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Sadie Sandler is The Little Mermaid

Sadie Sandler is The Little Mermaid

Funnyman Adam Sandler takes his daughter Sadie, who turns 3 in a month, to see the musical The Little Mermaid on Broadway in NYC’s Times Square on Sunday (April 5).

Disney Theatrical Productions just announced a new “$15 for 15″ discount ticket offer for the Broadway productions of The Lion King, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid. Theatregoers who purchase one full-priced ticket will have a limited 15-day window to buy a second ticket of equal value for the same performance at $15.

If you haven’t seen any of those three shows, now’s your chance!!! Pick up your own tickets at

Yesterday, Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony saw Broadway’s The Lion King!

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sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 01
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 02
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 03
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 04
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 05
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 06
sadie sandler little mermaid adam sandler 07

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  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sorry but we need these sort of people though!!

  • mar

    JJ you should have not bought/posted this. The little girl is blinded by flashes and seems scared.

  • haylo

    My goodness, that poor kid.

  • Catwoman

    I thought it was Amy Whinehouse at 3 yrs old!

  • Love bug

    Sure hope she has a good personality.

  • Janelle

    I think she’ll grow into her looks. She just looks a lot like her dad.

  • cutie

    poor baby!

  • faith

    you can def tell that’s adam sandlers kid.

  • emma.

    Why are people so mean about kids? SHEESH. She’s a cutie, mhm.
    But she looks scared.

  • sky

    this poor kid needs surgery….her and Shiloh are not pretty babies at all….their lips overshadow whatever nice features they may have.

  • Raphael

    You’re disgusting, #10

  • stella

    aww…its sad to say what everyones thinking. But hopefully she will be a really nice funny girl like her dad

  • b chick

    poor kid. so ugly.
    and i agree with #4. hahaha AMY WHINEHOUSE! ahahah

  • Nicole


  • mili

    sky, you too need surgery… brain surgery

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  • Foxy

    Ah come on man, back off the kid.
    Don’t tell me we live in a world so sick that grown (hopefully mature) people would actually attack a 3 year old. It says a lot about your state of mind.

  • Domino

    It’s even sadder that people shut up about their opinions because “zomg it is a child!” I agree with you, Sky. Children are humans, and calling a child ugly is the same as doing it to and adult or a senior. This kid is damn ugly. Be realistic.

  • Aussie Girl

    SKY- There is no comparsion between this child and Shiloh. Be realistic, you mean disgusting person!!

  • lulu

    Adam Sandler was not that bad looking, I wonder where did the kid get her look.poor baby.

  • TEDS

    #18 Are you crazy. there is a huge difference between calling an adult and a toddler ugly! To be called ugly as a kid could mess you up for life. You can poss handle it as an adult but not as a toddler/child!

  • mili

    the girl did not put herself out there to be called names, it is not her choice, nor can she defend herself. It is not the same as to call names to adults. Also, her father does not seem to be doing anything “worthy” of those types of mean comments.

  • jughed

    cute pictures, but i think the paps shouldn’t have been flashing their bulbs at a kid who is so obviously startled by the limelight.

    these pictures kind of make me want to watch adam sandler’s latest picture.

  • g!na

    #10 did you forget to take your medicine today? you probably look like something that comes out of my a$$! Sadie is a sweet innocent baby! leave her alone! Shiloh is gorgeous your brain dead!

  • Michelle

    #4, love your comment!!

  • Ed

    i don’t think she’s ugly. looks kidda like liv tyler. actually shame on her parents for not dressing her well. if they pull back her hair, put her in a nice dress, she can look cute.
    that hair cut looks really really awful.

  • Foxy

    Don’t be friggin stupid. There’s a huge difference between attacking a helpless young child who doesn’t have it in them to protect themselves and attacking a fully grown person. Don’t try to justify dumb behaviour.
    Only a weak coward would pick on someone small just to make themselves feel big. If you’re as cool and slick as you think you are-then pick on somebody your own size/strength. At least give yourself a challenge; or are you too chicken sh*t to face off with somebody your own age who could possibly kick your as$.
    I hate it when pathetic adults bully young kids.
    Taunting a young child whose still learning and easily intimidated f*cks with their mind. They grow up with imense hate and vengeance which leads to massacres like Columbine and most recently the shooting in New York. Then you have tormentures acting like victims asking questions like “why oh why did this happen to us” or “what did we ever do to deserve this?”.
    Think before you talk/type.

  • presh

    Poor little thing was totally blinded by flashing bulbs. Adam looks angry and I don’t blame him. And anyone here who is calling this precious little girl “ugly” is just plain evil.

  • lilah-grace

    Wow that’s the dumbest thing I ever read on this blog. Foxy do you really think Sadie is going to grow up and begin to kill people. Because we called her ugly. She is ugly little girl plain and simple. Fyi Sadie is the most homely little girl I ever seen in my entire lifetime

  • Foxy

    Generally speaking about bullying overall you lowlife psychotic jackas$.

  • Shisha

    I can’t believe what I’m reading about an innocent little 3 yr old. You people are crazy and need some serious help! I think she’s cute. She sorta look like Liv Tyler like #26 said. It’s just that her parents don’t dress her really well. I LOVE Adam Sandler, he’s the closest thing to Jim Carrey. Hilarious as hell. <3 Leave this baby alone!

  • natalie

    her full lips aren’t the problem. she’s just a butt-ugly kid! i don’t think she’ll grow into her looks though, she’ll end up looking like her dad and sorry dudes but Adam Sandler is ugly. The Sheens have the same problem. Lola ain’t that bad but Sam is just hideous.. And btw, someone said Shiloh is ugly. Can’t agree with you. She looks interesting. I have a huge problem with Zahara though. She’ll grow up hating the world and her family especially because when she will be growing up, everybody will be looking at Shiloh and Vivienne because they’re the two girls that look like their parents, and she’ll be totally forgotten. Mark my words.
    On another side… Violet Affleck. I can’t believe her teeth. And her ears.. But I do hope she grows into her looks one day.. Not that Jennifer Garner is even a bit good looking, because she’s not, but there might be a chance she’ll resemble Ben, and then she won’t entirely be a lost cause.

  • olivia

    my god, i’ve never seen an uglier kid in my whole life! please, don’t torture my eyes with sadie sandler’ s photos!!!

  • That’s one damn ugly kid. Hope it grows out of those looks. I’m sure it’s parents can afford braces, yeah? (Yes, I purposely wrote “it”).

  • pink

    I wonder what her little sister looks like? if her mother than she’s probably really cute! I think her name is Sunny sandler!

  • vmars111

    Yup, that’s Sandler’s kid alright. Good for her.

  • alabama88

    This child will be a beautiful swan will understand.

    F***ing-Pitt-children are ugly duck!

  • TEDS

    #32 Sounds like you are looking/studing celeb kids a little to much. Who are you to pass such harsh judgement on toddlers/kids. You are a sick freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Zahara is growing up in a family that would never be as shallow or cruel as you!

  • teri

    Love Adam Sandler! His daughter is a cutie also. So many childish ignorant comments by a bunch of bullies.

  • Lívia

    ugly little girl

  • Robins3

    POOR thing….hide her. Adam can buy her playmates or she can play with her cousins.

  • sky

    hey i’m just calling it like i see it…her and pitt’s bio kids are ugly but everyone chooses to say pitt’s bio kids are beautiful because mommy and daddy are pitt and angie….sorry i’m not blind. The best looking celeb kids are the rosedale brother’s christina aguilera’s kid, Mariska hargitay’s son august and suri cruise, katie holmes’ kid.

  • ****

    Wow. His daughter’s as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside.

  • blah

    There is nothing wrong with this baby. Lets not make fun of innocent little babie.

  • Jeanne

    The child is beautiful, which is much more than can be said for some of you. Adam is out spending quality time with his child, not sitting on the computer making idiot comments or taking/ posting photos of private moments — go devote this wasted time to your children or your parents — get a life!

  • angel

    what has this got to do with shiloh or zahara
    who said they are not cute
    the jolipitt kids are the most beautiful kids around
    they have the love of their parents
    you jen freaks should stop your obsession
    with brad and angies children
    this thread has nothing to dop with them
    why bring them up every time
    the loser who keeps on bringing them up is
    a mentally sick psyco

  • angel

    the kid is okay
    the kids you mention as cute are not all that suri has an ugly nose
    i can go on with other kids but is not okay to do that

  • Jason


  • Kinta

    She’s a cute kid.

  • jo

    I agree she looks scared and who knows she might have tired, hungry etc. Some kids (and adults) dont photograph well and look much diff in person. Ive seen other pics where she’s a cutey – dont compare kids for gods sake they’ll go through enough of that when their older esp. in the land of fake perfection.