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Orlando Bloom is all Thai-ed Up

Orlando Bloom is all Thai-ed Up

Orlando Bloom and a female friend have an early dinner at a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 29).

The 32-year-old actor is close to joining the Main Street project, one of Horton Foote‘s last works.

Orly will be joining a cast that already includes: Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, Colin Firth and Andrew McCarthy.

The drama takes plays in a small town in North Carolina where a stranger arrives and the town is changed. O will play a policeman in the town.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom, all thai-ed up…

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orlando bloom thai 01
orlando bloom thai 02
orlando bloom thai 03
orlando bloom thai 04
orlando bloom thai 05
orlando bloom thai 06
orlando bloom thai 07
orlando bloom thai 08
orlando bloom thai 09
orlando bloom thai 10

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  • Courtesy post

    This is just sad. This story was put up like 20 hours ago and not one single comment.

    This is what being an actor and Hollywood heartthrob not working will get you. Even JJ is going to drop you from his roster. Your skank girlfriend accomplished what she set out to do and be more popular and recognizable than you. Hope it was worth it Bloom.

  • Ellie

    I like the shorter hair. Hasn’t he just completed a movie?? How is that not working? So if you aren’t a fan of his, which is okay, why do you bother to comment on this thread?

  • slime

    What happened JJ?
    You’re quite late for posting the pics of your regular client? Did his pr team/agent informed or paid you late? LOL

  • slime

    One of those talentless actors who relies on publicities to keep his career going…

  • curious

    So who is the next lucky girl/girlfriend (god bless them cause they don’t know what they’re getting into) in your roaster mr bloom?

    IMO you and Paris Hilton will make a good match… here’s hoping

  • elvi

    Sorry i’ve never heard most of the actors’ names mentioned.

    Is this another supporting role (well, that’s what he’s known for) or a cameo role? another indi film that will get a limited release?

    By the way, where’s your gf whorely? Did you guys finally brake up or she already ended up this mess?

  • jenn

    That would be his manager Aleen Keshesian from B&G.

  • Courtesy post

    LOL at Jared! This story was posted as MONDAY March 30 12:17am. Did he really just change it so it wouldnt seem so lame that Orlando went 24 hours without one single comment on his thread? Thats even sadder.

    Who cares if I am a fan or not. I added a comment cause I thought it was just sad. I realize he just completed two weeks on a movie set. The first time he has worked in a year and that was a week on a set from last year. His skahank gf at least has bothered to use his coattails and gain some popularity from it, now hes going to have to use hers.

  • WOW

    Look at mr bloom’s reaction at the pics… LOL

    Please mr. bloom don’t tell me or act you didin’t know there were paps outside and you’re annoyed by them… LOL

    You’re friends with them ayt…

  • WOW

    Look at mr bloom’s reaction at the pics… LOL

    Please mr. bloom don’t tell me or act you didin’t know there were paps outside and you’re annoyed by them… LOL

    You’re friends with them ayt…and they get invited if you want to ayt mate…

  • frankie

    @Courtesy post

    Can you make it much funnier….

    As for his gf, a BIG no to your comment, hopefully, that beautiful but stupid gf will wake up from her slumber and realize that she needs to end everything with bloom. He’s no good in relationships and a jinx too LOL

    I’m sorry for you kate, hopefully his current gf won’t experience the jinx!

  • mcmarry

    wow what nice people here.
    I have heard of all these people where have you people been?
    Well John Travolta went through a series of bad movies but he turned it around by getting a hit thats all it takes is one and your back on top again.
    Show some love for our Orlikins!

  • johnnyfan

    Hey just jared why don’t you post pictures of my man johnny depp? cause that man is all worth it and a bunch hell of talent. Instead, you always post this slime/pr hum actor.

    Does anyone notice or know why my man johnny doesn’t get pictured all the time by paps eg coming in/out of a restaurant, airport, stores and so on… My johnny keeps on working for big budget and successful films but doesn’t get papped even while on the set LOL

    I guess my man really knows the word “privacy” but i’m waiting for your new pics johnny.

  • @8, @9

    He usually gets a good amount of posts, that’s a really desperate attempt at bashing.
    Orlando has always looked quite annoyed at being papped so that’s not new.

  • IMO

    Bloom is not in the caliber of talent and fame with the likes of brad, tom, johnny, will and leo so sometimes it’s quite impossible to believe that he get papped all the time, even in the remotest area.

    p.s. I don’t usually buy the theory that it’s because of the gf cause the trend is always like this even when he’s still dating kate

  • katie

    Looks quite weird that he’s not pictured with his gf for sometime now considering that he’s still not working!

    Can anyone confirm if they’re still together or not…

  • @14

    “Orlando has always looked quite annoyed at being papped so that’s not new”

    You’re right…

    Of course he doesn’t want the paps to follow him all the time cause he don’t want to be pictured on compromising situations. e.g. hanging, partying, leaving with different girls on different occasions LOL

    But again, he wants to be followed by the paps if he wants to e.g. there’s so many

  • Nahla x3

    Personally I think guys look hotter with long hair ……….so I prefer the long hair =)

  • jane

    When are they finally going to confirm their break up?

    I think the more you prolong it, the more agony and ridiculousness there is.

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    The Delphi loons are here they can’t help it I feel for the losers .

  • JB

    And there goes my baby…

    1 2 3 click

  • taraneh

    He is so ugly

  • @20…..

    I know, most of the comments are from the Delphi loonies posting over and over again…….
    they claim to hate him but they scour the internet for the smallest bit of information about him….
    they either whinge about him being a “famewhore” and when there’s no pics of him he’s suddenly “a has been”…..

    what sad little lives they must lead to spend their whole time waiting for pictures of Orlando and Miranda to surface so they can make nasty, petty comments out of envy and jealousy……the definition of losers!!!

  • @ 20 , 23

    As far as a break up, the way they carried on down in Australia, Yes, if they don’t spend every moment they can together after that, it seems they have broken up. If the way they carried on down in Australia was sincere and not just an act that is.

    Time will Tell….

    It’s not envy, and No I don’t belong to Delphi, too negative. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were always together every moment they could be. Now, yes, they are married. Gee I wonder why?

  • LOL

    Funny that some fans are having a hard time accepting that there is truth in some of the comments above, and even funnier that anyone who disagrees is accused of being a delphi loon!

    Well as for the break up thing, i’m not sure, but given the strange circumstances since february, one might really doubt the status of their relationship. It’s their decision to make, so let’s just wait and see

    p.s. kinda weird for a couple to not see each other for over a month given a chance that someone in that relationship is not busy working or just 1/2/3 hours flight from where she is…

  • http://justjared @25

    Thanks for proving that you are a Delphi loon.Could you explain what are those hard truths that us fans don’t accept ?That he is hot?that he is rich? that he has a girlfriend who is hot?that he is working on projects other actor that you say replaced him can only dream of?That he made movies that unlike PRINCE CASPIAN made MONEY LIKE TROY OR KINDOM OF HAVEN AND I WON’T EVEN MENTION PIRATES AND LORD OF THE RINGS .That he worked with the best directors out there ? That he is spending his time doing charity and making little girls who are sick happy?Please tell me what are the hard truths that fans cant accept?Your truths?

  • http://justjared @25

    You loons need something to do with your time other than search for any bit of news and pictures for an actor you say you don’t care anymore

  • and here we go again..

    The same idiot posting over and over. You can’t pretend to be more than one poster when your bad English gives you away. You’ve been on the last few threads about Orlando and/or Miranda, saying the same things over and over. Get a life!
    Oh, and since you displayed your stupidity by claiming not to know any of the names in this movie, please Google Horton Foote. He is one of the best. He won Oscars for his screenplays for To Kill a Mockinbird and Tender Mercies, and wrote A Trip To Bountiful. This was his last screenplay. The director is well respected, and has won a Tony award on Braodway. And as for the cast… if you don’t recognize the names Colin Firth and Ellen Burstyn, well, that means that you must be 12 years old. Or too ignorant to be believed.
    Anyway, Orlando signing for this movie is great news. It has to be a great script, and it is the type of film that will be taken seriously by critics. They can’t brush him off as a pretty boy, when delivering lines by Horton Foote.
    Also @#25..
    Since when is LA 1-3 hours away from NY?
    I need the name of that airline…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    you wanna see MONG*LS in their habitat?

  • wow!

    He looks FANTASTIC!
    Fit and gorgeous!

  • Jezy

    the girl looks kinda like sarah silverman. instead of matt damon, pretty soon she is going to have a new song.” I’m fuqing orlando”

  • @1

    What are you talking about? These pics weren’t on JJ 20 hours ago. I know, because I looked. I saw then on OLove, and wanted to comment on how great he looked, but I’m not a member there. I came here looking for them. I last looked about nine hours ago, before getting ready for bed, and they were not here. How can people comment on something that wasn’t here?
    Anyway… he does look great! He looks so much younger with the shorter hair.

  • @31

    Uhmmm, that’s his manager.

  • @13

    Johnny was just papped on set. I guess that makes him a famewhore, too.

  • Nativenyker
  • @34

    Oh please, johnny depp doesn’t get papped all the time either he’s working on a film or not.

    Some whorelando fans are paranoid for thinking it’s just one poster who dislikes their beloved. Yup i think he had worked with some of the known directors/producers, but mostly as supporting roles. His solo starrer seemed to not make a mark as compared to the latter!

    IMO i don’t think hollywood has taken him as a serious actor, but rather a character actor. He would’ve by now starring or making films like those of will, brad, tom, johnny, leo etc if it’s indeed true that he’s a big, famous, talented actor who can headline and carry a movie.

    Fans should not feel sorry or defensive if some are posting negative comments. To each his own and not everyone will be pleased or like him.

  • Courtesy post

    32 when i searched here last night, this story came up with no comments and the date said Monday 30 March at 12:17am. Maybe the story wasnt up yet, but when I searched orlando, it was and that is what it said. Wish I would have screen capped it now to prove it. Jared changed it and bumped the thread. Not sure how that is possible, but that is what it said.

  • @37

    Searching “last night” does NOT make it “20 hours ago”.
    When you exaggerate, your claim loses all credibility.
    His “solo starrer” called Kingdom of Heaven earned over 211 million at the box office. I’d say that made an impact.
    The problem he has is that most people see him as a heartthrob/action star. He needs to break away from the sword wielding characters, and play more serious roles. He did that beautifully in Haven, but too few people saw that movie. By taking a break, then taking roles in smaller movies, he can make people see him in a different light. And taking roles in QUALITY smaller films, he can re-shape his career. Anyone who has seen Ned Kelly or Haven, knows that he is a talented actor. He just needs to find a new niche.

  • @37

    I’ve noticed also that your first comment was 5 mins. ahead compared to the time showed when the pics were posted…

    Well, what’s that supposed to mean? a makeface? go signal from the pr team? payment? ? ? ?

    Maybe some fans can help figuring that out.

  • @38

    Time will tell…

    But it is more of a never than it will be too soon. He’ll never be like the bigtime/respected hollywood actors we have today. Anyways, keep on hoping.

  • @40…..

    Once again you don’t make any sense!!!!

  • @41

    If that’s what you think, i’m more than happy to welcome it… LOL

    But please try to be open minded to accept others opinion and don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

  • @39

    JJ may have edited his post, changing the time stamp. All I know is that the post was not there before I went to bed last night (11 hours ago). And it CERTAINLY wasn’t here “20″ (now 24) hours ago. I make a habit of checking JJ for updates.

  • @42

    Why should others have an open mind, when you don’t respect THEIR opinions? Do as you say, and not as you do, is that it?

  • @43

    LOL so who is who between you and #1?

    The only thing i know for sure is JJ being informed or paid to post pics of orlando or maybe miranda also LOL

  • @45

    Oh, the conspiracy theorists from Delphi are here. Or someone just as stupid.
    JJ isn’t paid to post pics. He doesn’t have to be. He is paid by advertisers according to how many hits he gets. As every web site host is paid. The thing is, he is smart enought to know that posts of Orlando or Miranda, and especially Orlando AND Miranda generate a lot of hits. If a celeb generates hits, he will be more likely to post their images. That is just common sense. Something that is hard to come by on Delphi.

  • @44

    Being adamant about it, i guess your claim is applicable to both sides…

    So i’ll repeat it…

    IMO orlando will never be like those bigtime/respected hollywood actors we have today.

    So are some fans claiming that miranda will never be a bigtime supermodel.


  • @47

    There ya go.
    IMO he has great potential.

  • @48

    Common girl cheer up and hope…

    Wonder why that potential is still not recognized by hollywood… oh yes a very good potential for being one of the supporting leads.

  • @49

    You see the hypocrisy?
    You don’t accept someone else’s opinion, you have to insult it. Yet you expect others to be “open minded” to your opinion.