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Summer Glau is a Ballet Babe

Summer Glau is a Ballet Babe


Summer Glau from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles shows just how flexible she really is, taking ballet to the streets for photographer Tyler Shields’ new book “The Dirty Side of Glamour.”

Why the leotard and toe shoes? Well, the 27-year-old actress was home-schooled from grades 3 to 12 to accommodate her ballet training. Unfortunately, a serious ankle injury finished her dancing career and now she just dances for fun. Summer even danced ballet (in character as Cameron) in several scenes of the seventh episode of the Terminator series.

The season finale for Terminator airs this Friday @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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summer glau ballet 01
summer glau ballet 02
summer glau ballet 03

Photos: Tyler Shields
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  • nikki lynn

    Tyler Shields needs to learn how to use photography lighting equipment.

  • Just Jared

    How would you light these differently, Nikki?

  • maria

    i love summer glau!

  • h.

    She’s gorgeous. And terrific on Firefly and Terminator.

  • raquel

    Love the black and white photos! I KNEW she had dancing skills when I saw her in ‘Serenity’. Great series ‘Fire Fly’ and great movie ‘Serenity’.

  • daan

    search on youtube next generation andreea

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    Summer Glaugly is a Ballet Beast.
    damn, she’s fcuking creepy.

  • Glaubot

    So sexy and beautiful!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure..

  • Anon

    creepy? I think the word you were looking for is astonishing.

  • Anonymous

    Glau = The most beautiful woman to ever exist.

  • mina

    wow, she’s the real thing! i’m sorry about her injury. i bet she would have made a great prima ballerina. i’m glad she’s a thriving actor, at least she can have a longer career.
    (being one bumbling goof now, i’m slightly mourning my ballet days. sigh.)

  • frank

    Tyler Shields is a Genius!

  • Tessa


  • frank

    nikki lynn you need to learn how to open your mind!

  • Greg

    Whoa, classic already!

  • Zebra

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lighting NEVER have I seen it like that before just very timeless. Yay for summer.

    Jared or anyone, do you know when this book comes out?

  • dee

    Also will there be a video?

  • dee

    Oops my first comment did not work!

    Tyler I love your style creativity and all of it I don’t think anyone is doing anything like your right now and that’s a sign of Brilliance!

  • dee

    Oops my first comment did not work!

    Tyler I love your style creativity and all of it I don’t think anyone is doing anything like your right now and that’s a sign of Brilliance!

  • dee

    Oops my first comment did not work!

    Tyler I love your style creativity and all of it I don’t think anyone is doing anything like your right now and that’s a sign of Brilliance!

  • Karen

    amazing photo

  • Gwen

    she’s sooooooooo pretty, wish I could bust out those moves

  • tommy

    I love the black and white pose, Tyler Shields definitely has a unique style, can’t wait to see more

  • Stephanie

    Summer is GORGEOUS!

  • zack

    She’s gorgeous.

    i love summer

  • Alex

    There’s an episode of Angel that she was in, called “Waiting in the Wings”, where she shows off her talent.
    She’s REALLY great!

  • mz Sass

    I always wanted to be a ballerina!

    I LOVE Serenity and Firefly.

  • Lucas

    1. Summer might not be someone’s cup of tea in the looks department, but really, to call her totally ugly is a tad much.

    2. back off of Nikki okay. the fact is that at first glance she is correct, the photos are horribly lit.

    3. to Nikki, what comes off as a mistake is actually likely very much intentional. Tyler (who I do not deem a god like some but is still pretty darn good) is working off a theme about glamour and fame and so likely picked the ‘harsh’ light as a reference to the way that being in the spotlight (ie being famous) isn’t always a good thing. because you shows everything. case in point, most of the recent articles about Lindsay, Brittney etc.

  • Angela

    she is very pretty, i loved her in terminator,.

  • Zebra

    I think Tyler Shields is the best living photographer!

  • Jessica

    She’s gorgeous in the ballet episode of Angel, “Waiting in the Wings,” so it’s nice to see her don the toe shoes again. <3

  • katie

    Not such an impressive dancer. Very poor turnout. She could really do herself an injury, especially doing arabesques on pointe.

  • ATwilightKiss

    Love her! I was so excited to see her do her ballet moves in that Terminator episode. You can really tell she’s a ballerina with proper training.

  • viktor9ov

    There is big difference between being cute & attractive and to be sexual (sexy/hot). We love Summer for her charm, loveliness and true effeminacy. We don’t wanna see that she transformed into just another one of many sexy divas from glossy papers.
    (”We” – in this case means “I and few russian fans of Summer”)

    From Russia with love! :)

  • k0c

    We love her for her REAL beauty – no need in makeup, surgery, etc.
    We love her ‘cos she ever been innocent, modest and religious.
    We love her ‘cos she’s cute. “Hot” – is wrong word for her. That doesn’t meen she’s not attractive.
    We love her ‘cos she is unique, ‘cos she is only one famous and pure… ‘cos she’s an Angel!

    When I get tired and bored ‘cos of this f**king life, then there’s no more good in it and there’s no reason to do anything(or to be alive -for what? -for whom?) I’m thinking about Summer… Then I’m realizing that I’m mistaken – there IS something(somebody) good(perfect) in this life. And this is Summer. So, for now, the existence of such perfect human being as Summer is the only reason for my existence, my source of inspiration, my muse. And if she will go deep this way, I’ll get disappointed. Angels can fall. But I don’t want to believe in it. And I hope I’ll never have a need to.

  • Robert in colorado

    I agree with Nikki Lynn’s comment regarding the poor use of lighting equipment. With Summer Glau as a model, that’s the best the photog could do?

    As far as how to do it better goes, go to and start with Lighting 101.

  • JKaylee

    there’s a reason she trained to be a ballet dancer. You can’t see people’s faces up close when they’re dancing on stage.

  • phil


  • MMA

    She is pretty i guess.

  • Dave

    Quite simply the most beatiful woman i’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning, how anyone can think otherwise is beyond me.

  • Tee

    I don’t think someone calling her ugly is gonna upset her, cause I’m sure she knows she’s banging hot tottie!!!

  • Bob

    Summer Glau is a babe AND she’s got talent! For those who think this former prima ballerina (the lead female dancer in her dance company) can’t dance, take a look at this video:

  • milquetoast

    Summer is exquisite, as are Tyler’s photos. The lighting effect – particularly in the B&W – is stunning.

    Very nice, Tyler.

    Very nice, Summer.

  • jani

    If you love/like/admire Summer Glau, please check in here: . You need only a photo and a few seconds. Thank you.

  • jacob

    more hot pictures summer i think my brain is going to explode she is so hot!

  • Seo Singapore

    Her split is just perfect and she does it with such ease.

  • konkon

    The pic of Summer in the polka dot bikini top is too cheesy. It does a disservice to her natural beauty. It’s like spray painting Yellowstone Park.

  • summer lover

    Summer is the most incredibly beautiful and talented actress I have probably ever seen.
    Her work in Sarah Connor Chroicles was amazing.

    That show should never have been cancelled it was simply a wonderful show. It had everything, great cast, direction, photography, writing, even music. It was the best show on TV

  • dangerous dan

    You are precious.
    Move out of Hollywood before those crumbs corrupt you.
    I saw a james Garner interview once where he lives someplace like Nebraska and wouldn’t stay in Hollywood a minute longer than he had to to do his work.

    Stay you.