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Katherine Heigl Kisses aplusk

Katherine Heigl Kisses aplusk

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl shares a romantic kiss with Twitter-phenom Ashton Kutcher (aka username “aplusk“) on the set of their new film Five Killers in Nice, France on Friday (April 3).

Kat, 30, has been working hard on both the the silver screen and TV, saying, “I’m more than happy to make that compromise. As my agent likes to say, ‘High-class problems.’” I don’t know if I want to continue for five years working 12 months a year, but I can take at least another year or two!”

10+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl kissing Ashton Kutcher

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katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 01
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 02
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 03
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 04
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 05
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 06
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 07
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 08
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 09
katherine heigl ashton kutcher aplusk kiss 10

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  • regina

    the wicked witch of Grey’s Anatomy and too full of herself

  • abby

    She looks absolutey stunning as ever. Love Katherine. Thanks for the shots.

  • danny

    Don’t like the dress much but Ms. Heigl is a mighty fine lookin woman. Lucky Ashton.

  • Aaron

    Katherine Heigl = goddess.

  • Karem

    The make a really good looking/ cute couple…

  • geeze.

    ” I don’t know if I want to continue for five years working 12 months a year, but I can take at least another year or two”

    wow, poor thing. to think of all the non-celebrities who have to work 12 months a year FOR THE MAJORITY OF THEIR LIVES.

  • pump it

    Don’t talk sh*t about her just cause she’s fortunate enough to have landed a job that enables her to not work year round if she doesn’t want to. BITTER and JEALOUS are not attractive personality traits.
    Good for her i say. She’s living the dream. And as for that boy….he may be a bit of a di*k but my god he’s a gorgeous looking di*k.

  • emily

    umm…aren’t they both married?!

  • Zara

    ^^It’s for a movie. Someone doesn’t like to read the post, huh?

    They really would make an adorable couple.


    Nah, KELSO isn’t into blondes! He prefer cougars more than young blondes like this. He could have hit another big chic named DONNA, which looks a hundred times better than this anatomy girl here, but he didn’t and still ends up with the cougar anyway, so… case closed! :)

  • mary

    they’re cute :)

  • Courtney

    They look good together!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    his thoughts:
    WHY KISS, a waiste of time.
    (let’s just penetra*te, TIME IS MONEY)

  • Cameron

    I think some of Heigl fanatics are programmed to say stunning and goddess. Lol. A pic. of the woman from 200 feet away and OMG she’s positively radiant.

    Can’t get over her making a movie with that suckage Ashton. Funny stuff.

  • tets

    Die Izzie

  • kathlover

    OMG!! they are such a cute couple..cant wait for this movie yay!!

  • a

    lol hes not feeling it

  • kill the diva


  • Emmy

    ahh, im going to Nice TOMORROW!! :D maybe i meet them (: would be nice :P
    its so pretty there, i love it!

  • Ewana


    Die diva?
    Does that mean your planning to kill yourself? Haha you’re the diva xD

  • Kate

    Katie’s looking GORGEOUS!!

  • rachel

    ZERO chemistry between these two. The look so stiff and awkward playing a couple.

  • weew

    katie looks pretty. i like her hair that bit longer

  • Anna

    Katherine looks fantastic. If Izzie is killed off it will be another nail in Greys coffin.

    She looks like being one of the few Greys stars who will have a career post-show. Just hope she does a few different films rather than rom-coms.

  • jer

    Aw. So cute. She’s rockin’ the hair extensions too.

    Just a few more months until THE UGLY TRUTH comes out in theaters! It’s getting GREAT buzz!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Woah, she lost weight!

    She looks much, much better without those extra pounds and longer hair!

  • Justine

    They are so cute together!! Katherine is SO LUCKY!!! She is a good actress! The hair extensions is a good idea!! She is more beautiful than never!!! I am french and I like what she does!!!

  • Laura

    It’s cool to chat with Ashton via twitter :)

  • ashton the god

    Ashton is gorgeous, he ‘d be a big star if he leaves Demi

  • #10 Donna Karan

    #10 are you referring to the old lady Donna Karan???? NO way does she look better than just about anyone. So, if Ashton is going to stray I am going to bet it wont be with someone a decade older than Demi and well, just ugly.

    As for Demi and Ashton, I give it another five years. The reason I say this is by that time Demi will be in her fifites and will be more and more insecure about the MUCH younger Ashton and her own ability to keep the plastic surgery going enough to not look totally plastic. Beyond that after fifty she will have to have some work down there if ya get my drift if she wants to be “in tight’ with Ashton. My guess is that Ashton will cave to the pressures of many many very good looking women trying to get with him. Kind of like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as a hate this smoking twat
    she is defs looking really hot
    the dress is ugly but she somehow pulled it off
    her legs look really sexy as well and love the shoes
    and this movie must suck if ashton is in it


    “ashton the god” ??? LMAO!!!! r u kdding me? listen , lol, (still crackin up at that one)… he is OKAY lookin… but a GOD?

    JARED is a “god” compared to ashton. Ashton is cute! But come on!

    All right, all right… BOTH jared & ashton r goofy lookin…. hey hey hey, caaaalm down! (they belong to each other)… Hah! they’d make a good episode of somethin… get those two guys together…
    and do what? uh, i dunno
    JUST don’t put Ryan Seacrest in there! yyyyuck!


    #30!!!! That was a riot!STOP!
    No, don’t stop.

  • MMA

    I wish she wouldn’t leave Grey’s…the show’s gonna suck!

  • mmstud

    I just saw Ashton is going to donate to Malaria treatment, after if he gets into 1M followers before CNN on Twitter. So it jus means, you can give a hand and help:

    “if I get to 1 million b4 cnn i’ll by 10000 bed nets” – 13 hours ago

  • Angela

    wow. get it right. it’s not Five Killers, it’s just Killers. stupid.

  • diana

    OMG…… ilove this movie….i love them 2 2gether in real life……uggggggggg i wish ashton was with Katherine……DEMIs ugly

  • http://all akash

    katherine heigl i like you soo soo soo much and i like you movies my 994942436