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'The Hills' Season 5 Promos Revealed!

'The Hills' Season 5 Promos Revealed!

Check out these new smokin’ hot Season 5 promos of The Hills cast — Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Lauren Bosworth and Justin “Bobby” Brescia.

The Hills returns with its final season on Monday, April 6 @ 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

In related news, Heidi released two new singles — “Look How I’m Doing” and “Your Love Found Me” — to On-Air with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning. Check it out at Thoughts???

10+ pics inside of The Hills cast…

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the hills season 5 promos 01
the hills season 5 promos 02
the hills season 5 promos 03
the hills season 5 promos 04
the hills season 5 promos 05
the hills season 5 promos 06
the hills season 5 promos 07
the hills season 5 promos 08
the hills season 5 promos 09
the hills season 5 promos 10

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  • raquel

    What a waste of good TV! These people should all take a long walk off a short pier and disappear forever!

  • raquel

    WASTE OF TV!!!!! Who watches this s***!?

  • jasmine

    Lauren Conrad looks gorgeous! But i just dont care about the hills

  • fernanda

    I love lauren s2

  • Sandy

    Lauren is beautiful.

  • k

    spencer looks constipated as usaul because he always pulls his jaw like that, he looks like a cabbage patch baby
    and he needs to shave his bum fluff on his face !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bebe

    LC is so pretty. Will miss the show. It’s a guilty pleasure.

  • me…

    awww whitney aint gonna be there! shame

  • me…

    she was the only normal one ya no what i mean

  • me…

    i dont mean that offensivley!!!

  • Jo

    I love The Hills
    Ca’t wait for season 5 !!!!

  • Fran

    is it true that heidi is pregnant?

  • mary

    i bet heidi got plastic surgery cause she’s jealous of lauren’s natural beauty.
    just look at her.. she’s trying to hard.
    and she looks disgusting.
    love lauren <3

  • bianca

    Lauren is gorgeous. I am going to miss her so much but the show is done without her.

  • jessica

    #12 Heidi’s april fools joke.

  • ~m~

    Can’t wait

  • mandy

    Fran i was going to ask the same!!
    i think is a joke!!! because today’s april 1st.
    but i dont know,I HOPE!!

  • whoa!

    why is everyone on this show so damn ugly?

  • blahlalalovely

    Every person on this show is so fake and untalented, but, I still can’t not watch the show, its so damn addicting.

  • alicia

    Lauren in the only one im remotely interested in because she is willing to leave this show behind. Heidi and Spencer can’t survive without it because they are fame hungry.

  • Jo

    Wow, they’re all photoshopped like crazy in these pics!!

  • faisal

    This show is addicting!!!
    I find heidi hot!!!
    She should be like that(-as in the bad one)
    because if everyone’s good,it’s boring
    and i wouldn’t want to watch it


  • Amanda

    This is ridiculous…honestly, I am LAUGHING just looking at these pictures! The one of Spencer and Heidi cracks me up, these people honestly take themselves seriously?

  • amina

    AHHHH! i cant wait…last season tho :( they look soo pretty ..lov Lauren and brody looks really good…mmm…lol..spencer looks like hes got makeup on

  • Kim

    Brody looks gorgeous. Out of all the guys, he is the only one that is worth looking at. Spencer looks like he is pulling a “Derek Zoolander Blue Steel” face in his shots & Justin Bobby looks like a derelict.

  • kyle

    What will Spidey do without the drama of The Hills? Lauren is gorgeous. Heidi looks hot in slutty way.

  • Sarah

    lmao, i love the hills but this picture is obviously photoshopped.
    and whoever did it didn’t do a very good job, either. that’s embarrassing.

  • Cry Me a River

    I get so tired of hearing Lauren on interviews talking about how she wants her life to be normal. Just wait til she sees what normal is all about. I will be so excited when I see Just Jared in about a year or so with pics of Lauren trying to get into the top clubs in L.A. only to be rejected… there ya go Lauren… normal. Enjoy.

  • Leah

    How can anyone take Spencer seriously! He suks so bad!

  • Anonymous

    Heidi has full on 80′s hair in that group shot!! And Spencer looks plastic.

  • Jeff

    Must’ve been odd to shoot this session if they all really dont/didn’t get along…



  • lakers fan in boston

    the main pic looks photo shopped, like if it was 3 pics added in2 1
    dont like how lc looks, the long dress makes her look older than she is
    ehh i guess audrina is alright, she could do much better tho

  • Pence

    Lauren= gorgeous, hot
    Audrina= skanky, trashy, ceiling eye
    Heidi= Plastic, playboy/playmate wannabe
    Lo- cute
    Stephanie- average looking, weird
    Brody- FUCKING HOT
    Spencer- fugly
    Justin Bobby- model like handsome

  • jamie

    heidi is wearing the same dress that she was wearing to the hills season 4 finale party!!!!

  • Uptown

    Brody Jenner = F^cking Gorgeous…

    Brody is the product of a young Bruce Jenner (dad) and a young Linda Thompson (mom). You guys have to Google both parents to see how gorgeous they where before they both F^CKED up their faces with plastic surgery. I mean, Bruce Jenner was beyond dreamy. He was an Olympic Greek God. Sorry for my obsession, ‘but I just hate when gorgeous celebs feel that plastic surgery is answer to all their problems. Age gracefully. Sad just sad. Brody, please take a lesson from your parents and DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Please.

  • saudia

    I wonder if they shot these together this time around ..

  • jj

    I love the last picture with the whole cast, Lauren is very pretty but she gotta start showing some legs and that dress is not flattering. Overall love her personality but fashion not so much. Heidi looks like a horse. I dont know if she does the make-up contouring on purpose or if its her lion hair style that makes her face looks super long but it looks really bad. And its just not working for her. Lauren&Lo is waaayyyy prettier. Heidi=Ugliest peroxide blonde on the hills.

  • andietee


  • Allysen

    Wow, am I the only one who didn’t know Lo’s name was Lauren too?

  • Erin

    I LOVE the Hills. Hills= best show ever. I have all four seasons. But I hate spencer.

  • MMA

    I can’t believe Spencer and Lauren agreed to do this shoot altogether.

  • Brandy

    This is a good show i love it, what more can you ask for drama, drama, drama. lol

  • Rachel

    @Cry Me a River:
    me too…this worship over LC is ridiculous. And these same LC fans will most likely be Kristin fans by the first fight between her and Heidi.

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