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Orlando Bloom is a Hugo's Hottie

Orlando Bloom is a Hugo's Hottie

Orlando Bloom and a pal grab lunch together at Hugo’s Restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday (April 2).

The 32-year-old British actor is most likely headed to Durham. N.C., next month to shoot his new movie, Main Street. Tony Award winner John Doyle is directing the film.

Orly will play a small-town policeman, while former teen heartthrob Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo’s Fire, Lipstick Jungle) will play a Lothario business manager. Looking forward to the new flick!

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is a pretty “SAFE” place to P*KE, folks!!

  • WOW

    JJ’s regular client is here once again and leaving a restaurant again.

    Can we have another location please…

  • bald outing

    i like him with the short dark hair.

  • deluded shippers & delphidiots

    Where are the losers who said Miranda was the one calling the paps all the time?

  • @4

    My understanding on what i’ve read at delphi was they somehow believe that it’s bloom himself or his pr team that do all these pap pics, and they also believe that miranda has her share, which i doubt.

    Doesn’t matter fans love seeing pics of their faves!

  • LOL

    Is he wearing again same pants and shoes? I think they already smell like Heavenly Bloom.

  • uglysexy

    pretty boys annoys me…they’re so spoiled and smug

  • rebbbizzlee


  • curious

    Is he still in a relationship?



  • http://justjared orlando fan

    HOT,HOT,HOT,HOT I love the man

  • Smile Orlando!

    Looking cute per usual. But why is he frowning? Are the PAP’s being particularly annoying?

  • Dih

    Steamy… *___*

  • wisHuponastar

    Yum. =D

  • allspice30

    Looks great!

  • wow

    Look at that gorgeous bod!
    Such a handsome man.

  • @5

    Just more idiocy from delphi.
    Why would Orlando call the paps to watch him walk out of a restaurant?
    That’s just stupid. But what do you expect from delphi?
    And the man is looking HOT!

  • talan

    I don’t like when somebody leaves the restaurant with the toothpick hanging from the mouth. I just don’t like it.

  • mia

    He has boobs, and needs one of the Victoria Secret bras. Cups B.

  • Anakin

    @18 – his hero is former WWE & WCW star Razor Ramon!

  • Bibi

    I love him so much…
    But the toothpick in the mouth… hum, it’s not so glamouros!

  • http://justjared beautiful

    I love him he looks great

  • sam

    Main Street is supposed to be set in Durham, NC. Let me tell you, I live in Durham..And the cops here do not look like Orlando =))) Lets just say they’ve all had one too many doughnuts

  • pal

    Great Orlando! More work and less laziness!!! Congrats.

  • @19

    uhmmmm, those are called pecs.
    and what gorgeous pecs they are

  • Frown Orlando


    Naw, he’s frowning because there aren’t as many paps as what he ordered. he’s still worried about his slipping celebrity status and more paps=higher status. he can play all the Enos’ he wants, the general public still doesn’t buy him no matter how loud and obssessive and blind his fans are. can’t blame the gf for any of that.

  • @mia

    Those aren’t “boobs.” They’re pecs. If you’d seen any of his shirtless set pix from “Sympathy for Delicious,” you’d know that he’s a fit ‘lean machine” without an ounce of excess padding on his slim but well-toned frame.

  • @Frown Orlando

    Bitter much? You sound it. Might as well relax ‘cuz he’ll still be around no matter how much you may wish he’d disappear. Sympathy for Delicious, Main Street, The Cross, and an assortment of other interesting films projected for the future. Yep, he’s not going anywhere (as in ‘away’); so sorry to disappoint.

  • for #17

    bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck
    little chicken hiding
    obsessive in your hatred
    why are you so ashamed
    to show your face if righteous
    always sqawking
    sqawking sqawking sqawking
    hiding in shadows
    if your message is true
    why so beyond self control
    and blue
    bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck bwarck

  • @29

    and there ya go

  • norda

    Where is the girlfriend?

    Have they seen each other since OZ papfest or not? Looks weird that they aren’t photographed together for almost two months now.

  • @28

    not bitter at all, pointing out the obvious which I know in your rabbithole of a fandom means anything less than blind adoration and hyperbole concerning St. Orlando equals hatred/bitterness/yawn. really you should push yourself away from the teaparty and go out into the real world sometime. Bloom’s place in the cosmos will shrink to its proper proportion and yes, you can still even be a fan without necessarily believing the doctrines you’ve made up about the man.

  • @31…

    just because they haven’t been photographed together doesn’t mean they haven’t been together in the last month, the paps are not around 24/7.

  • @31

    so 4 weeks = two months?
    you didn’t finish school, did you?

  • Sinner or Saint (not)

    Why are those who post here about Orlando Bloom always given the label of either a ‘bitter hater’ or a ‘blind worshipper’ who considers him to be ‘St. Orlando?’ There IS a middle ground. One can be a ‘fan’ and still not choose to blindly ‘worship’ or blindly ‘condemn’ him. Believe me, I’m well aware he has his faults. But I can also acknowledge the qualities I see about him that I think are positive and which (imo of course) outweigh the negative.. It needn’t be one extreme or the other. I prefer to accept that he has his share of ‘human frailties’ but I can also acknowledge that he’s no more of a ‘sinner’ than he is a ‘saint.’

  • blind delusional fan

    I have some things to confess.
    Sympathy for Delicious, Main Street and The Cross are not real projects, they only exist in our delusional minds.
    People, Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly and other magazines never buy his pictures and that’s why Orlando has to beg crying to Their Majesties the paps to take pics of him frowning and walking alone.

    Oh and as evidenced by these pictures he’s also fat, ugly and old. And bald.

  • @35

    Well said.

  • @36


  • mitchy

    he is so bland an actor like DiCaprio; only liked Bloom on LOTR

  • #65 again

    I’d say the bitterness lies in some fans of a certain actor who are unable and/or unwilling to acknowledge some things about him that have become crystal clear to anyone with some degree of objectivity. My observations are not based on fantasy or hate; they’re based on looking back over a long period of time. They’re not snap judgments. Like the man or love the man all you want, see his films 15 times each, and be proud to be his fan(s), but don’t expect everyone else and everyone else to feel the same way about him or see him the same way. I certainly don’t expect everyone to automatically share MY personal views, but Bloom is NOT leading man material except in the minds of the female fans who’d like to bed him. The general movie going public and straight male members of the audience don’t consider him a leading male actor. And Hollywood producers, who most likely do NOT consider $208 million world wide gross to be an adequate return on a $100 million dollar investment epic, are not likely to take another major financial risk on him. Bloom will have to work his way up properly this time and prove himself. From my point of view, this commentary is not based on bitterness but on reality and an honest assessment of this man’s acting ability as shown thus far, and on his words versus his actions over the years.

    And IMDB should be accurate with it’s world wide gross stats for motion pictures, even if it’s not always accurate in other areas regarding actors and films in production.

    I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. But time has proven me right, and I’m still standing by my words. Labeling people and categorizing them seems pointless, but the bitterness seems to be in the fans who cannot accept certain realities about Bloom.

  • @40

    You got OWNED on the last thread, and now you are here trying to spread your bitterness.
    What’s the matter? Why didn’t you have an answer to that last post? Are you regretting all of the time that you wasted trying to paint Orlando as a failure, only to provide concrete proof that he was more successful; than other more established actors?

  • Colin Yout

    To #41-

    Thank you yet again for proving #32, #35 and yea, #40′s points. Get over yourself. Are you one of those members who seem to think this fandom is made up of a ruling heirarchy and gets seriously disturbed when the common rabble challenge your judgements?

  • @42

    Where did you get that nonsense?
    I was simply pointing out that this particular poster has once again tried to twist facts to suit their agenda. They ignore the truth, or any challenges to their beliefs, yet still post the same drivel.
    I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, but don’t lie or twist facts to try to prove a point, because I will call you on it.
    I welcome differing opinions in the interest of discussion, but based upon your comment, you just want to preach, not discuss.

  • @40

    You are one of the least “objective” people here.
    You are so gung ho to prove that Orlando isn’t a successful actor, that you just can’t acknowledge that your own facts have proven that he IS, IN FACT successful.
    Step back, look at your own information that you posted in his last thread, and come back and admit that you were wrong. Then, and only then, can you call yourself “objective”.

  • hey

    We don’t want this thread to be as long and stupid as the previous one, right?

    So if you hate bloom like i do (sometimes) there’s no need to reiterate senseless posts. Once is enough.

    p.s. Johnny is a very versatile and talented actor.

  • LOL

    These threads always end up long and stupid. Especially since there are always idiots who come to post how much they hate him.
    I think that he looks fantastic! I am looking forward to Main Street, but I’m really excited about The Cross. I can’t wait for that one.
    Also, It looks like Orlando is now in Durham. A fan got his picture with him at a Whole Foods market. The pic was blurry (cell phone), but you could tell that Orlando looked great. The kid was kinda cute, too.

  • wow

    I just saw on youtube the new Miranda Kerr behind the scenes vid “a bra fit for an angel”……lucky Orlando is all I can say!!!

  • Cameron

    Who sad Miranda calling the paps all the time? Somebody read Miranda’s name in this article? But take a look on her’s. There’s always Orlando’s name. Like Orlando’s Bloom girfriend or someting like this. And worse, she always smile for the paps. She is a joke! Orlando please open your eyes!!!

  • wishfulthinking


    Sources claim that orlando had been to previous VS shows, why didn’t he notice doutzen?

    Guess orlando doesn’t like girls who can be somehow considered very successful in their chosen career, and those who are nice, prim, unslutty, and those who opposed the idea of prancing their relationship all the time. See orlando likes his gf to be someone beneficial to his career, not someone who can take the attention off him. That’s my opinion and anyone who will disagree is very welcome.

  • @49

    Aww, that’s so nice of you to allow others to disagree.
    Sources say that he met Miranda at the 2006 after-party, but no one knows for sure. Was Doutzen even working for VS back then? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.
    And, once again, Miranda IS successful, and so was Kate when they were together. Every woman that he has ever been linked to (in the press) has been successful.
    As to why he didn’t go after Doutzen? Who knows? Maybe he just doesn’t like women who walk like lumberjacks.
    And as far as being “unslutty” (yeah, let’s make up words), those pictures that Doutzen did for that mens magazine didn’t look “unslutty” to me. No clothes, tacky tan lines and a cig in her hand. Yeah, they just screamed “prim”. LOLOLOL!