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Halle Berry is a Bergamot Babe

Halle Berry is a Bergamot Babe

Halle Berry and a mystery man arrive arm-in-arm to the Bergamot Station Arts Center on Saturday (April 4) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week and shared, “All the mothers know [my daughter Nahla is] a year now and I just got my first night of sleep, like, last week. It feels so important to reach that milestone…Getting back to some normalcy.”

As for more kids, Halle said, “My mind says yes but the rest isn’t up to me, so we’ll see. I hope I don’t have like 14 more…That’s all I hope!”

UPDATE: Halle is wearing a Thomas Wylde “Aragon” chiffon top in oil and toting around the very stylish Ferragamo gold leather bag with elaborate knot leather detailing and a wooden gancio.

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halle berry bergamot art station 02
halle berry bergamot art station 03
halle berry bergamot art station 04
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  • carly

    Lovely lady!

  • Lea

    gorgeoussss :)

  • Miss Karma

    At least she’s being truthful about parenthood, most of these celebrities like to give rosy impressions of raising their kids, like Brandgelina who makes a mockery of our intelligence. Halle has admitted that one child is a handful, Pittbull and Saintalina thinks their brood is not tiresome bcoz their zillion nannies who take care of them.

  • John

    She is stunningly beautiful.

  • shenanyginz

    love her. she’s a fox.

  • naomi

    17 again clip promoting the 17 again soundtrack
    “bust a move”

    he lookkss AMAZINGLY HOTTT
    i think i just died

  • g!na

    What about India? the daughter halle abandoned! She said she was like her biological daughter! Real nice Halle ! :rolleyes:

  • sundus

    she looks amazing…love her!!!!

  • esi

    g!na–halle never adopted India because of the divorce. she’s said this interviews. why ppl still think she adopted her is beyond me ( meant in general).

  • maryrowery

    fine man, I like him much better then her model boyfriend

  • ugh!

    …….don’t like this fake, psycho, weave wearing b*tch…the whole ‘down to earth’ bit is so phony….trust me, i know

  • plez

    I wish she get that fake hair off of her head. Either grow out the real stuff or leave it short.

    Oh Karma, Halle has a nanny for her baby plus she moved her mother closer to her to help. Plus she has her model boyfriend. If she was so worried about sleep why did she take a job so soon after having the baby. See anyone care write negative things about anyone. Stop trying to pit celebs against each other.

  • Nativenyker

    Where is that hotness man of hers? Seriously…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • I’ll STFU when u STFU

    love her shoes!

  • lmao

    miss karma needs to take her chill pill!

    relax honey, your hatred won’t bring you anywhere.

  • bella

    I love those shoes :)

  • roja

    Please, she takes her nanny with her when she’s walking with her bf and her daughter!!!! I don’t believe that she don’t have the nanny at home night. She is so fake.

    But she is one of the most georgeous women.

  • dIETER

    I wanna lick the poopers of hers while she smokes a marlboro light’s !!!

  • Shisha

    Nice bag and I love the shoes!!! Halle is beyond gorgeous. For those(probably white people) who say that she could lay off the weaves, let me tell you one thing about mixed people, we do have curly hair BUT we can make them straight (very straight like they can look like caucasian’s hair, seriously) with a straightening iron just like you do. And come on, stop putting that image of wearing weaves only to mixed or black ppl, most white women in Hollywood and in real life (just in case your eyes are not open enough) wear some. So back off Halle, I think it may be her real hair. And yes, where is this hotness boyfriend of hers?? So sexier than this man in the pics……Is it me or does Halle loves hanging around with white people mostly.. lol. jk. <3 her. She’s beauty in person. I want to see Nahla! x3

  • star

    you people on this site are idiot. That guy is her friend who take her picture for her perfume ad. Here the website like the bag

  • duh

    well, since Nahla is a testube baby, her boyfriend probably wouldn’t want to donate another sperm. no wonder she’s saying that.

  • towa

    I need that bag. NOW

  • Drew

    Halle is so beautiful.

  • Halle’s full of ish!

    Halle’s full of ish! How dare she abandon India the way she did!

  • Halle’s full of ish!

    It’s not about whether Halle legally adopted India. It was Halle who said she felt like she was India’s mother…India was emotionally attached to Halle…legally adopted or NOT…and Halle abandoned her…she’s a c*nt!

  • jughed

    halle is beautiful. they make a great looking couple :)

  • boston

    ugly bag.

  • my opinion that matters

    it’s funny how she seems so happy and smiles more with this man than with her dear Aubry. Love her tho

  • 21/24-25/17

    21: Yes, Halle supposedly had Nahla via IVF. Was seen doing staged f-bomb damage control pix late Feb-last month at the very same fertility clinic that it was rumored she went to get pregnant with Nahla. They were seen walking out of the place. They’re not going to have more kids. You know Gaybriel isn’t going to cough up the $15-$30K+ per IVF tx. She also said on Tavis Smiley when she 1st got pregnant that she may only do this once and said it in other interviews as well as saying several times she doesn’t/didn’t know if the relationship would last.

    All the media spin earlier about them having more kids, buying a place in Quebec etc is total bs.

    What UR not reading in the media is her joke comment about Black men in Essence got tons of ppl to write in and get the magazine pulled off the shelf when she further alienated herself from the AA community which helped launch her career and may save it or what’s left of it.

    24/25: Think esi was correcting g!na for her comment and expressing her frustration on how post still think she did adopt her which yes is moot. UR point is well taken. Total bs about her doing “Things We Lost In the Fire” to prepare her for mhood, when the most logical thing was to repair the relationship with India and her sister (which I think she has been doing). She also did the movie to make her arrangement, if it’s really his, more believable. The woman is strategic in everything she does and it’s been backfiring on her.

    17: Yes, of course, Halle has a nanny. You know it’s total bs about Aubry always doing diaper duty when he doesn’t even know how to hold Nahla. Halle’s not much better. Yes, her mother lives near her-don’t buy the rumors she bought her another house. Yes, the nanny and bodyguards have been seen several times not all times. Yes they do a little better in holding her when she’s getting sleepy. Halle’s the one unless it’s a bodyguard when they’re around, that’s putting the baby in the car etc.

    Other than occasional blurbs of them recently going here and there, he hasn’t been seen much after Halle had been getting complaints about her still trying to convince herself and everyone that they’re a happy family. If they really are, he needs to be seen less and not like he’s out of his league or out of place when he’s with her. There’s never been any passion or chemistry betwn them or at least in most of the photos.

    Don’t tell me he’s shy, hates the pappis etc. It’s not an accident she ended up with a model.

    Still think she needs to stop pimping the kid and focus on salvaging her career. Being on bogus lists isn’t going to get folks to buy her perfume or see her movies.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty sexy
    her outfit looks cute

  • Charley Kane

    Attractive woman, shame about the bag- it looks like it fell off the set of Chronicles of Riddick.

  • pop86

    Love the bag and Halle.

  • humbug

    total humbug what a lot of BS ,amu here know she is reallhy manipulative and the poor kid she had has to live with a MAD MOTHER…this will be a REAL WORRY…..cannot see this kid being emotionally mentally stable in the near future unless halle gets psychic help seriously

    Halle is looling uglier and uglier and that folks is also A FACT

  • Hambug

    humbug you must wait with baited breath for Halle posts. Its rather comical.

  • Luciana

    Hambug and your other aliases, I hope your first born is eaten and crapped out by a pack of wolves.

  • MMA

    I love that bag!

  • photographer cliff watts

    Halle’s with photographer Cliff Watts, he’s the one who photographed Halle for Esquire and some other shoots. Google him. Plus pix of them at some photography show on getty images. Don’t know if he did her fragrance shoot.