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Madonna Confirms Adoption Of 'Mercy'

Madonna Confirms Adoption Of 'Mercy'

Earlier this week, Madonna arrived in Malawi with her kids — David, 3, Lourdes, 12, and Rocco, 8.

In a statement from her rep Liz Rosenberg, Madonna confirmed she is trying to adopt a girl named Chifundo “Mercy” James who is about 4 years old.

According to AP, the girl’s 18-year-old mother was unmarried and died soon after she gave birth. Her father is believed to be alive but has little contact with his daughter.

The Material mom also took David (pictured here) to meet his biological father for the first time since he left Malawi in 2006. “Madonna is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with David‘s Malawian roots,” Madge‘s statement continued.

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  • emma

    jared, david is 3 not 2.

  • umm

    i just hope she won’t adopt Mercy the way she adopted David – in a fast and cheated kind of way!

  • Happy/Joy

    I think madge is trying to fill a void in her life or she is imitating Angelina, I can’t tell which at this point. But since the break-up of her marriage she seems sad and looks unhappy in her photos, whereas Guy is always smiling and living it up with first one woman then another. One thing for sure, she is providing some very poor children with a hard scrabble future, a better life. Now they will have access to the best education and medical care money can by so I tip my hat to her. I hope Madonna can find a life mate and be happy it’s hard for middle-age women in show business to have long-lasting marriages. She always said that Sean Penn was the love of her life so I guess replacing him with someone is difficult.

  • nora

    When I look at madonna’s need to adopt these two kids, I don’t feel it’s for the right reasons. I’m niether judge or jury, but from the sounds of it, she has her hands full in the states taking care of her kids here. And I know she shuttles her other son back and forth from england. It seems as if she’s got some sort of compulsive need….That’s just my opinion.

  • sillyme

    “Her father is believed to be alive but has little contact with his daughter.”

    That will certainly change. Some tabloid will hunt the father down for a comment, where we’ll learn how much he loves his daughter and really wants to be with her, blah, blah, blah. I’m surprised that one of the tabloids hasn’t already flown David’s father to New York and parked him on Madonna’s door step for a father and son reunion.

    I give Madonna points, though, for adopting another child of African roots. It would be difficult for David growing up the only black kid in a white family.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    When the PAPARAZZI shows she is a mother, folks.
    remember: JUST FOR THE PICTURES!!

  • gjc

    This is ridiculous. She should give Mercy’s dad 100K so he can raise his own daughter. These people are dirt poor and can’t take care of their own children. I bet he spends 18 hrs a day digging a ditch somewhere for 50 cents.
    Where are the fathers rights??

    I would love to contribute to a charity for Africa that keeps families together!



  • cutie pie

    gjc.. you are 100% right, madonna should really contribute to the needs of davids father to help raise him, instead of bringing him to her lil white unstable world. Just because she has money doesnt mean a damn thing as far as taking this boy from his proud strong African heritage, takin him to visit please she is a selfish bit8h, and im glad they stop calling him David Banda, do you know how strange that makes him feel being called by his whole name.. what a bunch of ignorant losers, he needs to be with his own and i hope she doesnt get the girl!! This bot will definetly have problems later in life, you cant learn your roots from a damn book or a visit in years.. dumb biatch!!

  • Lena

    He’s growing up in multi-racial America so he won’t have any problems being a minority kid, besides Madonna ‘s daughter is mixed race. Although I hear her biological father is close at hand so in that way yes, Davis has a disadvantage. David’s biggest dilemma will be a lost of cultural identity. He is an African child first and foremost. Hopefully, Madonna will do what is necessary to keep him connected to his ancestral roots. I have a Korean friend who was adopted by a white family and she stated that growing up in Nebraska she always felt left out and detached from what she really was. She stated that she only felt Korean when she looked in the mirror. But when she turned 18 her adopted parents took her back to her homeland to meet relatives and to rediscover her culture. Since Madonna is rich and goes back to Malawi frequently, I think Davis will not be cut off entirely from his ancestry. I think the pros of his life out-weighs the cons and he is very lucky to have the advantages coming his way. Madonna is in the end, a very giving, unselfish person and I applaud her for her generosity.

  • Almari

    Malawi is a country on the continent of Africa, NOT in South Africa.

  • Madonna the queen

    If Madonna had not adopted David he would not have been the tall, healthy little boy we see today. He would have been a dirt poor farmer barely ekeing out a living to feed himself. he would not be educated in the best schools or seeing a doctor regularly. Give Madonna a break! She is doing her bit to make life easier for two little children. Plus, she is building a school for the desperately poor children in a Malawi village. I think God will smile on Madonna’s largess and I don’t think she had an ulterior motive. She is simply a very giving woman. And I bet David has a African nanny from his village.

  • charlotte

    that is the oldest looking 2 year old ive ever seen

  • marie

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea to walk around in clothes, that make her look like a soldier…..I’m not feeling it.

  • Donte

    Well, at least Madge is smiling now. If she hadn’t adopted David he would probably weigh ten pounds and be malnourished. His father was a poor, uneducated farmer who could not care for him properly. I’m not particularly a fan of Madonna but I wish her well. She is doing the right thing so cut her some slack.

  • pinkrose

    David’s father did not want to raise him. He is remarried and has a kid with his new wife. He may be glad to see David healthy and happy, but he himself cannot and does not want the responsibility. Also, David is Guy Ritchie’s adopted father. Guy picks up both David and Rocco for visitations. It is just the new daughter whoi will not have a father.



  • emma

    charlotte @ 03/31/2009 at 1:12 pm
    that is the oldest looking 2 year old ive ever seen

    thats because he is 3



  • miryam

    There is no proof David would have been malnourished etc had he NOT been adopted.

    What I find strange is that Madonna is adopting at a very very wrong moment in her life. She’s barely divorced, on a music tour, had a relationship with a married men, followed by a fling with a 20 something year old. Sorry, but start spending QUALITY time with the kids you already have, dear Madonna!

    And I also don’t like the way it seems she just has all the rules bended for her. Her people have been influencing Mercy’s family for over a year to pursuade them to hand over Mercy to her. I guess money CAN buy everything. She is making it more difficult for other people to adopt by doing so! It

  • gracious

    Money talks and Madonna always gets her way it seems. But she is helping people so it’s all good in the end.

  • cutie pie

    She is hurting more than helping.. what proof do you have that he will be straving, maybe the father couldnt take care of him at that moment, i dont like it and i think its a damn shame she should stay of Africa and adopt in the US , but oh no she wants to out-do Angie! All she has to do is give money to help his family and others if she is so kind! pleaseeee!!!

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! whatever

    That stupid hag will do anything to stay on the news. Let it go bitch you had your time!

  • Celia

    I am so happy for her and that little gir. I mean if anyone has a problem with this then they have SERIOUSLY got issues and need to mind their own business. This little girl is 4 YEARS OLD…she needs a family, she needs love and Madonna is willing to give that to her. This a GOOD thing. THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE MADONNNA who want to do GOOD THINGS in the WORLD! :D THat’s a LUCKY little girl!

  • truth ALWAYS hurts

    JARED, please, WTF ?
    first Malawi # South Africa
    Next I can’t believe you wrote “South Africa” the way you did : Soth Africca ????? WTF ?

  • cutie pie

    you mind your damn business, this is a public forum and if i have a problem with it i can say so if i well please… try and stop me i have a right to be here as much as you do and yes i have a big problem with it and she is just trying to out-do Angie, she nedds to keep her tired old behind out of Africa. his father is tall and mad it to be an adult,, what the hell do you think Africa is a cartoon Country, tthey are proud strong, no inbred people and she cant teach him crap about his culture and heritage and ancestors, and when he gets a chance he should break the hell away from her as soon as possible!

  • lizzie


    I like her children more than her and her bad songs!

    Yea, not everyone loves you ahah

  • islandgrl

    Seriously??? Malawi is a country completely different apart from South Africa ( which is another country.) This is why this blog is for entertainment and not information! SHHEESCH!

  • denine

    #2..Madonna has been in the process of adopting Mercy going on 2 years now. Please get the facts right. This adoption of Mercy, is the ending of a 2 year process.

  • lakers fan in boston

    could she possibly look anymore atrocious than that?
    nevermind i have………

  • denine

    You guys are so ignorant. You act like it is a crime to adopt children. So I guess every child that is in an orphange or a foster home should just stay there. According to you guys.

  • beverly penn

    gjc, right on.

    I like the part about wanting David to be in touch with his Dad, first visit since 2006. I guess she was too busy to assign someone to take him, er, take him to visit himself. So full of it, she is.

    Hey, what about a poor starving kid in the bronx instead?

  • cutie pie

    You are ignorANT, NO NOT every child should stay there , there are thousands of kids here in America who go to bed hungry every night and need homes… why go to Africa… Angelina jolie no doubt.. madonna is a selfish woman and this ia all for show! She should have donr it the way the rules say if she is such a stand up person.. Shes a old tired plastic surgery looking bitch if you ask me! And if you cant see that then you are on the ignorant bus also, dont forget to get your transfer before exiting!!

  • queenie

    Wow! I can’t wait to see little Mercy. She is going to be so blessed to be raised here in America!! I hope Madonna takes good care of her.

  • hello?

    She is a BROKE down Angelina. Why doesn’t she become a foster parent HERE in America? Africa has ENOUGH problems without that old hooch roaming around nabbing kids

  • jox
  • rally

    You people are abunch of ignorant freaks, why dont you go stick your heads up Zannessas ass were you feel more intellectually comfortable and leave Madonna alone.

  • oogal

    The little girl is very lucky ! Madonna obviously loves her children and they always appear happy and confident which is testament to the fact that they’re very well taken care of.
    Mercy ‘s 4! i hope she adjusts well to the huge change in her lifestyle.

  • rally

    Some say wheres the proof that David was a sick orphan when Madonna found him, here it is the documentary I Am Because We Are.

    You have to understand people, first off the conditions in Africa are 100 times worse the for the poor here. We are talking mud huts, AIDS, no food, no medicine, no plumbing, no water. I mean get a clue people. These children are raped and mutulated and all sorts of horrible things.

    Second, family members, charitys, they all come out of the wood work when a Famous Rich women is involved, especially Madonna. What do you think someone would say when a reporter asks them ” Your kid is being adopted, Dont you still want them.” Of course their going to say yes. The little Girls mom died, her father left her in the orphanage, her grandma obviously cant care for her, and Madonna met her two years ago, so shes been working on this. David met with his Dad and both were very happy. His dads life has completey changed for meeting Madonna.

  • ryan




  • http://aol susan

    I give Madonna a lot of credit for adopting these children. This is not something she has to do. In addition, adopting a child other than a baby, brings on additional challenges that more than likely would not be there with a infant. Most adoptive parents look for babies. Younger children have little chance of being adopted.
    Also, why should she give the biological parents money to keep their children? That is not how adoption works in this country. Do you see many people here telling a young mother…”oh, well, I will give you money to raise the child…”. NO, that is not what we see here. What I find disheartening is all the children who are left behind in the orphanages. How a person like Madonna or Angelina go in a place and ‘pick’ out a child is what bothers me. How do you leave all the others behind? Such pain for these children in orphanages.

  • MMA

    I think she’s just doing this to block out the fact that she just had a divorce.