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Sienna Miller Jets To JFK

Sienna Miller Jets To JFK

Sienna Miller stays close to a friend as airport officials help pave the way at JFK airport on Monday night (April 6) in New York City tonight.

The 27-year-old British actress came in third as the Style Icon of the Decade, according to Britain’s Style TV Network. Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole was named Style Icon of the Decade beating out off competition Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller.

Victoria Beckham came fourth, while supermodel Kate Moss was handed fifth place. US First Lady Michelle Obama and French President’s wife Carla Bruni were also on the list.

Sienna and her older sister Savannah were recently interviewed by stylist Rachel Zoe to talk about their fashion line Twenty8Twelve. Check out the interview at

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller jetting to JFK…

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  • Tolstoy

    She still comes in forst as a nasty, trashy, homewrecking ho-bag!! Please stop writing about this talentless strumpet. She never does anything worthwhile!!!!

  • Zingara

    Awww, she made it there safely!!!

  • Dumbledore

    I agree! whywhywhywhywhy does she keep showing up on JJ? She HAS to be tipping the press.

  • Susan

    Just when I thought I could go without seeing her messy hair for one day.

  • sue

    ughhhh..that “Style Icon” thing is nasty!

    Sienna Miller, 3rd and Victoria Beckham, 4th!!!

    LOL…..disgusting and so crazy!

  • *


  • LolaSvelt

    Cheryl Cole is no style icon. She’s insanely boring. Sienna dresses better.

  • milly

    should have been
    1)cheryl cole
    2)kate moss
    5)rachal bilson

    victoria shoulnt b on the list, she tries so hard to be fashionable.

  • Nativenyker

    Here comes the crazy!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • LJ

    lol, Cheryl Cole style icon, what a joke..she is pretty girl but boring..

  • pen

    sienna millier is a DOUCHE! and this is her anthem!

  • Becca

    who ever says cheryl cole isnt a style icon is talkin a load of bulls**t because as this survy has just shown she is and a very popular one!!!

  • tribble

    vile nasty woman!

  • c

    She is afraid of the paps so much so that she has to get police escorts and cling to her friend, yet she keeps tipping them off so that they can capture her doing what she does best (commiting violations against sisterhood). It is quite obvious that she is tipping them off because she has managed to sneak in and out of LA and NY several times without being seen or heard. I guess her PR team really wants her career. Paying media blogs to grossly ignore her bad behavior and talk about her so-called beauty and style won’t make people ignore how she is waging a war against RG and her 4 kids.

    By tipping off the paps for the fifth time in the row, SM is just showing how desperate she is for attention. The married man is out with his kids and SM tries to show them up by popping up in LA because apparantly having a Best Supporting Actress award makes her immune to the consequences of her actions. As she will soon learn, her career and image can not be saved because she is too stupid to realize that these “Look at me” stunts make her even more of a joke.

  • A

    the last photo is priceless.
    welcome home, Katya. no one gives a f*ck about you here.

  • A

    I mean Cunt’ya, of course.

  • A

    I mean C unt’ya, of course.

  • A

    I mean C*nt’ya, of course.

  • to C

    Don’t you know?

    Sienna is a FAMOUS ACTRESS!!


  • AnnieRich

    look at her enjoying herself.

  • karma

    Oh good, here’s what’s-’er-name again, doing what she’s always doing…nothing, and putting up a pretense of importance by calling the paps and getting them to them mob her. I bet her PR has to pay tons of money to get her face papped and put out there because she’s got that lame-a$$ mess called GI Joe coming out sometime (does anyone know?) and she doesn’t have anything else going on, so it’s airports and picking up MAJOR AWARDS! Make ‘er look busy!!!

  • Pap

    From a pap who was there at JFK, I can speak from personal experience that Sienna Miller is definitely not tipping the paps. She dislikes the paps entirely, and we almost never get flights from celebrities, or PRs, etc.

    Flight info is just easy to come by. That’s why every idiot in the world was wandering around JFK for Sienna last night.

  • c

    How convient, people call SM out for tipping off the paps for the FIFTH time in a row and out of the blue an insider from JFK appears. SM dislikes the paps and yet we have seen her at an airport how many times in a span of two weeks? Strangley this “love” from “fans” and paps comes right after the married man has been spotted with his kids and all of her attempts to sway the public failed (ie-wearing a cross, talking about her friendship with KK, telling the sob story about being kicked in the face with by horse, and telling those “I’m human” stories).

    How is that paps ALWAYS know where SM is going to be? If the paps can find SM under any and all circumstances, then the government should hire her locate all of those historical figures who mysteriously disappeared or solve the mystery of what happened to the city of Atlantis.

    What makes it even more obvious that she has tipped off the paps is the fact that she has managed to sneak in and out of LA/NY and evade the paps on several occasions. If people were wandering around JFK last night for SM it is simply because that’s what she paid them to do. They think that showing the public that people “love” SM will redeem SM image and career. Well it doesn’t and just makes it even more obvious that she is just a joke. No one is going to look the other way when SM pops up with the married man on Easter or during her stint on broadway just because “fans” and hordes of paps show her some love as she strolls through an airport.

  • A

    for papz sitting at the airport of some major city is just easy money, and no matter what ****** shows up.
    for males, girls like SM are just an easy f*ck. they use them like condoms, f*ck and throw away.
    BG is da real man.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i fucking love cheryl, i mean she can dress but style icon of the decade?!really???!!!
    no way….she’s been dressing nicely lately, but as far as decade goes no, kate moss is better
    i kinda agree with sienna being third, only reason is cuz im disliking victoria lately
    cute outfit, but i could have sworn she wore the exact thing yesterday……
    she looks extra pretty when she smiles

  • so?

    How much are her and her people paying you to post about her so much?

  • A
  • A

    ^ from the premiere of “Who wanna f*ck me?” in the sh*tty LES.

  • Carly

    Reese Witherspoon should be on this list, she has a unic classic style, always chic… Jennifer Aniston and Claudia Schiffer have great style too

  • A
  • A
  • sheryl

    Carly @ 04/07/2009 at 9:29 pm

    Reese Witherspoon should be on this list, she has a unic classic style, always chic… Jennifer Aniston and Claudia Schiffer have great style too
    I agree, Carly, I don’t know why Sienna is consistently praised for her style. The word “boho” has become so tiresome and passe to me. Boo-who cares.

  • y

    hand off and leave away married man to his family. your pr team is so bad, or you will lose your career, and money. or this is your evils plan to theaf married men from his family. then you will soon lose your career. people want to see good film, though they also want the actor or actress’s good personality and good lifestyle. people like good personality and want to see such person’s film and those actor or actress’s film are very good one too. such your bad life style will make bad face soon. to steel one’s father or one’s hudsband, in bible don’t steel other person’s one nor want to get it. drug, tobaco, alchol public shamest sex scene, you are dirt and evils like person.

  • natalie smith







    We love her style and are bewildered by all the hate that is on here. Does anyone actually know her or all the details? We just know she looks good in our clothes and we love our brand new Cher Leggins on her. If the rest of you want to judge us for that go ahead but we believe in showing each other a little compassion and understanding. Peace and love.

  • Donna


    thanks for the input. Since you favor her lifestyle so much you can have her. i’ll never let my daughter wear Gypsy jeans again. She has hate because she’s earned it with her psychotic nature!! But hey, she’s a stylish psychopath, in Gypsy jeans! Aren’t you thrilled!

    Peace and Love.

  • c

    Where was SM compassion and understanding for RG and her 4 kids when she publicly allowed BG to suck and grab her breasts? It’s useless trying to criticize others for not having sympahty for SM, when she didn’t and still does not have an ounce of sympathy for RG and her 4 kids. SM is not a victim, especially since even she holds the other woman just as responsible as the man(ie-threatening JL nanny).

    You are bewildered by this “hate” because of your “see no evil, hear on evil, speak no evil” and “out of sight,out of mind’ mentality. SM fans are not being ” judged” because they “love” SM style, their devotion to SM is being questioned because these fans seems to think that being “pretty” and wearing “pretty” clothes absolves SM of all the wrong that she has and continues to do (As evidenced by your second comment).

    You already have the full details right in front of you and yet you conviently ignore them, and have opted to play the blame game.
    Where is SM accountability for her role in this affair? If she weren’t so eager to upstage a mother and her 4 kids, circumstances would be different. She should have laid low after those “embrassing” photos, but she was to afraid that the married man was going to go back to his wife so she popped up in LA to make sure that that didn’t happen. Where does SM get the nerve to whine about there being no sisterhood when she has been anything but sisterly?

  • 16 candles


    Thank you for confirming that most clothes designers are complete ditzheads. We know that she is having an affair with a married father of 4 for almost a year. What other details matter? Try showing a little compassion and understanding for all the people in her life she has hurt and humiliated. The wife of the married man she in plunking is a designer like yourself. Where is the peace and love for her? Idiots!

  • yeahright


    Well I guess that’s all that’s important is that she looks good in your clothes. Isn’t that all that matters for everyone! :). We don’t need to be intelligent or resposible for our actions, we just have to look good.

  • MMA

    She does have very good style, even for a homewrecker.