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Henry Cavill is Gucci Gorgeous

Henry Cavill is Gucci Gorgeous

The Tudors star Henry Cavill attends a dinner honoring Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini at London’s Saatchi Gallery on Wednesday (April 1). The event was hosted by British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

Prior to the event, the 25-year-old British actor spoke to about his hit Showtime series, his kissing scene with Evan Rachel Wood and his biggest splurge to date. Check it:

JJ: How long ago did The Tudors finish filming? What was your most memorable scene?

HC: Season 3 wrapped last year in October, I believe. There’s quite a nice scene where I talk to the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace in a picturesque valley in Ireland, which is where we shoot. There was one scene where we had the three leaders standing on this fantastic little bridge. That sticks out in my mind as a fantastic image. Otherwise, we have plenty of memorable, funny stuff where we messed up our lines a few times and we ended up getting frustrated in the end. And we’re going to start Tudors season 4, god-willing, in June.

JJ: Who messed up their lines the most?

HC: Oh goodness, I think we all do an equal share of that. Generally, we’ll be pretty good, but some days it will have been a long, long time and then there will be continuous errors for whatever reason. Sometimes we start to flub our lines on a regular occasion, or we find something particularly funny and after we’ve had one laugh, just making eye contact is enough to make one lose his train of thought.

JJ: Did anyone play pranks on the set, or was the set too serious for that?

HC: I don’t think the set is too serious there at all! We don’t tend to play pranks really because we’re so restricted on time. For one of us to play silly buggers and hold shooting up–that would be frowned upon quite badly, especially if things are running particularly behind time. We tend to keep our pranks private.

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JJ: How did you relax when you were shooting in Ireland?

HC: In the evenings, it was going out for nice meals or anywhere the mood takes us as a group, and then going out for drinks as well. Bang Cafe in Dublin is a fantastic place to eat, and then there’s a member’s bar/club/restaurant owned by the same company called the Regular’s Bar, which is really nice.

JJ: Do you have any favorite actors you look to for inspiration?

HC: It’s a little dangerous looking towards actors for inspiration because you could end up mimicking them, which I don’t think is ideal if you want to carve your own career and make your own impression on audiences. But certainly one of the actors whom I respect, well, one of my favorite actors out there is Russell Crowe.

JJ: Do you watch your own performances?

HC: Well, there are positives and negatives to watching your own performances, often because you’re going to look at it from a completely biased perspective, usually extremely critical. So it can be destructive, but watching it so you can get a good read of how you come across on certain things can also be helpful. Things like the Tudors, I always find it a good idea to watch on how they’ve edited the whole thing together, so I have an impression of how a character’s come across and I can continue to follow that line and develop it further as the next season shoots.

JJ: Do you have a proudest acting career moment?

HC: Not really, I haven’t thought it out yet to that degree where I have a moment where I’m most proud of. Hopefully in time, I’ll have a scene which comes together so perfectly with other actors and everything involved, you know the score, the lighting, the direction, and it’ll be something I show the grandkids one day and say, “I used to be that guy!” Otherwise, I can’t really say I’ve had one yet.

JJ: I’ve heard you like to snowboard. How good are you?

HC: I’m still very much a beginner! I can go down quickly but the quicker I go, the more scared I get, naturally. I think I’m going to wipe out at some point and it’ll probably be on ice and I’ll probably hurt myself badly. It’s that sort of level, where I’m capable, I’m competent, but still at risk of my own health.

JJ: Have you injured yourself yet?

HC: Nothing has hospitalized me…I’ve fallen very badly and bruised my coccyx (tailbone) and damaged my ribs at one point. Generally I’ve been very knackered afterwards because of the body aches, but otherwise nothing really extreme.

JJ: Do you still have your pet parrot?

HC: No, unfortunately Trouper (Trooper?) passed on a few years ago. It was the favorite name of my father’s African Grey Parrots.

JJ: Do you have any new pets?

HC: No, I don’t but I’d really like to get a German Shepard. The problem with getting a dog and having a job like mine is that I’m constantly traveling around the place and you need to give your pets a 100% of your time. So unless I could bring my dog with me to sets around the world, which is not ideal when you have flights because it’s risky for their health, it’s going to be tough.

JJ: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

HC: No, I don’t.


Check out Part II of‘s interview with Henry Cavill! You can catch the season premiere of The Tudors this Sunday, April 5th @ 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.

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