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Fergie Owns 500 Pairs Of Shoes!

Fergie Owns 500 Pairs Of Shoes!


Fergie, who just released an affordable shoe collection aptly called Fergie, admits she owns more than 500 pairs of heels, flats and pumps.

“I’m a girl, and I love accessories,” she tells Life & Style. “It’s one of the reasons I have huge closets, and we keep making room in the house for more closets. I don’t like to throw anything away.”

And Fergie, 34, says she and new husband Josh Duhamel, 36, might be making room for something else after she finishes touring with the Black Eyed Peas.

“I’m not going to get pregnant on the tour because I’m too physical onstage,” she says. “So after that, we can talk about babies.”

Little Fergie Fergs!!!

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  • julie

    I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bubbaness

    The economy is the way it is, good people are losing their homes and savings and celebrities still think it’s socially responsible to flaunt their wealth?


  • gerard Vandenberg

    THE COMPLETE ECONOMY IS BANKRUPT but fergie “sings” her version of: UNCHANGED MELODY, folks!!
    (what do you exactly mean by: HYPOCRITE?)

  • Lana

    She is so UGLY!

  • bintk

    Tha’ts nuts, she needs to donate some of them.

  • dotty

    give away some.

  • Blair vAN dER archibald

    She looks like Bret Michaels.

  • http://justjared shania

    crazy get rid of them and maybe you would’nt need any more closets.

  • lizzie

    Pff selfish you. Sell your shoes for charities !

  • Q

    great, she could have saved many lives by donating that money instead. I mean, 500 shoes? wouldn’t be 50 enough!?? some people in the world can’t even afford to have 5 different shoes in the world. I’m not a spoiler, something is just way out of control here

  • amy

    how about donating some?????????????

  • Gala

    and some people have nothing to wear! such snobs make me puke!

  • Fergie Fan !

    That’s cool ! OMG I LOVE HER !

  • Shisha

    lol I’m jealous too…cause as a girl, I love shoes, clothes and accessories too! gosh, I would have looooooved to have so many pairs. I ENVY HER FOR EVERYTHING!!! Her money, her fame, her coolness, her MAN, everything she has lol! <3 her =)

  • slambang

    Nobody needs 500 pairs of shoes, come on! That’s just obnoxious. As for having kids, I hope any little ones get their father’s looks. Fuggie is FUG.

  • jaye

    Don’t be haters because some people have money. They’ve earned it, they can spend it when and how they please. I have a friend who is by no means rich and she has at least 400 pairs of shoes; that’s her thing, not mind, but I don’t resent her for it. You GO FERGIE!

  • Regina

    She should sell the shoes..and get a facelift

  • Mailah

    That’s just pure selfishness.

  • sucre

    Im not jelous, I would never like to have that much, whats the use.
    You know, lately im losing any respect for her. And I used to love her sooo much, from the first day she joined the peas…
    I bet shes proud of this nonsense…

  • chels

    i totally agree with numer #7
    i always confuse them

  • Nada

    No offense to Fergie, but I think that it really isn’t appropriate to talk about how much money someone has or can spend when everyone else in the country is squandering for pennies and facing severe money problems due to the recession.
    BTW, with her new dark hair, she looks like that scary ballerina from Tough Love

  • Alison

    I always thought she was an idiot, but yes to say publicly make a statement like that knowing the economic downturn at the moment and many people are stuggling is very thoughtless.

    P.S: 500 pairs of shoes will do nothing for her looks anyhow….

  • lakers fan in boston

    bitch, no shoes r gonna help ur butterface
    wear all the louboutins u want, ur still ugly lol
    anyways…thats a pretty impressive collection

  • Bunny

    Men can’t have babies, Fergie!

  • carly

    I have seen people who make a pair of ”shoes” out of plastic bottles :( How sad that she admits that she has 500 pairs.

  • canita

    love it,
    can’t i have it in my state ( indonesia )
    i’ll wait u n bEp next concert
    ~ mE ~

  • loco

    It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity with tons of money or a wanna be gold-digger with little money who always spends money on shoes so she can have 400 pairs. NO ONE INDIVIDUAL needs 400/500 pairs, forget earning your money to do whatever you want… its just plain stupid, pointless, reckless and speaks volumes as to the type of person you are.

    You can be a rich snob or a poor snob but you’re still a snob.

  • kate

    People are loosing their homes really? well it’s their mistake for buying what they can not afford!!!!!!!! Btw I own 2,300 pair of shoes and proud of it!

  • MMA

    BABIES!! Yay this is exciting!!

  • Sean

    id love to know what you B****** look like, you have the audacity to call some one ugly….

  • david

    MY opinion:
    She and the Black Eyed Peas are the best of the whole world!(L)
    She is soooo beautiful and sexy!:D(L)