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The 'MakingOf' Natalie Portman

The 'MakingOf' Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman walks her dog with some gal pals on Saturday (April 4) in Venice, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress will be participating in Apple‘s Meet the Filmmakers series during the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.

On Friday, April 24, Nat will join CEO Christine Aylward on the stage of the Apple Store, SoHo, to discuss their new web project – MakingOf – a site that promises to transform the way people view, enjoy, and participate in entertainment.

10+ pictures inside of the “MakingOf” Natalie Portman

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natalie portman makingof 01
natalie portman makingof 02
natalie portman makingof 03
natalie portman makingof 04
natalie portman makingof 05
natalie portman makingof 06
natalie portman makingof 07
natalie portman makingof 08
natalie portman makingof 09
natalie portman makingof 10

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  • real observer

    things are going well for her and she looks good

  • Gasol_fan16

    Natalie looks really good! She is so pretty and so slender too! I love her shirt! :D

  • real observer

    she has a lot of calls and substance, she commands respect

  • chloe

    she’s gorgeous!

  • Ed

    only she can get away with wearing stuff like that.

  • Nativenyker

    She is so boring. I dont understand why she is popular…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • real observer

    she is popular bc she is sexy, gorgeous, talented, smart ….

  • Robins3

    Sexy? NOPE!, Gorgeous? Not even close! She may be talented but it’s too early to tell.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh she looks pretty sloppy
    that shirt looks humongous on her, which just makes her look smaller than she already is
    she’s a beautiful girl but she’s not really looking it here

  • Gasol_fan16

    Ha! B/c she works the tee shirt way better then you and you could not even get one leg in her jeans is why your slamming what she wearing! :D

    @ Least she dresses wayyyyy better then Rachy Bilslime!

  • funkey

    Gee Lakers Fan, surprised you jump over here from RB/HC board seems you’ll bash an A-listed actress such as Natalie but, praise the slop artist who can’t act, or design and hangs with the head class dirty gay bum, who she calls out when she needs his attention and press whoring. Natalie doesn’t nor never will need that type of attention she can dress down without looking like a pile of crap. Not to mention Natalie is the true natural organic not some i’m doing this b/c it’s an LA fad to be organic or green. It’s your right not to like Natalie but, lets’ see which one is actually working and who is not. Seem Natalie wins on that account seldom do you hear a director or film editor say she is a lump of an actor. Granted she does have her ok movies but, she is verstile and is a true talent not to mention intelligence.

    Here’s hoping that her directing and writing talent is as wonderful as her acting.

  • Joe

    anyone know what brand the shirt is? I saw someone else wear it before and I really like it!

  • life-is-the-Pitts

    not really pretty and cant act. She only gets hired because she’s Jewish

  • Lily

    Nat looks cute and comfy here but can transform into a stunning goddess like at the Oscars.

    Does anyone know the release date of “Brothers”? I’m dying to see it.

  • gilmore

    Now I understand the anti-rachel people can’t help but spoil a natalie thread by bringing up that name-I did respect you but now your just crazy and being disrespectful shame on you.

  • Amy

    Last I heard that Making Of project was an April fool’s joke. Unless they took a real project to base the joke on.

  • o

    is that a baby bump?

  • Red

    Useless actress, with bad taste on guys and looks like a midget that needs to eat a few burgers. Natcrap looks like she would fall over in a gust of wind. Only time she looks fantastic is when someone tells her what to wear on the red carpet.
    Real observer-you need your eyes checked so you can see what she is really like, so perfect she managed to offend two countries.
    Funky she is so smart she dated a guy who posted pictures of himself on the net in his birthday suit–yup nat has great intellienge on picking them.

  • Dan

    She is a beautiful girl, she is just very casual and relaxed and not so vain like most women in Hollywood

  • Red

    Right Dan she just plays the I’m cute and beautiful card when doing interviews. One of her fans was disappointed to met her because she would not sign anything, then she was papped smoking and was not happy about it–guess what miss perfect should not smoke in front of cameras if she does not want to be caught, that was a few weeks after she was quoted in an interview that she didn’t smoke because it’s unhealthy guess for a smart person she has a short memory.

  • syifa

    Natalie’s shirt looks cute. very common shirt and she’s just natural.

  • real observer

    gorgeous and talented and smart, love her

  • Peter

    Anyone know who the two fugly chicks are in the cardigans.

  • Red

    Natcrap talented I bet a few guys think so observer? what was her last hit? that was closer right when she played a w*ore perfect casting for her with the boyfriends she is seen with, wow how easy it is to get a globe for playing yourself.

  • Not right

    You people posting bad on Natalie should just go away if you don’t like her why are you here we just want to say that she real talented.

  • Faye

    Get over yourself “not right” it’s a public board and I agree with a few here natalie does suck and her attitude makes me want to puke.
    Totally agree with Red wish natalie would just f**k off and go away.

    the gossips are already saying Angie who is far better, does not like the idea of natalie being anywhere near her man she sucks everyone in–anyone remember the whole kiss kiss thing with Jude-natalie has about the same morals as the Bi**ch Sienna.

  • Red

    thanks Faye nice to see you have a clear mind the natcrap fans here could not argue their way out of a wet paper bag they are stupid with a devotion to a midget and useless actress who can only play a w*hore and gets relegated to nothing in SW3–god she sucked in that, good thing she was not in it for long. Even Hayden”I’m wooden”Christensen acted better than her.

  • real observer

    @26 and 27

    there are some ignorant people who do not appreciate Mona Lisa painting for example, or other great art, to me you two are in that category

    there is a ditz who is getting married and will be ms rachel bilson christensen soon, she buys tacky bags all the time and is on jj constantly, go to her thread, she seems to be more your type

  • real observer

    wait, you are there already, ha ha ha ha ha

  • Red

    Real observer have you actually looked at the mona lisa–I have, want to talk art-I’ve been responsible for safe guarding priceless stuff–15 to 17 century none of which changes my thought on Natalie, Mona Lisa she ain’t and never will be a work of art. Apart from your simple mind.
    Why would I want to go to dizzy bag thread so much more fun hassling you. And to tear apart an overrated actress that has no taste that is “Vegan” but yet wears leather shoes and belts when the mood suits her–go check pictures of your princess vegan only when it suits PR and she don’t get caught. No comment yet on why her being Jewish she totally disrespected the wall-heck she can speak hebrew but does not understand the offence she caused-like I said very smart indeed not to know a religious area of a country she was born in and supports-guess smarts only come from a class room.

  • MMA

    She is so tiny!