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Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto: The Running Men

Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto: The Running Men

Star Trek studs Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto go for an afternoon run at a Sydney park after arriving in Australia on Monday (April 6).

The twosome was also spotted at LAX airport just before the long haul flight.

Chris, 28, and Zachary, 31, are in Sydney for the April 7 world premiere of Star Trek at the Sydney Opera House.

Star Trek opens in US theaters on Friday, May 8.

10+ pictures inside of the running men Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

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chris pine zachary quinto running 01
chris pine zachary quinto running 02
chris pine zachary quinto running 03
chris pine zachary quinto running 04
chris pine zachary quinto running 05
chris pine zachary quinto running 06
chris pine zachary quinto running 07
chris pine zachary quinto running 08
chris pine zachary quinto running 09
chris pine zachary quinto running 10

Credit: Picture Media; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nativenyker

    I wonder if bisexuality will be a theme of the new flick…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Nativenyker

    BFF’s… How cute. At least for the lifespan of the new flim.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Saphron


  • gerard Vandenberg

    Please pay attention to the environment.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Please pay some attention to the environment.
    (without all those HUMAN-MISTAKES)

    …………………………………………………..australians are born winners, folks?

  • ****

    Okay, so we know that Zach is officially gay and there are LOUD whispers that Chris might also be similarly inclined…so what are we witnessing here? Are they secret lovers? Zach doesn’t look like he’d be Chris’ type, so I’m a bit perplexed. Gay bffs, maybe?

  • Melody1836

    has Zach ever said anywhere that he was gay ? cause i can never find anything on that, yet it seems to be the general opinion
    anyway if Chris and him are dating, it would a nice twist on the Brad/Angelina phenomenon, you know the ‘we-made-a-movie-and-we-fell-in-love’ thing

  • g

    zachs gay
    when did he say that?

  • Yasmine

    Zach runs very feminine…lol.

  • MeganRebekah

    Wow I was looking at these pictures and wondering how long it would take people to jump on the “they’re gay and dating” bandwagon. Didn’t take long at all obviously!

  • Ancha

    So he is excersising and that means he is gay. Zach has never said he was gay…he is RUNNING. So in your opinion all gay men are fit and care about their body and all straight men are fat schlubs who drink beer and beat women.

  • RobinMN

    Did anyone else notice that they are running together, yet each have iPod buds in their ears. Couldn’t they just TALK to each other while running?

  • jokersgal

    Zachary Quinto has not once confirmed the gay rumors! I’m so sick of hearing about it! Until he offically comes out, it’s frankly none of our business!


    # 7 (Melody1836)

    God, the Brangelina thing would be so cuite and romantic (what would we call them? Pinto?)… in fact, if the studio’s savvy, they’ll tease us with the “are they/aren’t they?” angle to increase interest in the film. Sex sells!

  • ellen

    my roommate went to college with zach and says he’s not gay, just completely asexual. he has no interest in women OR men.

  • Ancha

    I am inclined not to believe you Ellen. He’s extremely flirtatious and the whole “my roommates friend” thing is silly.

  • Ancha

    Do you think Zach goes through life looking like that and is still a virgin? I would be shocked if he was, come on now.

  • zqfan

    Jeez did everyone’s gaydar break? of course he is gay, just has no need to come out to the world when its that obvious.

  • aska

    i wonder if there was any hawt n sweaty man lurrvin after this run. lol! couldn’t resist.

  • trishelle

    All I have to say is that I wouldn’t mind if Chris confessed his love to Zach and decided to create one big gay family by adopting 391220+ kids. C’mon. That’d be awesome.

  • SaphronGirl

    Here’s a question: did anyone see any women board the plane with Zach and Chris to Australia? Because I’m wondering who their dates are going to be on the red carpet for the Australian premiere…

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if they went together??

  • zach quinto’s wife

    OMGG. YES YES! god, JARED. PUT MORE PICTURES OF ZACHARY QUINTO. i am serious! pleaseee!


  • jrfan





    I can’t breathe from the laughing. Is Zach like the new Clay Aiken or something? Difference is that Clay oozed gay but Zach doesn’t…90% of the time. The other 10% I’ll just leave alone.

    Pinto. XD

  • Jenn

    “Because I’m wondering who their dates are going to be on the red carpet for the Australian premiere… ”

    Zach’s brother is on the trip. My guess is that’s his date.

  • plum

    again together! i love love between men!

  • munchie

    I am going to 2nights sydney premiere!! yay!!!

  • srprzblwjb

    Zach and Chris are pretty much the hottest geeks ever. I bet midway through that run they stopped and Chris pulled the Surprise!Blowjob™. Public Pinto sex ftw.

  • srprzhndjb

    srprzblwjb – LOL! “Dammit, Pine, stop grabbing my naughty parts!”

  • MMA

    Are they like gay lovers or something?

  • Jeff

    well i just read that zach admitted he and chris can be called bromancing.. but they really look good together.. ~enough said

  • layla

    you are all ridiculous assuming off the bat that there gay because they run together and how they run. i guess that makes me a lesbian because i work out with my best friend. and that makes everyone here that has a really good friend gay! stupid!

  • mstorh

    Pinto? bah. I was thinking maybe ‘Chrack’

    both are cute tho! good luck to them!

  • Js

    I don’t think Chris Pine is gay. It’s actually quite a telling display of pictures; their mannerisms are extremely different. If Zach is gay, he does not across *super* flamboyant, albiet a little. That being said, his stance while running is very telling. It’s involuntary movements and subconscience like can make very obvious statements.

    Anyway, like I said I don’t think Pine is gay – and I dunno about Zach; he may just be more feminine. Or asexual as another said.

  • Js


    They may just be good friends – besides they’re stuck touring together and such. May as well be jovial and friendly.

  • caseysayshi

    those two are having an epic bromance. the end.
    so what if Zach’s gay, straight, bisexual, omnisexual, asexual and the same goes to Chris…that is something that is private and if and if they ever “come out of the closet” or “prove their straightness” lets enjoy it.

  • summerbabe

    Good comment Ancha.

    I don’t think Zachary Quinto is gay. He seems more like a really social type of guy who just gets along with everyone. So, if people are like that, then gee, they must be gay, huh? His private life is none of our business anyways. And if you think it is, then get a life.

  • Carroll

    I think Zach is even cuter as Spock than as himself. I sighed when he and Uhura kissed, jealous even.

    I don’t think they are gay, but if they were, I would take them BOTH on!

  • Aiko

    How do you actually see the rest of the article, pray tell?

  • Um…

    When you say, “His private life is none of our business anyways” whilst looking at pictures of them TAKING A JOG TOGETHER, I have a very hard time believing you’re serious.

    That, or you’re just a moron.

  • Carla


    Gosh, I HOPE so! I’ll be so disappointed if it isn’t…

  • Derek

    @jokersgal: he came out!

  • Derek

    3 years later is everyone SATISFIED now that Zach OFFICIALLY cam out???? Sheesh.

  • Royal

    @Ancha: I think we all know now that he was right…