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Gisele & Tom: Costa Rica Couple!

Gisele & Tom: Costa Rica Couple!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady spend time with his son John on the beaches of Costa Rica on Friday where they are on vacation and having a reported second wedding with family and friends.

Gisele, 28, has been adjusting to being a second mom to John, and recently commented, “I understand that he has a mom (actress Bridget Moynahan) and I respect that. But, to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him that’s not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent!”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele and Tom, the Costa Rica couple…

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gisele bundchen tom brady costa rica 02
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  • david

    That’s sweet. My parents are also divorced but I love my stepdad as if he were a real second dad.

  • nora

    these two make me sick. She just HAS to hold that baby to make it look like she’s the mother of the year…uhh, I rarely see Bridget parading around getting photo opps with the baby. I bet She’s gonna be pisssed.

  • Jen

    She’s ugly!

  • crystal

    aww they are so cute…gisele is such a great role model and step-mom!!: D

  • Lana

    No honey, he is not your chuild, he is your husband child with another girl. Make youor own baby to call your!

  • david

    No one wants to take pics of Bridget, honey. As a celebrity, she isn’t as big as Tom or Gisele. Tom and Gisele can’t get coffee without being photographed. It’s not their fault.

  • Faith

    uh…thats great that Gisele feels so strongly about the kid.

    But it’ll never change the fact that that’s not her kid 100 percent.
    The smart thing for her to do would be to let the kid know that she will be there for him – but it almost sounds like she’s trying to replace his mother and that’s wrong.

  • Luna

    Bridget has alot of confidence in Tom and Gisele to be able to let her baby son go on a vacation to costa rica. I’m not so sure how I would feel about that if I had a baby and the baby’s father wanted to take the baby on an exotic vacation.

    If I were Bridget I dunno how I would be able to handle the sight of my ex that I had a baby with his new wife and my baby looking so much like their own little family. It would pull at my heart strings.

  • sav

    She’s his stepmom, so yeah, in a way. the kid is her child if she is willing to accept those responsibilities. And I’m sure Bridget knows that it isn’t helpful to convince her child that he’s betraying her for also loving Gisele like a mom.

    A child can have more than two mom and that doesn’t have to be through gay marriages.

  • lilla

    maybe we never see pictures of Bridget with him because she isn’t that famous. I am not trying to sound like a b itch but let’s be serious…Gisele is a lot more famous, she can’t help it if the Papparazi follow she and Tom everywhere. She seems like a great step mum…so we should be happy that boy has three parents who love it when so many have none.

  • Raphael

    Or maybe she’s just holding that baby up, #2? Why find an ulterior motive on something so innocent?

    It doesn’t sound like that at all, #7.

    Like she has much of a choice, #8. That his son too.

    Right, #10.

  • David


  • Ally


    The reason why Bridget is not photographed very often with John is because SHE’S NOT THAT FAMOUS. Gisele and Tom are followed by the paps 24-7, but nobody cares about Bridget. Why not? Because she’s a looser.

  • Lívia

    She looks creepy

  • dundies

    Or maybe she’s just holding that baby up, #2? Why find an ulterior motive on something so innocent?

    It doesn’t sound like that at all, #7.

    Like she has much of a choice, #8. That his son too.

    Right, #10.


  • blossam

    She looks like a man.

  • blossam

    She looks like a man.

  • k

    Bridget has more class than to parade her son or herself around for the papparazzi. How sad some of you feel the need to call someone a loser. You may want to take a hard look in the mirror and see who the loser is.

    And it’s spelled LOSER not LOOSER.

  • h

    Have we seen him hold his kid? Why is it she always holding him. Sorry Giselle he has a mom. Have a bit of respect for her.

  • junglered

    visitation/custody is for the parent … not the step parent..I only see one shot of Mr. Brady holding his son… He’s asking for a lot of trouble… if he keeps flaunting the model in front of his son’s mother…
    Maybe he’s just stupid.. I won’t say anything untoward about the model..
    Mr. Brady is suppose to be in charge of this situation. No woman likes to see her young child cuddled in an attempt at bonding by her replacement!

  • Bonitto

    h, do you have any sense and why are asking these stupid questions – you are a nitwit and an idiot – she is alway holding him because she is his wife, and so what if he has a mom – get the hell off Gisele and tom backs and go find something to do with your life.

  • Bryan jonnes

    Gisele é perfeita e muito profissional! Merece uma vida estável e muito feliz ao lado do homem que escolheu para ser seu marido! Parabéns Gi!

  • lemure

    What is Giselle suppose to do? ignore the kid and pretend he doesn’t exist. I think Gisele’s actions are the appropriate actions and comments that any decent human being would have. But I do think she looks like a man too.

  • Bonitto

    #22 stop with your nonsense, that model is his wife and that boy is his son, you seem to foget that and a lot of you losers who are posting here – what the hell do you think Bridget Moynahan can do to Tom, he must have gotten permission to take his son to Costa Rica, so cut your shit you sound stupid. I have to wonder where some of you people come from.

  • anthony

    You people are insane!!!! It’s a good thing that she is a second mother to that baby, it gives him one more person who loves him and with the situation of divorce that’s a great thing. I wish my step mother had been as loving and accepting as she is because if she had I would have been a lot better off in life. He is very lucky that they are all acting like loving parents and not looking at this like some of you idiots do. It would be awful for him if his mother really thought like some of you..just awful.

  • shay shmay

    I’m sure Tom’s a nice guy, but when you hear Gis talk about him, she sounds like she’s talking about a child. Clearly, she wears the pants in that relationship.

  • Mike

    Gisele and Tom seem so happy ! And little John is a very lucky baby because he is surrounded by loving parents. Gisele looks like she is in heaven when she is holding him.

  • Kar

    Bridget Moynahan Upset Over Gisele’s Comments About Her Son,,20269929,00.html

  • @21

    h, on other sites there are pictures of Tom going swimming with the little guy and Gisele is not around.
    Bridget is not a celebrity so probably that`s why there are no paparazzi pictures of her with John.

  • Maria

    it’s looking apparent that Bridget trapped Tom by getting pregnant on purpose to keep Tom. Tom is only concern with one thing, the son and doesn’t care who bore him because he apparently has one woman in mind and that is the woman he evidently married, Gisele. he’s apparently making Bridget the surrograte to John and Gisele the mother of John. just look how Tom allows Gisele with John.

  • Bonitto

    So what if she is upset Kar, she must stop using her friends to do her dirty work – she put this little baby on the cover of Ok magazine at 5 weeks old.

  • Maria

    it’s apparent Tom is pissed at Bridget by purposely trapping him with pregnancy and Tom’s revenge is to allow Gisele be a motherly to John and making Bridget the surrogate who bore John. No man who have not been trapped by their ex-girlfriend will allow their current gf or new wife like how he allows Gisele with John. they still have respect to the real mother of their child. Apparently Tom has no respect for Bridget because of what she did to him. Sad. But good thing Gisele is very loving with John.

  • wow

    she is looking right at the pap and smiling while they are taking this picture of her holding jack gisele knows what she is doing she is trying to get all the attention she can get while using this baby what i dont understand if why did they get married in the church that bridget attends with jack every sunday if bridget was going to allow him to go to costa rica so he could attend tom and gisele wedding i dont understand that by bother getting married in that church are they trying to hurt her?

  • Breu

    Jen, I would love to see if you look like if you think Gisele Bundchen is ugly !

  • jess

    Yeah, it’s not her biological son but it’s nice that she’s stepping up and treating him as if he were.
    And that kid is adorable.

  • that’s hideous

    gisele is delusion
    and tom is an asshole

  • kae

    Leave these guys alone. It’s all about little John and he seems really happy when he is with Tom or Bridgette. Gisele should continue to love that child. I would rather have the stepmom love my child then hate my child.

  • kae

    Leave these guys alone. It’s all about little John and he seems really happy when he is with Tom or Bridgette. Gisele should continue to love that child. I would rather have the stepmom love my child then hate my child.

  • You/Me

    nora @ 04/03/2009 at 7:42 pm these two make me sick. She just HAS to hold that baby to make it look like she’s the mother of the year…uhh, I rarely see Bridget parading around getting photo opps with the baby. I bet She’s gonna be pisssed.

    Yeah, Bridget Moynihan doesn’t do “photo opps” because she is too busy getting pregnant trying to trap her ex-boyfriend. LMAO
    Bridget should be glad the father of her son loves that boy so much. Instead of loving him Gisele could be hateful and getting in the way of Tom and John’s relationship. I think Gisele is a strong woman that didn’t let a weak woman like Bridget get in the way of the life she and Tom were building together. Bridget is the definition of a woman scorned, ugh, I can’t stand that woman. She should show up dignity and some class and she should be ashamed of herself for not letting John take his father’s name!
    Gisele and Tom are great together and Bridget needs to get a life.

  • barron797

    SOOO STAGED. Give it up Gisele.

  • gefan

    how i wish giselle is dating enrique iglesias..

  • Miapocca

    Moynahan is very generous, I must say….
    Does the daddy ever interact with his own kid?? wierd..its always G here always holding on to the baby for dear life..

    Its going to become like the dog sharing arrangement she has with Leo..but I doubt Bridget will have her coming to her house to see John if they divorced…

    She simply cant let go!


  • junglered

    Bonitto #26…

    You would be surprised at what she (the baby’s mother) can do… obviously you are speaking from a naive, emotional view point. Mr. Brady’s current wife and STEP MOTHER to his son, has no… say in the child’s life. And if Mr. Brady want’s to learn how little the step-mother has to say about the child’s life, … let her continue with the thoughtless remarks. The model’s best bet is to keep wearing those swim suits and close her mouth.
    The baby’s mom will probably not say too much about the step-mother.. because she doesn’t count. But Mr. Brady will surely get an ear full!

  • TJ

    She said , i feel like he is my son 100%. Sorry, but if i were the boys mum, i would be insulted too. It is great that Gisele is good with him, and as much as she prob love the kid, she should keep her mouth shut when it comes to the child!

  • Miapocca

    who are these people who talk about TRAPPING a man in this mordern days…

    Please they are all adults..grow up..If you wear your condoms yo wont be trapped..get over yourselves!!

  • arlene

    she is so wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she really loves that child like it was her, dont u think she would try to stablish some sort of relationship with bridget. she said in the magazine that has never spoken to her…….. it seems to me that gisele wants it to be all about her………..

  • TJ

    Jared- Forgot to say, check your spelling before posting a report, you got Briget’s last name wrong, only one letter, but you are in charge and should try to get thing right! Moynahan not Moynihan. PS I know i am being fussy

  • Janine

    C’mon, they are who they are..beautiful, young, rich and famous. She would have never gotten there if she looked like a man. It is just that simple.
    Lucky kid..he has so much love around him and that is going to make him very confident.
    How many of you, the ones that are bitching here, had that much love growing up? You guys are bitter!

  • hermit crab

    Gisele is just trying to be a good sport. But she needs to have her own kid.

  • arlene

    she also said i want this baby to have a relationship with his mother……. hello………. ur the stepmom…….. oviously he has a relationship with his mom, bridget has full custody……
    i lost so much respect fo gisele……. she should’ve kept her mouth shut……