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Taylor Lautner Looks Vivacious In Vancouver

Taylor Lautner Looks Vivacious In Vancouver

After filling in for co-star Robert Pattinson at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards, Taylor Lautner keeps it cool in a LNA steel v-neck as arrives back in Vancouver on Monday (March 30).

The 17-year-old Twilight actor accepted the Fave Book Series award for Twilight! at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards.

“This is awesome,” Taylor said when he accepted the award. “Stephenie Meyer wanted to tell you guys ‘thank you.’ And I can tell you first hand you guys are gonna love [New Moon].”

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  • james


  • carolina@

    stupid,ugly,ihhhhhhhhh he and rob patzz are sucks

  • julie

    I think he has an UGLY face, but I love his character! But I’m Team Edward of course!

    And I want Rob on the set….I wanna see him!! <333

  • gerard Vandenberg

    PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, another “elton john”, folks!!
    (america hasn’t got new breeds of its own?)

  • Lilo!

    He is not ugly ye idiots hes gorge!

  • Nativenyker

    He needs to walk around topless! Yum-ness.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • B.MO

    I actually think hes very cute :]

  • B.MO

    I actually think hes very cute :]

  • B.MO

    I actually think hes very cute :]

  • Holly

    I agree #6

    I love his skin :)

  • june

    I cant stand this kid. He’s so cocky and full of himself.

  • wrg

    Summit keep ramming this child down our throats. He;s pug ugly and a personality thats a real turn off.

  • mer

    whoaaa he’s HOT…

  • Kahina

    @ All haters

    Maybe you think Rob. Pattz is better than Taylor L. ?! You’re stupid ! Taylor Lautner is one of the most talented actor of the moment ! I can’t wait to see him in New Moon !! More than a good actor, he’s gorgeous !

  • stronglyopinionated!!!

    #11 and #12 need to shut the hell up, you guys dont even know him to know if he is cocky or not, or about his personality.. have you guys ever spoken to him one on one? i think not, so shut up… he is a good kid, making it and maybe u guys are jus jealous tht he is oout there enjoyin himself. and if summit keep rammin it down you throats stop lookin him up or things u kno will hav him on there.
    god get a hold of ursleves, read ur thoughts back and think about wat you hav to say the next time u want to leave a comment.

  • Shannen

    I agree entirely with comment #15!! Its people like this that we need in the world!! goshh u dont even spek to him and your judging the guy! your jealous cuz hes WAYY cuter than alll of you! so shut up your mouths and stop sepaking nonsense! next time you better post something smart cuz this is stupid! LOV U TAYLORR!!!

  • mar



  • stronglyopinionated!!!

    people jus like to hate for no apparent reason, lets see you try and make it in hollywood and see how far you go with out cryion like a baby… u hav to be strong skinned to be in that wold because of people like you (#17). and he is 17 you dumb ass, maybe u shud hav thought bout tht b4 you said he is hot, he prolly older than you for all we kno…. how does tht make you feel if i said tht you were ugly as hell, and ur cocky and ur personality sucks ass.. i dont kno yopu so i cant say tht, but based off of you comment i can say you guys tht hate on him have nothing much to say so you are not intellegent at all
    now how do you feel about me judgin you wen i dont kno you??? doesnt feel nice does it?
    so try to think about tht b4 you comment next time, think about how judgemental you sound!

  • jamie lynn spears

    He has cute smile. But it looks like he’s trying to mimic Rob Pattinson with his hair

  • j

    i actually think taylor is better at interviews than rob, hes very mature for his age, TEAM JACOB all the way, he is sooo buff now

  • lily

    I Love Taylor <3
    He Is Fiiittt ;)
    So Haters Can Shut Up !!!
    Cant Wait For NewMoon x

  • chloe

    hotty with a body!

  • ATwilightKiss

    Taylor, thanks so much again for filling in for Rob. It was really so nice of you to go at such short notice.

  • stronglyopinionated!!!

    good commenters i kno not a word but yes good commenters… i like wat i read!

  • sophie

    he’s awesome. can’t wait for new moon!

  • jannrocks

    he is a H_O_T_T_I_E_!_!_! super duper, to the highest level of chorva! haha.. cheverloo and eklavoo!!!

  • mr.d

    I actually think Rob is ugly! Now mind you, I have never seen him act, so my opinion is merely an observation. I cannot see one enviable feature that he has physically. Taylor at least has a good body and a nice skin tone. I’m tired of Rob being touted as a “heartthrob,” just because he is the male lead of this phenomonen known as Twlight. He MAY be a good actor, but he’s repulsive looking. Most people I know that have seen his photo find his looks execrable. I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Kiss

    Love twilight saga can’t wait for new moon.
    Nice vid:

  • Carmen

    I do agree with #27. I honestly feel that a lot of people only find him a “heartthrob” because he’s in one if the biggest movies of the year. I’ve seen some photos where he looks nice, but for the most part, it hurts my eyes. Maybe that’s just my taste though, I don’t know.

    But I do know I like Taylor a hell of a lot more than Rob. Taylor always seems so nice and carefree, and I absolutely love that. And I read some comments above about him being cocky. I don’t know what ya’ll see in his interviews, but I personally don’t find him cocky. I’m not going to make judgements about him when I’ve never met him, but in EVERY interview I’ve seen of him, he’s always sweet. And all of his co-stars absolutely love Taylor. Doesn’t that say something?



  • Gabi pech

    he is so cool! cant wait for new moon

  • meh!!

    AHH who cares….the books weren’t written for kids so why were they even at the kids awards? Kids wouldn’t understand the book anyway…Im glad Rob didn’t go to the awards…this way it didn’t fuel the fire more with the stupid kids and tweens, poor guy…thats probably why he didn’t go he is sick of the publicity and 5year olds swooning over him..

  • arantxa

    Aw (L)
    Taylor Muaks

  • Sweetness

    Taylor is VERY cute..and though Pattinson is handsome…I think Taylor has a sweeter personality…He knows how to handle attention from fans…
    whereas I am getting weary about how Pattionson is freaked out by all the attention..
    Pattinson seems like he’s on the verge of having a brink of fame meltdown.

  • dee

    Yummyy!!! What a treat!!

  • Deliah

    Summit really has a tough job ahead trying to make Taylor even a tiny bit as popular as Rob. Rob is naturally sexy, charming, humorous, and intelligent…he’s in a universe all by himself.

    Taycob is a bit too eager, arrogant and his ego is a bit much sometimes. He certainly has fans but he will never be on the same level with Rob. He’s gained all that weight and now his face just looks fat. Plus, I really hope he can have other fan encounters so he doesn’t have to tell that same old story about the 40 year old woman wanting him to sign her panties…I really sick of hearing it.

  • yumm

    everythin about him screams EXOTIC! lol hes the next big thing

  • tass

    would people dising Taylor shut the F**k up and go f**k yourselves. he is so talented and is a grat actor and the most perfect Jacob. Hes also the most hottest guy on earth too. why the hell do ye look him up and say s**t bout him then. i swear if you say that to my face or to any of the real twilight fans THEY WOULD BUST YER FACES


  • Wendy

    I voted everywhere I could to keep Taylor Lautner as Jacob. I’m not a Team Jacob person but when I saw Taylor in the movie he made Jacob just light up the screen and he’s perfect for the role. I can’t wait to see him in New Moon.

  • art8fashion

    After reading the books(decent disposal romantic fantasy but not Lord of the Rings level classic by any means), I now understand the uproar about whether or not Taylor was going to be able to pull of the role of wolf Jacob.

    Looking at Taylor in Twilight, he is cute but not IMHO fierce or tall enough to be wolf Jacob. I can’t wait for the new movie to see if he is able to play the wolf Jacob convincingly and how the special effects for the transformation will be done.

    I certainly hope they will improve the “dazzle” effect ( he looked sweaty)and the terrible “running cross country cartoon legs” visual effects.

    We shall see. Definitely concerned about the new New Moon director. He directed a couple of movies that didn’t do very well – Golden Compass anyone??? Hoping the Twilight movies will be like the Bourne Franchise – each movie got better and better after a director change.

    BTW LOVE Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. He did a great performance in Twilight with the few scenes he had,all with a funny no expression expression and about two speaking lines. I first fell in love with Rob but looked in the background and fell in deeper love/lust with Jackson.

    Heard several interviews with Jackson on YouTube – *very* well spoken, funny and intelligent. I never heard of this actor before and I was really fascinated with his acting as well as his talent as a musician and singer in the band 100 Monkeys.

    Love Jasper and Alice.
    “For the first time in almost a century I felt hope.”

    Go Team Jasper!

  • i like chocolate milk

    Taylor is way better looking than rob pattinson!!!
    anywhoz after reading the book i ws all for team edward bt after seeing taylor vs rob i ws like team jacob through and through!

  • kATY

    hahah he kind of looks like Rob with the whole black hood up and leather jacket

  • taylorgirl

    Numbers 1, 2, 3, 11 and 12, you all don’t know wat ur talkn bout. Taylor Lautner is so FINE! I bet if you actually got 2 meet him u wudn’t b sayn dat stuff.

  • MMA

    People only think he’s cute because he’s in dumb Twilight.

  • hemelli

    olha meu marido ai !!! pode deixar daqui a pouco voce me ver !! te amo meu lindo !!

  • renesmee

    booooooooooah iis der gaiil meiin vorbiild !!!!!! taylor i love u ♥

  • maria_20years

    taylor lautner is the best!!!! team jacob. oldd the time!!!

  • http://. Sylwia Poland

    Taylor fantastic ! <3

  • daisy

    OH MY GOD,
    Taylor Lautner is so gorgeous!
    I just wish he’d come over to the UK for a while,
    so we can catch a glimpse of him.

  • vaaleentineee

    first off, taylor lautner is a amazing dude. i love how he doesnt do anything stupid. he’s a great role model , unlike pattinson who smokes, or stewart who also smokes. he keeps himself limited. i think he’s a very goodlooking guy and i literally love him (: