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Summer Glau is Lingerie Lovely

Summer Glau is Lingerie Lovely

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles hottie Summer Glau sexes it up in these new outtakes for photographer Tyler Shields’ new book “The Dirty Side of Glamour.”

The 27-year-old actress next stars in the season finale (“Born To Run”) for Terminator, which airs THIS Friday @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. The Connors and Weaver face an epic battle that will change everyone’s fortunes! Check out the video preview.

Yesterday, posted exclusive ballet-themed shots of Summer. Hot hot hot!

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summer glau lingerie 01
summer glau lingerie 02

Photos: Tyler Shields
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  • Zebra


  • Tessa

    Tyler Shields New book is going to be insane!

  • wendy


  • dee

    1. These are incredible.
    2. jARED yes you I am so happy you are covering/working with Tyler Shields there is no one else covering Hollywood like him and no one cover it like you perfect match!

  • nobody

    I have to admit that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen Summer do!


  • Angela!

    Never seen a pic like this of Summer before, she’s soo beautiful! Good job Tyler Shields.

  • Glaubot

    Holy crap! OMG Ahhhhhhhhh! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • darryl Green

    Tyler Shield is One the Best Photographers on the scene right now. Any One that wants to get a good shot taken, Tyler is the Guy that should do the job. Great Shots. and Keep up the good work.


    I think these pics are really simple. Tyler does better stuff but these are also the best images ever of Summer by far.

  • Anon

    I would appreciate these more if the guy hadn’t overexposed them so much. Such conflicting feelings… I love them but damn, they could’ve been so much better. What a waste of potential!

  • lys

    i love when they try to take girls who have no b00bs at all and they put them in these pictures that are trying to display the cleavage.

  • ray

    lys = hater and she does have bewbs

  • lys

    umm acctually ray i have got boobs. i’m just saying they should focus more on her legs, which are acctually noticeable. and nice.

  • bald outing

    she is so underrated. she is amazing.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    My grandma has some lingerie too.
    (this because she’s incontinent for six years now)
    anyway: DAMN SEXY, folks!!

  • jrfan

    So before these photos and the ballerina photos, I thought I had a good grasp on his “vision” for this book…but apparently not. How does this show the “dirty side of glamour”? While I think Summer looks great, they don’t fit in with the rest of the series.

  • Chinagirl

    The picture isn’t that good really, who is tyler shields? and why he continually commenting on himself on this website?

  • 77T1

    @jrfan – they are outtakes not going in the book

  • vmars111

    Aw, too bad her show has a 0.7% survival rate at this point. :(

  • Angela

    shes so pretty

  • FrenchfanofTSCC

    wow really nice shoots Summer ! always pretty anyway !

  • Summer glau TRUE(!!!) fans

    “there is big difference between being cute & attractive and to be sexual (sexy, hot). We love Summer for her charm, loveliness and true effeminacy. We don’t wanna see that she transformed into sexy diva from glossy papers.”

  • Bobby


  • k0c

    We love her for her REAL beauty – no need in makeup, surgery, etc.
    We love her ‘cos she ever been innocent, modest and religious.
    We love her ‘cos she’s cute. “Hot” – is wrong word for her. That doesn’t meen she’s not attractive.
    We love her ‘cos she is unique, ‘cos she is only one famous and pure… ‘cos she’s an Angel!

    When I get tired and bored ‘cos of this f**king life, then there’s no more good in it and there’s no reason to do anything(or to be alive -for what? -for whom?) I’m thinking about Summer… Then I’m realizing that I’m mistaken – there IS something(somebody) good(perfect) in this life. And this is Summer. So, for now, the existence of such perfect human being as Summer is the only reason for my existence, my source of inspiration, my muse. And if she will go deep this way, I’ll get disappointed. Angels can fall. But I don’t want to believe in it. And I hope I’ll never have a need to.

  • tscc_fan

    man, this picture just takes summer to a whole new dimension of sexiness and hotness ! damn ! this is just…beautiful….

  • i_LOVE_cameronphilips

    Summer Glau is a cute actress and well chosen for the role of the sexy and lethal Terminator Cameron Philips. I already liked her when I saw in the movie Serenity. I hope to buy the new ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ in DVD

  • i_LOVE_cameronphilips

    Summer Glau is a cute actress and well chosen for the role of the sexy and lethal Terminator Cameron Philips. I already liked her when I saw in the movie Serenity. I hope to buy the new ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ in DVD

  • Charlie

    Yes she is attractive, but things like this just don’t suit her. She isn’t this type of girl. She is more innocent and modest rather than just hot. I hate to see when they do this.

  • http://www%2ESEARCH-by-email-for-wishi_washi_@hotmail-dot-com-on-facebook/ shinigamiboi

    i kind of agree with Charlie because this surely does not suit her :\

    but still .. its her life :]

    Summer Glau’s Biggest fan under 18 :]

  • justin

    I’m a Chinese boy, I hope Cameron Phillips who are robot come back in the next. Please

    Cameron Phillips
    I love you forever, for freedom , not noly human’s

  • MMA

    These are just classic sexy pics..he can so do better.

  • termfan09

    I just wish that FOX would not hide behind the somehow poor ratings, when you know they didn’t sign on for season 3 due to the 4th installment of Terminator coming out next month.

    Oh and Summer Glau is HOT!!!

  • Einar

    I love you Summer!

  • claudio

    soy de argentina y la serie nos gusto muchisimo. es una lastima que la cancelaran.

  • Claudio Cesar



  • amrit

    summer you so cute .
    pics like this don,t suit you
    i love you caemron really

  • al in west allis

    I really enjoy TSCC. The show just gets better and better. The writing
    and acting are phenomenonal.Yes, Summer Glau is beautiful and so very sexy. Her portrayal of Cameron is right on. Dangerous yet sensitive,machine yet becoming more and more human.I sincerely
    hope that the show is allowed to continue. I watch every week and know many fans whom also would be disappointed and angry by it’s cancellation. Please,lets keep one of the best scifi shows ever on the air.

  • killer13

    I love Summer Glau she is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • cdreid

    Summer is stunning. She’s a goddess and its more than just looks. But these photographs were amateurish and despite the apparent fanworship the photographer did a horrible job with a fantastic subject. Overexposure. Horrible background and color choices. REALLY bad framing.. he has no ‘eye’. She’ll be seen in a lot more and will be around a very long time i think once TSCC is over and she has time though. Hopefully some photographers with actual talent will be allowed to photograph her.

  • Россия

    Саммер лучшая!!!
    Америкосы я вас ненавужу!! ))

  • Seref

    She is Angel…
    From Turkey we love you…

  • Beethovenbass

    ela é fantastica…. perfeita atriz…..

  • Lingerie

    Love the design of that bra, looks fantastic.

  • random

    @nobody: Man i’ve seen her go topless in Terminater the sarah conner cronicles

  • nO

    I love you!

  • nO

    I love her

  • Adriano

    Summer is sexy in these pictures, without a trace of vulgarity. And she is so beautiful.

  • SES

    Cameron you beautiful lady, i love you, i kiss you ! =)
    Hello from Russia, Irk., Bratsk. bye bye
    P.S. – Извиняюсь за наглосьт… :)

  • SES

    БН с тобой согласен )

  • no

    My love!