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Levi Johnston Spills On Tyra Banks Show

Levi Johnston Spills On Tyra Banks Show

Levi Johnston, the ex-boyfriend of Bristol Palin, opens up about being a baby daddy on Monday, April 6th’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

The 18-year-old Alaska native, who was joined by his mother, Sherry and his sister, Mercede, sets the record straight with Tyra about being involved with Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s family, his relationship with Bristol Palin and the real reasons they are no longer together after having a child. He even shows off his “Bristol” tattoo on his ring finger!

Levi, who was sharing a room with Bristol at the Palin residence prior to their breakup, tells Tyra he believes Sarah Palin knew they were having sex and that they practiced safe sex, “most of the time.”

Levi shared,“I’m pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart.”

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55 Responses to “Levi Johnston Spills On Tyra Banks Show”

  1. 1
    yoyo Says:

    Yeah moms are pretty smart. Just not yours or Bristol’s.

  2. 2
    Jessica Says:

    So much for conservative Christian values.

    I feel so bad for Tripp.

  3. 3
    LolaSvelt Says:

    This whole family is a joke, and so is he.

  4. 4
    Nativenyker Says:

    Are we supposed to now feel sympathy for him? He fraudulently and willingly tried to perpetuate the BS on the public w/ some family values crap…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  5. 5
    aida Says:

    Sarah Palin is palling around with fornicators? What will the Christians do? Seriously, this woman who expects the government to intervene in the lives of people’s bedrooms (no to gay marriage, no to birth control for teens, no to abortions) seriously doesn’t want to parent her own child and lets them do what ever they want to do under her own roof. Granted, you can’t control another person’s choices, but at least you can have rules in your own house. Not that hard to tell Levi to go home after a visit, rather than having him sleep over in your daughter’s room. Sarah, you don’t want to intervene with your daughter’s sex life — get your government out of everyone else’s

  6. 6
    shay shmay Says:

    Wow, he’s selling out. Bet he already reregistered as a Democrat. That’s where he belongs.

  7. 7
    shay shmay Says:

    BTW, haven’t seen this site report on Joe Biden’s cocaine video. LOL.

  8. 8
    shay shmay Says:

    BTW, haven’t seen this site report on Joe Biden’s daughter’s cocaine video. LOL.

  9. 9
    tanii Says:

    WTf? Why is he on Tyra? Is he some sort of celeb, now? Did I miss something?

  10. 10
    gerard Vandenberg Says:


  11. 11
    jess Says:

    Oh wow like safe sex makes a difference and they consider themselves a conservative christian family! *rolls eyes*


  12. 12
    Johnny Cakes Says:

    ******….and your dumb ******* mom too.

  13. 13
    dawne Says:

    Tyra’s show that bad, this is what she can get as a guest????? Other than being a horny kid, what does he have to offer the world of entertainment?

  14. 14
    LYNN Says:

    To: Shay Shmay, 04/03/09 @1 :55pm

    I would hope that a responsible webb site will try to make sure that story is true before they comment on the story about the Vice President’s daughter. It was first mention in a tabloid, but I am sure they are still trying to figure out if it is true. If it is true I think the Vice President ‘s daughter is as grown as **** Chaney’s daughter who decided she want to be consider a lesbain.. What do you think the Vice President should do about his daughter if the story is true. I know the Vice dont do drugs.

  15. 15
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol, its pretty stupid when ppl get tats of each other
    i hope thats a constant reminder to ur hillbilly ass
    getting married when ur like only 18?!LMAO!!!
    u must be stupid man

  16. 16
    RHONDa Says:

    Levi and his mama want some money. Lots of people will pay him lots of money to bring Sarah down. Obama is truly rattled by Palin, she is in his head. Its very obvious. Most former vp nominees we barely remember who they are, but Sarah, they are not gonna forget.

    Biden’s daughter the social worker doing coke, that video hasn’t been seen. Hope it will be, Karma is a beautiful thing

  17. 17
    Lachwen Says:

    “Obama is truly rattled by Palin…”

    Right, I’m sure he’s terrified of the woman who sunk the GOP’s chance of winning the election. She’s only still in the public’s consciousness because she’s such a joke.

  18. 18
    jim Says:

    hey all you that are critical of palin,,,, someone is doing your daughter right now, and all you republicans, stay out of peoples bedrooms.

  19. 19
    Andrew Says:

    …but was he wearing his ‘promise ring’ while he fucked her?

  20. 20
    lily Says:

    #b 18 & 19

    grow up!

    get an education before you say anything stupid…..idiots

  21. 21
    sarah Says:

    Obama is truly rattled by Palin, she is in his head. Its very obvious

    Mo hon, Obama is across the globe in NATO and G20 meeting trying to revive a global economy the Republicans left in tatters!!! If anything he’d want her to be forever in the Republican scene, ’cause we all know how much of an asset she was in McCain’s campaign!

  22. 22
    jim Says:

    hey lily, i am having trouble understanding your post. do you mean i have to get an education before i say something stupid [and am an idiot ]or before i say anything i should get an education and i am a stupid idiot? oh yeah, and someone is doing your daughter right now and stay off my case.

  23. 23
    Charley Kane Says:

    “Levi Johnston Spills On Tyra Banks Show”

    Given his claim to fame you really should specify what it is that he spilt on Tyra’s show.

  24. 24
    Ed Says:

    As a christian, my place is not to judge, but to pray. I wish the best for the Palin family, as well as Levi Johnston. I know the bible has strict principles on pre-martial sex. But please remember not to condemn these teen-ager on being irresponsible. This is one mistake out of their lives, and hopefully we can truly hope that the would be great parents, and civil toward each other. The are responsible for the new life that they created, and hopefully they will bring this child up in a proper and responsible matter. Please do not try to justify Mrs. Palin daughter getting pregnant as a reason to pick on Joe Biden daughter, if that is true, but true Christianity is not condemning each other, but showing love to one another,

  25. 25
    Judge Says:

    Tyra has a show because of the nuckleheads who watch that garbage, and there’s plenty of them.

    Tyra, Oprah, Dr.Phil, Ellen. They all prey on the fact that there’s a bunch of stupid, easily led people out there.

  26. 26
    RHONDa Says:

    For all you Obama supporters who feel the need to diss Sarah Palin and her daughter. Obama’s mother was a total tramp, who left him with his grandparents, Obama’s father was a drunk with multiple wives, his aunt is in the US illegally, his brother is a petty thief, Obama bought his house in Chicago with the help of a man who is now in prison on multiple charges of power buying, the Obama girls were baptized into a church so filled with hate for America, candidate Obama had to quit his church of 20 years and the Obama girls have had William Ayer and Bernedette Dorn babysit them. Both should be in prison for murder of police officer and bombings of police station, congress and the pentagon. Now doesn’t that make Sarah Palin look like an amateur in the trailer park soap opera. Scary part is one is the President of the United States. Heaven Help Us, All

  27. 27
    mike Says:

    Ed, honey, the Bible has NO principles on “pre-marital sex”. You won’t find such a thing mentioned anywhere. Big of you not to judge, though. Jesus was right about that one! I am sure that everyone who posts here would wish the best for Bristol and Levi’s child. But, that “one mistake” was committed by two teenagers whose parents (at least one parent) was making a career based on “family values”. Perhaps, it shows why Sarah Palin is a failure as a politician: she did not practice what she preached–namely that young people should not be having sex and that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Bristol and Levi broke both of those rules and the result is a child being raised by another child.

  28. 28
    Jack Says:

    Sarah Palin is Hot. It is amazaing how that pisses everyone off.

  29. 29
    June Says:

    Rhonda – were are you getting your information, Fox News? I would love for you to site a (real) source for all your mean spirited claims. Furthermore, President Obama and his family has nothing to do with this story regarding the Palin’s.

  30. 30
    June Says:

    Rhonda – One last thing… Calling Obama’s mother who is dead a “tramp” is really really low. You have some great “family values”!

  31. 31
    Anexio Says:

    In 15 years when Trig Palin is 16 or so I’m going to be cruel to him and taunt him because he’s a ******.

  32. 32
    mikey Says:

    I’d take both Sarah and Bristol on together (I’m assuming Bristol is of legal age no?). Both women are beautiful… Sarah ended up with a guy who races “snow machines” as they call it now is pretty amazing.

  33. 33
    ruth Says:

    Stop the bashing. These kids have a big job ahead of them. Sexual conduct among teens has changed in the last 20 years. Parents do not always make good choices. Let’s give support, not take cheap shots.

  34. 34
    Jan Says:

    Levi is a hopeless JERK. I am glad she dumped him. One day his son will see this show and it will hurt him. If Levi even knew what love means, he would not have been on that show. He wants money and Banks paid him and his mom and sister. I have lost ALL respect for Banks.

  35. 35
    Edith Says:

    I think it is hilarious that Sarah Palin, who was cast as the White Trash mother of he year, is being called ou for thinking this kids family is even whiter trash.

    People, this is Alaska, you know they are morons. Feel bad for Palin, she is an incredible imbecile thrust into a situation she had no idea she wasn’t smart enough to understand the repurcussions.

  36. 36
    Edith Says:

    I think it is hilarious that Sarah Palin, who was cast as the White Trash mother of he year, is being called ou for thinking this kids family is even whiter trash.

    People, this is Alaska, you know they are morons. Feel bad for Palin, she is an incredible imbecile thrust into a situation she had no idea she wasn’t smart enough to understand the repurcussions.

  37. 37

    What a loser! Thank God she dumped him.

  38. 38
    PENNY Says:

    Rhonda, I would really like to know were are you getting your information from.. And I guess you believe he (Obama) is a terriost too.

    But what does Obama have to do with this story?????

    The person you should be attacking here is either Bristol’s “baby’s daddy or Sarah herself.

    What mother in their right mind would let their 18 year old daughter’s boyfriend sleep in her bedroom?

    You may hold her at a high standard, but I don’t. I would not want her running this country. And guess what??? SHE ISN’T

  39. 39
    serenity Says:

    Rhonda, WTG girl!!! I’m with you and if the supporters can’t see this it is because they have blinders on and will vote for anyone who is a democrat, and continue to blame the Republicans for everything that goes wrong in this country. They should really read and investigate how all the previous wars started, it was democrats, then because of their mistakes the republicans get blamed.

    What Obama is doing in all these countries is not helping us, he is trying to force them to think his way.

    Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I am sharing mine. Oh as information, everyone in my family is democrats, I think I am the only intelligent one, therefore I am not democrat.

  40. 40
    Jared Says:

    You all are just jealous of Palin bc she is a woman and she could kick your ass..the only reason why Obama won was bc some ****** lovers

  41. 41
    dogmadic Says:

    Why is Judge Brown on now (Monday April 06 1 PM) and not the Tyra Banks Show interview as is listed in the TV guide??? Were they forced to pull the interview?

  42. 42
    amy Says:

    jared you are just a racist piece of crap.
    stop using the n word its 2009.
    obama is your president whether you like it or not..he is fixing all the mess that you’re retarded hillbilly president left behind.
    this story has nothing to do with obama so stop trying to pin everything on him…you are pathetic.

  43. 43
    amy Says:

    jared you are just a racist piece of crap.
    stop using the n word its 2009.
    obama is your president whether you like it or not..he is fixing all the mess that you’re retarded hillbilly president left behind.
    this story has nothing to do with obama so stop trying to pin everything on him…you are pathetic.

  44. 44
    manny Says:

    Rhonda…..I hope you feel better after unloading…,LOL!!!

  45. 45
    Tim Stocken Says:

    Rhonda, Serenity and Jared, the problem here is not an out-of-wedlock child. It is two parents who are high school drop outs of a child whose grandmother wants to run for president, on a platform of family values. Those of you who ridicule the dead will see the Obama family in the White House represent family values as well as any family in the country. I would bet my home those two beautiful girls will make this country proud of the way they live their lives under the microscope of the world wide media. It is so ironic that the rest of the world admires our first family while you all are too blinded by racism to see the light.

    Show some respect for the office and the country.

  46. 46
    Tim Stocken Says:

    By the way, Serenity, just how did the Democrats start the war in Iraq?

  47. 47
    Damian McClure Says:

    What a piece of filth this boy is. What ever happened to honor and not “kissing and telling” … it sickens me that Tyra would air this. God forbid some boy break up with your daughter and air her dirty laundry out for all to see.

    Is this what America has become? I count myself a better person for not watching this predatory program.

    It’s very telling to see all the leftists licking their bloody chops at this … how anyone can find joy from a young boy spilling his guts about his sexual relationship with a girl is beyond me.

  48. 48
    dimi Says:

    RHONDa (#26) – You are such an idiot that you don’t understand the difference between Sarah Palin being A PARENT who SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HER/HIS CHILDREN and Obama being a son who IS NOT responsible for his dead parent’s lives. Sarah Palin IS responsbile for her daughter. She had control over her. Obama had no control over his mother or father. Get it. Parents are adults. They are responsible for their kids. If you’r a kid, you can’t control who your parents are and what they do.

    Rhonda, you are such an moronic loser that you can’t see this totally obvious point.

    Go back to school and learn BASIC LOGIC. (Did you drop out in 8th grade? No wonder you identify with the Palins)

    By the way, Obama DEFENDED Bristol Palin by comparing her to his mother. He shamed the media into leaving her alone. Her own mother exploited her children. But that’s fine with dumb Rhonda who can’t tell the difference between parents, children and their respective responsibilities.

  49. 49
    MARY Says:

    It’s hard to believe people have never had a Levi Johnson in their lives. He and his family are white trash. The Palin’s tried to break them up big mistake . They should have had the snot to breakfast , lunch and dinner family game night. Story time and Church and eventually Bristol would have seen the creep in the same light as her parents. As far as Rhonda and the President goes everything was true. His mother was a communist Hence his share the wealth. His mother was not married when he was conceived. She dumped him and his sister (not the same father) on her parents who raised them. If you are able to read you don’t have to watch the news. By the way even religious people whether they be Hindu, Jew, Christian, Moslim or worship a blade of grass have failures that’s why we are human.

  50. 50
    Melinda Lakey Says:

    dude, levi johnston and bristol palin are like any other ordinary teen couple that have a god damn kid, he’s not comin on the show to get people attention or anything its all got to do with the palins. quite judging levi and bristol when all of you are probably out doing the same thing.

  51. 51
    Johanna Says:

    My personal “OPINION”

    Let’s me start off by saying that the Obama Family had nothing to do w/Bristol & Levi laying in bed, having sex & having a child. The last time I checked it only involves 2 people. We are no one to judge everyone else’s problems or mistakes that they have done in their lives. Yes, everyone has had sex @ a young age, but smart enough not to get pregnant. Can we blame Sarah Palin for her daughters actions? Some may say YES. If she allowed her daughter have sleep overs w/her boyfriend, then yes, she is partially to blame. Did she raise her kids w/moral family values…idk, but if she did, Bristol’s moral values should had kicked in while they were having sex. But what can you expect from horny teenagers.

    As for Levi Johnston is concerned, he shouldn’t of went on Tyra Banks and said the things that he has done w/Bristol. Everyone knows that ‘KARMA IS A *****.”

    Last, but not least….Tyra! Never would had thought that Tyra would bring someone out to air out someone’s dirty laundry. I do have to say that Tyra wasn’t too FIERCE, like she claims to be. Maybe she says it was her job, but I know some where within your jobs ETHICS comes into play.

    For everyone else out there who is putting down other people…you are not any better as Levi Johnston.

  52. 52
    chamaole Says:

    LOL the bible has NO comments on premarital sex???? guess you havent read the bible in awhile MIKE #27….
    fornification is sex before marraige.. look it up if you have too.. thanks for the laugh…

  53. 53
    MMA Says:

    His mom is white trash. He’s very cute and I believe a little heartbroken, it was kind of sad =(

  54. 54
    Pilatunes Says:

    Sarah told them to stick to anal sex, so she wasn’t worried. Levi and Bristol were just such dumb hicks they couldn’t get the orifices right.

  55. 55
    Jessy Says:

    Bristol Palin is cool and all u negative peeps out there should take a look at your own lives, theyre not so perfect either i bet. Shes just a teen who made a mistake, GET OVER IT!!!!!
    xoxo luv you Bristol

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