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Kate Walsh Sips And Shops

Kate Walsh Sips And Shops

Kate Walsh sips on a drink as she is shown a few outfits at the Stella McCartney store on Wednesday (April 1) in Beverly Hills.

The 41-year-old Private Practice star was also spotted sharing a cigarette and a night out with her onscreen brother Grant Show at Los Angeles’s Happy Ending Bar. Kate was spotted by People sporting jeans, a white T-shirt and a gray cardigan for the meetup.

Last week it was announced that Kate will make a guest appearance in a pulled series called Eyes, which stars her on-screen love interest from Private Practice, Tim Daly.

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kate walsh stella mccartney 01
kate walsh stella mccartney 02
kate walsh stella mccartney 03
kate walsh stella mccartney 04
kate walsh stella mccartney 05
kate walsh stella mccartney 06
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  • Mark

    this woman is a real media wh0re, gosh I see more than Brangelina or Britney…

    Soon we’re going to learn that she’s in rehab!!! That’s what happen when you cheat on your husband with your co-star!!!

  • Mark

    this woman is a real media wh0re, gosh I see more than Brangelina or Britney…

    Soon we’re going to learn that she’s in rehab!!! That’s what happen when you cheat on your husband with your co-star!!!

  • Regina

    It would be funny if that drink spilled on the clothes..

  • I’m cheap.

    I need to get off my wallet. The stores I shop in make me throw my drink away before I enter.. must be nice.

    I don’t get the constant coverage of her. The show is not that good and Grey’s is sucking big time too. I don’t watch either anymore. When i she become the TV IT girl.. I’m lost.

  • Natalie

    I absolutely HATE Private Practice
    that series is pathetic!!!
    I hope it get off the air soon!!

  • Marie

    It’s nice to read that she and Grant are keeping in-touch.

    Wish he comes back to guest star or get to be a main stay on Private Practice.

  • Bubbaness

    That’s a pretty honkin’ glass of wine for it still being broad daylight outside.


    Nice! They lube you up with alcohol to get your credit card swiping!

  • congrats to Taye on having bab

    Um Tim Daly is not her love interest on the show..!! He is interested in
    someone else.. She was locking lips with a married doctor who’s wife
    was a patient of hers.. Who nearly died last week.. But Mr Married man
    would rather be kissing her instead .. but she pulls away and closes
    the door …exit to credits..No that is quite the huge ring she is wearing.!

  • Hot

    She’s smoking hot and gorgeous that’s why people wanna see her pix and not some of boring couples or talentless losers…!

  • Grace

    Thanks for the pics. I really like that hair style on her and her outfit, too. She just has such a great taste for fashion.

    Nice to hear that she’s hanging out with Grant, I do miss him on the show, the Montgomery siblings are great!!!

    I’m not liking Noah (the married guy Addie made out with) but I’m still excited how this all will turn out and yeah… I wouldn’t mind some more hot making-out-scenes :D

  • Grace

    P.S.: That’s what a perfect day should look like: Fashion and drinks and party :)

  • T-Town

    Thank you JJ, she looks awesome as always!

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    That is definitely what a perfect day looks like.

    Kate is definitely the the new IT girl of TV, not only because she is gorgeous, but because she is a nice person with a very good working brain. The world is tired of idolizing the pretty bimbo idiots talent agencies, and producers pimp out because the think they can manipulate them better.

  • jamie

    Kate looks gorgeous as always! Thanks JJ.

  • galove13

    I love Kate! She is a fabulous woman.
    Completely stunning.
    Thank you Jared.

  • meg

    Why are people so bitter that noone cares about their fav? Its not Kate Walsh’s fault.
    She is beautiful and sweet. I love her outfit. Kate’s picture in the TVGuide Sexiest Stars on TV was beautiful.
    Thank you!

  • Heaven On Earth

    Fuck you haters. Leave us alone. Have a little more respect, I swear it doesn’t hurt. Kate looks beautiful! I heart her! I want grant show back on the show and I love noah and addie together!

  • Kate Walsh is a cow

    Mark I LOVE YOU!

    Kate Walsh is gross. UGH!

  • C

    Eyes was canceled in 2005. Why are you mentioning a guest appearance from 4 years ago?

  • Karla

    Aww Kate looks gorgeous, love the outfit.

  • Jen

    Thanks Jared for the photos. As C says, Kate’s Eyes appearance already aired several years ago.

    Nice to know Kate and Grant keep in touch outside the show. He said on Kimmel that he had so much fun working with her. I’m betting Archer will be back next season.

  • juliet

    She looks fab!! Love her, my favorite actress:)
    Is Happy Ending the name of Grant’s own bar?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    no question needed, folks.

  • gullible

    This is how I want to spend my day!!!

  • samantha

    Gorgeous!!! I LOVE HER!!!


    Mark #1 – you believe everything you read in Star ? Haha.

    Loved her Sexiest Shoot for TV Guide. Only member of the Greys/PrP casts to make the list ;)

  • Laura

    soooo envious, would love to blow a load of $$$ on Stella Mccartney.

    Love that blinging gold ring

  • presh

    Shopping and cocktails at the same time? I like it!!

  • nysro

    At least she does’t have that “im hiding my bald spot” hate she’s been seen with lately..

    why is this girl news?

  • nik

    She is very pretty!

  • LOL

    Woho! So much bitterness.

    Is it the fat and ugly middle aged PD fans, that have seen Kate replace him has the sexiest person in Shondaland, and can’t get over it?

  • brenda

    I watched an old episode of CSI today with kate in it and kinda realized to myself. Maybe she really is a man, she looks and acts more like a man than a women. She really is hard on the eyes.

  • Emily

    She’s gorgeous!

    Love her! <3

  • Blah girls!

    Drinking while shopping? Can I get that kind of service?!

  • addyfan

    kate is the best!! beautiful!!

  • Hannah

    I adore her. She is so funny. She’s been wearing lots of Stella lately so nice to see them treating her well ;) So annoying we have to wait another few weeks for new PrP, I want to know what is gonna happen between Addie+Noah!!!!!!!

  • KateRocks

    #33 She wore make up in the role on CSI you dumb f***. Kate Walsh is a real actress who is not afraid to change her appearance for her craft.

    No surprise she made TVGuide’s Sexy Issue list. She is a natural beauty with talent and a fabulous personality. Looking adorable in the new pics.

  • Heaven On Earth

    We’ve seen pictures of kate as a little girl brenda. She is a she and a gorgeous one. Please people stop being mean. I’m tired of this. Whether it’s kate, angelina jolie, christina aguilera, britney or megan fox, just to name a few, there are always stupid people writting stupid comments. I will never get nastiness. If you don’t like them fine but at least respect them, they’re human just like you and me. My english isn’t the best sorry, I’m just a very young french girl.

  • marie

    Well said #39. Sadly there are always individuals who spend too much time online venting their anger on unknown people. Sad.
    One thing I love about Kate is she never plays the same character twice. She becomes the character, be it wearing a fat suit on Drew Carey, or wearing those prosthetic lips on CSI. She has no vanity, which is rare in Hollywood. I like that her next movie is a thriller/horror, not a romcom. She’s so versatile she’s going to be around for a long time.

  • Paddisonluvr

    Wow – seriously! Agreed, Marie – and haters – PrPr is an amazing series and totally does not suck! Kate is my favorite actress – come on!

    Thanks JJ – love seeing Kate. (Though she should really quit smoking).

    Missing GA/PrPr – I hate waiting! (Oh, and by the way – Pete totally IS a love interest for Addie, but nothing has happened between them this season. But I still love Paddison!)

  • sarah h

    Don’t worry about thoses hateful people!…

    Anyway, thanks JJ for posting, I’m in love with this top. She looks hot!

  • Karen

    Why are you guys attacking these morons who have nothing better to do with their time than look up celebrities they DON’T like (I can’t imagine how boring your life must be for you to do that) and write spiteful notes about them? If I had to guess, I’d bet JJ keeps a tally of the number of comments, not the content, and uses that to decide which celebrities are news. If that’s so, they’re doing us a favor!

  • sally

    Thanks for the pics! I love the blazer and the skinny jeans and the top , she’s amazing!
    I remember she said in an interview years ago she was trying to stop smoking.I guess it didn’t work out!

  • Jen

    Looks like Jared has added a few photos – thanks :)

  • jamie

    Thanks for adding the other pics JJ. She looks gorgeous.

  • Melissa

    Gotta love high end stores that you get you full of alcohol and then take your money.

  • A

    Thanks for the pics JJ. Kate looks fab.

    And #43 he also measure hits to the blog story as well. So yup they are dong us a huge favor.

  • Debbie

    Love this woman. She is so gorg.

  • MMA

    It must be nice to sip on wine while shopping!