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Sienna Miller Scarfs it Up

Sienna Miller Scarfs it Up

Sienna Miller wraps up in a scarf at LAX Airport in Los Angeles while waiting for her limo on Friday (April 3).

The 27-year-old actress won the Supporting Actress of the Year Award for her role in The Edge of Love at the ShoWest awards ceremony in the Paris Hotel.

Sienna has gone three for three the past few days with appearances all over! The first two in LA, and then her appearance in Vegas.

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Credit: Whittle / Kaminski; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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61 Responses to “Sienna Miller Scarfs it Up”

  1. 1
    karma Says:

    Oh yeah, by heck, she won a MAJOR AWARD! Let’s give ‘r a long, slow clap.
    Oh hold on, that’s what her gyno says everytime she visits. My bad.

  2. 2
    sienna Says:


  3. 3
    Zoe Says:

    Best supporting actress of what…whorehouse! Yah right? And who the hell would watch this ho in anything bug a porno which is all she is good for?

    Maybe in “Sienna Does Your Husband” would be more along her line of work. She’s had much experience in this.

  4. 4
    Billy Bob Says:

    Hey I think I’ve jacked off to that one! Yep, I’m pretty sure I have!!!

  5. 5
    Zack Says:

    Fashion news and music.

  6. 6
    dundies Says:

    lol @ #1

  7. 7
    julia Says:

    ugh….Miss Bimbo McNasty is back.

  8. 8
    Clam Says:

    Which role is she getting an award for? The one where she plays a victim? No, that would be a Lifetime Acheivement award.
    It’s either her ho-bag, other -woman-to-a-married-man, “I’ve been betrayed by the sisterhood” role for this past year.
    Her self-serving “pay attention to me, I’ve been cheated on by a man I’m not married to, people, and my PR is going to make sure that you’re reminded every single day for as far as it will take me….I mean, because it messed me up bad….read bad….so bad, the other woman better watch her back” role a few years ago?
    Which one is your favorite? I

  9. 9
    Tictac Says:

    Why the hell is this woman always on JJ? Does she do anything? Is she anybody beside a husband bumper?

  10. 10
    c Says:

    SM reminds me of that monkey/ape that got its hand stuck because it wouldn’t let go of the banana. She keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. If she keeps up this nonsense, she is going to be whining about how she “quit broadway because she was just too thin and pretty to play alongside the leading man”.

    Winning a “Best Supporting Actress” award isn’t going to make people look the other while she resumes flaunting her affair with a man who won’t divorce his wife. These photos just make it even more obvious that she tips off the paps, for she has sneaked in and out of LA several times without being seen or heard. Was it really necessary to leak photos of herself in LA right after the married man was spotted with his son? so what’s next more photos of her groping the married man outside of another night club. You would think that after her “no sisterhood” comment that she would LAY LOW, but upstaging a mother and her 4 kids must be more important.

    She is simply wearing the scarf to cover up the cross that she refuses to take off while she continues on her quest to upstage an innocent mother and her 4 kids.

  11. 11
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    be honest folks: WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO?
    (she isn’t wearing pants)

  12. 12
    c Says:

    BG dines out with his wife, and SM responds by jumping on a plane to LA to set the record straight. The married man is then spotted out with his kids, and SM responds by jumping on a plane to once again lay claims to the married man. There is something seriously wrong when an adult woman is jealous or threatened by kids. She is upset that the married man performed a photo-opwith his kids, so she tips off the paps so that they capture her at LAX apprantly going to “visit JH”. BTW, “visiting JH” is SM code for performing booty-calls with the married man and rubbing it in the face of RG and her 4 kids.

  13. 13
    Jimmi Says:

    I agree with c. I also think we’ll see pics of the couple very very soon. After all, SM did her best to make paps know she’s in LA.

  14. 14
    Danae Says:

    what a waste of flesh

  15. 15
    A Says:

    to geniuses from JJ, again, the Award is for the GIHoe movie, not EoL. get your ‘facts’ straight.
    “It was a strange experience,” she says of the commercial film, which includes myriad computer-generated effects she hasn’t yet seen. “I never had to duck in front of a green screen, pretending to dodge something that wasn’t there. But it is nice to get an award before the movie’s even out. I wonder if they’d do that with the Oscars. It takes the pressure off.”

    and right now, when you read this msg, she’s giving head to some male in Santa Monica.
    then she’s gonna turn on her Mac and read this blog.

  16. 16
    Whoisshetryingtokid? Says:

    #15 – it is not an ‘award’ in the traditional sense. After all, who nominated her? When? Who decided who the winner was? I ask because Edge of Love only ever came out on limited release and hardly anyone saw it. It has now been re-released and is getting a decidedly lukewarm reception! How does something like that lead to a ‘Best Supporting Actress of the Year” award? (Don’t you just LOVE these made up awards? Even they sound ridiculous!).

    It is clear to me that the ShoWest awards are all about re-launching flagging careers. What I don’t get is all the blatant whitewashing of this ho! All the trilling about her ‘brilliant career’ and how she is about to be ‘launched into the ‘stratosphere’ (I wish they WOULD launch her – literally!).. How is that possible when there is NO new work in her IMdB filmography? Yeah, sure the industry is CLAMOURING to give this ho work – not! She is box office kryptonite!

    Then her PR comes here and posts supportive messages in different names, in a bid to make people believe this woman is more popular than she is. Ditto with the blatant KK name dropping every minute. Oh, and the Hartnett ‘mercy’ hospital dash! (Like no other celeb has visited him. As usual, Sienna’s visit is the only one we all hear about!).

    Self-serving baggage.

    They seem to think a) people have limited memories (we don’t) and b) that their efforts to get this woman to the A-list are going to work. Newsflash: Sienna has alienated the majority of her fanbase with her antics and she will not be forgiven for that. Her PR should give it up already. This woman has gone as far as she is going to go and her faltering career is HER FAULT.

    You don’t believe me? Watch and see.

  17. 17
    Charley Kane Says:

    Wow, a woman in a scarf! Just… wow!

  18. 18
    sally Says:

    dont like her, but like the outfit

  19. 19
    vanessa Says:

    like her outfit… its cute…

  20. 20
    ruth Says:

    Well said # 16!!

    JJ, you can post articles on Ms. Miller 3 times a day, it won’t make her any more popular with her former fans or the majority of the public who are NOT going to forget her blatant behaviour in the near future!

  21. 21
    Arlo Says:

    Coming into Los Angeles
    Bringing in a couple of keys
    Don’t touch my bags if you please
    Mister Customs Man

  22. 22
    Laura Says:

    Sienna looks lovely. She’s casual and down to earth.

  23. 23
    Tubby Says:

    Do you thinks she’s flying far enough away that we wouldn’t have to see or hear from her anymore?

  24. 24
    sunseeker Says:

    I am waiting for the next meeting with Getty and their PDA. They have kept a very low profile, but believe you me they are still together, this is all about the divorce the money and their careers. When that is sorted we will have have the ” We are still together and we don’t care pose ” They used Rosetta by having her photo taken with Getty, wanting us to think everything is OK and the wife has forgiven him, I bet it was all a PR stunt.

  25. 25
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    horrible skin.

  26. 26
    sheryl Says:

    What I want to know is, why is this girl getting photographed and posted so much? Rachel McAdams won an award, too, but you don’t see her every move tracked. Sienna certainly isn’t more popular or talented. I guess Rachel’s PR doesn’t have to work overtime making her appear busy because she actually has work to do, unlike Sienna. That’s what it is.

  27. 27
    amy Says:


  28. 28
    Siennaaaaa. Says:

    I honestly wish everyone would leave Sienna alone. Everyone is being so mean, when she is nothing but loving to her fans.

    Get over yourselves.

  29. 29
    karma Says:

    @28, “Get over yourselves” ….nah-nah-nah
    Sienna, so you like commenting on yourself, hmm?

  30. 30
    james Says:

    angelina is no better than sienna, but all you dumb ass idiots praise that *****. ya’ll must be a bunch of christians cuz youre all a bunch of hipocrites!!

  31. 31
    karma Says:

    James, you’re some kind of idiot. Where have you seen me praise angelina? Huh? SHOW ME! Thing is, you can’t, so shut it. Besides, what does angelina have to do with this thread? It’s SIENNA’S. Take a pill and get some rest.

  32. 32
    tdk Says:

    Karma’s right. “James” is an idiot Jen-hag in disguise commenting on a Sienna post. Couldn’t help yourself, huh? Angelina gets under your skin so much, huh? Why? Cause she’s much prettier and talented than Jen? I love it !!! And getting back to Sienna … not supporting her messing with a married man, but don’t understand why women are giving her all the hate. Balthazar was the one married with kids, ladies. You should be trashing him more!!

  33. 33
    karma Says:

    tdk, “You should be trashing him more!!!”
    That’s the same lame argument that’s always thrown around. Whatever, He gets it, too. It’s just that his PR doesn’t get him papped coming and going like Sienna’s does, so she gets more commentary. It’s not just about her dirty affair either. I’ve never liked her, period. So save it.

  34. 34
    tdk Says:

    Karma, what’s with the hostility? You must be on the rag today because my comment about Sienna was not directed towards you personally. Take some midol or something because you’re being a b*tch.

  35. 35
    karma Says:

    tdk, pot calling the kettle black. Read your own post to James. If I’m hostile, you’re hostile. Get yourself some Midol while you’re at it. Look, I don’t give a monkey about Balti or Sienna, they’re both jokes, Sienna especially because she tries too hard to get all this stupid-a$$ attention, like 3 stinkin’ posts on a 3-day trip to LA and to receive a MAJOR AWARD, in every other way except being a worthy actress. She deserves whatever gets thrown her way.

  36. 36
    tdk Says:

    karma: life is good so embrassez mon âne. toodles.

  37. 37
    karma Says:

    tdk, suzez mon sein, and toodles to you to, ya’ freak :)

  38. 38
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she has pretty good taste in style
    i like the outfit except the top
    cute scarf and love the jeans
    i agree she has bad skin sadly, probably cuz the dumb ***** smokes
    love her hair as well =]

  39. 39
    Tubby Says:

    Hopefully this ho will go back to England and we wont have to look at her cheating ho mug for a while. The last few days have been hard on my stomach.

    And look at the article on Balthazar, he’s getting it, too. They are both scum and they both deserve it.

  40. 40
    zoe Says:

    She looks good.

  41. 41
    c Says:

    People will leave SM alone when she get’s over herself (ie- lays low, shuts up, stops tipping off the papz, stops popping up in LA everytime the married man is photographed with his family, stops playing the victim, and stops flaunting her affair with a married man). After these 3 stunts at LAX, you can not seriously come away thinking that people are “picking on SM for no apparant reason”. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these photo-ops is that SM is an insecure woman who is using the illness of her supposed “friend/boyfriend” to get her name in the headlines. How has SM managed to sneak in and out of LA evading the paps that are “stalking her”? How did other celebs manage to visit JH without havig their names and faces in every headline. SM is not a loving person as evidenced by how she has treated/is treating RG and her 4 kids during her very public affair, and how she is is using JH to keep herself relevant and hide her affair with the married man.

  42. 42
    c Says:

    Bringing up AJ doesn’t do any favors to Sienna. Why would anyone be commenting on AJ in a SM thread? Were exactly in this thread has anyone condoned AJ behavior? If you must bring up AJ, then it is only right to point out that AJ had enough common sense to not leak photos of herself allowing the married to suck/grab her breast. She didn’t leak photos of herself naked/topless on a balcony, beach, or boat with her mother sitting next to her while she played the other woman. Last but not least, BG has not even made an effort to file for a divorce, so all of those photo-ops that SM staged with him following those “embarassing” photos was just plain stupid.

    Speaking of hypocritical, didn’t SM berate JL nanny for doing to her what she is now doing to RG? See, even SM thinks that the other woman is just as responsible as the man.

  43. 43
    c Says:

    The “not the married’ one excuse is not valid because it is a DOUBLE STANDARD. By claimiing that SM is blameless because she didn’t take vows, you imply that women do not have to be accoutable for their actions when they particiapte in affairs and that they do not have to respect the relationships/marriages of other women. Sm is not a victim of double standards. Claiming that she is while using the “not the married one” excuse is hypocritical. Contrary to what SM fans believe it was SM duty to not encourage the married man to dishonor his vowa, to walk away, to say no, or wait until he filed a divorce before staging PDA photos.

    SM made this situation even worsewhen she tried to justify her actions by depicting herself as a victim, spreading lies about RG, sugarcoating the affair, and keeping the affair in the healines.

  44. 44
    sAILOR_MOON Says:

    her PR is trying soo hard for this woman to get big attention by winning award and making all public love her,,,
    I found her performance was so-so,, it wasn’t hard for her to play that character, it was very sienna.
    next we see Paris Hilton is getting Leading Actress ShoWest Award for being Paris Hilton in her biopic.

  45. 45
    yappie Says:

    we saw some photo in lasvefas, also saw LA air port pics, then where is she today. we saw balthazar with his kids yesterday, where is he today. last year he spent half a day on christmas, then he spent all the of new years holiday with sienna in mexico, with drug. At that time he had comment he must promised with sienna that he spent more time than his kids. Who can imagine push to promise to spent more time with kids, than herself, adult woman who hopes aged gorgeousness. such person who can get aged gourgeousness who’s personality is good. She has so cruel personality. May be she cannot good face in most future.

  46. 46
    yappie Says:

    we saw some photo in lasvefas, also saw LA air port pics, then where is she today. we saw balthazar with his kids yesterday, where is he today. last year he spent half a day on christmas, then he spent all the of new years holiday with sienna in mexico, with drug. At that time he had comment he must promised with sienna that he spent more time than his kids. Who can imagine push to promise to spent more time with kids, than herself, adult woman who hopes aged gorgeousness. such person who can get aged gourgeousness who’s personality is good. She has so cruel personality. May be she cannot good face in most future.

  47. 47
    D Says:

    she is a s l u t and so what??
    she is a shameless ********* who is happy and does whatever she wants, she enjoys life while you people are bitter about her.
    Let the girl be
    you rock Sienna!!

  48. 48
    AnnieRich Says:

    What is so great about her style. She s not wearing anything special…She is dressed like everybody else……and look at that smug face.

  49. 49
    c Says:

    Yeap, SM must be the most unluckest woman in the world because everyone is always picking on her for no reason at all (sarcasm). People will let SM be when she let’s this whole thing be. Didn’t she pull this nonsense last year over and over, and what was the outcome? She is her own worst enemy and doing the same exact PR stunts isn’t going to change the outcome. No one is impressed by her affair with a married man and winning awards or paying media outlets to say that she is “cute” isn’t going to change this.

    Speaking of bitter? What’s bitter is whining about there being no sisterhood while sleeping with another sister’s husband and shamelessly falunting it. What’s bitter is popping up in LA immediately after the married man is photographed with his wife/kids. What’s bitter is using JH illness to launch her face and name into headlines. What’s bitter is threatening JL nanny for sleeping with her fiancee and then having the audacity to do this to another woman. Bitter is spreading lies about the married man’s wife to justify one’s actions. Bitter is exposing your affair to force the married man’s wife to file for a divorce because the married man won’t so it. Blaming others for SM actions won’t mend or redeem her image.

    If she had any common sense at all, she would stop these “I’m in LA” photo-ops. And if she pulls another photo-op at LAX to show that she is leaving after spending time with the married man, then it is her own fault.

  50. 50
    london Says:

    c i am sorry your husband left you for someone younger and better looking dear. I am sure sienna reminds you of her but its time to move on

  51. 51
    Deedee Says:


    So she wrecks havoc and destroys lives wherever she goes in the pursuit of her own gratifications, so what?

    that makes her a rotton human being, that’s what.

  52. 52
    Tori Says:


    So the only people who think what she’s doing are bitter older women? Could it be people who just see her as cruel and wrong?

    Sienna’s fans are her own worst enemies.

  53. 53
    TR Says:

    its hypocritical to blame people for not liking sienna because of age or looks this is certainly not true.

    there is nothing wrong in being young and good looking or old and ugly, old and good looking or young and ugly.

  54. 54
    Tori Says:


    I don’t dislike her for any of those reasons. There are a lot of good looking people I love. I dislike her becuase she treats other people appalling cruelty. Her disregard for others and her own selfishness borders on psychotic.

  55. 55
    c Says:


    1) Splitting: A common trait found in those with Borderline Personality Disorder. Using your post as an example, anyone who speaks “positive” of SM is good (ie-young and good looking) and anyone who doesn’t condone SM behavior is evil(ie-old, ugly, and was cheated on by their boyfriends/husbands by a SM look-alike).

    2) Since you seem to think that only old/ugly people whose spouses cheated on/left them are the only ones that are calling SM out on her behavior, I can conclude that you are the other woman/mistress, a naive preteen/teen who has no clue how the world outside of his/her SM fantasy operates, or SM PR (aka-AM and her mothers). Let me intorduce you to the following terms: compassion, self-respect, responsibility, maturity, and respect. It will save you the trouble the next time to try to argue that only “old, ugly, and cheated on women” dislike SM affair with a married man.

    3) In trying to insult people with the “your husband cheated on/left you because you are old and ugly” nonsense, you slap SM dead in the face. I hate to disappoint you, but SM “beauty” and “youth” couldn’t even prevent her FIANCEE from cheating on her (or keep a man interested in her for longer than 2 years or make a man want anything more than a booty-call/friends with benefits arrangement).

    If her “beauty” and “youth” was so impressive, then her past boyfriends would speak more highly of her (MR doesn’t count because he only said those things because he was promoting EOL). What was it that RI said, something to the effect of t “it’s all about the person you are shagging”, not the woman he loved or respected. You see “beauty” and “youth” doesn’t mean a thing if there is no substance behind it.

    4) You have the audacity to tell someone to move on, when SM whined about JL infidelity for how long ? TWO years. And she took it a step further by publcily threatening the other woman.
    The better question is why can’t SM seem to move on? Why is everything that happens to her always someone else’s fault?Why is she constantly portraying her booty-call with a married man as something “meaningful’? Why oh why is she so threatened by a mother and her 4 kids? Oh wait, she is threatened because even she knows that her so-called “beauty’ and “youth” isn’t enough to make BG divorce his wife, keep him interested in her, and make him want to spend more than 2 years with her.

  56. 56
    london Says:

    look my dear c. Im not anyones mistress and im definetely not a teen, i am male and i think you are a pathetic person with no life who is obssessed with sienna

  57. 57
    c Says:


    Thank you for proving that SM and her so-called fans are her own worst enemies and that your obsession with me is based on your BRUISED EGO. If you look up the definition of pathetic, obsessed, or a person with no life, you will find a picture of SM. No one is more pathetic, obsessed, or has too much time on their hands, than a woman who keeps popping up in LA everytime the married man is spotted with his wife and kids or whose personality is so void of substance that she has to use sex, money, or drugs to make men interested in her.

    Splitting is a common trait associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. Taking your second post as an example, anyone who speaks “postive” of SM is good, while anyone who won’t condone SM antics with a married man is evil (ie-pathetic, obsessed, has no life). By your very own logic, you are a pathetic person with no life who is obsessed with SM and anyone who has enough common sense to see the holes in SM PR stunts. As you sit on your throne of self-righteousness please take the time to understand that you of all people have no basis for criticizing anyone for posting on a message board, since you are here doing the exact same thing and have to resort to name calling and insults because you lack the mental capacity to formulate a logical argument in support of SM.

    I amend my conclusion. Since you seem to think that only old/ugly people whose spouses cheated on/left them are the only ones that are calling SM out on her behavior, I conclude that you are the other woman/mistress, a naive preteen/teen who has no clue how the world outside of his/her SM fantasy operates, SM PR (aka-SM, her mothers, fathers), or a dirty old man who has no clue how the world outside of his SM fantasy operates because he has little to no contact with the outside world and has not formed any personal bonds with others (hence why you are only capable of name calling and insults).

  58. 58
    c Says:

    Please do yourself a favor and THINK before you post. Throwing around words/phrases like “your husband cheated because you are old/ugly”, “pathetic”, “obsessed” or “get a life” DOESN’T make you witty or clever. Since you are an “ADULT”, you should be past the developmental/cognitive stage where you use name calling and insults to express yourself.

  59. 59
    MMA Says:

    She still has good style.

  60. 60
    alice Says:

    i presonally like sienna miller quite alot
    i think she’s acted well in the movies she’s been in.
    just watch factory girl, edge of love or interview. shes pretty good in those ones.
    yes she is having an affair with a married man and thats wrong but sadly it happens alot…i dont think she is a bad person she seems really down to earth and funny in interviews ive seen her in.
    and lastly i think she’s hot..just because she doesnt look like all they other hollywood actresses..

  61. 61
    c Says:

    SM #1 problem is SM. People would be more receptive to SM if she would own up to her misdeeds, show remorse, either keep the affair discreet (no LAX/LA, no sharing details about the interests she shares with BG) or stop seeing the married man until his divorce is final, show consideration for RG and her 4 kids, stop playing the victim, and stop tipping off the paps.

    Everytime she fixes her mouth to whine/complain about how someone is “picking on her for no apparant reason at all”, these media outlets need to reeference those topless/naked or allowing the married to suck/grab her breast photos.Along with this reference, SM words: “There is no sisterhood, I’ve been at war in the last year, the media makes up who they want you to be and there is no way to control this, and the things in the press that are difficult to deal with”.

    Affairs do happen alot, but that doesn’t make them right. Usually when the affair is exposed, the involved parties try to keep the affair discreet/ off the radar/out of headlines. SM didn’t do that and opted to stage a world wide show-n-tell tour of the affair, staging photo-op after photo-op with the married man following those “emabarassing” photos and depicting RG as a villian.

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