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Angelina Jolie & Madonna: SNL Baby Battle

Angelina Jolie & Madonna: SNL Baby Battle

Spoof versions of Angelina Jolie and Madonna made appearances on the April 4th episode of Saturday Night Live.

As previously reported, Madonna was denied in her attempt to adopt another baby from the African nation of Malawai.

Check out the baby battle below that ensued between the Material Mom, played by Kristen Wiig and Angelina, played by Abby Elliot!

Wiig as Madonna jokes, “I know you can’t tell by my face but I’m really bummed out. (sucks in cheeks) I love babies, but I especially love getting babies from crazy places.”

Angelina Jolie & Madonna: SNL Baby Battle
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Photos: Dana Edelson/NBC
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  • a realist

    People should remember Angie has a partner who adopted these children with her.

  • Debra77

    I guess this is a sign of desperation. This skit was not funny at all. Sorry but SNL is really falling short.

    Jared why was this new worthy.. So not funny….

  • a realist

    By the way, the skit is not funny at all. SNL is just reaching to make fun of people who want to adopt orphans, and give them a better life.

  • raquel

    Too Funny!!

    Love Angie!

  • emma

    jared stop posting things that only people in the united states can see its not fair that in the United Kingdom we can’t watch this. only post things that everyone can see!!! sort it out please.

  • Janelle

    I thought the first one was funny but I didn’t really like this one.

  • whoa!

    it was semi-funny……angie is always better.

  • Nurd

    Abby really looks like Angie
    That’s the only perk of this “skit”
    Otherwise I didn’t think it at all hilarious

  • releka

    Why is adoption such a joke?

  • bebe

    i think kristen wiig over impersonated jolie in this skit. the last impersonation she did was way more better.

  • jaye

    This was lame. I agree with Releka, when did adoption get to be a joke? Anybody is the world can adopt, but when it comes to celebrity there’s an ulterior motive for them adopting?

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Shame on people who make joke about adoption.

  • TEDS

    Really Lame. It is not funny joking about adoptions, where kids are living in abject poverty! Angelina saved Zaharas life and now Mercy gets to stay in an orfanage. Really something to laugh about> LAME SNL LAME

  • fresh

    I dont think adoption is something to joke about. NOT funny.

  • emma

    jared when you post things that people in the united states can only watch will you please say sorry in the post to all the people who can not view it or just don’t post it at all.

  • Janet

    I don’t like when they poke fun of adoption either. I am adopted and if it weren’t for my loviing parents I would still be an orphan. I think people need to stop with all the teasing. I applaud Angelina and Madonna for caring for others. I agree with TEDS. Poor Mercy is still in her orphanage and people think it’s funny.

  • Janet

    I don’t like when they poke fun of adoption either. I am adopted and if it weren’t for my loviing parents I would still be an orphan. I think people need to stop with all the teasing. I applaud Angelina and Madonna for caring for others. I agree with TEDS. Poor Mercy is still in her orphanage and people think it’s funny.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    damn, Debra77‘s feelings were hurt like a muthafcuka. hahaHahaHa..
    only people who don’t find this funny are jolie cʊIt members.

  • nuclear vagina

    That was pretty amusing, and I love Angelina.

  • jane

    These crude television people and the media are a disgrace to make fun of adoption. It is not humorous at all.
    These children are given a chance in life, to get educated, to return to their homeland to help the others.

    But ignorant people make fun of this.

  • jane

    You can tell how ignorant these people are, because they always leave out the fact that Angie has a partner named Brad Pitt, who is also adopting these children.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Haha that was kinda great

  • tammy

    It is not funny. It tries to make fun of adoption.

    Adopting is honorable. I plan on doing it myself.

  • james

    Only jerks find it funny.

  • LYNN

    Why do all these people have to put Angelina name in everything? Angelina has nothing to do with what Madonna is doing. They could have use Steven Speiglberg name, he has five kids and has foreign adoptions. It amazes me that they take negative reports of Jennifer aniston and cover it up. There has not been any negative report about Angelina’s Adoptions. I just wish Brad or Angelina would put a stop to all the lies about their adoption. These two people have been blessed to have adopted whereever they wanted and whenever.

    Everytime there is a lot of Negative info about Jennifer Aniston, you can just bet the next day Brad or Angelina name has to be involved in something about their life. These people that report on the stars seem to hush up Jennifer’s negatives by always trying to make anything about Brad or Angelina as dark and negative and they are not happy. They always try to make having three biological kids and 3 Foreign Adoptions somehow a bad thing. . There are nine kids in my family and we had fun and we still do. WE are all grown now and have good holiday fun, we all never run out of places to travel because we are all in different states and have kids and we visit each other. These people need to stop trying to bring Brad and Angelina down to make Jennifer Anniston Better because it will never work. Jennifer Aniston need to seek help from someone other than her friend or people that she have working for her, because they have a vested interest in her not getting herself togeher. Brad and Angie are two busy people and have no time for all the stupid stuff. Brad left all that behind him. He and Angelina are busy doing all kinds of things, such a making movies, Brad being involved with the Make it right project and his Stage Productions Co. I hope they dont read or look at any of this crap on these threads. I bet these two have a smile everyday.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    damn, dumb.. jackāss jane. they not making fun of adoption.. they’re making fun of these two nutbags who think adoption is some kind of fcuking game. hahahaHahahaha..
    ..and i love how hoe’s tryingto throw brad under the bus. that ball-less bish has no say so in jolie’s life. haHaha.. he’ll do what that bird says. hahahahaha..

  • Heaven On Earth

    I live in france and I saw it! They showed it on a tv show. My country rocks!I guess it’s gonna be on youtube soon. Love madonna and angelina! Both smart and generous!

  • Marc

    Angie’s fans are just like Angie. No sense of humor. It’s a comedy show. They joke about everything. Even adoption. Lighten up ladies. You all sound like your idol. Always taking yourselves and everything else way too seriously. I hope you’re not all walking around with a giant stick up your butt thinking you’re better than everyone else. Angie’s pretty much got that covered.

  • Marc

    Lynn sounds like a total psycho. Why does any of this have to immediately be about Jennifer Aniston? Get a life Lynn and let it go. And go see a shrink!!!! You obviously need some help with your issues.

  • lisali

    That was so funny!! Bothe Madge & Ange are crazy old harridans..more babies please!
    Btw..poster lynn sounds a wee bit nuts…

  • tiny dancer

    Media opinions changes. It’s starting with the Jolie-Pitts to be the negative. They do it with every celeb on top. From the top you must go down.

  • just sayin

    Didn’t watch the skit but I did watch an Angelina movie last night… After watching her in Changeling last night i think she should do more Dramas. I’ve read comments from Posters who say all she did was scream in the movie, so i was waiting for that but it only happened in the scenes where it was needed. I guess they watched some other movie. If you plan on watching it make sure you have some tissues ready. She’s a good dramatic Actress as well as Action Actress. LoL

    I think she’s better than Bland ass Pitt… that’s for sure. I would rather watch her than his boring acting with the same expression on his face in every damn movie he stars. BLAj!
    Brad’s acting consists of two expression. The “DUH! who me?” LOOk and the “constipated, I have to poo” look as he stares off with vacant eyes.


  • just sayin

    Fug, Angelina only had one kid when she met Brad. If anyone is going crazy with adoption it’s Pitt cause he’s old and doesn’t wnt to be like madge 50 with a 3 year old.

  • snd

    Abby Elliott always gets Jolie’s facial expressions and her poses perfect. They weren’t making fun of adoption, they were just spoofing Angie and Madonna. The best part — “Angelina Jolie everybody!” haha!

  • just sayin

    brad and mages are gonna be using a walker right along with the youngest kids :lol:

    Another thing pitt and madge have in common is their lack of interest in humanitarian causes before Angelina Jolie. you know Angelina is influential and bad ass when Madge the queen of reinvention and one of the biggest male tabloid targets aka plastic face Pitt is copying her. Rotflmao!

  • really

    Nobody’s making fun of adoption. it is making fun of obsessions. Especially Jolie seems to be obsessed with having/getting babies who love her the best unlike her father who ignored her in her childhood.

  • Celia

    Wow…I still think it’s unbelievable that they would deny Madonna the right to adopt that little girl. She’s 4 YEARS OLD…no one else is probably going to adopt a child that old and Madonna…a successful woman who has the heart and the financial means to give that child the home she DESERVES is trying to and they won’t let her. It’s BULL CRAP!! It’s one thing to deny someone who’s poor or mentally unstable, but Madonna is neither! It makes no sense!

  • Celia

    And Angelina Jolie gave birth to 3 of her kids…she only adopted 3. I sure don’t hear people giving Jon and Kate Plus 8 alot of crap or those crazy people who have 18 kids and COUNTING!!! Now those people are crazy. Angelina Jolie and Madonna are not!

  • LAURA21

    ohh,,come on! like someone believes that madonna or angelina actually adopt orphans to save their lives…its all a publicity stunt….duhhh…i feel soo bad for the adopted children..used as publicity…such a shame……

  • Me

    @really: Angelina Jolie is NOT obsessed with babies. She’s giving children a HOME that probably would’ve died in an orphanage!! She also happens to have a husband whom she has had 3 BIOLOGICAL children with…last time I checked that was NATURAL!! They have 6 children TOGETHER!! SO freakin’ WHAT!? Those kids are in a loving home with TWO parents who love them! I don’t see anything strange about that…people seriously need to mind their own damn business!

  • just sayin

    Me, the people who are bashing Angelina because of Adoption are more than likely Pitt fanatics. Notice how they don’t mention is name? Why does he want so many children so bad? he must have an obsession seeing as Angelina didn’t start adopting and having so many until he trapped her by making her oldest son fall in love with him. DUH! take your blinders off, pitt fanatic!

    two snaps…and a Z!

  • annalyn

    true: adoption is not a thing to make fun of..but also true is that it is sort of publicity,there ARE ENOUGH BABIES IN THE U.S. TO ADOPT.. WHY GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO ADOPT ONE? and Are they more special? and if they really wanna be original they should try mexico, colombia,,,south america…jolie has too many babies from the other side of the atlantic….

  • Celia

    @ Laura21: WOW!! That’s all I have to say about that! Have you met their children?! Do you know anything about them!? Because if you ask me…I think if I were born in an orphanage or abandoned on the side of the street…I would LOVE it if someone adopted me and raised me as their own child as opposed to growing up in some dirty, disease-ridden orphanage where children are dying every minute from LACK of LOVE!!! God Bless people like Angelina and Brad, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Sheryl Crow, and any other celebrities and non-celebrities who have adopted!!! They’re actually making a difference in the WORLD!!

  • Bad SNl, bad snl

    Oooh……..SNL, you’ve gone and offended the JP fanatics! You are in trouble now! They are vicious, rabid animals; like bull dogs and they will bite your head clean off in nothing flat! Ooooh…….scary! p.s. High five to Marc!

  • Robins3

    Madonna leads a reprehensible lifestyle…not exactly a good role-model.

    And she would force-feed that Kabbalah religious stuff to the adoptee.

    They probably don’t like that about Madonna. She’s a work of TRASH!!!!!!!

  • me

    @just saying: You’re still saying the same thing whether you “BLAME” it on Brad or on Angelina…You’re disregarding the GOOD that they’re doing for their children!! I mean so WHAT they had 3 kids together that’s what couples do and I think it’s a blessing that they decided to give Maddox, Zahara, and Pax a home too. Where would those kids be today if Brad and Angelina hadn’t adopted them. Pax, who was abandoned on the side of the street would probably still be in the orphanage…they didn’t even get him until he was 3 YEARS OLD!! Zahara would be dead because Angelina and Brad got her immediate health care right after she was adopted because she was sooo Sick!!! And who knows where Maddox would be without his mom…it’s just too sad of a thought and I think it’s really DISGUSTING for ANYONE to have a problem with adoption, whether it’s done by a celebrity or NOT!

  • jaye

    Some of you are CRAZY. You’re arguing about who is forcing whom to adopt; Brad or Angelina. Angelina has said that after she adopted Mad, she was going to adopt MORE with or without a partner. Brad had said in an interview even before he met Angelia that he wanted at least 7 kids. Why are you making an issue of this. It is obvious that these two people had a lot in common with regard to life issues.

    If Jolie has an obsession it’s NOT for adoption as a publicity stunt or accessory. She has said, how can you go to these countries and see the state that the children are in and NOT want to help them?. Who can fault a woman who feels compassion? Who wouldn’t want to reach out and help some of them if it were in your power? It is wonderful that she had a partner who shares her feelings. Perhaps you’re too self-centered to appreciate that emotion.

    As for those who complain that she doesn’t adopt from the U.S. There are plenty people adopting in the U.S. doesn’t mean EVERYONE has follow suit. They adopt as well in those other countries. You just want something to complain about. If you’re so concerned, you might try adopting yourself. Although on second thought, no court in the land would let some of you nuts adopt.

  • well…….

    Angelina is too famous not to be teased by SNL. However SNL is losing it.Remember when SNL use to be ahead of the game. Heck Leno and Letterman are doing these types of jokes. SNL has become so lame

    SNL is just like the tabs. They use Angelina to get attention. Because without Angelina no one would have cared about the show last weekend.

  • teri

    Why isn’t Brad in the skit? Wasn’t he also there adopting as well? There are two people involved in adoption, Brad and Angelina they are a couple. Why do people only target Angelina and not Brad?

  • aubrey madeline