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Suri Cruise is Ballet Slipper Sweet

Suri Cruise is Ballet Slipper Sweet

Suri Cruise puts her best ballet slipper forward as she trains to be a ballerina at a dance studio on Thursday morning (April 2) in Malibu, Calif.

Mom Katie Holmes (in Joe’s Muse Jeans in Harvey) was seen carrying her 2-year-old daughter out of the dance studio, with a bodyguard in tow.

It also seems that Katie can’t get enough of her hand bag! It’s the Parker Large Convertible Hippie Bag by Coach.

10+ pictures inside of ballet slipper sweet Suri Cruise

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suri cruise ballet slippers 01
suri cruise ballet slippers 02
suri cruise ballet slippers 03
suri cruise ballet slippers 04
suri cruise ballet slippers 05
suri cruise ballet slippers 06
suri cruise ballet slippers 07
suri cruise ballet slippers 08
suri cruise ballet slippers 09
suri cruise ballet slippers 10
suri cruise ballet slippers 11
suri cruise ballet slippers 12
suri cruise ballet slippers 13

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  • aubrey lillian

    Suri is a pretty little girl but Katie needs to fix her bang

  • hehe

    2nd to comment!! suri is gorgeous x

  • serioulsy

    i am starting to detest this child.

  • bored


  • suriis

    so not cute.

  • Loreley

    oh, she’s gonna grow up into such a “socialite” b*tch, i can almost see her.. such an annoying kid.. bleah

  • umm

    jared, i’m sure you are paid to post about them everyday but please enough of this two boring people.

  • lol

    lmao at katie’s hair. it looks like an ugly wig!

  • abby

    Suri doesn’t look like she’s pissed with the papz, she’s just acting like a spoiled brat.

  • batteryisnotincluded

    robokid is pimped out again by her robomom

  • Frenchy

    I rarely post here.

    Aww I was a ballet girl. And hope to be a balleiina mom one day. Cute.

  • Raphael

    He posts these because these threads are popular, #7. Just stop visiting them.

    How is she doing that, #9?

  • 1

    creepy looking kid.

  • bizarre


  • sorrybut

    mother and daughter are both weirdos.

  • Bunny


  • yeah


  • teehee

    Paris Hilton in the making.

  • *

    spoiled brat

  • BLUE

    Once again, another summer dress that is so short KH has to cover up Suri’s bum so you can’t see up her dress. POOR CHILD! And all the while the mother is warmly covered, even wearing a scarf, and the child barely has any clothes on. KH must be so wacked out of reality to not realize that everyone is dressing somewhat warmly including herself and she’s parading her half naked diaper wearing 3 year old around for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. KH’s real self must be so warped.

  • Susie

    The kid is very pale and very thin. I wonder what – if anything – she eats.

  • Susie

    And I meant to say “besides sweets.”

  • sigh

    Suri used to be so cute.

  • Annie

    Zombie wife and kid scared, tired yet again……..

  • shay shmay

    Suri doesn’t look stressed. She’s used to be doted on.

  • Sal

    Tiny Gay Tom doesnt spend any time with them does he?…..Unless it’s for profit. Go figure.

  • melanie

    lol…..Suri probably controls what she eats as well. Just picture her stomping her feet, making those faces…to eat what she wants.

    more and more I am seeing that the reason Katie lets her keep the bangs long and in her eyes……..its a way for Suri to hide (shethinks she is hiding)

    i am laughing about what raphael said about these thread being popular. lol.

    people are just curious about this freaky family. that’s why!

  • jolie-pitt lover

    No matter what the haters say the cruises are far more happier than all you B**ches will ever be. Just leave the Cruises be, let them live their life how they choose to.

  • jolie-pitt lover

    No matter what the haters say the cruises are far more happier than all you B**ches will ever be. Just leave the Cruises be, let them live their life how they choose to.

  • ithink

    Katie wants Suri to be the most stylish celebrity tot so she dresses her up like a doll regardless of the weather condition.

  • Jinx

    Just stay home.

  • ade

    Cut this bang

  • Mar

    That poor child.

  • Annie


  • Raphael

    What makes you say that, #18 and #19?

    Ergo they’re popular, #27.

    It’s April in LA, #30. It’s probably very warm. Quit acting like you know what Holmes is thinking.

    Of course she does, #34. It’s just that you ‘conveniently’ miss those pictures.

  • daisy

    smug face

  • People are CRUEL

    How can anyone posts a comment this kid is weirdo/creepy??? Do you guys have a heart? c’on! Suri is very cute. I agree her bang should be trimmed… but she’s by no mean a weirdo, creepy, ugly… what a world full of mean people!

  • obsessionisnothealthy

    why? do you know what she is thinking #35?

  • cute?

    Suri is just a plain looking kid with expensive clothes.

  • Ava

    Security curtains in the SUV! Isn’t that a bit over the top?

  • @40

    ^ katie thinks she and her daughter are both over the top.

  • both fugly.

  • Not so cute

    has anyone ever seen suri wear a dress twice? I haven’t.

  • a realist

    Katie is empty in the head. I really feel sorry for that little girl.

    1. Hair is always covering her face. Which is not good for her vision, in the long run.

    2. She is always dressed inappropriately.

    That child will need a whole lot of therapy for sure.

    3. She still wearing diapers, at 3 years of age.

    Tom would be a fool to have another child with this woman.

  • irees

    Suri is like the typical, rich girl doll!

  • laurie

    Sorry but she looks like a little bitch and Katie buy a barrette..she looks like a slob

  • why

    Why is this girl always 1/2 naked??? and Katie has a sweater & scarf on.

  • zoe

    she really bugs me!!

  • oscar

    suri needs good discipline! ”

    Katie needs parenting classes

    otherwise…suri is gonna grow up like paris hilton. just a waste of air

    no more kids katie and tom. straighten up your brat first

  • uh oh…

    I can just picture them at the ballet class…Suri – standing watching all the other children in the class with a cold, blank stare while they all just get on with it (being kids).