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Hayden Christensen Challenges Lacoste

Hayden Christensen Challenges Lacoste

Check out Hayden Christensen‘s new Lacoste ad for their new fragrance, Challenge (available in May).

According to Vogue, Challenge opens on notes of fresh energy and Tangerine and Lemon enhanced with a touch of bergamot. In heart, ginger blends with lavender and purple leaves. In the background are teak and ebony wood.

Below are some behind-the-scenes shots of Hayden while shooting the ad campaign back on October 10, 2008. 10+ pics inside…

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hayden christensen challenge lacoste 01
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 02
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 03
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 04
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 05
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 06
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 07
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 08
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 09
hayden christensen challenge lacoste 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • lakers fan in boston

    no rachel bilson?
    come on jared we need more of here
    i hate him but i love lacoste =]

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    bad actor, oh boy!

  • juliana from Brazil

    I hate him but I love rachel :)

  • regular gal

    ok, lets continue our convo on this page so w can give hc posts and not that brain dead twit.

    anyone know the interview with jamie bell where he called hc good at lying?? i cant find it

  • jane

    I LOVE YOU HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • queenie

    He is sooooo cute! I love him! He’s the cutest actor in the business in my opinion.

  • regular gal

    hate rachel love him

  • Russian girl

    Hayden Christensen for Lacoste? PERFECT! He’s awesome.
    Hayden and Rachel are cutiest couple!

  • Gasol_fan16

    I have to agree with #4! I rather post on Hayden and it is nice to see a thread of just about Hayden then, the mindless twit Ratchel all the time! :D
    That pictures of Hayden are starting to look like the nostalgic Hayden in 2005 when, he was hot. This is his look and he should look at his Lacoste ad and take note. B/c most the time we see him out in public he looks like a hobo.

  • sasha

    he is so yummy

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    he’s even extremely boring in these ad stills. and they say keanu has no personality. LOL

  • regular gal

    another post for hayden!

  • regular gal

    please someone tell me which interview with jamie, he mentions hc being good at lying??

  • regular gal

    hayden needs a taste of regular women.

    only a non celeb can give him what he wants.

    rb will drag him through an emotional gutter

  • iris

    I love rachel

  • anna

    he’s a mix of rob pattz and sabastian stan.

  • regular gal

    these pics make me want to wrap my legs around him and flying around.

    pow! another post for hc!!

  • dIETER

    What jeans has he on?

  • regular gal

    he’s so much hotter without that bitch attached to him. looks happier too

  • regular gal

    y? y the hell are you with satan? i mean rachel?

    a regular gal, any woman, is better than rb. look infront of you! i bet the perfect woman is right infront of your face.

    rb is a superficial wench. what she spends on purses exceeds wht teachers get paid in a year!!

    how can u live with that?

  • regular gal

    still waiting for someone to find that jaime bell interview

  • jane

    Why you want this interview? The DesiringHayden should have it there in the press archive.

  • regular gal

    that interview wasnt a hc interview….I think

  • regular gal

    I wanted to see the context jamie says that in

  • regular gal

    wake up hayden, leave it ll behind

    u are getting sucked into the superficial lifestyle you so dislike.

    wake up nd see rb is usnig you

    wake up and see the perfect woman is within reach.

    wake up, rb is not for you

  • regular gal

    yet another post

  • regular gal

    rb = ignorant
    rb= braindead
    rb= ditzy
    rb= spoiled brat
    rb= selfish
    rb= fame whore
    rb= satan
    rb= lier
    rb= deceiver

  • regular gal

    page 2

  • atlqueen

    You are so fake OMG! Unbelieveable.
    @Regular Girl
    What is wrong with you?
    @ Everyone else
    Who cares if he’s a liar! He doesn’t owe you sh!t. I’m a fan of his and I could give a crap about if he lies or not. He basically wants you to stay out of business. It’s so freaking obvious. I’m trying to figure out why you care anyway. He’s a really boring guy (lol). And then you say he sucks as an actor. Why do you care? Is who he’s involved with really that important cause it d@mn sure ain’t interesting. I’m just in here with ya’ll because for some very odd reason people who don’t like him (or them) either seem to know what he (or they) are up to every time they do something. I don’t even need to google him anymore because I have you guys. And of course it’s always fun to get some of yous stirred up every once in a while. Well, you guys have nothing today so bye!

  • regular gal

    why do you care if we care. you haters and bullies need to get a life and leave people alone geez

  • funkey

    God the best JJ can do is give us an old commerical of his I also beleive I heard this is being aired only international if we get it will be a long time already has been he made it in Oct. I think France already got it.

    As for the JB interview whomever is looking for it look under the Jumper promo’s if you are that totally and insanely desperate to have to view it.

    The man’s career is on the downslide don’t care who believes it doesn’t look like he is in any great demand and he certainly isn’t out making more movies. just this lame Takers which god knows when it will really come out with TI going to jail in a few months for at least a year that alone would hold up release can’t promote a movie without the actor and director not to mention the other stuff on CB i think the January release is premature. plus he was a sub character not the lead this, Oh well guess that was all he could get. and now some colone which from the sounds of it is a combo fruit salad and not a colone many guys will rush out to wear when they can have things like AXE where they don’t have to smell like tangerine, lemon and ginger..please..

  • catik

    he’s so cute!

  • regular gal

    wow he is sweating alot….how hot is that?!!

    oh how ide love to be tangled up in that rope swing of love with him

  • atlqueen

    I wonder if he actually smelled the cologne he’s promoting. It does sound a little fruity. I love the guy and all but wouldn’t you want to try it before you work for it. I’m just saying. Then again I can’t say unless I smell it myself.
    Girl don’t you know that people will see that movie because T.I. is in jail (went two days ago) and chris brown did what he did? I don’t know what it is but people flock to the things they don’t like. Just like you. Aren’t you in here and you don’t like HC? Just a thought.

  • regular gal

    “tangled up in love”

    hc is hot!!

    wake up hayden! rb is so wrong for you

  • now and then

    He is HOT in this ad! He definitely needs to get that look going on again
    oh yeah – and lose RB and get a real woman not a girl that looks and acts like shes 12


    @ #31


  • amina

    OMG i love LACOSTE!!!! and of course HP

  • regular gal

    yumma yumma yumma yumma!

  • regular gal

    sweaty goodness!!

  • voice of reason

    Regular girl your post @30 was funny you asked the haters to go away–guess what you are one :)

    @Gasol he looked hot because he was working like he always does, when not working he looks like most on their downtime geez ;) Thought even you could have figured that out.

    As for cologne, rumor only but it was mentioned somewhere Hayden does not use it at all, and before anyone starts lots of actors promote things they don’t use or drink.

  • regular gal

    he is HAW-T!!

    I see buldge in pants

  • regular gal

    he should take his shirt off!!

    hot damn! if i was a guy, my britches would be hurting!

  • regular gal

    I would ravage him

    make him lose his pants wearing only that harness he is attached to in the pics…….:::shudder::: saaweeeeet!!

  • regular gal

    watching him bounce around nekkid on a bouncy harness.

    his manliness flapping about

    that second pic…oh yeah! he wants it!

    so nice to see him without that leech hanging on him

  • regular gal

    i see his dandy dobblin!! his love stick. his tally wacker. his magic stick, his schlong, rod, chicken, ….oh im getting hot!!!

  • NY GAL

    regular gal, you are both funny and disturbed at the same time! Hayden looks great, too bad it’s an old pic though. VOR, you mentioned that in his downtime it’s alright to look scruffy? I beg to differ……………..what’s so hard about shaving and wearing jeans and a polo shirt like in the Lacoste ad? Come on, he’s gonna be 27 years old in a couple of weeks! He should dress and look his age on his downtime, not like a rebellious teenager!

  • regular gal

    if i was a guy i would be ll over him like white on rice.

    come on lets get his posts up!!

  • regular gal

    im just messing around to be funny. im not like the psycho who was posting.

    he will be 28
    oh great, yeah his bday. count on rb being seen

  • atlqueen

    I thought he was already 27……