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Sienna Miller's Bread & Butter

Sienna Miller's Bread & Butter

Sienna Miller catches a flight to New York City via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (April 6).

The 27-year-old British actress looked casually cute, pairing her breadandbutter‘s black-and-white striped top with Gypsy ’05 leggings.

On Thursday, Sienna and Star Trek” star Chris Pine attended at a private party at Strip House inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller‘s bread and butter…

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sienna miller bread and butter 01
sienna miller bread and butter 02
sienna miller bread and butter 03
sienna miller bread and butter 04
sienna miller bread and butter 05
sienna miller bread and butter 06
sienna miller bread and butter 07
sienna miller bread and butter 08
sienna miller bread and butter 09
sienna miller bread and butter 10

Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • zoe

    she is very pretty what a shame she only go’s after married men.

  • dundies

    she looks wonderful

  • nuclear vagina

    She’s so classic. Like a modern-day version of the golddigging “courtesans” in nineteenth-century literature. You know…the kind who shamelessly hump married men and end up dying penniless and horribly disfigured by exotic venereal diseases.

  • c

    So BG is spotted in a black SUV over the weekend and SM made sure that she was “spotted” at LAX in something similar (lincoln navigator vs BG’s cadililiac escalade). Imagine that , a 27 yo adult woman who is so threatened by the married man spending time with his kids, that she stages yet another photo-op at LAX to show RG that she “won”. If these photo-ops are an indication of SM future, then it is safe to say that whatever was left of her career/image is over. It’s one thing to whine about there being no sisterhood when one is not disrespecting another woman’s marriage,but it’s a completely different thing to whine about there being no sisterhood when one is doing everything in her power to keep the affair in the headlines. There is no doubt SM has plans for a “rekindling their love” photo-op with the married man.

  • c

    Forgot to add, I commend her for having enough decency to remove the cross after her booty-call with the married man.

  • sunseeker

    That idiot has a permanent smirk on her face, thinking she has all of us baffled, well think again trollop we know exactly what’s going on, PR’s are working overtime but it is not working. photo’s of Getty with his children, Miller running to see Josh Hartnett, load of rubbish and then her date with Chris Pine. all damage control, but way too late.

  • ghost

    This is the fifth photo op in a week. Don’t tell me she doesn’t tip off the paps!

  • ZOMG

    That outfit is the stupidest looking thing, ever. Leggings! Really!! LMAO!

  • Boytoy

    Isn’t she supposed to care about Global Warming or something? She’s flown all over the place for no good reason. Flying is like the worst thing you can do. From London to LA to Vegas back to LA to New York. I know pilots that don’t fly that much in a week.

  • Tictac

    Really, I mean it. Why can’t she just go away? She’s a nobody who never does anything worthwhile. And she looks like ass.

  • DD


    It’s not true that she didn’t have a good reason to fly. She had to go to Vegas to pick up a Major Award for…….Citizenship or Best Handwriting or something….but it was a MAJOR award….

  • james

    i have that style of tom ford sunglasses. :) she looks cute.

  • james

    p.s. i saw stardust the other day, i didn’t like her character.

  • karma

    @7, nah, now that she’s got her MAJOR AWARD, she’s big-time enough to employ her own personal pap to capture these makin’-me-look-busy-’cause-I’m-not-actually-working moments of her life. Pretty soon she’ll be important enough to get paid to attend those parties she likes so much, just like Lindsey and Paris. Gotta pay the bills, ya know.

  • cellar

    Ugly twat face

  • cellar

    I dont like her face and her character is grotesque.

  • cellar

    She is a parasite and a lick ass

  • stephanie

    pure trash

  • cellar

    I hate people using female orientated derogatory words like”trash”, “slut” etc. its very backward and misogynist.

    Men are far worse “sluts” but they dont advertise it so much.

  • caine

    sienna does nothing, why is she even on here again? she’s not even that popular and people only post to make fun of her like paris hilton.

  • cellar


    I hate people using female orientated derogatory words like”trash”, “slut” etc. its very backward and misogynist.

    Men are far worse “sluts” but they dont advertise it so much.

  • doug

    hot and beautiful!

  • lily

    sienna rocks

  • helen

    She is such a sleaze-bag look at the way she is touching up that innocent dude in the airport!!!!!!!

  • Louis

    Get a life, rocks what?

  • R



  • lakers fan in boston

    i kinda agree with u jared, she kinda is a butterface but something about her amuses me idk what tho
    like the outfit she looks cute, and those leggings make her look hot =]
    it looks like she has some amazing legs =D

  • hmm

    I notice the tone of the comments is changing. Seems a lot nicer and less insulting towards Sienna than it used to be.

    I’ve also noticed WAY more Sienna posts over the last week then I ever have. One, I think her or her people are tipping off the paps. Two I think perhaps bloggers are getting coin for posting about her. Something seems shady.

  • sue

    # 19 cellar

    and your remarks are better?? Men can be trash too.

    get over it

  • sue

    Yeah what a smirk, comes after a few days with the married man. Other posters are so right in that she is totally copying RG: black nail polish, black SUV, leggin’s and flats. Pretty soon she will dye her hair too. BG and SM are so low, and both still out of work.

  • karma

    @23, don’t you know, silly? She rocks the MAJOR AWARDS!!!
    Someone tell me the story behind why she has her hand on the security man’s butt and why she has no shoes on? Dirty feet.

  • A

    she had everything, and then she lost everything. it always was just a matter of time.
    bye bye.
    truly yours, was,
    the guardian angel.

  • c

    Why does she always cause a scene? This is probably not the first time that she had to remove her shoes, so why is she making a big deal out of this? Oh that’s right, she is Best Supporting Actress of the Year who is sleeping with an oil heir.

    I guess they didn’t get the memo about rolling out the red carpet for the “Best Supporting Actress of the Year”. True to form, SM plays the victim. So today she is a “damsel in distress” and the security man is the “knight in shining armor” (she just can’t resist a man with a wedding band). I’m surprised that she didn’t bat her eyelashes and declare him her hero.

  • stephanie

    #34–who gives a rat ass what kind of relationship she is seeking…..I would still throw her to the curb.

  • nuclear vagina

    “Trash” isn’t a sexist slur. Classist, but then again, it isn’t as if Sienna has any of that.

  • natalie smith

    …she is fake all the way!!

    spoiled to death and very superficial…she went to collect a totally worthless award…so she can tell her snobbish entourage she was awarded for her acting….!!!

    by the way i saw part of her movie ‘casanova’ the other day…at a friends house (they had it on) and freaked out…she was so not acting or rather seemed so fake….
    I mean look at the way she poses when with other actors…she is in love with herself and people like that are just…pathetic…everyone says she is pretty and she is! ..she just can’t get enough!!!

  • Mark spencer

    is she still doing blow jobs for getty???

  • me

    Don’t agree with no.37 and others that say that she tip off the paz. None says anything when rachel bilson do it for her own person and she’s not doing nothing.Sienna does work and have to beg noone to give her anything. Need to stop talking about her that way. some of you probably mess with married men too.Sienna has more class than rachel bilson. She do not have to make stories about a fake engagement and buy a ring that she claim someone gave her to get the media. Sienna just can be herself. Leave sienna alone!

  • Dumbledore


    What the hell are you trying to say? Is that even English? What does Rachel Bison have to do with it? It’s not a fake engagement to Hayden and what does that have to do with memememlooklooklokkatme Sienna Trampy Miller anyway?
    And no, I never mess with married men. Most of the women I know don’t. Sienna is welcome to be herself but not to carve a path of destruction in the process.

  • c

    People will leave SM alone or stop talking about her in this way, when she leaves it alone. As she has demonstratred with the fifth airport photo-op, she has no intentions of laying low or ending her affair with another sister’s husband.

    The most obvious thing about these 5 photo-ops at these airports is that SM has managed to evade the paps several times without being seen and heard, and yet they want us to believe that somehow all this has changed because she won a what was it called again? So SM is an has become an overnight sensation just because she someone bought her a best supporting actress of the year award? Has anyone else notice that since she “won’ that award that media blogs are trying to divert attention away from her bad behavior by praising her “beauty and style”. SM is a JOKE and that is all she is demonstrating everytime she calls these “hordes of paps’ into action.


  • c

    SM works? You could have fooled us because all anyone has ever seen her do is shop, stroll through airports, whine about her pain, and publicly help a married man betray and humilate his wife and kids. you are correct SM is just being herself, which is an insecure, immature, selfish, irresponsible, and disrepectful 27 yo ADULT woman.there is nothing to admire about a 27 yo adult who thinks and acts like a child. Contrary to your belief, many woman actually have enough respect for themselves and other woman to WAlK AWAY when a married man makes a pass at them.

    SM doesn’t have to beg anyone for anything? Then how do explain her best supporting actress award and the fact that she keeps popping up in LA everytime the married man is spotted out with his kids.

    SM has more class than RB? Did you say that with a straight face? Allowing a married man to suck your breast in public is not classy. Engaging in PDA with a married man and then whining anout there being no sisterhood is not classy. Staging photo-op after photo-op at LAX or other airports is not classy. You are correct, SM doesn’t have to make up stories about fake engagements because she would look really stupid talking about an engagement ring when the married man hasn’t even filed for a divorce/legal separation.

  • PJAY

    Miller is a perpetual D-lister in her work and her life.
    Drunk, dastardly, disgusting, disheveled, and debauched.

  • MMA

    Look at her disgustingly skinny legs!!