he hadn’t cancelled but one show since he was 15. You can see the hurt in his eyes.

  • Wordnerd

    leave David alone! He had crazy stalkers.He has every right to be cautious.Do you want him to wind up dead?? Some stalkers go crazy.Just like what happened to Shawn Johnson.Luckily that loon went to jail.

  • lee

    David Cook is amazing and those posting about him trashing his fans obviously didn’t actually read what had happened. He is a very giving person and perhaps knowing the truth would be helpful.

  • diane

    First..can’t wait to see him on AI scene again!
    Second…I’m a fan, but I don’t like this song as his second single. I hoped for “Declaration” ( because of the name of the tour -”Declaration tour” – I just thought it will be a hint for his second single and the tour name can advertise the single)…
    But it is what it is..

  • diane

    sorry..I said his second, but actually id his 3rd single ( TOML was the first and LO second)

  • Gisele

    I just don’t understand why people waste their times commenting about someone they don’t like, or aparently, for what i’ve read, don’t know nothing at all!! I hate the fact that the media took what the wanted about David’d blog, he doesn’t hate his fans, he needs (and deserves) privacy, like the rest of the guys!! I know they are exposed coz they’re famous, but there are limits, and those stalkers crossed it! I hope those stalkers (coz they aren’t fans) back off!! I would be really sad that they finish this “relationship” with the real fans, and to see them with security all the time, just because a small group… I haven’t met him yet, I hope someday will!!

  • flugel

    To Cook Fans! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! What arrogance he and YOU have – NEWS FLASH – DAVID COOK SUCKS, and contrary to your delusions, not everyone likes his music, or him. No pretend fans here honey, just folks who could cre less about Cook or his crappy, cheesy, manufactured music. Go back to your stalking, or go back to throwing your granny panties and lube on stage at this ass clown… Yo boy sucks.


    Cook sucks , and is an arrogant jerk to boot. He is a 2 bit screamer, is FUG , fat, bald and pasty… Anyone thinking this is a hot piece must not get out much… Dude has a bunch of fat, old stalker ladies following him round on his tour of podunk little college towns that aren’t exactly setting the world on fire = LOSER.

    Plus he’s an atheist, and GAY!! Hello? American Idol? Yeah, fits him… Idolatry of the worst sort, as he and his fans both worship HIM….. LOSERS the whole lot.

  • pbj

    To Flugel: Awww, if you “cared less” about Cook, you wouldn’t be all up in his articles about him posting away… don’t worry, your secret Cook crush is safe with us…….

    To Atheist: let’s see, you just offended pretty much every college town in America calling them “podunk”… you must be really smart from a big city college because you know so many really BIG words like FUG and pasty and loser… you’re big city college must be SO PROUD of you!

  • Kara

    I’m a David Archuleta fan but I admire David Cook and appreciate his talent. I think it’s time for everyone to enjoy and celebrate the success of both of these amazing artists. Different doesn’t mean bad.

    Let’s stop with the ugliness and be happy!! All righty then?

  • aMANDA

    Ever since

  • aMANDA

    Ever since David Cook auditioned for American Idol I’ve been a huge fan. He’s one of very few musicians who actually has singing talent (idol proved it) Most just halfass it and fix it in the studio, and I’m not saying he doesn’t tweek it, but he doesn’t all together change his voice. He puts all his effort in it, and does his best. People try to put words in his mouth, like some of the comments above, but they’re just complete B.S. Anyways, I’m completelty ecstatic to see this video, because his video for ‘Light On’ was great, and ‘Come Back to Me’ is a great song! Cant wait to see it!

  • merry lee

    I’ve seen him perform today on AI, didn’t like the song at all, was bored to death halfway and switched channel. Yah, switched channel. I might as well switched to another idol. The mother was in the audience full of bling bling, like a character out of Beyond Thunderdome. Doesn’t look to me his brother is in serious situation right now, David and his mother are having a partay, baby! David Cook will be gone as fast as he rises.

  • Riley

    i cannot believe that some of you people actually think he’s a jerk.
    He’s probably the nicest guy in the world. He loves his fans ( the real ones, anyway!).

    Jes : those “family matters” probably have to do with the fact that his brother is dying of brain cancer. The AC on his guitar are his brother’s
    initials, for Aaron Cook. Wow, i love how some people can say that he’s a jerk and then go and say some of the things they do…

  • Yup

    I am sorry but David’s video is very lame.Don’t get me wrong David is amazing but his last two videos are super lame.He can do much better than that.

  • Kait

    Archuleta fan who really feels for David Cook in his situation with his brother. He took the time off for personal family reasons, and I think most can read between the lines. I’m certain he’d want to see his family when he can. The Idol appearance was taped during a scheduled break from the tour.

    Is wish him the best, honestly.

  • Cherry

    ok Danni, hold on. not all of David Archuleta’s fans hate David Cook. You can’t be sure that all the haters here are Archuleta fans….in fact I’m an Archangel and i like David Cook too!

  • yeahyeah

    david cook is reeeeeeeeeealllllyyyyyy lame. ‘nicest guy in the world’????? lol, how can u say that?? hes a jerk and he thinks hes so famous. david cook blends in with all the other rockers out there, theres nothing special about him. people will forget about him soon. and his new song is horrible!