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Sienna Miller Lands At LAX

Sienna Miller Lands At LAX

Sienna Miller rocks out Maj’s metal wash vest as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 31).

The 27-year-old British actress spilled a few more details about filming The Edge of Love with Keira Knightley. During the breaks, they passed the time reading, playing cards or doing the newspaper crossword together. “Oh god, she’s going to kill me now. She’s not a nerd. I can be. No one will believe it anyway,” Sienna told Star.

Sienna also said she is currently learning to play the piano, while Keira is learning to play flute.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller landing at LAX…

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  • tictac

    Sienna is already an expert at the flesh flute…as long as it’s attached to a married guy. Why is this skeezy tramp still making the news? It’s not like she acts anymore.

  • Peter

    She looks awful!!

  • ediot

    she looks so tanned. love her boots

  • iluvkatemoss

    tictac, You are a moron!

  • teri

    She’s no better than Abby Cornish, both homewreckers. Why do single women think it’s okay to mess around with a married man that has children? It’s not only that they hurt the wife but the innocent children involved. Can’t even understand how embarassed the children were seeing thier father on every mag and tv show making out with this naked tr**p.

  • lana

    FYI she is in LA to win an award for Best Supporting Actress…. so putting her personal life to one side, she has talent… and i agree tictac is a moron.

  • tictac


    Best supporting actress for what? From whom? Homewreckers of the World recognizing her for the best performance by a pair of naked boobies?

  • Cushie

    Best supporting actress [laugh]. Yeah, right

    She is truly a wretched and terrible human being. Does she ever do anything good? Oh…that’s right. She plays dominoes and sings Mama Mia. What a humanitarian.

  • Pharaohciously

    Can Anybody Tell Me Who This Woman Is And Why Her Arrival At An American Airport Is Interesting Enough To Even Photograph, And More Than Once At That!???????

  • gerard Vandenberg

    GETOUTAHERE, since when american celebrities think & act NORMAL, folks?

  • Crash

    Nasty Nasty Nasty!!!!


  • Pharaohciously

    “Best Supporting Actress”???……Im Pretty Sure l Know A Lot About Movies And Lots About Celebrities???……..But “Best Supporting Actress”????…….Who The Hell Is She?????…….OMG!!!

  • Film

    What’s happening with The Edge of Love? No US release date? Another flop for Sienna. :(

  • lana

    at 7 and 8
    ShoWest awards, best supporting actress for ‘the Edge of Love’…

  • Pharaohciously

    I must now concede to myself that l know ver little indeed, well a lot less than l thought l did, when it came to movies and celebrities!!!….”The edge of love”???….neverheardofit!!!!


    Sienna and Keira are still best friend. hhmm…wow
    best supp actress? yes off course her roles in movies always is so sienna alike.

  • natalie smith

    …Yeah…as if all the photographers showed up on their own…thats usual tactics!!

    She surely notified them…..someone from her entourage!!

    That’s what happens and l know from the inside!!! All celebrities hate paparazzis and they they pass the word on where they d be!!!!

    Even for whose very few ones who are really annoyed…..there comes a time where they pick up a phone to whistle….

  • tictac

    The ShoWest awards? Is that like the Bed Bath and Beyond awards? She’s pretty desperate if she’s showing up for crap like that lol.

    You know she tips off the paps. She tipped them off so they could see her cavorting naked with Getty, just so his wife would know. Now, it’s backfired on her and her career is in the dumper and she’s showing up to the Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken awards just so she can get her picture taken.

  • Medium

    USA today says if you show up at the ShoWest awards, you get an award. So this is not exactly an acheivment, it’s pretty desperate. Dennis Quaid or something is entertainer of the year.

  • Sienna Miller

    And did I mention for the 10,000 time that Kiera is my friend? We are really really good friends, really. She cooked for me and she’s my friend. I don’t have any credibility on my own, so I’ll just keep mentioning that Kiera is my friend. Did I mention that we had dinner once?

  • Sienna Miller

    And did I mention for the 10,000 time that Kiera is my friend? We are really really good friends, really. She cooked for me and she’s my friend. I don’t have any credibility on my own, so I’ll just keep mentioning that Kiera is my friend. Did I mention that we had dinner once?

  • iluvkatemoss

    Pitiful judgmental ugly idiots of women out there.

    What a sad world. Getty was not hostaged by Sienna. He went and left his children by himself. Who knows what is happening between two human beings? (qouting Sharon Osbourne)

  • iluvkatemoss

    Pitiful judgmental ugly idiots of women out there.

    What a sad world. Getty was not hostaged by Sienna. He went and left his children by himself. Who knows what is happening between two human beings? (qouting Sharon Osbourne)

  • Hollybee

    It would seem Sienna Miller is collecting an award for “Supporting Actress of the Year” at the ShoWest awards (not to worry though. No one takes these awards seriously because – apparently – the primary criteria for a winner is showing up!). Call me a skeptic but I find it hard to believe that Sienna out performed the likes of Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Marisa Tomei, Tarajii Hensen and Viola Davis (and a whole host of others)! Oh but wait. None of those ladies would ever go to a ragbag event like this!

    So I guess Sienna wins by default and the fact that she is going reflects her desperation for kudos – from anywhere, it seems.

    #9 – why so many pictures of this woman arriving at the airport? You tell me. I find it hard to figure out why so many paparazzi would lie in wait for this woman in LA, of all places. She seems to attract more paps than Brangelina and she is only known in the US for her home wrecking activities! She is not even a major star over there. One therefore has to conclude that there are always hoards of paps and pictures because her PR tips off the paps whenever she is going to be in town and the paps come out in force to greet her.

    She looks dreadful in these pictures (all red and bloated and too tanned considering there is no sunshine in London (well, not hot enough sunshine to tan, anyway!). Not sure about the big shawl/scarf and jacket either. The whole ensemble just looks a mess. Still, I am glad to see she is finally wearing those boots with a more appropriate outfit!

  • nickie

    I see Miss Nasty is back, arrrrr gggghhhhh puke!

  • Hollybee

    #22 & 23 – don’t assume it’s all women! A fair number of men have been pretty condemning too. And yes, I agree that no one knows what goes on between two human beings. Alas, we had no choice BUT to know what was going on between Getty and Miller because they both behaved with no class whatsoever in public.

  • boogie

    she does NOT look tan. More like fried!

    LOL…she stinks as an “actress”.

    Go back home Sienna. No one has any respect for you.

  • Todd

    Hey, Iluvkatemoss

    You sound like an illiterate idiot.
    Slootyenna is being blamed for bragging and flashing her relationship instead of steeping back and saying “Gee, maybe I ought not let this married man suck on my boob until he has resolved the issues in his marriage” seeing as how he said ONE WEEK before he was caught he was happily married. Instead she said “HEY, YOU GUYS WITH THE CAMERAS, WE’RE OVER HERE!!! SEE, HE’S TOUCHING MY COOCH!! GET THE PICTURE QUICK!”

    And PS I’m a guy. But if my daughter ever acted like this classless brat I would die of embarassment.

  • boogie

    # 23-
    it takes TWO to tango.

    These “two human beings” as you call them… NOT act like humans. more like pigs

  • Naima

    she looks dirty..Take a bath Sienna!

  • Annie Rich

    She looks awful. Too tanned.

  • A
  • A

    ^^ Getty, you’ve been warned.
    poor getty.

  • A
    from her “fashion” premiere

  • sunseeker

    TODD. Same here , if my daughter behaved like SM she would be dragged home , and I would definitely die of embarrassement and my husband would give her house arrest for a year. We are very liberal but when it comes to other peoples husbands, we are both very strict my daughters would not even think about. But if you understand her home life you can see where she gets it from, she has two step mothers and a home life full of sex and booze.

  • iluvkatemoss

    26 Hollybee, I assume you’ve now taken the cheekiness to judge “how they behaved in public”

    Look yourself in the mirror, Miss Goddess Moron Almighty

    And, get a life for ****ssake, writing those long meaningless comments


    She’s got Lindsay Lohan syndrome – major sundamage. Lots of freckles et all will come back to bite her on the ass in another 5-10 years.
    Then she’ll look like that old lady in “Something about Mary”.

  • Hollybee

    #36 – honey, you are the one who is name calling and you have the NERVE to call me a moron? Puhlease! Abuse is the last bastion of the truly clueless! And yes, I do consider myself fit to judge how they behave in public. Stuffing your naked breast in a married man’s mouth is DISGUSTING when that man has a) kids and b) stated he is not going to divorce his wife! Having that man feel my coochie in public is extra disgusting for the same reasons! Not saying they can’t play grab a$$ but what happened to doors and curtains?

  • Toulouse


    iluvkatemoss–Sienna, is that you?

    Oh, no. I’m sorry. That would be icopykatemoss

  • karma

    Oh, look at her smile at all the “attention” she’s getting. Question: Why is she karate chopping that poor lady in the neck?
    And why are they still promoting her alleged “friendship” with Keira? They’re telling the same story over and over for months. They’re pretty desperate to sell their awful film and to make it appear that Sienna actually is a “woman friendly” part of the “sisterhood”, huh?

  • Zoe

    Best supporting whore! Get lost Sienna. Go back und the rock you crawled out from. And take Balty with you. You DO deserve each other. When you two do eventually get married you can share welfare checks.

  • c

    She just doesn’t get it. No one believes her “papz are always stalking me” nonsense because she has managed to sneak in and out of LA several times this year without being seen or heard. So we are only seeing these photos because she tipped off the papz. She wants RG and her 4 kids to know that she is in LA to receive an award, as if receving an award has the power to mend her image or redeem her.

    How hypocritical of SM, wearing a cross all while she is still sleeping with a married man and waging a war against an innocent mother and her 4 kids. Instead of manipulating people into liking her (ie-wearing a cross, talking about her supposed friendship with KK, and apparantly winning awards), she needs to do what really matters. Like stop playing the victim, tipping off the papz, and using the media to rub the affair in RG and her kids faces . She just doesn’t get it, she is her own worst enemy. No one wants to see her face because it just reminds them of her cruelty as she posed with the married man in those “embarassing” photos. She can keep pulling these stunts at LAX, but it’s just going to mean that she is going to have to work even harder to whitewash her image.

  • me

    Need to leave sienna miller alone she she not bad as rachel bilson . At least she let people know what she ‘s capable of doing and not lie about it. Like the engagement rumor.Its all in the past leave it alone already.

  • c

    How can people put it in the past and leave it alone, when SM won’t put it in the past and leave it alone(ie-keeps doing everything in her power to keep her affair in the headlines)? Since the awards show is in Las Vegas and isn’t today or tomorrow, why is she in LA? She is in LA to once again to let people and RG and her 4 kids know that she is there to spend quality time with the stillv ery married man.

    SM has had ample opportunity to redeem herself, but she won’t do what is right because she is too bent on upstaging a mother and her 4 kids. This photo-op was not necessary and as she has proven time and time again she can avoid the papz when she wants to. As long as SM keeps using the media to wage a war against a mother and her 4 kids, no one is going to look the other way. No one is going to turn the other way while she humilates a mother and her 4 kids simply because she is wears a cross, wins a trophy/award, tells those “I’m human’ stories, and KK is supposedly her best friend. When SM learns to conduct herself like a 27 yo adult woman (rather than a 12 yo) and stop shamelessly flaunting her affair with a married man/taking her insecurity about herself out on RG and her 4 kids, then maybe people will have more respect for her.

    No one can get as bad as SM. RB wasn’t photographed allowing a married man to suck/grab her breast. RB didn’t whine about there being no sisterhood and then leak photos of herself kissing another sister’s husband outside of LAX. RB didn’t stage photo-op after photo-op with a married man after “embarassing” photos surfaced. RB didn’t pose naked/topless on a balcony/beach/boat with her mother by her aide as she played the other woman. RB didn’t pop up in LA everytime the married man attempted to reconcile with his wife.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn this slut is hot!
    love her so much =]
    cute scarf
    that face of hers looks fucked up due 2 all the smoking
    that’s really the only thing i dislike about her, and those tattoos

  • cosi

    did she have an accident at Planet Tan?

  • lunamay

    what a hypocrite chick
    “I’m not a party goers” — and you can see her photos leaving a club
    “leave me alone” (crying and yelling to paps) —and you can see all her photos everywhere plus…naked
    “I love him” (to Rhys Ifans) —and you can see she left him asap
    next for sienna….
    “I’m a virgin!”

  • Crash


    She’s not capable of anything!! anytime she say’s she is, she’s lying!!

    What the he!! does this thread have to do with Rachel Bison?

  • Ben

    I liked the edge of love and think sienna’s acting was good.
    poeple who say she looks bad or dirty must be blind, she always look gorgeous and stylish.

  • de_crepes

    #49, good actress? yes, good at potraying herself. all I can see is Sienna in every single role.
    her character in Edge of Love is so Sienna, so as Interview, Factory Girl…and others. Other actress can do better.