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Sienna Miller Likes A Little Liquor

Sienna Miller Likes A Little Liquor

Sienna Miller is seen leaving a liquor store on her way to LAX, where she got a police escort on Wednesday (April 1) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old actress reportedly flew to Los Angeles on Tuesday to visit Josh Hartnett as he recovers from his recent health problems.

Sienna recently spoke about filming for the The Edge of Love and said that, “The hardest scene, emotionally, for me was when I was crying and pulling stitches out.”

John [Maybury] (director) locked me in a trailer with the saddest music I’ve ever heard and said, ‘Come out when you’re ready’ and kind of tortured me.”

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller liking a little liquor…

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sienna miller liquor store 01
sienna miller liquor store 02
sienna miller liquor store 03
sienna miller liquor store 04
sienna miller liquor store 05
sienna miller liquor store 06
sienna miller liquor store 07
sienna miller liquor store 08
sienna miller liquor store 09
sienna miller liquor store 10

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  • Nativenyker

    I think she is a fab actress but off screen I dont see what the hoopla is about…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lizzie

    Fab actress? In which film?

  • Tidbit

    Why do we have to keep hearing about this nasty, no-class homewrecking trashbag?!

  • Trip

    Sienna in a liquor’re kidding me.. there’s no assistant or something to send out? Gee, it’s almost like she wants the papas to find her….

  • fucktards

    @ 2
    She was a good actress in The Edge of Love.
    People are so quick to call her a bad actress even though they’ve probably never seen any of her films..
    They all go “oh she’s a homewrecker therefore she must be a bad actress”
    you people disgust me

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I still wonder: WHO REALLY LIKES sienna miller, folks?

  • Deb

    no, she can be a bad actress AND a homewrecker…she manages both beautifully!!!

    What’s with the police escort crap? is she Brittany Spears now?

  • Howie

    #5–That maight be because no one has seen her in or cared about the few small movies she’s done. She’s much better known as a ho than as an actress.

  • bleh

    @ 7
    I’m not really a fan … never really was.
    I don’t really like whats she’s done to her personal life,

  • Ruth

    She alone caused the damage to her career. Women having affairs with married men usually act with caution and discretion in order to protect their own reputation. She did neither and her blatant behaviour (together with that of her still married lover) has affected how the public views her as a person and as an actor. She can blame no one but herself.

  • amy

    I love her flatssss

  • fucktards

    because one has nothing to do with the other. She’s ruined her career because she’s a home wrecker, not because shes a bad actress.
    I wouldn’t go as far as calling her the best actress of her generation or anything but she’s not an awful actress.

    #8 Well if you don’t care about her work then you obviously haven’t bothered to see any of it. Then how can you tell she’s a bad actress?

  • Deb


    Okay,, you’ve named yourself well.

    She’s both!!! She sucks as an actress. She is a homwewrecker. She was a bad actress before she started be a homewrecker…(but she started that, early too). I’ve seen her work. She sux. End of conversation.

  • Jazz

    Why does she need a police escort? Do you see hundreds of fans clamoring to see her?

    What a waste of my tax dollars. Escorting this ho to buy liquor?

  • dennis

    LOL the nasty woman is back.

    she needed to be tortured to act right in a scene.

    she really needs to obe tortured to go back home and stay there

    she’s nothing but trash

  • nicole

    to: # 1, 5, 9, 12

    LOL the poster above is right! You’ve named yourself well and I know you posted the above numbers at different names.

    Homewrecker, bimbo, nasty person, etcc…or not…..

    she is still a lousy actress and in the near future…people will be saying…Sienna who??

    oh, the ho…..


    She is not a homewrecker ..

    Not like Tom who cheated on Nicole
    with Penelope Cruz.. who broke up his marriage.. Did he think with
    his head or the other part of his anatomy when he cheated on Nicole.!


  • Dulcie

    Except Getty and his wife WEREN’T SEPERATED!! HELLOOOOOO

    And because she is acting like classless trash flaunting her crap all over the place, and then whining ’cause her sisters don’t love her.

  • Clare

    That scene was totally bumbled too.

  • lana

    shes a good actress…. its such a shame that her personal life acts as a veil against that….

  • A

    yeah it’s such a shame )))))))))))))))))

    although, more like a gift of destiny )))))

  • pammy

    someone up there said shes not a homewrecker!

    ha! what a clueless idiot

    sienna can’t act to save her life!

  • vanessa

    i don’t get it… justjareds thing says ‘sienna miller liking a little liquor’…. she only bought a packet of cigarettes… you can see in the pictures…

  • raquel

    Why exactly is a police escort needed again? To waste CA taxpayers’ money?

  • Terri

    #24-to protect the married men in the area from her kavlachos, which has the gravitational pull of a black hole

  • Titi

    Her skin is so spotted and dry that makes she looks older, like 31/32

    and yes, she has always been a bad actress, she has always played small roles!

  • CELBLOCK 007

    DOESN’T EVERYONE WHO GOES TO JAIL GET A POLICE ESCORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????? HAHAHAHAHA
    A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA


  • karma

    No kidding, a police escort? Huh, instead of escorting her, they should be arresting her for her crimes against film. And I don’t think I’d be bragging that the director had to torture her into giving a mediocre performance. That’s not a good thing, Sienna, NOT a good thing.

  • Paulie

    Dam this woman always looks terrible. What the hells she doin?

    Nice to know my tax money is going to help someone buy cigarettes. Does she actually do anything for a living or just go on vacation and get nakid?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she looks alright
    idk why but i think she looked better yesterday
    i will say that outfit is so damn cute =D
    love the jeans especially

  • c

    She is going to be gravely disappointed when she learns that the “Best Supporting Actress” award won’t make people turn a blind eye when she leaks photos of herself vacationing with the married man in Miami and photos of herself dining/partying with the married man over Easter weekend.

    Just like last year, this whole nonsense about visiting JH is a cover. She is still sleeping with the married man and hid behind JH sickness so that she can perform yet another booty-call with him. Besides, if she had really stopped sleeping with the married man she would be whining to the whole wide world about how he took advantage of her.

    A police escort, really? Just another attempt to play the victim and create a scene. If she was that afraid of the papz, then she shouldn’t have called them and invited them to LAX. What makes it even more obvious that she tipped them off is the fact that she has managed to leave LA several times without being seen or heard.

    Why must she be wearing a cross while she steps on the backs of others? It’s not enough that she humilated a mother and her 4 kids, now she is dragging JH into the midst of her insecurities.

  • Daveyjones

    I am so bored with her zzzzzzz

  • sally

    like the outfit

  • meh

    wtf! police escort for some d-list actress who got famous by dating jude law!

  • Billy Bob

    wHAT THE hell did they give her a police escort for? If anyone ACTUALY wanted her, let them have her? God knows everyone else has HAD her.

  • blah!

    Turns out (and I have it on excellent authority) that she never went to see Josh Hartnett at all! It was all said and done for the publicity. What a manipulative shrew! I dislike this woman more and more with each passing day…

  • MMA

    She is not looking so good lately…her hair and face is all jacked up!