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Beyonce: 'I Am...' World Tour Concert Pics!

Beyonce: 'I Am...' World Tour Concert Pics!

Beyonce performs at the General Motors Place on Tuesday (March 31) in Vancouver, Canada during the kick-off stages of her world tour to promote her latest album, I Am…Sasha Fierce. Great costumes!

Other pictures include Beyonce earlier in the day arriving in Vancouver via private jet.

Check out the awesome concert video below of Beyonce flying and singing in mid-air. Even more concert videos here. Cannot wait to see this in person!!!

Beyonce: ‘I Am…’ World Tour Concert [YouTube link]

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce concert pics…

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beyonce i am world tour concert 01
beyonce i am world tour concert 02
beyonce i am world tour concert 03
beyonce i am world tour concert 04
beyonce i am world tour concert 05
beyonce i am world tour concert 06
beyonce i am world tour concert 07
beyonce i am world tour concert 08
beyonce i am world tour concert 09
beyonce i am world tour concert 10

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://Goawaybeyonce NOO

    I’m so OVER her. Rihanna please come back so Beyonce can go away!!

  • Umpertop


  • sarah

    the fact that she can spin around up in there air and still sound great singing is amazing. there is now dening her incredible talent and creativity

  • Courtney

    Go BBBB cant wait till you come to the US

  • just me

    Love her! She’s an amazing entertainer! So sick of Rihanna and she CAN’T even sing.

  • p


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    world tour! WORLD TOUR! you know how much fcuking money she making?! hahahaha…

  • beckalooby

    ooh my god, going to see B in may in london, cant wait and that vid has just pumped me up…how long till the 25th of may…lol,god thats forever away!!! oh well, she looks gr8!!!

  • Janelle

    To NOO: Beyonce is way more talented and better looking than Rihanna is. Beyonce has been around longer and I’m glad they stopped speaking about Rihanna she is so annoying now.

  • slambang

    Those costumes are atrocious.

  • Shisha

    Shut up #1 Noo, Beyoncé is wayy hotter, can sing and knows how to entertain so much better than this fugly talentless s*kan*k Rihanna. BEYONCE ALL THE WAY.. Gosh, I can’t wait until may to see this. It looks amazing as usual. Beyoncé is the best <3

  • Ants

    To # 1. first of all the fact that you support a celebrity that goes back to an abusive relationship says a lot. Rihanna is stupid for the things she does. I guess so are her followers.

    Beyonce is amazing. I was at the show yesterday in Vancouver. For those who will be watching it soon, I just have to say the show was phenomenal.

    Beyonce rocks!

  • umm

    to # 6
    You want to see chunky….check out Jennifer Hudson.

  • SL

    Love Love Love Beyonce.

  • ****

    I was at the concert yesterday. She sounds great live. A true artist with a beautiful voice.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    that’s dancing.
    that’s performing.
    that’s real (live) singin.
    not that bullshiit you get at that fat, drugged up hillbillys show. LOL

  • YES!

    They cut the outfit too high. It’s accentuating her thighs and it ain’t pretty.

  • Shakira

    Vancouver loves Beyonce! Great show, awesome singer and entertainer.

  • jessie

    Fat B**ch!

  • cookiemonster


  • Jess

    ugly fat ass who cant sing!

  • Jess

    Hope this time she gets caught on her lipsynching.

  • pop86

    It looks like the audience is getting their money worth.

  • katie n


  • Nativenyker

    She is such a mess!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • kdc

    This woman is amazing. Don’t start with the Rihanna crap, she’s got nothing on Beyonce.

    Beyonce is a true performer, unlike Rihanna, she backs her stuff up live. She can sing and dance circles around that amateur and look flawless while doing it.

    to #23, she won’t get caught lip-syncing, because she sings live.

  • Gr8

    People are deaf and naive to think she doesn’t lip sync. She does a lot but she’s good at it. Mostly all of her performances with SINGLE LADIES were half lipped.

  • dontcare..

    she may lip-sycn here&there..
    but for the most part she sings.
    You can tell when she is singing,
    because you can sometimes hear her
    breathing heavy into the mic after a sick
    dance routine. Which shows how much
    she truly gives in her shows.
    &she is a beautful black woman, who
    care how her thighs look. She needs the thickness
    to hold up her a* s * s, could you imagine her with
    sticks for legs&that a * s * s ?

  • Duyen

    Bahh. I really wanna go see her.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    this faker just want to be white.
    THAT’S ALL, folks!!
    (a shame)

  • jessie

    remember when she fell? LMFAO.

  • jessie

    Beyonce is a Shank
    see her fall on her ass

  • JZ

    ppl actually like her?

  • becca

    love the vagina helmet!

  • becca

    love the vag helmet!

    *down with censorship, Jared lol*

  • emmaa

    Freaking beautiful. Just awesome. <3

  • Dani

    Why are people bringing up Dolphin Head?…When she can headline a Tour then we can talk…My Bish was Flying and singing on KEY!!

    With a BOW on her Behind, Teaching these Bishes How its done, So while Rihanna is getting her a$$ handing to her my Chris, Bee is Owning the Industry and Keeping her Haters BUSY =)

    Can’t wait until she comes to NYC!!

  • anon

    i saw her live last night and she was AMAZING.
    better than the last concert of hers i went too which i didnt tink was possible.
    the costumes to the sets were awesome but most of all she is the best performer!!! She can work the crowd with slow and fast stuff and her voice just touchess u…
    its great to see the diverse audience too.. anyone can appreciate talent whether ure young old male female..
    for those going to see her ure in for a treat!!! i didnt want it to end.

  • Tiffany

    Beyonce rocks. She’s so talented, beautiful and sweet. I can’t wait to go see her in concert.

  • John

    Gorgeous face and a hourglass body. Plus, she has genuine talent to match. You can’t beat that.

  • bilga.

    BEYONCÉ is really a HUGE DIVA!
    wanna see her!
    love her!
    JESUS bless BEYONCÉ!

  • mo

    for chrissakes, put some effing pants on, you fat-ass. and stop letting your wanna-be fashion deisgner mother make your outfits. you look like an idiot

  • christy

    this song is amazing!!<3 beyonce keep the music going. dont ever stop singing cuz ur my idol……. luv yuh alot no homo gotta go peace….

  • miss me with this b.s.

    to Um, Oscar WINNER J.Hudson may be chunky in your eyes, but so it Beyonce and her thunder thighs. I see her horse hair flowing in the wind. And yes, she lip synches her performances. Also, her tour isn’t selling out. There’s a rumor that her hubby Jayz may join her tour because of low ticket sales.

    I wouldn’t waste my money.

  • uM

    To number 43.
    Theirry Mugler created those outfits for Beyonce. Better check your information before you speak and look dumb.
    The cosutmes are art and fashion. They are stage peices not everyday life clothing. What the heck do you expect.
    In Britney’s show she is dressed like a trailer park cop…but nobody says anything about that.

    I was at the show. Their were more than 8000 people there who thought she looked amazing…so your comment….harldy even worth it.

  • FAn

    I love Beyonce. Her concert was great!!!!!!

  • Dont Hate

    ya’ll some haters! bey only lip-synches if necassary 95% of her show is live this clip isnt live, she dont even hav a mic in her hand, she dosent even get a mic until she’s done flipping in the air, dont b mad cuz all ya’ll artist albums flopping and bey’s tour is doing just fine dont believe everything you hear her entire uk leg is sold out and 95% of her european tour is sold out and she is not adding jay-z to her tour at all especially when she is a much bigger tour act than jay-z is

  • PAM

    She doesn’t lip sync she just dances or walks around and lets her backup singers do most of the singing or she ask the audience to sing for her.

  • Nicole Marie

    Queen B reigns supreme!
    and you haters can hate! So what if she lipsyncs? she has a dance-intense performance. So many other artists lipsync and then just stand there with a guitar!

    The stage show looks great! and I love the costumes on her… i was kind of worried about some when I saw Muggler’s sketches.
    I can’t wait for her to bring the show south so I can catch her in the US!

    A friend told me to check out http://WWW.BEYONCE.COM. They are selling some killer VIP tickets and packages with meet and greets, onstage tickets and a lot of other stuff.
    You can’t buy them yet for North America, but I signed up for the mailing list and will definitely buy a package ASAP.
    If you definitely want to see beyonce/sasha kill it on stage… keep your eyes on the site for awesome tix!

  • shopaholic1

    That was the gayest, sluttiest entrance ever!