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'Bruno' Movie Trailer!!!!!!!!!!

'Bruno' Movie Trailer!!!!!!!!!!

I almost had a coronary watch the new Bruno trailer. You MUST watch it below!!!!! But be warned, it’s NSFW and the film might be slapped with an NC-17 rating. And to watch the trailer, you have to enter your birthdate!

Bruno is a hilariously gay Austraian reporter played by British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who brought us 2006′s Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Universal Pictures will be releasing the comedy in theaters on Friday, July 10.

P.S. Cute gayby, yes?

“Bruno” Movie Trailer!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Kevin

    omg, that was hillarious and yet enormously stupid at the same time! hahaha

  • wow

    Words fail me…he is FEARLESS!

  • 1

    the gayby looks cute, btw.

  • Jane

    hahaha i cannot wait to see it. doesn’t look as good as borat though

  • Beth


  • sigh

    ahhaha lmao SEX AND THE CITY girls .. hhaha holy crap that is HILARIOUS .. the baby :| is soo random

  • male

    really funnny!!!!!!!!

  • lys

    how do you defend yourself against a man w/2 dildos??

    haha i love the sex and the city part

    that is such a samantha thing to say!!

  • Bald Outing

    can’t wait for this movie!

  • The Shiznack



  • tara

    holy shit!!! lmao. my cheecks hurt. too funny.

  • n.o.l.a

    Unfortunately, i will be on line to see this.

  • OHwell

    LMAO..yeah i think im gonna have to see this

    “i gave the baby a traditional african name…OJ”

    lol..i really hope that baby wasnt on the scooter

  • hmmmm

    This is just wrong on so many levels. I can’t even begin. But I have not laughed this hard. I know that this is not PC.. But sometimes we just need to laugh. I appreciate this humor..

    But yes is it just so wrong and right at the same time. I loved the part about smuggling the baby.. just so wrong.


  • Ivana

    I liked the whimsy, classical music used in the trailer.

  • Haha

    He looks like a 40 years old Zac efron in that pic …….. hahahaaaa…..

  • a total fan


  • VNY

    OMGOSH the pic at the end the bee one XD
    The baby was covered in bees loooool

  • taylorswiftfan

    omg I wanna adopt a gaybe hahahaha. I wonder who would let their child be in this movie. How adorable.

  • Justin Berkovi

    HILARIOUS!!!!! oh my god i can’t wait he’s a genius…unbelievable

  • LA dave

    a gaybe named oj….that is such a Samantha thing to do..hahahahaha

  • Amy

    Was it taken down? It won’t load and I’m 23, so I know that isn’t the problem.

  • vmars111

    omg, I’m going to squirm in my seat when I watch this because conservative Americans on screen aren’t ready for this!


  • abbyrodme

    Sasha Baron Cohen is pure comic genius. I laughed so hard through this trailer that I started to cry. So funny!

  • Robert Jonas

    Amazingly funny, can’t wait.

  • fey

    He is a genius. i was squirming and laughing so hard while i was watching this. i thought borat was as far as he could take this but he is truly FEARLESS! i cannot wait to watch this. Sasha you absolutely rock!!!

  • bbw amy

    I can’t wait for this. This guy is not a one trick pony, he is the REAL DEAL!

  • Celia

    WOW!!! That’s all I have to say to that…WOW! I love the part with the velcro suit.

  • Ann

    OMG it can’t wait for this movie! Gayby is such a cutie!

  • prynni

    dat movie is f’n stupid as hell. i ddn’t find one thing funny about it.!!!! n’d he duhz such uh bogus austrailian accent.

  • Charley Kane

    This looks to be a let down after the great Borat movie.

  • Mae

    Didn’t laugh at all. The gay black baby shtick is not funny but very appalling.

  • hrhkat

    That is such a samantha thing to say… LMAO omg im laughing so hard….This movie is going to BE SO FUNNY!!!!!! he could do this shit over and over and over and it would still be funny as hell.

  • Tanja



    Thanks Tanja, I was just going to say, to whoever said his accent is soo ‘bogus’ – that’s because he’s not supposed to be australian you douche!

  • alex p

    can’t wait to see it… it seem hilarious!
    btw did anyone else notice bruno is such a sexy peace… :D like seriously

  • lola

    I think this is going to be hilarious. And to be fair this is probably the only scenes they could show in the trailer since the rest of the scenes are meant to be much more risky. And this isn’t just dumb humour. Sasha Baron Cohen is actually quite intelligent and there was a news article on the film which says it speaks on enormous levels about peoples bigotry against gays and other races. This is just Cohen’s way of cleverly exploring these topics. Can’t wait to see it!

  • raquel

    CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! He’s lucky those religious jews didn’t catch him! Getting the baby out of the box at baggage was just so funny.
    “OJ”?? He’s so insane!! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • ryan


    this movie looks HILARIOUS!!

  • lizzie

    looking forward to seeing it!!!!

  • Kristin M

    Now this looks good! I love Sacha, he is hilarious.

  • deerpk

    i’m not a big S.B.C fan, but now i’m a believer! my face hurts so bad from laughing…i almost died when he pulled the baby out the box… the gaybe is such a cutie!

  • Spellcheck

    Do you know how to spell “AUSTRIAN”??

  • Sarah

    OMG that was too funny :)

  • Hoofa Doofa

    Another one for the Christians! Just genius!

  • feebz

    can’t wait!!! so hilarious and so edgy – YAY to Bruno!!!


    I will be seeing this movie! Hilarious!

  • kiss

    That was amazing on so many levels. They say Russell Brand is gonna take over america w/ his British, thanks for bringing it back Sacha. I love him he is hilarious. Great comedian and a great guy, Isla and Olive are two lucky ladies.

    What belt is that Cadet?
    D an G
    D and G?
    Dolce and Gabbana, hello!

  • kiss

    Now if he does another Ali G film I hope there is a bit with Kevin Hart, one word, epic!

  • blah

    Austrian not Australian you fucking retard..