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Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

Chris Brown appears in court with his attorney, Mark Geragos, for his arraignment at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in Los Angeles, California on Monday (March 6).

Chris is charged with two felonies for the alleged assault on Rihanna during an argument on Feb. 8, 2009.

The 19-year-old Forever singer pleaded “not guilty, your honor”, when asked for his plea by L.A. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg.

30+ pictures inside of Chris Brown pleading not guilty…

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  • me

    Don’t need to judge him before knowing what happen. Rihanna should brought on chargers too. You can not stop no guy from talking to other people.She knew better to beat on him like that. She’s nothing but a control freak just like rachel bilson. Both women need to be taught a lesson in manners cause they don’t have any when it come to relationships.Both love money and the media. Also don’t want to work for anything , but want someone to give things to them. Chris only wanted to broke-up with that’s all. Youcan not make someone be with you whenyou want out. She’s the one started the whole thing and she nedd to step up like a woman and admit she did somthing too.Both her and rachel bilson is nothing but trash and need to come clean for the public.Hope chris get through this mess and try and get his life back.Not Guilty was a right plea. Rihanna is guilty.

  • CB deserves his ass kicked

    OMG the level of immaturity the people defending him have reflects how uneducated they are.
    # 49
    please tell me u are not playing the game of “she’s not the girl for you” match up.
    get out of ur fantasy bubble sweetheart and see the bigger picture. the guy is a criminal. forget who he is/was with. he commited a crime.
    seriously go back to school and dont get obsessed over celebrities to the point where u can’t see right from wrong.

    yes she is not the girl for him. and right now no girl is the girl for him because he is a woman beater and needs to get punished. jail is the only one for him.

  • CB deserves his ass kicked

    # 51
    wth are u talking about. did u just write a script for a soap opera or smthg. stop feeding off gossip sites and start looking at facts. and where does rachel bilson come into this discussion. u seem to be having some extreme jealousy of the 2 ladies for u to write shit like that.
    the problem here is not their personal lives and manners. the problem here is that a crime was committed and the criminal is getting off with no punishment.

  • goons

    why should chris plead not guilty?? From the picture you know the truth about what happened that night?? yea right..Nobody has the right to put thier hands on another person period..If rihanna decided to act like a man and put her hands on chris then she got what she deserved..I am going to wait till this goes to trail so i hear whole truth before i pas judgement on based on a fucken photo..Besides, y are you all concerned yet the so called victim her self has been partying all over and recently in barbados where she has been getting drunk and getting high from smoking trees there..I shake my head to this madnes..

  • goons

    just to add to the madness, it is your tax payers money being wasted on a foreigner who doesnt even care and you want justice when it comes to chris brown…i double shake my head right now again to more madness…

  • CB is a wuss

    @ goons
    to correct u, the tax payers money are not wasted on a foreigner because this is not rihanna’s case. this is the people vs chris not rihanna vs chris. she didnt call 911 nor press charges. and it shouldnt have to be a case of justice for foreigners or justice for americans anyway. a human is a human and justice is justice. doesnt matter their nationality.

  • goons

    who is paying for the state prosecutors time dumbass, it is your tax payers money….you talk about justice, Justice for whom..For you or rihanna because as i recall, she was the one who was hit from the so called reports and not YOU..she does not even care to press charges or testify so who made you GOD to seek justice on her behalf when she does not want it..Get over it already and lets dance to “take you down “..ha ha..

  • Anon

    All y’all getting excited about a little legal maneuvering. Chris Brown will plead guilty to a reduced charge. He doesn’t want a felony record. So if they can do a deal to get it dropped down to a misdemeanor, he will plead it out. His “not guilty” was a response to the specific charges. If the preosecutor is not willing to drop those down to a misdemenanor, then Chris will have to stand trial on a felony. He has not acted like he is at all sorry. The fact he hasn’t shown any regret will hurt his chances. Rihanna’s daddy is right. Chris is in denial. He will not accept responsibility for his own behavior. It is always someone else’s fault. I used to like him. But he has showed that he is a spoiled, selfish mean-assed punk. He thinks he can control by making women scared. He also tries to threaten a lot of other guys, too. He has a problem and people know it. It isn’t a secret. It is about who is making money off him is why he is still around.

  • CB is a wuss

    @ goose
    again u show ur level of immaturity
    so when someone is killed why the hell do we waste tax payer’s money to prosecute the criminal. i mean he didnt hurt any of us and the victim doesnt care. she’s laying under the ground. what a sick logic u have.
    again this is about justice. not for me nor for rihanna nor for the dead person. this is about justice for the crime committed and justice served upon the criminal. as in u do a crime, u do the time. that is justice.
    and if we stuck to the idea that only GOD should punish someone, then where the hell would we all be by now with criminals running around free.
    start looking at the bigger picture. this is not rihanna and chris. this is a criminal and a crime that needs punishment.

  • getting back at rihanna

    That is one way to get back at Rihanna is to drag out the trial.. April 29
    now eh..??? But she wants it over with right away.. Too bad bitch for
    going around town as if you own the place and staying out and not
    caring about anything or your trial…of the decade..!!

    Because if Chris Brown’s lawyer has anything to say about it.. postpone it ..longer than April 29 …

  • justice 4 rihanna

    # 60
    how in the hell is this getting back at rihanna? he postponed the court because he is trying to save chris’s ass u moron. his other choice would be to plead guilty now and chris would be in jail for 5 years. do u really think he was going to take that.
    this has nothing to do with rihanna. it is not her trial. she is only concerned in this if she is called to testify. the DA filed the charges not rihanna.
    get ur facts straight sweety

  • Frida

    Not guilty?! No, I bet she gave herself those bruises and cuts, right?! Asshole!

  • zanessa fan

    what the fu**????
    he is a stupid guy.. he made a big mistake so now he has to pay for it!
    I love his music but i hate what he does!

    so scr** you chris!

  • pen

    what a DOUCHE! this guy should be in that douchebag anthem on youtube!! that video is HILAARIOUS!


    wow number #42 really? that makes me sick.
    Its a big deal no matter who it involves, in fact, Rihanna’s lucky shes in the public eye, or he might not have gotten in any trouble.
    I know women who have DIED at the hands of their abusive spouses, women, friends dealing with domestic abuse and they never get help from the cops or a possibility of a TRIAL! ya right, when the cops ever do get slightly involved it just results in an angrier man.

    I can’t believe he would plead not guilty and I really can’t believe there is anyone defending that decision. Justice will not be served, and the idea that he pleaded not guilty to avoid a trial is ridiculous, pleading not guilty is asking for a trial.

  • Kristin M

    If there’s one thing that makes me so mad now, it’s this whole thing. Now Rihanna’s publicist said that Rihanna wants Chris Brown to enter a plea deal. Probably just because she doesn’t want to go into court and see his ass. That’s how it went with my mother and father through their divorce over child support. She didn’t wanna see his ass anymore and get more child support money, so she just left everything the way it was, old 50 bucks a week.

    Chris Brown is in denial, Rihanna doesn’t wanna testify, this whole thing is messed up. Hopefully that judge will have a heart and give him major jail time. Even if the evidence shows that she hit him first, that he wasn’t to blame, look at what he did to that woman!

  • Jaye

    Chris didn’t do it? OMG, it was the GHOST BEATER!

    He’s such a douche. People would have more respect for him if he would admit what he did. But no, homeboy is trying to keep himself out of jail and Rihanna and HER attorney are willing to help him, that’s why he’s plea bargaining.

    Men know which women they can hit. That’s because men or BOYS who hit today are COWARDS. If he had gotten a kick in the crotch the first time he hit her, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

  • Alice

    Spoiled rich boy needs to be taught a lesson. Celebrity status doesn’t change the fact that you can’t run around beating women just because you are upset about something. This little turd needs to be taught a lesson and should be given some time for his actions. Maybe when he is getting pounded up the butt in the slammer he will think twice about hitting a woman.

  • presh

    I just want to slap that “I’m totally innocent” look off of his face.

  • http://justjared Tiana

    okay….im glad he’s NOT GUILTY!!! but u guys think about it..Rhianna never came out that he did it……he never came out
    and said he did it..of course he wasn’t gonna get GUILTY!!!! they just
    had one picture and that was it…

  • whatever

    CHRIS, take it it trail..You did the right thing by pleading not guilty…Lets smoke out that bitch and expose her for what she is..DV is bad but sorry not in this case..She was hitting him and he did what only person would do if they had a crazy chick on thier back…And for all you loosers who say he should have walked away, how could he??? he driving you idiots….Lets take it trail, if the judge feels he needs jail time after that then good but for now, all of you should shut up until then….

  • fri

    it’s soo obvious that many of you don’t read nor visit other sites to gain more MUCH needed insight before you start your gab fest….but FYI it was revealed more than 5 weeks ago that rihanna started the fight by hitting him with her shoes….he stopped the car to order her out but she did not get out and things continued

    if you look at her pics closely she has blood near her lip…inside cut…outside lip isn’t busted….and some blood from the same place smeared on her cheeks….she has two IDENTICAL marks on her forehead….which don’t occur from punches not identical…probably from hitting her head on the dash board….which could have happen when SHE took the keys out of the car ignition and then sat on them

    her blood droplets…if hers and not his could come from them both flinging around in this tiny car….two-seater

    stop…look…listen before you start judging and attempting to convict someone without having nearly enough info. to make a call

  • susanist


    There are exceptions, many of them to your point. You wrote:

    ” I hope he’ll get the fair punishment he deserves for daring to put his hands on a girl. Real men do not do this.”

    I am 50 yo Black man who is 5’7″ and weigh 220 LBS that I deliberately gained to add muscle during my 30′s. My point is that there are many Black women who are much bigger than me, younger, aggressive even confrontal who if I were to get into a fight with I could get seriously injured if I took the role of mythological chivalry. Again, I mentioned aggressive and confrontal perfaps seizing me up as a wimp. Now Rihanna does not fit this role, this was the more fairy tale traditional view of a weak woman strong man. Just want you to know that there is a growing number of confrontational Black women who are big, strong and fronting men but would probably use the defense of ‘he hit a girl.’ Now if I were to find myself in such a physical confrontation with a 6′ tall 300 lbs person, I am going to try my best to defend myself by totally destroying them. I grant the woman her equal rights to receive my punches and kicks with full force as would a man expect.

    Rihanna does not fit this type even if she were the aggressor. I am not saying there are not many White women who fit this description either only that I encounter these Black women on a daily basis. So when deciding a case of Assault and Battery other factors have to go into making a decision of guilt besides the old ‘a man shouldn’t hit a woman’ even if she is pounding him with fists from a powerful young arm and hand.

    I do not support Chris on this issue but Rihanna has forgave him and this is more the likely case of traditional male misogynist abuse. Just want you to know there are other realities out there few men want to talk about.

  • fri

    and he rightly pleaded not guilty to felony charges…too severe for this type of incident…rihanna sustained no bodily harm incidents which required stay in a hospital nor on-going care….just a cut lip….even her family members said that her injuries were not bad…..misdeameanor if anything….but really something like this when the suppose victim is being the aggressor….drop the charges…..if she testified at this point she would also be incriminating herself….thus he is protecting both himself and her from more negative publicity….based mostly on false tabloid reporting

  • fri

    a fight/spat with your gf should in no way be compared to a murder case….

  • fri

    also, please stop with the stereotypes….he is not a rapper but a singer got it….and second the only thing that he an oj have in common are their race….hw was barely born when oj went to court…..some of you….really the world would be a better place without the violence and HATRED/fear FOR THINGS THAT YOU DON’T TAKE THE TIME NOR INTEREST IN UNDERSTANDING…..i forgot most of you think the world revolves around the usa….and before the insults start…i’m american…..but truth and facts are just that

  • vanessa

    Not guilty….really dude??? bahah what an asshole. Ok if he is pleaing not guilty I’m going to plea I’m not on JustJared right now.

    …what a dumbass.

  • lylian

    susanist @ 04/07/2009 at 5:49 pm
    My point is that there are many Black women who are much bigger than me, younger, aggressive even confrontal who if I were to get into a fight with I could get seriously injured if I took the role of mythological chivalry. Again, I mentioned aggressive and confrontal perfaps seizing me up as a wimp.

    Ya know, hitting back is only one option. For most women, who are never gonna be 6 Feet tall and weighing 300 lbs, the only option is to Run.
    I started doing martial arts but the guy whose teaching me is very clear about one thing. Whatever skills I learn, the first thing to do with those skills is to break free and RUN away, (screaming at the top of my lungs preferably for help).
    Though you are a man, you might try that too when confronted with a strong arm of woman – RUN.

  • Shania Stewart

    Im very upset with this!! If you think that this is wrong please sign my petition!! this is for the people who thinks he is guilty!!

  • Joe

    WTF ! This is outrageous how come a guy beat up a women and not be guilty about it !!! didn’t u all guys see the bruises on RIRI’s face!!! i think this girl have to leave him now go out of this relation before he kills the hill out of her…..

  • ****

    I wish someone would just smash that “sad face” with a brick!

  • MMA

    How could he plead not guilty when everyone already knows that he did it..this does not make any sense.

  • ok REPORTS !!!!

    You make me sick, really how you can talk like this about something you REALLY don’t know ! You were in the car to be considered while the person is really very low as his acting is completely stupid, Rihanna is not an angel and does not push someone has unwittingly make that “acts” and if it does not speak is that it has something to hide, ok chris is not unique in history and perhaps in too much hitting, but he is not the sole and your pet probably has to make his push! Please please please shut up haters !

  • http://yhool Jocelyne+christ

    chist is so cute but is not his foult and he will not do that.omg

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