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Miranda Kerr is a Dream Angel

Miranda Kerr is a Dream Angel

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr is red hot as she promotes the new Victoria’s Secret “Dream Angels” push-up bra at a Victoria’s Secret boutique in New York City on Tuesday (April 7).

Customers will also have the opportunity to meet Miranda when she poses with them for one-of-a-kind photos at the new flagship Lexington Store (58th St) TONIGHT @ 5-7PM ET.

Miranda is also helping to kick off the Victoria’s Secret ‘I Love You Mom’ sweepstakes.

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Photos: Jemal Countess/WireImage
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  • zip

    she’s so HOt

  • fug

    Did she manage to put on antiperspirant for this show instead of waving her sweaty pits around for the cameras again?

  • anthony

    Adorably sexy, Love this girls smile!

  • http://justjared wow

    She is perfection love her she looks hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • beautiful

    what a beautiful girl!

  • whoa!

    she’s mad fugly.

  • ollie

    MIRANDA = sweaty armpits

    there is no way i can dissaociate the two

  • ollie

    MIRANDA = sweaty armpits

    there is no way i can disassociate the two

  • ollie

    MIRANDA = sweaty armpits

    there is no way i can disassociate the two

  • lol!

    I just love how the haters camp out at JJ, just to be the first to post negative comments. That just shows you how empty their lives are, and how important Miaranda is to them.
    She looks AMAZING!!, BTW.

  • bob

    Her legs are really short- and her arms are too skinny- give me DOUTZEN -she is drop dead gorgeous, this chick looks like a 14 year old playing dress up.

  • YES!

    Stunning girl.

  • @11

    Oh, here is a perfect example of a stupid hater.
    Touting Fat Doutzy while trying to insult Miranda. That’s their latest ploy, and it has gotten so old and laughably obvious. Those Delphidiots have no imagination.
    And saying that Miranda has short legs is as stupid as they come. Her long legs, along with her dimples, are her trademarks.

  • http://usa LISA ROSE

    lol (#10), i’m sooooooo agree with you!

  • legal advice(IMPORTANT)

    OK LISTEN UP- This is a warning.

    If you are going to be calling out “haters” by what you think to be personal (I see a lot more PERSONAL attacks and hatred from some to these haters), please be warned that these people can take legal action- I am on another board in another fandom and someone on the board asked the board owner for the persons IP address and details so they could take legal action for defamation of character- this was passed on by the board owner (as is required by law on request), and is currently going through the correct channels- so I would warn you ALL not to get too personal with each other on this board otherwise you may find yourself with a lawsuit on your hands.

    Unfortunately you can be as personal as you like about a celebrity as they are “putting themselves out for debate”.

    So think twice before hitting that SUBMIT button, you may be anonymous, but your IP certainly is not- you are personally responsible for your own words regardless of being an anon.

  • bob

    A hater? Sorry no. I think she is pretty but looks too young, I am entitled. I think Doutzen is the best angel, followed by Allessandra- and for that I am a stupid hater with a ploy going on? Get over yourself you idiot!

  • Shisha

    So I guess I’m the only one who thinks she’s just CUTE. Not hot or sexy. Only cute. =) If you want sexy hotness, look up for Adriana Lima :D I’m not hating, just sayin’. She’s pretty.

  • http://justjared a fan

    She is beautiful her hair is perfect hope to see picture of her and Orlando soon thy are my favorite couple.

  • @15

    That has to be the most ridiculous post yet.
    If you post on a public board, you are placing yourself in the public eye, just as a celeb does. You have no legal recourse unless a person threatens you with bodily harm, and even then, they are threatening an anonymous person that they will never meet.
    You OBVIOUSLY have no knowledge of the legal system to be posting such drivel.
    Try again.

  • @16

    If you had claimed to like Allessandra, and not Doutzen, you would have been believed. It’s just that all of the Delphidiots post about how Doutzen is soooo much better than Miranda. It’s their new go-to insult. Or ‘attempt’ at an insult as it were. So anyone that posts about Doutzen is automatically suspected as being a hater.
    Personally, I think that you ARE a hater. Anyone who claims that Miranda has short legs is either blind, or a hater. So I label you the latter.

  • @17

    Yeah, Adriana is absolutely sexy. But not everyone likes that fierce, in your face sexuality that Adriana has. Some prefer the more subtle sexuality that Miranda projects.
    To each his own. That’s what makes the world go ’round.

  • Little D.

    This girl looks absolutely GORGEOUS in red! She really has the PERFECT figure for modeling. Doutzen is pretty but a bit too ‘thick’ to be a truly Class A fashion model. When she’s on the catwalk she doesn’t appear as elegant and graceful as Miranda and some of the others (e.g. Alessandra Ambrosio, Marissa Miller). I think Miranda is exotic-looking, stunning really.

  • @22

    Ale and Miranda have always had nice, elegant walks. And Marissa’s was 100% better this year. You can tell that she really worked on it. Those three (Ale, Miranda and Marissa) are my favorites. They have the sweet personalities to go with their amazing bodies. A lethal combination.
    I wonder if Ale or Marissa will get the fantasy bra this year?

  • liz k

    Gorgeous girl! The color suits her skin beautifully. I love how eveything matches – the dress, her lipstick, her nails and toenails. I want this look!

  • wow!

    and sweet
    Orlando is one lucky guy!

  • Si

    She just does Vitoria Secrets???

  • sahar

    LOVE her! She isn’t trashy, she is cute and sexy.

  • David Jones

    No, she’s also fashion ambassador for David Jones in her native Australia.

  • http://usa MAX

    i wonder who’s more popular (who has more haters or more fans) in this site- Miranda Kerr or Bar Refaeli?

  • doutzenfan

    Why on earth some people are bringing doutzen’s name here AGAIN?
    Gosh there’s even no sign of doutzen’s name or picture on the above post.

    “Doutzen is pretty but a bit too ‘thick’ to be a truly Class A fashion model. When she’s on the catwalk she doesn’t appear as elegant and graceful as Miranda and some of the others.”

    You must be kidding right? As for doutzy’s body, it’s toned and not slim due to starving. I for one like her body. If doutzy is a c/dlist model, why on earth (yeah more credible cause they base the ranking on existing contracts and campaigns) place her as the 6th top earning models (KATE, GISELE, HEIDI, ADRIANA, ALESSANDRA, DOUTZEN) and forbes as the 5th. If doutzy is a crap model, why on earth did she walk or had campaigns for alist designers, why on earth did CK and LOREAL renewed her contract, why on earth did she replace teri hatcher to be the face of expensive cashmere REPEAT and 7formankind jeans, why on earth doutzy continuously grace the covers and editorials of VOGUE(US, ITALIAN, FRENCH, RUSSIAN, GERMAN, LATIN AMERICA editions) and other high end magazines?
    And for some who consider having a contract with VS is the greatest achievement in a model’s career, why on earth did they sign doutzy and use her in their biggest campaigns and launches alongside adriana if she’s a crap model? If doutzy is a real crap and so full of herself, why on earth she was awarded for her humanitarian work in Uganda and why on earth does she continuously donate money and get herself involve in foundations back to her native country?

    IMO, not including heidi, among the current VS angels, ADRIANA, ALESSANDRA and DOUTZEN are the REAL models cause they conquer both ends of the modelling world. And didn’t a particular fashion editorial claim that since gisele, doutzen is the only model who has existing contracts and has magazine covers/editorials both in highfashion and commercial modelling. I believe this girl can be the next gisele if she wants to, but what i like the most about doutzy is she’s not craving for so much attention to the point of using someone else and she tries to be very honest with herself. The girl is just simply nice and natural and i believe there’s a big difference in just pretending to be nice. The girl is so consistent in her interviews and claims about something and one can tell that she always tries to be honest and is not ashamed to admit her flaws and rejections. Well if you follow her career, i bet you’ll say the same (but if you hate her cause of her good nature, success, and beauty you’ll say she’s a bit fat/thick to be a model LOL)

    If that makes you feel good or i’d say makes miranda better, that’s ok but the fashion industry knows who are the real models. Good for miranda that she has a VS contract cause i believe that she has no existing contracts other than that. Oh DJ right?

  • doutzenfan

    Oh wait, my fellow poster at bellazon posted the news about douzty being considered by the mayor of melbourne to be their fashion ambassador. But some fans said that doutzy isn’t keen with that idea cause for one she isn’t from OZ and doutzy even said that honor should be given to homegrown talents. That’s just wonderful girl and like what most of her fans say, doutzy needs to be fierce and competitive to be really on top but that’s not her personality. Hmmm i always think she and adriana have quite same personality and they compliment each other.

  • dd

    oh, pretty girl ~~~~~~

  • @30

    I think that Doutzen is gorgeous, but she HAS gained too much weight, and it is going to limit her future work if she isn’t careful.
    And FTR, VS has NOT used her for “their biggest campaigns and launches”. They have used her for a few things, but ALWAYS in the company of another girl. She just can’t stand on her own yet. People came to see Adriana, not Doutzen. She is the face of their new workout line, but that is not a big focus of VS. Lingerie is their focus. Miranda has been used BY HER SELF to launch two perfumes, and two new bras.
    And Doutzen’s name keeps coming up in Miranda’s threads because the haters always want to compare their careers. As if that makes any difference to fans, or to Orlando. It is just stupid and desperate. Which is why the haters use it. It suits them….stupid and desperate.

  • Psychochick

    Orlando is the one that is fugly. He looks impish.Yuk…

  • say it again

    “If that makes you feel good or i’d say makes miranda better, that’s ok but the fashion industry knows who are the real models. Good for miranda that she has a VS contract cause i believe that she has no existing contracts other than that. Oh DJ right?”

    Don’t pay them any mind. She Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her has been making all the “fat” comments lately because some story was floating around about how Doutzen was told that she was too heavy to walk for Versace. As if she doesn’t have any other high fashion work lined up! Meanwhile here Miranda is, starved within an inch of her life and still no high fashion jobs for her. It must have killed her to see Adriana walk for Givenchy during fashion week! Wasn’t it Team Cabbage on one of Miranda’s old threads who claimed that Adriana eloped because she was pregnant ? I wonder what they will say if Doutzen’s “fat ass” gets yet another high fashion job?

  • @30

    This isn’t doutzy’s thread but since you commented about her and as well as other people, i will also LOL

    I have to agree with what you posted but for me (kinda like her too, i visit her threads once in a while) doutzy’s personality is what really matters. I haven’t read or heard any bad encounters or rumors about her and most of the people or models who have met her usually ended to like her. Funny that when she ranked 5th on forbes 2008 top earning models, my first reaction was “who is she” LOL

    Doutzy really made a name for herself in the fashion industry and IMO, she has the face of a moviestar.

    p.s. I like very much her documentary in africa and it just shows how very natural she is.

  • @31…

    This is a Miranda thread it has NOTHING TO DO WITH DOUTZEN go and comment on her pics as you’re sounding more and more desperate and making all Doutzen fans look bad.

  • @35

    You think that it’s Miranda who has been posting! My goodness you are pathetic!
    You think that the only person who thinks Doutzen is fat is someone who has been up since the crack of dawn making appearances for VS on TV and in-store, and just spent 2 hours meeting fans?
    You think that she had time to post?
    Oh, keep posting. You delph-IDIOTS! are a barrel of laughs.
    Just to show you how fat Doutzy is…..look behind Miranda in the pics above. They have Doutzy’s outfit from the last VS fashion show on a mannequin. Look how much it gapes! They have it cinched in as much as they can in the waist, at it is enormous on the mannequin. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
    Yep, Doutzen is fat for a model. And the more you bring her up in a thread that isn’t hers, the more she will be ridiculed. Why don’t you go back and post in Doutzen’s last thread. Wasn’t that the one where she called in the paps to watch her frolic on the beach with her boyfriend? You know, the one where she looks like death warmed over without make-up? Yeah, thet one. Go post about your perfect woman over there.
    Miranda looks fantastic, and SHE is the one being used more by VS, not Fat Doutzy. Get over it.

  • doutzenfan

    “doutzen has gained too much weight” (firstly, i’m not a hater of miranda and my only purpose for posting here is to straight some facts about doutzen)

    Really? She isn’t as slim as miranda if that’s what you’re trying to say.

    Doutzen is a new VS angel and is unknown to many cause she started in high fashion (even her loreal contract is not really that commercial). Rightfully, she should be paired with adriana who’s more famous and more experienced in doing launches for VS. As for campaigns, supermodel obsessions and “what is sexy list” last february are so far the biggest events for VS and doutzen was featured a lot in the december/holiday catalog issue which again imo is the most important one (ask couture chick at tfs cause she knows a lot about VS). Don’t tell me also that everyone who went to that event was all for adriana, that’s just a big LOL ( i don’t want either to compare miranda’s launch last year in terms of people, so is marisa’s recent). Doutzen has been getting a lot of good feedbacks lately for her commercial work for VS.

    “Again limiting her work cause doutzy is fat” Then why on earth FTV got her services to help launch the 2009 russian volvo fashion week? I think doutzen knows what she’s doing and what’s good for her.

    Like what the other poster said about her being rejected by gucci (not versace sorry) at least doutzen was being honest(she always tries, that’s the main reason why she’s consistent with her interviews) and how many models are willing to admit that kind of rejection? And have you noticed the word used by doutzen in her comment about her being considered “fat” by gucci? “Gucci like slim girls” Well if doutzen is really a crap and just pretending to be nice, she would instantly say “gucci like thin, skinny, anorexic girls” to make a good rebound. I remember her saying she’s not as competitive as the other models.

    Anyways, this ongoing comparison about doutzen is going nowhere. But one thing is for sure, doutzen is a humble and successful model who made it big without using or attaching herself to famous people to get ahead. Lastly, everyone who had the chance of meeting doutzen all said that doutzy is a really nice person and even other models made that same claim.

    So if anyone thinks that doutzy is fat, unknown, unsuccessful, hardly used by VS and a c/dlist model, GO AHEAD and thank you.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i still cant get over that damn pitstains she had like 2 months ago
    its gonna stay in my mind forever sadly
    i love that dress on her, makes her looks freaking sexy!!
    and those legs of hers r omg, best legs tbh, she even beats gisele in my book, love em so much!
    sry miranda its gonna take a few months i think, ur still hot =\

  • lol@35

    Doutzen called the paps- that’s new. I bet Adriana called also the paps when she was pictured with her then fiance on beach in Croatia.

    Just wait till doutzen launch her new solo commercial very soon and doutzen is not all about VS. Her main purpose for signing with them is for mainstream exposure not the reason she’s not having or running out of any contracts.

    I wonder why also some famous, very slim and dating famous actors models can’t get other highfashion contracts, cosmetic contracts and high end fashion magzine covers. not counting gisele.

    Yes fat doutzen scored again ad campaigns for 2009 CK White Label.
    Yes fat doutzen scored again ad campaigns for 2009 7formankind jeans.
    Yes fat doutzen scored again another line of beauty campaign for loreal and fat doutzen even got one of loreal’s lipstick named after her.
    Yes fat doutzen has a new commercial again for loreal.
    Yes fat doutzen has a new commmercial for the expensive cashmere Repeat.
    Yes fat doutzen already has 3 Vogue covers in the first quarter of 2009(latin america, spain, germany and an editorial for US Vogue)
    Yes fat doutzen is so ugly that some model’s fans hate her.
    Yes fat doutzen is so riduculous cause she always tries to be honest and tries not to pretend all the time to seem nice.
    Yes fat and ugly doutzen is a dlist model that no alist designer or company wants her services.

    Poor doutzen that she is known to many because of her famous boyfriend and not her modelling works. Poor doutzen that almost all magazines that she’s in never fail to mention her bf’s name.

    Oh doutzen you’re such a bad lying fake pretentious model. Almost everyone in your country already knows how you are willing to use much of publicities available and everyone to get ahead.

    Doutzen you’re so ugly and fat that some notice and in awe with you more compared to longoria and washington in the loreal commercial and ads. LOL

  • @40

    ROFL!! Those pitstains were the best!! Bahaha

    #38: Miranda has PLENTY of time to post on this board and many others and I’m SURE she does and OFTEN.

  • @35

    41 here…

    Sorry it wasn’t meant for you… but rather for 38

  • norda

    I also like her but alessandra and doutzen are my top faves.

  • enough

    Enough of these comparisons among models in this particular thread.

    To each his own and the models’ names which are floating around here are successful in their own rights.

    Now fans, if you want to talk or know about the success of each model in terms of her modelling career go to and you’ll see who is who.

  • amanda

    Quite funny that almost everyone here is fighting about VS and VS angels. Truth is, most of the VS angels have a lot going on outside of VS except for some that without VS they wouldn’t get the attention and money they’re enjoying now.

    Sure VS will give a model some fame and recognition but VS is not the only one that redefines success. And in my opinion, adriana and doutzen are the only current angels who have multiple contracts.

    p.s. i like adriana’s bubbly peronality, miranda’s legs and doutzen’s good nature and honesty.

  • huh?

    Why are doutzen’s fans coming here to talk about her? Are they lonely because there aren’t any threads about her? They have to use any model’s thread to talk about their favorite? That’s pretty pathetic.
    This is Miranda’s thread. Not Doutzen’s, or Adriana’s or even Orlando’s. Why bringthem up on Miranda’s thread? If you don’t like her, all you are doing is adding to her hit count.
    Miranda is gorgeous and successful. Nothing you say will change that.

  • randa

    All you doutzen fans are nuts… Are you guys also bored like the boring doutzen? Vogue forums and other high end forums are pretty boring right?

    Whether some fans accept it or not, miranda is more famous, more successful, richer and prettier than doutzen. Miranda is now the face of VS and she’s one of the best VS has ever had.

    As for doutzen, she is plain boring with blank personality. I won’t call her ‘fat’ cause she isn’t and i remember cindy crawford having more muscles and curves.

    So doutzen, if you want to be really famous and be on top, learn how to lie to spice up your life and career (don’t tell the truth all the time). Learn to date and use other famous people to be the talk of the town, gossip magazines/sites. Learn how to engage yourself in some controversies (eg like what cokate did, learn to dance in clubs half drunk and naked with men surrounding you and with a dirty finger on) and lastly, write a self help book cause you aren’t offering your fans other reads aside from vogue, elle and harpers bazaar.

    Try that doutzy and i’m sure you’ll be as big as gisele LOL

    Supermodels are not nice, humble and honest girls.

  • steph


  • steph