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Ryan Phillippe & Malin Akerman: Bang, Bang!

Ryan Phillippe & Malin Akerman: Bang, Bang!

Ryan Phillippe and Malin Akerman (Watchmen) shoot new scenes for their new movie, The Bang Bang Club, on Friday (March 27), in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The film is based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa.

Also spotted: Joao Silva (the author of the “The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War”), Frank Rautenbach and Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

15+ pictures inside of Bang Bang costars Ryan Phillippe and Malin Akerman

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ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 01
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 02
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 03
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 04
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 05
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 06
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 07
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ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 10
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 11
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 12
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 13
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 14
ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 15
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ryan phillippe malin akerman bang bang club 17

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  • This movie sounds cool!

  • jimmy


  • G

    It’s Taylor Kitsch not Kitcher..

  • Amanda Harris

    its taylor KITSCH !!!!! not Kitcher!!!!

  • OH MY

    Ryan PeePee is trash.

  • m

    Ryan is gorgeous, I love him, interesting….., misterious…, wild.., yeah!
    He is a proper actor,not like that midget of RW, glad he got rid of her and moved on and also moved away from all the paps attention that Reese loves. Obviously he likes to keep his life private as he said in many interviews. Good luck Ryan, i’ll go and watch this movie, defo.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………there was a fart?
    WHO, folks?

  • tina

    Yeah, Reece can’t act and Ryan can…have you heard of acting? Do you know what it is? Convincingly portraying a character- not pouting and lisping your way through shit movies while your far more talented wife pays for your life, your divorce and your love nest to share with the slut you cheated on her with.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……………..A F*RT?

  • Dinio

    It’s interesting to see how he picks better movie stories now that he is not with Reese and the opposite happens to Jake, he was a really good actor, used to pick good movies, Brokeback Mountain,Donnie Darko,…. and now, since he is with Reese, Prince of Persia, a very commercial thing, typical of Reese, I wonder how much power this woman has over the men she has in her life, she’s got to be a total control freak.

  • athena

    Being a photojournalist is a scary position to have. It takes lots of guts because, in the end…one becomes a hero.
    I can’t wait to see this film…I hope they really get to the grit of what these guys do so the public can get a glimpse at what they do for a living. Takes a lot of guts to do this kind of work.

  • athena

    I meant being a war combat photojournalist…not all photojournalist deal with scary crisis and issues.

  • Lucas

    Dinio, she makes sure they don’t pick movies that are going to make them more famous than her. It’s called “castration”, you know what I mean. Cut the ball’s man.

  • buckley

    I’m so sick of Ryan and his perma bitch face.
    Never a smile out of him.
    Plus he’s terribly untalented.

  • Paul

    Yes, do you remember Lorena Bobbitt, back in the 90′s? I think Reese is a contemporary version of her. Good Ryan got out of that marriage before it was too late. Good for you, Ryan!

  • Angie

    I hope Ryan will do well with this movie, he chooses good stories and good independent movies, he didn’t have the chance when he was with reese as we all know Reese is all about ‘me,me,me’, I think they both are happier now they are with other people, Reese is getting the attention she loves and the crap money making movies she loves,and Ryan has got a happy private life and great movies with great stories to show what he does for a living, ACTING!

  • Alan

    Guys, I just have to mention, the promotion of Monsters v Aliens was like the never endless story, my god, I thought it would never end. Thank god it’s done. Jesus!

  • uglysexy

    not sure I think she’s cute or not…certainly hard to tell from
    these stills…she does look good from behind in a pink bikini though

  • IvyMades

    Ryan’s new movie sounds interesting. I think I’ll definitely check this one out.

    I don’t understand all the hate towards Ryan! I think Reese and Ryan were a nice nice couple and they have beautiful kids. However, the relationship didn’t work out. It happens all the time. Ryan was pretty straightforward that they had their issues and were seeking counseling for many years.

    I really think all this Reese-fanatics and Aniston-fanatics need to calm down. Relationships are pretty complex and I think its petty and juvenile to demonize the man because he’s not longer with your favorite actress!!

  • Looks old

    He looks freakin old in this pic and he’s not terribly good at acting. Boo hoo now that he’s done with Reese he can become a good actor…I got a tip 4 u idiots that think this, if you’re a good actor, you’re even a better actor during a shittty marriage

  • Henry

    Looks old,
    the only f*cking idiot here is you, respect other people’s opinion,even when they don’t agree with you ,plus don’t take these things so personally, moron, this is only a website for entertainment. If this is your only life, you are a really really sad person. Ryan is a good actor, he just need a good movie to show off his skills. Although, the relationship didn’t work, we live in 2009,man, relationships are difficult to work and you know, these things happen. The guy is not the only one to blame, it just didn’t work out for them, and they both look much happier now, anyway.Freak!

  • Marion

    I like Ryan as an actor and I’m actually glad that reese and him didn’t stay together just for the kids like a lot of couples do, the relationship was over long before the divorce, they look sooo much happier now, and they seem to deal with the kids really well,too. Good for them. I can’t wait to see this movie, it looks very interesting, good storyline.

  • whatever, yo

    Joao Silva must be Portuguese :) I have to go find that book now!

  • lee

    …who cares about Ryan, Reese and their bl*ody divorce, they both are fu*king ugly and overrated, I’m off to Spain tomorrow for easter holydays and i just wanna see good looking people lying on the beach, I hope the women look as good as Penelope Cruz, good buy,guys!Have a nice easter, I might not come back,….! Luv

  • Patty

    The book is very good but very honest and not an easy read IMO. It’s real life and not good guys/ bad guys.

    As for you fan girls/boys that think Ryan was castrated by Reese, Ryan has been making interesting films for many, many years now. He never took the Hollywood star route but that was deliberate and he recently said so when he was promoting Franklyn.

    Reese hasn’t castrated Jake either. Jake and Reese both work for Disney right now and make alot of money at it. What I think about that is another subject.

  • William

    Spain is a great country, I lived in Madrid for 1 year and i loved it, i used to rent a flat in Moncloa, I was teaching English at a College there,have a great time, Love the tapas and the beer, also the Spanish lifestyle. I’d love to go back. Adios,amigo!

  • Lynn

    I’m a Jake’s fan since Donnie Darko, well, I don’t know if I am any more, I think I’ve given up on Jake making a good movie now. I’ve watched him on interviews saying he chooses his movies based on the message they deliver, well, he can say that about Brokeback, The day after tomorrow(global warming) and very few more, but since he is with reese, and sorry about that, Patty, what is the message in PoP and Nailed, Brothers is a remake of a foreign film, why? As you say, Jake is working for Disney and makes a lot of money, but what’s the point if you are not the one who pick your own movies? there is no reward, it’s just money. Sorry, but I think Reese has got a lot to do with that,just my opinion.

  • Graham

    Reese is a manipulative bitch, she has ruined Jake’s career by picking stupid Disney movies for him like PoP, saying that, I think she is quite an intelligent woman and jake is just a blooming idiot, she knows how to control a stupid ignorant guy like jake, while she couldn’t do the same with Ryan, who in my opinion, has got a pair of balls and is not that easy to control. Jake will wake up in 20 yrs time thinking,what the hell have I done with myself and my career, but It would be too late,then. Good for you, Reese.

  • Leo

    Jake is Reese’s muppet, i bet she is having a great time with him. His days in the film industry will be over after PoP,and his next movies are gonna bomb at the box office, you can just tell, oh, god, poor Jakey. He needs to stop sharing his PR manager with Reese and get a new one, urgently.

  • Mar

    Jake looks ridiculous in the last pics of Prince of persia, what the hell what these people thinking when they release those pics?, they say a lot about what the movie is going to be about,oh, jesus! He would make more money doing a gay p*rn movie than doing that, less work,too.

  • Ed

    What are you talking about? less work? He probaly acted about 10 mins of PoP movie and the rest was done by a stunt. I laughed out at the pictures,too,though.

  • CB1572

    Who cares about Ryan Phillippe – BRING ON TAYLOR KITSCH!!!! Hot hot hot

  • E. M.

    Jake is an idiot, everybody who works with him will tell you what a clown he is on set, I think a bit too much for some people’s comfort. I actually think he lacks of confidence and is a very insecure man,specially in the presence of women, which led me to think he might be gay, the last time i worked with him in London. It was all very strange.

  • anabel

    this movie looks quite interesting, I’ll go and see it, we lack of good interesting movies at the cinemas recently, it’s all remakes or movies for kids, I like going to the cinema, but there is not much choice recently, it’s all crap.

  • Emma

    3 things are true on this board:
    1. jake is gay.
    2.Reese is a control freak.
    3.We lack of good movies at the box office, yeah! we need quality, not stupid movies to keep families happy during recession times.Please, Hollywood, come up with something better than Monters V Aliens, we need good stories, making movies is suppossed to be art, what happened to that???????

  • Lord Byron

    I don’t know if Jake is gay, but I can totally say he is not sure about his sexuality, what the behind scenes of Donnie Darko, and you’ll know what I mean, the campest thing on earth.
    And yes,please, bring some good movies to the cinema, the last few weeks have been pathetic, I don’t think making movies can be considered Art any more, the movies are ridiculous!

  • jessica

    Ugh who cares about stupid Reese and Jake. This movie looks awesome and Ryan Phillippe is HOT! He looks great with his longer hair.

  • maria

    I like Ryan and i like his movies, this one looks like a good choice,I can’t wait to see it.

  • eva

    he looks hot and the movie looks promising……….well done, ryan.

  • twins

    Ryan is the best, love him, iu!!!!!
    This movie looks cool!

  • steven

    this movie looks awesome, a good story at last. Sure, Phillippe will nail it.

  • max

    I always get sucked into Ryan’s movies. I saw one on TV the other day that I had never heard of that I couldn’t turn off. Something about him is just so watchable. Even movies from when he was younger and not such a great actor hold my attention.

  • beer_wolf

    Forget Ryan bring on The Kitsch!!!

    I keep hearing that he’s lost 30lbs of muscle and dyed his hair – now I just want the proof

  • latika

    Taylor + Ryan = Win

  • Goldie

    Where is his tattoo on his left arm? It looks like the makeup department fully covered it!

  • Alison

    Love Ryan! Glad to see since his divorce from Reese, that he has come out of her shadow, getting great movie roles and is being seen for the wonderful actor he is.

  • Reese’s fauxmance

    Jake is Reese Witherspoon’s fake boyfriend, someone who makes her look good, desirable, so over Ryan.
    This fauxmance gets Reese tons of publicity and media attention.
    Jake looks straight, Reese gets publicity = money.

  • Yukie

    i Hate Jake G.!!!i really haye him,after he dated Reese

    love Ryan and Reese..
    love Ryan that he chooses those movies not for money,hes really love working on movies..does not care what he gets..
    i think Reese works hard because her family..

    anyway,i love Phillippe family..
    Phillippe kids..Ryan..Reese

  • Yukie

    anyway its glad to see that here has a lot of Jake’s haters lol!

    actually i love Reese and Ryan since Cruel intention..
    i think they were so match,they are great couples,
    they are good parents..

    Ryan Phillippe is a real actor i mean,
    he does movies which he likes and not care about the money or box office,

    Reese…i love her,so much..maybe “loved”
    i know she tried to work hard for money because of the family,
    and tried to keep her family i mean Ryan,heself,Ava and Deacon..

    and don’t know why,after she had dated Jake,
    her life has such a whole change..
    we can see her nearly once a week on magazine or here,
    she and Jake G. went public,shopping,kissing,wow so lovely..
    ahhh thats so disgusting..come on
    show what?show off how sweet that you are with Jake?
    ok Jake G. gets what?more popular?

    if Reese and Jake G. get married,
    i wont like her anymore..
    but she won’t care

    Phillippe kids be strong!