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Violet Affleck is Blackberry Bold

Violet Affleck is Blackberry Bold

Violet Affleck holds onto a Blackberry Curve phone as she gets picked up by her mom, Jennifer Garner, at a Santa Monica nursery school in Los Angeles on Monday (March 6).

Violet‘s dad, Ben Affeck, recently told Jay Leno about using the German word, “Schiesse” instead of an English curse word! He said, “Why I came up with that word, i don’t know I have not even been to Germany, but guess that’s a German swear word in my subconscious. It’s cause everything sounds meaner in German!”

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck getting Blackberry bold…

Just Jared on Facebook
violet affleck blackberry bold 01
violet affleck blackberry bold 02
violet affleck blackberry bold 03
violet affleck blackberry bold 04
violet affleck blackberry bold 05
violet affleck blackberry bold 06
violet affleck blackberry bold 07
violet affleck blackberry bold 08
violet affleck blackberry bold 09
violet affleck blackberry bold 10
violet affleck blackberry bold 11
violet affleck blackberry bold 12
violet affleck blackberry bold 13

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  • wade

    Violet Affleck is great!!!!!!!! She has own blog on – everybody can check it and you can write also message to her.

  • brittney

    aww she’s so cute. btw, that’s not a Bold. i believe it is a Curve

  • ashlie

    I love this little girl, as well as the way ben and jen have raised her…As I’m looking at these pics of jen, I’m feeling she needs a little R & R….her hair looks like it hasn’t been cut in months, and the pic the other day of raggity undies says she’s really too pooped out to care. I hope she gets some well deserved pampering soon!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • lez

    Love Violet! Jennifer is a bit ridiculous walking backwards. She gives up pictures when she doesn’t have a movie coming out but now that she does she doesn’t use the publicity for her movie “Ghost of Girlfriends Past” which is just coming out. Go figure!

  • Um

    Why is that kid still in diapers? I feel bad for her teachers

  • Shisha

    Cute happy girl =) I think Ben should have avoided to say the very last sentence “everything sounds meaner in German”……..

  • Nate


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    obviously #4 is a fake. duh.
    anyways.. sadie sandler vs violation affleck: who’s the freaking fugliest celebrity child?!?

  • Katharina

    … is spelled “Scheiße” ;)!

  • notnice

    I really think you shouldnt actually name the school she goes to. It crosses the line. It is bad enough to repeatedly show pictures of a minor and all her doings, but the actual school shouldnt be named. Shame on you Jared. Edit your post.

  • ben/jen fan

    Just for the record Ben did not say “……………….It’s cause everything sounds meaner in German!”

    You can watch the video of the interview on NBC. Just in case you want to know what he actually did say.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is walking the stairs SPECIAL?
    (on the other hand, for a MONGOL it properbly is)

  • man in the moon

    Love these two. Violet is so adorable.

  • pink

    # 9 violet definitely wins for fugliest!

  • g!na

    omg! those teeth & ears coud make a world record for the biggest fivel rat ears & buck can opener tooth! Ben probably uses Violet’s front teeth as an opener for his beer! lmao.

  • Violet is adorable

    What is the point of making fun o an inocent little girl??!!
    If you want to bash ugly people, go make fun of the horrid looking and pathetic adults like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

  • Coralie

    cuttest celeb children

    1-Suri Holmes Cruise
    2-Dannielynn Smith Birkhead
    3-Nahla Berry Aubry
    4-Shiloh Jolie Pitt
    5-Violet Garner Affleck

  • emma

    Coralie @ 04/07/2009 at 2:28 am

    no cutest is

    1- Zahara Jolie-Pitt
    2- Maddox Jolie-Pitt
    3- Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
    4- Pax Jolie-Pitt
    5- Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

  • AQ

    #6 I do not see any diapers or any sign of them!!! Violet is a cute kid, but most important is that she always looks happy, so to the people hating on kids, shame on you and your family!

  • lizzie

    Yeah, have you got any mental problem commenting with such bad words on a KID? Internet turns many minds crazy….

  • g!na

    cutest celeb kids

    1.shiloh pitt
    2.suri cruise
    3.harlow madden
    4.dannielynn birkhead
    5.kingston rossdale
    6.piper gooding
    7.maddie moore (p!nk’s niece)
    8.zuma rossdale
    9.matilda ledger
    10.sean preston federline

  • Kati

    What a beautiful little girl Violet is! She is absolutely one of my favorite Hollywood kids. Ben and Jen have raised her well. She is so happy and well-behaving girl. That cursing thing was actually quite funny. Where on earth has Violet learnt to curse in German? Neither of her parents are of German origin (as far as I know). The Afflecks and the Jolie-Pitts are my favorite families since both families are raising their children to be very down-to-earth. Also the Rossdale boys – Kingston and Zuma – are my favorites.

  • Dominika

    Cutest celebrite baby
    1.Shiloh Jolie PItt
    2.Knox Jolie Pitt
    3.Kingston Rossdale
    4.Violet Afflec
    5.Vivienne Jolie Pitt

  • Selfish twit

    JJ, why don’t you comment on Jen walking backwards in an attempt to avoid getting photographed? Not only does it make this fat b*tch look like an idiot, it shows just how self-centered she is: she doesn’t even ATTEMPT to shelter Violet from the cameras, just herself.

    FUGLY B*TCH!!!@

  • fu


  • Maria

    I agree with #25 in the sense that I have to wonder, why is Jennifer trying to shield herself from the photographers but not her daughter? After all her talk about wanting privacy for Violet, I’d think she would at least make an effort to keep her face hidden.

    I don’t agree with all the name-calling with #25, but I do think Jennifer should be working harder to shield her child, not herself. Jennifer is the one who chose to become a celebrity.

  • hahahaaha

    EWWWWWW THAT KID IS ROTTEN UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and whats the big deal? people made fun of adults! kids are people too ya know!

  • Hollywood royalty

    Ben’s two beautiful European princesses. Such a great mom always out with her lovely daughter.

  • Drew

    it’s ‘scheiße’….. not schiesse.

  • Niny

    awww shes adorable :D and that is a blackberry CURVE not bold. i have the same phone.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    ugLiest celebrity kids.
    1. apple martin
    2. violation affleck
    3. sadie sandler
    4. shiloh jolie
    5. matilda ledger
    6. zahara jolie

  • Lauren

    and u say it like: Shai – se lol…
    scheiße – thats the way u writ in germen… -_-

  • Swishy

    Okay so what can you compare schiebe- to in english?
    shite,hell dam or ??? worse like fluck?
    I just want to make sure i use it in the proper context next time i speak to my german friend (for kicks). Yep surprise the heck out of her when i cuss at her…or will i?

    Viloet A is so sweet with the most adorable smile. Wonder where she got that tooth gap from? Usually runs in families. I know it does in ours but it is not half as gappy as little vi’s.
    The child always looks soooooo happy. I think i only seen one pic here that Jared displayed where she had a few tears that lasted for a few seconds. You know those having one of those kid fits.
    Violet Affleck is a little dollface.

  • Layla

    WTF!! Why is Jennifer walking backwards. She normally never cares what she looks like . It is normal to see her looking like a dog any given day so whats with that ?

    Her daughter is always so happy. A real cutie pie.

  • Jeannie

    Perhaps Jen is walking backwards because she’s holding Violet’s right hand with her right hand and it’s a bit awkward.

  • leila

    *its scheisse

  • cheetah

    its sheiße – the german word for Shit. I bet the little one already knows that.

  • ben/jen fan

    Some of the post on here are down right rude. I don’t care how you feel about Ben and Jen, but these post about children is just wrong!

    Ben and Jen do try and shield Violet from the paps, that is why she carries the blanket. We don’t know WHY Jen was walking the way she was. Maybe it had nothing to do with the paps, but playing fun with Violet. Just because the post says she was walking backwards to avoid the paps doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Just like the quote of what Ben supposedly said. The quote is wrong. Other things can be wrong also.

    But all of these post about children’s look and who is cuter, and ugly and so one is WRONG.

  • cheetah

    grr i got mute haha. So sheiße is Sh*t in english and used in many diffrent ways. Like when you drop a book on your little pinky toe.. sheiße! hahaha

  • Pippi

    Violet is such a delightful & adorable little girl. She seems like she is so much fun. I’m sure she and her dad (who is known for being a prankster) have so much fun together. We have seen lots of paparazzi pics of her and her mom having great times. So cute.

  • janet

    Ben probably heard “Scheiße” from “The Bourne Identity”
    The German girl said “Scheiße” over and over in the movie.


    AGREE ” SWISHY “,……WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, NUMBERS # 9, # 16, # AND # 28 ?…..FUGLY?…Bucked toothed?….Ugliest child ever?…What do YOURS look like?….I hope to God you do NOT have any, and if you plan on it, you just marked them…..
    Violet is just adorable..always has been….As usual JARED’s site does NOT get ALL the pictures, because on other sites, Jennifer is facing frontward’s NOT sideway’s OR backward’s…..It just depends on who is taking the photographs and how fast and when, and at what moment……Quit judging people…..ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN !!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    dang, it looks like jen still hasnt lost that baby fat, her belly area really
    she’s her sloppy self as usual, sigh =[

  • hahahaaha

    hey victoria, get over yourself. children are people too, so they CAN be judged. just shut up and let people have their opinions and stop telling people their opinion is “wrong” cuz noone really cares what you say. people are just not gonna change their opinion because you said so victoria! hahahahaahah what a crock.

  • Peach

    She has the cutest smile and she’s very happy and playful! Jennifer is a great mother!

  • Raphael

    How could you say that, #32?

  • gwenster

    ugliest celeb kids martin
    2.violation affleck
    3.honor cash
    4.Noah Cyrus
    5.nahla aubry
    6.max & emme lopez anthony(jlo twins)
    7.sunday urban
    8.suri cruise
    9.henry samuel klum
    10.sadie sandler

  • MMA

    I’m just kind of confused why this child has a better phone than me and i’m 6 times her age??

  • s.i

    @Selfish twit: What an idiot do you have to be to say such things for a person? You should pray for yourself…………Jen is not fat or ugly.