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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Split

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Split

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have officially split and the Ronson family is so concerned that they are seeking a restraining order against Lindsay.

“They were directed to the court to get a restraining order,” Beverly Hills Sgt. Nutall told Us Weekly on Monday.

The locks on Samantha‘s house were seen being changed on Monday; three weeks ago a window was broken at her house during a fight between the two women. On Friday, Lindsay was barred entry from a Ronson family party honoring clothes designer Charlotte Ronson.

“We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself,” Lindsay told E!

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  • methinks

    Sam is nasty Lindsay can do better.

  • RealityCheck

    It was about time. They made no sense together. Lindsay, if you really are a Lesbian, find someone prettier. I have no idea why you took up with this creature.

  • jo2

    yeah right, let’s wait how long this ‘break’ will last..these 2 ppl are so screwed up, they deserve each other..

  • m.t

    Thanx God they are Split……
    OMG the Ronson family want to restraining order against Lindsay
    LOOOL soo Funny why they can Leave lindsay lohan alone sam was bad choice for lindsay Sam is not child she is 31 old she can make her design why u think lindsay want sam back she is nasty bitch and she is cheat on her sooo back off and leave her alone …..
    and i want tooo see what sam can do with out lindsay……
    NOW lindsay can focus on her self AND her career…..
    goo lindsay we always love u….
    by the way she had done 6 demos of her new album
    Spirit In The Dark

  • m.t

    Lilo she will be better without Sam…..




    lindsey date someone from your class.

  • Matt

    It’s about time Lindsay, this lesbian act was getting so old. All she needs is some man meat and she will be back on the right track. If you really like girls go for Kristanna Loken or something. Samantha was Fugly!!!!. It was pretty obvious who the man in that relationship was.

  • me

    So glad that they split think that sam was pulling her down any and using her.Just like rachel bilson doing hayden . Haven’t heard anything about them lately. Have they split as well? Have she broken off the engagement of it was just a rumor anyway,Glad lindsay came to her senses. Maybe hayden has too.

  • tina

    LAPD Chief Bratton is not going to be happy.

  • Shisha

    I’m happy they split. Lindsay deserves better. I respect her choice of being lesbian but I don’t know, I never really connected well with Sam. She seems nasty and all this is the concrete proof! I find it mean and disgusting what they did to lindsay (locking her out and denied entry to the fashion soiree). I hope Lindsay will get back on track. She was such a great actress a decade ago, whatever happened to this girl? I can’t believe she vanished like that. Hope she’ll get roles and be recognized but how things are going…..don’t think so. I don’t think producers would want someone who looks desperate (for attention and crawling after a girl) and target of the BAD press (known for her wild nights clubbing and rehab breaks) to be in their movies. And besides, they know the movie would be ignored. Omg, I’m saddened for Lindsay.

  • m.t

    we are her to support you lindsay and this is the good news i ever heard

  • bintk
  • pe

    i love Lindsay

  • Nativenyker

    Its time to change it up Linds! Find a younger snatch to munch or go back to the other white meat.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Holly

    Who cares? Sam is gross.

  • m.t

    goooo lindsay gooo don’t stop you are goood and talent actress back tooo work and don’t think about that nasty Bitch

  • http://justjared tanii

    And we care, why?

  • athena

    I guess she’s the next Hollywood/Paparazzi victim for bashing. Look out Lindsay.

  • strike

    She’s better off. Ronson was just using her for the publicity.

  • Roxanne

    Oh please! Lindsey has been on a downward spiral before she met Sam. I don’t see how everyone is blaming Sam for Linds problem. I think both of them brings out the worst in each other…it takes two to tango, which means that they are both responsible for this so call relationship being as fcked up as it was. Lindsey should stop acting like some obsessive love sick teenager, and see that this girl and her family is out to further ruin her already messed up reputation. She is the one in the spotlight, and would be suffering the humiliation. She really needs to go away and focus on herself, and get it together before she ends up six feet under. She needs help and her mother is such a negative influence. She a good actress, I believe if she get the help she need then she would be able to make a comeback, but if she keeps going down this path its not looking good.

  • zoe


  • Needs serious help

    Lindsay’s a messed-up nutjob. She has way more serious problems than Ronson. But she’ll never get the parental guidance she needs from her fame-crazed ding-bat mother. And that father of hers is no better. She needs to do mandatory time in some kind of facility where she really has to work on straightening out her life – which means straightening out that seriously messed-up head of hers..

  • brainless blohan fans

    Sam Ronson is the one I feel sorry for. Blohan is the crazy , crack-wh0re slu-t.

    I hope they do get a restraining order against.the psycho.

  • mili

    yeah, I remember when KLindsay was a ggod actress, a decade ago… at 12 or 13 years old!!!!!! I think she’s screwed, and her family and the lifestyle she chose to have are to blame. Not all child stars go this way, but look at her upbringing, I think they are worse than Britney’s family, at least they kind of stopped being enablers.

  • loco

    this messed up train wreck that is lohan can unleash her havoc and psychotic nature on someone else

    terrific ;)

  • chels

    lindsay will be good without her.. i love her.. sam is gross

  • Jaye

    Lindsay is way over do for an intervention; too bad she doesn’t have a responsible parent.

  • Kim

    Good, I can’t stand seeing pictures of her lesbian girlfriend’s scowling mug all over the tabloids. I am in by no means criticizing Samantha for her sexual preferences, but would it kill the woman to smile sometimes? She is scary looking.

  • Alice

    The Lohans are one of the most dysfunctional families – it is no surprise that their daughter turned out to be such a deadbeat. I work in the Nassau County courthouse in NY, and Lindsay’s father is a frequent guest with all his DWI’s and troubles with the law. This family is pure scum.

  • dundies

    wtf is with u ppl saying lindsay deserves better? psssh sam deserves better. lindsays a trainwreck

  • gerard Vandenberg

    But they never had a relationship.
    american love to read MADE-UP-storries?
    anyway: THE BU*LLSH*IT IS OVER, folks!!

  • presh

    I hope that they manage to stick with their decision and stay apart for at least awhile. Their relationship has been so dysfunctional and they are too codependent on each other. It seems like they can’t stand to be together but can’t stand to be apart. Something’s gotta give!

  • lola

    Lindsay needs to go back to rehab and maybe stay 60 – 90 days. Until she gets her head on straight. Samantha will be fine without her. After all, Sam come from a “normal” family. LL comes from a really disfunctional family . Nuff said, I don’t want to see anymore about lindsay. She is an adult and need to take responsibility.

  • RobN

    It’s Sam who can do way better. She’s the one from the nice family who sticks together. Lilo is the nutcase who fell off a nuttree full of them. Lilo should have tried harder, nobody else is going to put up with her BS drama queen antics for that long.

  • normal person

    Lyndsay has the talent but needs to get a grip and become more professional but she is only 22 and has time on her side. Growing up in that industry must be very difficult.
    As for Sam she is sooo over. She is nothing but a dj and there are wannabee djs in every little citiy. She is 31 and getting past the clubbing thing.
    Next year no one will remember Sam but not Lyndsay.
    Sam who????

  • theGoodWitch

    Have to disagree with some of the comments here. Sam is the one that’s well connected with her designer sis and producer bro, Lindsay is the one that’s been riding her coat tails. Sam will be fine. Lindsay on the other hand, who knows. She’s made a mess of her acting career. She’s a wreck and worse, she’s is major denial.

  • theGoodWitch

    … she’s IN major denial.

  • normal person

    Talent is not about who you know fame is. Lindsay has proven talent albeit young and drink to many red bulls. Sam on the other plays other peoples music. she spins record in a night club.No talent there.

  • theGoodWitch

    Talent? Oh, no. Wasn’t implying Sam has talent. Out of the Ronson clan, maybe Mark is the only one – Charlotte and Sam have their careers because they’re trust fund babies. Mainly referring to being all right as having connections – meaning “career” will be ok – more jobs – $$$ – and from the looks of it, the Ronsons aren’t as loco as the Lohans.

  • emma

    good lindsay now please can you be the lindsay we all love and avoid that nasty sam you should go to court too and get a restraining order.!!

    the B**** ruined your life and now she’s acting as if you ruined her life
    Be strong linds
    sam is ugly and doesn’t deserve you AT ALL she should date nasty people (LIKE HER) who don’t know that shower exist

  • normal person

    As long as the Ronson’s didn’t put their money with Madoff. Do you really think money makes you better. Old money never talks about money so I doubt Roson is old money more likely nouveau rich and need to have everyone know it.

  • m.t

    we are your fans lindsay and we are her to support u…..
    and don’t be sad she is a Bitch drugs dealer Fuck you Sam…..
    THE Ronson family is doing DURGS her mom and her sis Charlotte that Bitch she Never take a shower the some with her mom Fuck them all leave lindsay lohan

  • woof

    Stop the press! Two losers split up…Who cares???!!!

  • lisa

    yeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! im soosososososoosos glaaaaddddddd :D PLISSS LINDS NOW DATE A RLLY HOT GUY NOT woman

  • Sam or no sam

    BE FAIR!! Lindsay’s drug problems and career problems didn’t start with Samantha Ronson. Maybe Sam’s family talked some sense into her. Can you blame them? Would you want your son or daugther with Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay needs to get it together, Sam or No Sam.

  • anon

    what is with Samantha Ronson’s stupid expression all the time? is she suppose to be rebel without a cause? It’s in every photo…it’s looking tired…


    WHO CARES!?!?!?!

  • normal person

    Sam is in her thirties and she let her family cause more drama. The comments coming from the Ronson fans are for the most part vulgar. Like they have a very small vocabulary.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, its a pretty sad time in ur life when u get dumped by an uglyass lesbo
    that bitch is spiraling down, shes gonna end up in rehab in a matter of days imo =p

  • normal person

    probably a good place to start getting her life on track.
    Who is Sam??? O yah she plays other peoples music