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Suri Cruise is an All-American Girl

Suri Cruise is an All-American Girl

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 2, to the the American Girl store in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 1).

How cute is Suri chewing on her pink flip-flops?!

Katie, 30, wore a stylish pair of Current/Elliot jeans with studded pockets and toted around her favorite Parker Large Convertible Hippie Bag by Coach.

Other pictures include the mother-daughter pair out and about in on Tuesday (March 31) in Silverlake, Calif.

10+ pictures inside of the alll-American Girl Suri Cruise

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  • Leeann


  • Simone

    Why does Katie dress that child in grown woman dresses, cut down to child size?

  • Leeann

    she is cute

  • Tatiana

    Katies acts like she is down cast. Always walking around with her head held down.

  • Yo Mama

    Katie has some ugly feet. I would definitely cover them up.

  • omg

    Suri has gotten so big. She looks a lot like Katie.

  • writingdoc

    Hmm…why is that child always dressed in summer clothing when the adults around her are in sweaters and jackets….?

  • whatever, yo

    ahhh flip flops… it’s a tripping hazard for kids her age..

    good thing Suri doesn’t run… or else she’d be on her face all the time…

    I work in retail– I hate summer time, because kids always fall with their flip flops on…

    they need shoes with backs on them, so they don’t fall off!

  • tammy sue

    katie’s mom and dad need to kidnap suri and go undercover BUT leave Homely to be devoured by the cult. She’s such a waste product. She gave an innocent baby to a cult so she might get a decent movie role.

  • sniffles

    At least there was an attempt to pull Suri’s hair back. I’m starting to wonder why the girl hardly ever has shoes on. I wish we could see more pictures of Katie smiling, surely she can’t look miserable all the time.

  • tammy sue

    Suri is chewing on one of her filthy flip flops… EWWWWWWW!!!

  • sunny

    for once, suri looked normal.

  • shay shmay

    Katie doesn’t notice that Suri has put her dirty shoes in her mouth. Yum.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i normally don’t comment on these threads – it’s pointless to speak on perfection. but, how adorable is that. it’s so adorable it’s gonna cause people to go crazy with jealously. hahaHahaha…
    1. @ least suri gets her hair did.
    LOL.. there’s a few celeb kids who’s head never met a comb. LOL..
    2. super suri doesn’t walk down the street like some loser. LOL.. she goes from a truck – indoors / indoors to a truck.

  • Shawna

    #2 – Huh? What are you talking about? I’m pretty sure that is not an adult dress.

  • Rayt

    i think suri is really a year older than they say. She looks about 3.. no way is she 2!

  • dabu

    As usual, Katie misses the boat when it comes to fashion. She as usual looks dreadful.

  • Carlyle Queen

    OK…..that picture of Suri with her flip flop in her mouth is disgusting! What parent with half a brain allows their child to do that!?!? She’s getting the dirt from the street in her mouth!

    As far as their clothing, there’s Krazy Katie dressed with a wool hat and sweater but Suri is in a sleeveless dress?!?!?! Again, does this woman not have the brains to put a sweater on her child? If she’s chilly, it stands to reason that Suri might be chilly too! That’s just common sense, but it seems Katie has none.

    This is what is seen everyday at this site. A woman with dead eyes hauling a kid all over the place. It’s sick. I can’t see how the fans could NOT see how weird this whole situation is!

    I don’t mean to be nasty, but COME ON!! The entire TomKat situation with their wh*ring the kid out for pictures, having her dressed improperly, chewing on a flip flop…..etc. is beyond strange!! I feel sorry for that poor little girl who has no chance of growing up normal with those two freaks for parents. And don’t get me started on the cult thing!! Not only are they creepy parents, they have the kid growing up in a freak cult! Ugh. I really feel for little Suri.

  • mili

    well , that will either make her sick or grow really strong antibodies (Sp?) hahaha
    well, the dress is pretty, but it’s true that everybody and their mama is dresed warmer than her. Maybe the dress is too pretty to ruin it matching it with nice shoes and (the horror!) some cute socks.

  • john

    I think Katie has been duped into thinking that she is respected and well-liked. All her scientology handlers are there to make her think that they are protecting her from fans (ha!) but really they are just keeping an eye on her in case she decided to talk to someone about the cult.

    She’s not the brightest crayon in the box. If Katie ever wises up to the cult, she’ll be dead and it will be ruled “suicide”.

  • kyle

    Suri looks 4 or 5, not 2 going on 3. She will probably be tall like her mother.

  • Poof

    Suri is so beautiful, she’s a porcelain doll!

  • melanie

    suri is perfection like the idiot poster just said above???

    I almost choked on my tea! LOl

    Here is the pickle faced brat again with no shoes and a blankie. Mother treats her like an infant. Mother is a no talent bimbo married to a so-called celebrity that thinks he is famous and believes in the mothership or whatever they call it.

    the bimbo mother dresses her kid in frilly party dresses that she probably only wears once.

    man- these cruises have their priorities out of whack

  • One Word


  • Lily


  • Carlyle Queen

    I don’t go for this insulting Suri thing that some people do. She’s just a kid. She didn’t choose her situation in life, her idiot parents or the way she looks (I think she’s cute just like most kids – not “perfection”). Whatever happens to her in the future (the cult, being spoiled…etc) is not her fault. Its THEIR fault for not doing right by her. Her parents are lousy and she’s stuck with them.

  • zonbiemaster

    This child is cure but look utterly spoiled and her mother looks like a Zombie!

  • Still in Diapers!!!

    Why is Suri still in diapers?
    She will be 3 years old in a week! Kate should spend more time potty training her daughter instead of “designing” her tacky ill-fitting fllower girl dresses. Unless of course Kate’s coming out with a diaper line.

  • knowing

    let me tell you something people, first hand:

    I have a friend who I’ve begged not to get involved in Scientology. She listened to the point that she was just reading some materials online out of curiosity. There are a Volunteer Scientology Minister Free Courses online. She said you have to read and than send your answers in order to see I’ve you learned it all ok.

    They got a hold of her in some point and told her that she is doing great with her study, and there is such a wonderful life ahead of her but to be sure that this will happen she had to buy ALL of the books by LRH for… $ 4000! Right NOW!

    She couldn’t get off the phone with them for 30 minutes – they were very pushy and persuasive. She finally hung up on them and that was her experience with Scientology!

    No wonder Katie looks like an 1diot. Now I know why.

  • smack*that*brat

    Maybe she just kissed daddy and has to get that taste out of her mouth. Licking the sidewalk would be pretty much the same. Hey Katie! Open your eyes.

  • sick cult

    What scares me most for this little innocent child is that she might be raped or sexually abused by members of that cult. No child is safe left alone with total strangers. I agree with the person that said relatives need to kidnap the little girl.

  • Question about Kate’s Hat?

    Did she sew it out of one of Suri’s blankies?

  • sick cult

    Forgot to say that it is extremely odd that she is always wearing a dress and showing her legs. It’s kind of sick and perverted. No other little girls her age wear dresses 100% of the time and show off their bare legs.

  • Don’t like to say this…

    but I am uncomfortable with the legnth and design of the dress. It looks flirty. Inappropriate for a young girl.

  • adfd

    suri’s super cute w/ her hair all tied up. wonder why her parents never do it. but the bangs are still in her eyes. and the flip-flop must’ve been yummyy.

  • stella

    1. Katie needs to buy Suri warm clothes like she wears herself
    2. Katie needs to get the hair out of Suris face by maybe brushing it
    3. Katie needs to let Suri be a kid by hanging out with more kids!

  • bald outing

    awww tom let katie out of the house!

  • Faith

    that kid does not look 2

  • sunny

    dang…that kid always seems to have a sour looking face…..very much like a spoiled brat not getting her way 100% of the time.

    how fun is that?

    her idiot parents better rethink about adding to their family- Suri is already a handful and another one could be a huge mistake

  • sam

    JJ….there was an error on your post-

    I think you meant to say:

    Suri is an All American BRAT.


  • amy

    wow that’s like disgusting…she was just walking with them


  • BLUE

    Oh MY! She’s still putting the baby blanket around Suri’s 3 year old bottom so people don’t see her diaper. Yucky Yuck.

  • sure

    I bet Suri is just like Leah remini’s daughter.

  • Miss Dew Drop

    # 34. I have to agree. It does seem a little small for her and too short for a tall 3 year old. Normally when young girls wear short dresses they wear bloomers or tights or leggings. Suri looks so exposed in that short dress. I don’t usually complain about what she wears but it seems the mothers awareness is not there. And she dresses herself warmly but not the child? Everyone in the pink dress photos are completely covered and there’s little Suri in a thin short party dress. To me, the only answer could be that Katie is seriously depressed and not able to pay attention to her daughters needs. I wonder how long Suri chewed on that shoe before Katie noticed? This woman looks hopeless and sad. I hope she gets REAL help. She only smiles for the paps if TC is in the photo. I bet she has massive amounts of pressure on her to be perfect from him and the scientologists.

  • Gigi

    i agree about the dress. It’s definitely too flirty for a little girl. Makes you wonder who wants her to wear these short dresses.

    I’d never thought about her dresses this way before. It scares me to think that somebody could be treating her “sexually”. At first I thought it was because of her diaper…now, I’m afraid Suri is being taken advantage of by someone. No little girl wears dresses all day every day.

  • g!na

    Suri’s hair looks cute up in that high pony tail!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol how cute, altho chewing on those flip flops isnt, with all the nasty shit on the floor
    katie looks pretty bad, i hate that beanie and once again she has does tired ass looking ass
    its sad that suri gets more attention than her mother

  • princess kaka pants

    I see Bratface is gurning again. What a pain in the a** that child looks.

  • chelsea anne

    You people are hysterical. Suri’s dress is ” flirty and inapproiate “? Are we just grasping for a gripe here? Katie’s hat made of” diapers “? LOL. LOL. WHAT? Does not even make sense.
    The ” spoiled brat ” excuse is as old as this JUST JARED COLUMN is. It is laughable every time I read it, because every one who says it ,acts like it is the FIRST time it has been said, and they are so proud of themselves. It’s as if they have said something astounding and amusing.
    Since Suri was facing OUT and AWAY from her mother I would guess, Katie did NOT know Suri was chewing on her flip-flop. I’m sure all of you perfect mothers with perfect children, have missed your little darlings putting SOMETHING in their mouths that was nasty and gross without your knowledge. They always will ,whether in your sight or at school ar at a friends house or with a baby-sitter. They can’t be watched 24/7.
    And I’m sure all of you look beautiful with gorgeous make-up and luxurious hair and to-die-for fashions 7 days a week with your perfectly made-up little babies who are right on track with every baby book and the ” Jones’s ” in the neighborhood.
    If Katie were a regular mother in a regular neighborhood, we would not give her a second thought in a school meeting. She would be sitting there looking like the normal woman, with a normal toddler. YES, NORMAL. Let’s get a grip and move on past Katie and Suri.

  • Gigi

    Chelsea Anne #49 = Raphael (Psycho Stalker)